How To Choose A Cosplay Character Quiz

How To Choose A Cosplay Character Quiz

Are you having a hard time deciding which cosplay character to portray? With so many male and female characters to choose from, making the decision is really hard. But cosplays are meant to be fun and provide enjoyment to people.

So, let’s make it simple by answering the cosplay quiz below that can help you decide which character is best for you. But mind you, this is not another personality quiz that will give you random characters based on your favorite color, favorite villain, favorite hobby, etc. This article will ask you practical questions that will help you in choosing the best cosplay character for you.

Cosplay Quiz Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

Cosplay Quiz Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

Why Do I Cosplay?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself. You need to know the real reason why you want to do cosplay. If you have cosplayed before and are not really new to this thing, then you should ask the following questions to yourself:

  • What got you into cosplaying?
  • Do you have deep connections with the character or story?
  • Do you enjoy the process of making costumes?
  • Do you have friendships formed with other cosplayers?

If you love creating exciting and challenging costumes, then you must choose a character with an elaborate cosplay outfit to show your creativity and resourcefulness skills.

However, if you are new to cosplay, then this post will be helpful for you. Try asking yourself the reason why you want to cosplay and have that motivation in mind in deciding what character you would want to portray. If you are not that crafty and have no experience in costume making, then just find a character with an easy and simple costume.

Remain true to your prime motivation why you want to cosplay. Whether you are a veteran cosplayer or a newbie, don’t do cosplaying just because you want to impress others. Do it because you love the craft and you enjoy all the things that come with it. Don’t worry if you can’t look exactly like the character you want to portray. You can always make your own version according to your own interpretation.

What Cosplay Character Do I Fancy The Most?

With so many characters to choose from, you have to narrow down your options. You can start by identifying the cosplay theme that you are leaning towards. Below are some of the major types of cosplay you may want to consider.

  • Anime/Manga – Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, Pokemon, Bleach, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Ruby Rose, My Hero Academia, etc.
  • Zentai – Multicolor, one-color, animal, camo, superhero suits, etc.
  • Kawaii/Lolita – Classic, School, Sweet, Gothic, Street/daily wear
  • DC & Marvel – Wonderwoman, Deadpool, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Panther, Daredevil, Green Lantern, etc.
  • Video Games – Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, League of Legends, Assassin’s Creed, World of Warcraft, Kingdom of Hearts, etc.
  • Movie & TV – Zootopia, Power Rangers, Game of Thrones, Squid Game, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.

What Cosplay Characters Have I Already Done? Do I Want Something Different Or Should I Stay With My Old Theme?

Figure out if you want to stay with your old theme or not. If you feel like you are over it, then it’s time to do something new. You can limit your options by choosing something that is entirely different from the ones you have cosplayed before.

Do I Want To Be Someone Mysterious Or Easily Identifiable?

This will depend on what you feel like doing for your next cosplay. Try something mysterious for a change if you have already done some easily identifiable characters in the past.

Do I Want To Imitate The Exact Character Or Do I Want To Use My Own Interpretation?

When it comes to cosplay, your only limit is your own imagination. You can make your character’s costume look exactly the same or you can alter it according to your taste. Cosplay is all about fun, art, and creativity, so don’t hesitate to make your character of your choice the way you feel like doing it.

What Do I Expect To Feel In My Cosplay?

It is very important that you ask yourself how you want to feel in your cosplay. Going to cosplay conventions can be intimidating and it is very important that you are comfortable with your character and the costume that you are wearing.

How Does The Character Of My Choice Make Me Feel?

You should feel proud and happy about the character of your choice. Do not choose a character that you think you can’t carry well. It will only make you feel awkward in the cosplay Halloween or any cosplay conventions you’ll be attending. If you want to be a serious cosplayer, you need to internalize the character you are portraying and be proud to showcase the costume you worked hard for.

Will I Be Comfortable And Relaxed With My Costume On?

You need to exude confidence when you go to cosplays. Do not wear anything that you are not comfortable with. If you do not like body-fitting costumes, then don’t choose a character who wears a bodysuit.

Where Will I Wear My Costume? Is It An Indoor Or An Outdoor Setting?

You must also take into consideration the location of your cosplay event. Choose a character that can suit both indoor and outdoor settings. Some outdoor venues don’t allow realistic weapons such as guns and swords. Make sure you know this information before attending any cosplay event.

Where Will I Get My Cosplay Outfit?

Where Will I Get My Cosplay Outfit

Now that you have better ideas on what character to choose, you must also ask these important questions about how you will get or make your costume.

Will I Make My Own Outfit Or Just Buy It?

If you think that you are crafty and creative enough to create your own outfit, then by all means do it. This will be a time-consuming task but once you see the fruit of your labor, then all the hard work will pay off.

You can also have the option to buy pre-made costumes. There are so many online stores that sell them. Just browse the web and you will surely find something that matches your character’s outfit. There are also things that you need to buy that you can’t build or make on your own. For example, if your character has different eye color than you have, then you need to buy colored contacts for that. This little detail such as the color of the eyes is pretty important when you want to look the same with your character.

How Much Is My Budget For My Costume?

If you are on a tight budget, the best thing to do is look at your closet first and see if there is anything that you can use for your costume. You may want to borrow from friends or you can just buy the things you need from a thrift store. You can find sale items from a thrift store such as hats, shades, dresses, and other accessories that you might be needing for your costume.

However, if you have the money to spend, you can just buy from or customize your costume with a professional tailor. Just make sure you will keep it properly after using it so that you can wear it again to your next cosplay event.

How To Choose A Character For Cosplay Events Or Cosplay Contest

Now that you have learned the right questions to ask yourself when choosing the right character for cosplay, let’s summarize what we know so far and will give you some other tips as well below.

  • Know the real reason why you are joining a cosplay event or contest and make that your motivation to help you with your decision.
  • Narrow down your options by determining what theme you want for your cosplay character.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment on your chosen character. You can make your character the way you want it to portray.
  • Be mindful of your budget and know how much money you are willing to expend on your costume.
  • Keep in mind the location of the cosplay event or contest. Be prepared for the weather or rules and regulations.
  • Make sure you choose a character that you are proud of.
  • Be confident. Do not wear anything that you cannot carry well.
  • Study and learn more about the character you chose. You need to emulate them properly during the convention or contest and people will surely ask many questions about your character.
  • Try out different costumes of your favorite characters and see if they look good on you. You can do that virtually through online apps.
  • Don’t limit your options by your gender. Remember that cosplay has no gender, age, or ethnicity.

Related Questions

Related Questions

What age is appropriate for cosplaying?

Cosplay has no age limit. Whether you are young or old, cosplay does not discriminate. Some cosplayers start in their teenage years. People who are 18 years old and below would probably need to stay away from wearing sexy costumes. Teenagers who want to do cosplaying should be responsible enough and must have the means and money to start that hobby and to be able to attend cosplay conventions.

Who is the easiest to cosplay?

If you’re looking for an easy character to portray for cosplays or even Halloween events, the easiest anime characters for girls to imitate are Sakura, Rei Ayanami, Faye Valentine, Winry Rockbell, and Rin Tohsaka. If you’re a male, you can try Itachi, Rei Ryugazaki, Kyoya Ootori, Kiryu, and Luffy from One Piece. They are all simple and familiar anime personas to try if you don’t want a costume that is too elaborate and challenging. Of course, no matter what your gender is, you can try wearing a dress for female even if you’re a male and vice versa.

How do you cosplay for beginners?

If you’re a beginner and want to join cosplays, the first thing you need to do is choose a character that you’re interested in or you love. One who has the same personality as you will also work. Do your research about the character and don’t stress yourself too much. Start with a simple character and then as you get more experience, you can go bolder. Don’t get worked up about the details too much; they don’t have to be exactly the same. Lastly, have fun and don’t let other people drag you down.

So, how did you find this quiz? Did it help you decide which character to copy? Cosplaying should be fun especially when done with friends. Don’t stress out too much or it will ruin all the fun and the whole experience. No matter which character you’re dressed up with, portray it with confidence.

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