How To Cosplay Anna From Frozen

How To Cosplay Anna From Frozen

Do you want to cosplay Princess Anna? I bet you want to! Princess Anna cosplay is a sought-after character among cosplayers of all ages. However, not a lot of cosplayers would go for the princess cosplay costume as it can be pretty expensive. This is especially true when a character needs to be in a long gown or an extravagant dress. It’s a good thing there are lots of ideas to pick from! Read along and let me show you how to make that cosplay costume that will make you stand out on the next con.

Princess Anna Cosplay Ideas

Princess Anna Cosplay Ideas

Did you know that Anna actually has several looks? You can get a ready-made costume online or from a local shop in your area. Some come with accessories while others don’t. Nevertheless, you can find a dress according to your size. What makes the Princess Anna cosplay costume more interesting is that even males can try this character, too! Remember, there is no limit to what you can portray as long as you are imaginative and creative.

The Casual Anna Look

Have you watched Frozen? Ads from numerous websites and apps would suggest a lot of casual Princess Anna look. The casual Anna cosplay look makes use of a blue or close to lavender dress with a white long sleeve undershirt. The arm length for the sleeves would vary depending on your size but I’m pretty sure you can find your size from size charts online.

There are also quality casual Anna cosplay costumes that you can purchase from an online shop. However, you have to pay extra for shipping costs. The good side to this is you don’t need to go out anymore because merchants ship and deliver straight to your address. The price will vary depending on what the inclusion is. If you’re lucky enough to get costumes at a discount, then you can be in for a complete treat, maybe with some extra hair crowns, too!

The Princess Anna Outfit

What would you do to get that beautiful Anna dress? There are lots of awesome Anna cosplay costumes to choose from that would make you stand out apart from her sister Elsa. Aside from being the crowned queen, Elsa possesses a power that can freeze whatever she touches. This makes Elsa and Anna’s personalities differ from one another. It also makes cosplaying frozen Anna an interesting character to portray.

Equipped with a cape and some boots, Anna trekked the icy mountains looking for Elsa in the hopes of bringing her back and putting an end to her dangerous power. At this point, Anna’s cosplay costume outfit is not as extravagant compared to what she wore at the ball. If you’re cosplaying with a friend, it would be fun to go as a duo but it is also best to do an Anna cosplay costume alone.

Then there’s the ballgown costume that she wore during the coronation night. Do you want to be in the frilly little miss costume? You can do so by wearing a long gown with a petticoat underneath. This will give it some extra puff resembling a real-life medieval ball gown. You can also braid your hair and wear a small tiara on your head to complete that Princess Anna cosplay feels.

It wasn’t just Cinderella who wore those glass shoes! Anna cosplay shoe ideas can also make use of those glass shoes or slippers. Take note that these items may come with hefty tags so it would always be wise to check out reviews before making a purchase. You can also check social media photos from other cosplayers to get some recommendations. Also, remember that most online shops come from China so if you get it shipped to your country, additional price for the delivery costs may apply.

DIY Anna Cosplay Costumes

Still not giving up on that Frozen Anna look? You might be hesitant to give it a go due to the high costs of a costume. It’s always a good thing that there are DIY costume options that you can choose from. Check out cosplayer files to get relevant recommendations starting from measurements, a pair of shoes, to the wig, and even some bag ideas. Unlike simply copying the character, crafting your costume will allow you to modify it freely. You can even change Anna’s cape color to what you want and you can even wear pants if you want, instead of wearing a full-length dress.

Unlike buying a ready-made costume, you don’t need to expect too much and get disappointed if you can’t get what you saw from that online store you visit. Also, you don’t have to read a cosplayer’s review just to convince yourself that a particular costume is worth buying. You can put on that long dress that covers your heel or a knee-length one that’s been hidden in your closet for some time now. You can even repurpose some of your old cosplay kicks and make them a part of Anna’s cosplay costume. What’s more, you may also add a “Frozen” sign to that belt on your waist to add more details.

Where To Find Princess Anna Party Costume Size Chart

Where To Find Princess Anna Party Costume Size Chart

There are a lot of party dresses available that you can turn into the best-fitting Anna cosplay costume. Size charts are usually shown when you click the next button of that costume upload you are looking at. Depending on your profile settings, you can even get recommended ads and size measurements from other buyers’ previous purchases.

Take note that any medieval-looking dress can be turned into a party look that will resemble Anna’s outfit. Go for the shades of green since she was seen wearing one along with her sister, Elsa, on coronation night. Be sure to measure the exact size of your body. You don’t want to be caught wearing a dress that is too long or too short to even look like Anna.

FAQ On How To Cosplay Frozen Anna

FAQ On How To Cosplay Frozen Anna

Is Anna Better To Cosplay Than Elsa?

That all depends on which perspective you’re looking at. Anna’s personality is an easygoing lady who longs to get a feel of the outside world after having been locked in for so long. Meanwhile, Queen Elsa is too afraid of the outside world because she might lose control of her powers. Whichever you choose, both are still good character picks that you’ll usually find flocking Instagram with pretty makeups and great gown costumes.

What’s The Ideal Arm Length For An Anna Dress?

As Frozen’s setting is winter, you’d probably go for a gown with long sleeves. Get one with sleeves that go up to your wrist and a skirt reaching the ground. Depending on your height, measurements for arm lengths will highly vary. Meanwhile, some cosplayers prefer Anna’s cosplay costume that has shorter arms especially when a con is held in the summer. If a child is wearing a costume, Anna’s cosplay dress usually has shorter sleeves although this will greatly depend on your preference.

Can I Get My Dress Tailored?

That depends. How much are you willing to spend for an Anna cosplay outfit? If you don’t mind throwing in some extra cash for a well-tailored gown, by all means, go for it! This can improve your look compared to wearing a pre-made item because the gown will be measured according to your size. This includes exact measurements of your chest, the fullest part of your bust, shoulder, waist, and even your butt. The tailor or seamstress will be able to confirm exact sizes which can get you an inch closer to cosplaying Anna and bring her to life through your portrayal.

Can A Male Be Anna?

Yes! A lot of male cosplayers have been cosplaying female characters. This includes Princess Anna which shows that this craft has no limitations. As long as you can portray the character, there is no specific rule that males cannot be female characters. Don’t worry if you don’t have long hair as there are Anna wigs that you can buy to complete the look!

Is It Safe To Buy Anna Cosplay Costume Online?

Yes, and no. Yes, because it comes with a lot of menu options and no, because you might get disheartened when the package finally arrives. Some Frozen Anna cosplay outfits look so good on a shopping site but look entirely different in person. It’s also pretty tricky to judge if a gown would fit you because the model on photos wearing it has a different weight and height as well as body shape compared to yours. However, you can always contact customer support from the shopping site you’re looking at to help you choose the right gown for the character you wish to cosplay.



Remember that line from Frozen when it was said that only the warmth of love can break a frozen heart? That’s exactly how you’ll be portraying Frozen Anna during the next con. You have to understand the content of the movie and the character to be able to cosplay effectively. A perfect-looking, high-quality costume with dashing makeup may not be enough as you would need to show relevant facial expressions and movements to bring the character to life. Above all, have fun portraying Anna! This will help you deliver her character more effectively.

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