How To Cosplay As Castiel

How To Cosplay As Castiel

Are you thinking of playing Castiel for the next cosplay event or Halloween party? This character from the hit drama series Supernatural is one of the most well-known and well-loved characters from the show. Therefore, it is not a surprise that Castiel cosplay is quite popular. 

There are some basic pieces that you should have for your Castiel costume. These pieces are part of the ensemble that he wore the first time he appeared on Supernatural. Also, this look is what most people remember when they think of Castiel.

Being one of the most popular characters from the show, Castiel gets a lot of love from fans. Keep reading to find out more about Castiel and what you need to get for your Castiel costume.

Who Is Castiel?

Who Is Castiel

Nicknamed “Cas”, Castiel first appears in Season Four of Supernatural. He is an angel of the Lord and frequently helps Dean Winchester and his brother, Sam, fight demons and angels. One of the biggest things Castiel does is to bring Dean back from Hell. The angel also develops friendships with the Winchester brothers. 

In the beginning, Castiel shows little emotion and complete devotion to God. However, his experiences and interactions with Dean and Sam, and some revelations about his fellow angels and God have a humanizing effect on Castiel.

Although Castiel is stressed and harmed by becoming more and more human, it can be seen, as the series progresses, that he develops an independent will. This helps Supernatural deal with issues connected to free will. 

The show introduces the Christian theology theme through Castiel. The character is played by Misha Collins, who was supposedly going to appear on the series for six episodes. However, Castiel became a recurring character on Supernatural and is now one of the most popular characters from the show.

How Do I Dress Like Castiel?

How Do I Dress Like Castiel

One thing you will notice if you watch Supernatural is that anyone can be the bad guy, even angels. Castiel makes a few bad decisions throughout the series, but he is still the most adorable angel from the show. Don’t you just love it every time pop culture references go over his head? It definitely makes him so much cuter.

He usually wears the outfit which his vessel sported when he possessed him. This means you can get pieces for your Castiel costume at clothing stores or an online shopping site.

What You Need For A Castiel Costume

1. Beige Trench Coat

Castiel sports an oversized trench coat in most of his appearances on the show. It is cotton, double breasted, and traditional long . The trench coat also comes with a belt on the back, buttoned straps at the wrists, and tortoiseshell buttons. Also, it has a flap on the back.

2. White Dress Shirt

Get yourself a crisp white cotton dress shirt. Do not worry if you don’t have one since they are not hard to find. White cotton dress shirts are available pretty much anywhere.

3. Blue Tie

Castiel’s blue tie has fine diagonal self-stripes. You can just go for a blue tie that has thin diagonal blue stripes which are hard to see if it is not close up. You don’t have to tie it perfectly.

4. Black Suit

If you do not have a black suit, you can go for a dark one. You can also just wear simple dark-colored or black slacks with your white dress shirt. However, Castiel wears a pair of charcoal grey wool 2-pleat pants.

5. Black Belt

If you are going for complete accuracy, do not forget to use a black belt to keep your pants in place. This may be a tiny detail but it can make your Castiel costume even better.

6. Brown Wig

If you have long or different color hair, you may not want to cut or dye your hair for your Castiel costume, so you can wear a wig. However, if you are totally committed to doing your Castiel cosplay, then you can do your hair like Castiel’s .

7. Black Leather Shoes

You can go for black Oxfords to keep with the theme of a work-inspired outfit. However, Castiel wears black boots. To be specific, he sports matte leather pull-on outback ankle boots that have square toes, elastic inserts at the ankle, and black rubber-heeled soles. 

8. Black Angel Wings

In case you forgot, Castiel is an angel and you can see in some episodes of the show where he lets out his wings. He has black wings, so you can get yourself a pair.

What Can I Wear As A Female Castiel?

What Can I Wear As A Female Castiel

You can basically wear an outfit that is similar to that of the male Castiel. Some costume ideas include sporting a shirt, skirt, coat and a pair of tights, or a black dress, shirt and coat. Of course, you can wear a suit as well.

Also, you can put on a fitted shirt or a female trench coat. A flared or pencil skirt can also do the trick. You can choose between Mary Jane shoes and a pair of  heels. A blue ribbon bow or tie can complete the whole look.

Did you know that you can get a Castiel costume from a cosplay store? You can always choose to go the DIY route, though, and look up costume ideas online.

Do not be afraid to experiment to achieve a good Castiel costume. However, remember that cosplay should not be stressful. Being too focused on perfecting your look may take out the fun in cosplaying and Halloween.

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