How To Cosplay As Kaneki

How To Cosplay As Kaneki

Have you always wanted to be a Kaneki cosplayer? You’re not alone. The Ken Kaneki costume is a sought-after anime dress by many young people today, especially those who watch the popular Tokyo Ghoul manga and anime.

As you know, Ken Kaneki is the main protagonist in the dark fantasy anime and manga series Tokyo Ghoul taken from Japanese literature. He is a favorite of many professional cosplayers due to the popularity of the Tokyo Ghoul series. If you want to know how to effectively wear the Ken Kaneki costume, read on.

Understanding The Kaneki Character

Understanding The Kaneki Character

Before we go deeper into the topic of Ken Kaneki cosplay, what do you know about this one-eyed ghoul character wearing a distinctive mask and dressed to the nines? When you costume play, it’s really important that you know about the character you’re posing as. If you do, you become more confident and more effective in masquerading as the ghoul with one eye.

Did you know that Ken in the story used to be an innocent and reserved kid at the Kamii University who took up Japanese literature and lived a relatively normal life? Together with his friend who tags along with him, our main protagonist, who is also portrayed as a hero in the manga, investigated strange and mysterious murders in different Tokyo settings and discovered the killings were done by ghouls.

Unfortunately, Ken Kaneki’s college student life was turned upside down after being attacked by a Tokyo Ghoul named Rize Kamishiro. After getting seriously injured and infected, Ken Kaneki turned into a one-eyed ghoul and made it his mission to fight the bad ghouls. Now that you have a basic understanding of the story of the Tokyo Ghoul main protagonist and what he went through, you have more appreciation for this anime character. Right?

What Ken Kaneki Outfit Should I Go For?

What Ken Kaneki Outfit Should I Go For

Are you like most fans of the Kaneki cosplay? Then, the silver white hair contradicting the black outfit with the black shorts, the ghoul-y smile, and the one eyed ghoul appearance will be a big hit for you. And if you’re really into this appearance, try highlighting your Ken Kaneki costume with the kagune, the signature weapon and claws of the anime character.

In this Kaneki cosplay costume, you have the trademark all-black Tokyo Ghoul cosplay outfit. That would be the black leather mask, a jumpsuit, a pair of black shorts and black boots. Of course, you have the silver white hair that’s all over the place and the distinctive red sclera full eye colored contact lenses.

In choosing your Ken Kaneki costume for the Tokyo Ghoul cosplay, look for a black hoodie shirt that you can match with a black long-sleeved shirt underneath it. Then, wear black shorts on top of black compression pants, and put on a sturdy pair of black boots. For the upper part of the Kaneki outfit, get the trademark black mask with the teeth, and top off the costume with an unruly silver white wig.

Or, if you prefer the tranquil look of Ken Kaneki when he still had a normal life, you can choose to go as the college student version with the neat appearance and outfit. While it is an uncommon Ken Kaneki cosplay choice to wear, this attire can be interesting in that it relives memories of the once-gentle and normal-looking Ken. In choosing what Kaneki outfit to wear, you may find it interesting to go with the Kaneki cosplay that’s opposite your personality, and then enjoy the challenge.

Where Can I Get A Kaneki Cosplay Costume?

Where Can I Get A Kaneki Cosplay Costume

Getting a Ken Kaneki cosplay dress, mask, wig, and kagune to complete your Ken Kaneki cosplay should be easy with all the cosplay shops on the Internet. The Tokyo Ghoul series costume being sold will typically include a shirt, a black jumpsuit, black pants, tie, and a belt. Stores may either sell the costume separately or in sets.

There are shops that offer a tailor-made Kaneki dress in your own measurements, which can cost around $90. You can also buy a complete set of the Kaneki cosplay outfit for $150. Online costume stores will usually include a size chart, so make sure you get the right fit.

For the props, you can buy a Ken Kaneki wig and mask set for $20. If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, you will have fun creating your own Kaneki cosplay mask. As for the shoes, you can buy a pair of sturdy black boots at online shops for about $50.

Should I Wear A Kagune?

Should I Wear A Kagune

Are you thinking it’s too much to include the kagune in your Kaneki cosplay? Well, even if the kagune is one of the Tokyo Ghoul character’s main features of the costume, not all cosplay participants don it. If you do, your will definitely stand out with the characteristic bright red kagune highlighting your all-black costume, silver hair, and, of course, the red one eye.

If you choose to wear a kagune, you can make one yourself. You can find video tutorials online that use simple materials like gauge wire, stuffed animal stuffing, and red faux fur to create the kagune. Or, you can purchase one at online shops like Etsy, where you can buy a kagune for $14.



So, now that you have your Ken Kaneki costume ready, are you raring to go out and make a great appearance as the Tokyo Ghoul series star? Before you do, be sure to try the costume out and get a feel of it. Check if the smallest details are in place, and most of all, make sure that you’re comfortable in it.

If you’re serious about your Ken Kaneki cosplay hobby, why not consider the idea of making it a career? Did you know that professional cosplayers can earn up to $122,000 a year? So, while you enjoy doing the anime Tokyo Ghoul cosplay, you can also earn money from it as long as you take fair use into account, to be sure.

Related Questions:

Related Questions

What race is Kaneki?

Kaneki of the Tokyo Ghoul manga is Japanese. He was a student who lived a relatively normal life studying Japanese literature at Kamii University. He was investigating mysterious murders in Tokyo when he was attacked by a ghoul with a human appearance, whose organs were transplanted to him, thereby, turning him into a ghoul.

Does it pay to be a cosplayer?

Costume players attend conventions not just to parade their outfits. They also join competitions where they show off their skills and win prizes. Popular cosplayers can make at least $5,000 to 10,000 per appearance.

How much does it cost to get a cosplay costume?

Costume players typically invest time, money, and effort into making character costumes. These costumes have different materials that can vary from one design to another. Some cosplayers revealed how they were able to create a costume for only $50.

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