How To Fix A Cheap Cosplay Wig

How To Fix A Cheap Cosplay Wig

Would you like to try wearing a wig in the next con? This will be something fresh especially when your crowd knows you’ve always sported your own hair. Don’t worry about the cost of getting that wig hair as a part of your costume! We’ve got you covered. Read along with this tutorial and find out how to make a costume wig to match that entire wardrobe without putting a hole in your wallet.

Are Synthetic Wigs More Popular Than Wearing Your Own Hair?

Are Synthetic Wigs More Popular Than Wearing Your Own Hair

So you wanted a bob but you’re also not convinced to chop those long locks. This might cause you some dilemma especially when the character you are portraying has short hair. However, wig styling has been a go-to especially among cosplayers who really don’t want to cut their own hair.

Aside from being fully able to cosplay your choice of character, a costume wig can also prevent damage to your natural locks. Imagine if you had to color your hair so often just to properly cosplay a character. This makes costume wigs a big help as they come in a wide range of colors. There are even wavy wigs, those that are curly, and even those that will make you look like you have thick hair.

Cosplayers would go for synthetic hairs because it cuts down styling time. Make sure you use a wide-tooth comb when styling your wig in order to prevent hair strands from getting tangled. You don’t even need to use hair gel to get your desired hairstyle done. Aside from that, you can get a cheap wig, get the remaining tangles straightened, and style it using a curling iron.

Advantages Of Using Synthetic Wig During Cosplay

Advantages Of Using Synthetic Wig During Cosplay


Have you ever felt you don’t look like the character you are cosplaying? We all pass that phase but you might have missed a tiny hair detail that makes you feel this way. Thus, sporting a costume wig may help you solve this worry!

Accuracy is actually the biggest reason why you need to wear a wig. No matter how accurate your costume is, if the hair does not match, you will not be able to mimic the entirety of your favorite fictional character.  If you participate in the competition, judges usually rank the costume from head to foot. This includes the accessories and the hairstyle of your character. This is why cosplay wigs can add points in terms of character accuracy and details. 


You will be able to portray a lot of character without making a lot of changes like dyeing or cutting it short. This can remove a huge chunk from your time planning your costume. A costume wig can be made from real human hair so you won’t have a problem sporting it. Fix it using materials including human hair, wig cap, foam wig head, and wig clips available in most hobby stores or craft shops.

Easy Maintenance

Have you experienced having losing more hair due to constant dyeing? If so, this may be the best time to consider using a wig instead. It is easy to style and a whole lot easier to maintain. You don’t need to wash it off constantly as one wash will be enough before you place it onto a foam wig head to maintain its shape. If you happen to have multiple costumes accumulated on several occasions, having a wig for every character can greatly help. It is already pre-styled according to your requirement and saves you a lot of time doing your hair or going to the stylist at every event.

Choosing A Wig

Choosing A Wig

Have you finally thought about getting a wig? If yes, you have to plan your style before you go shopping. Planning ahead will help you save time as you could get dizzy choosing the one that you like since they come in different styles, colors, and lengths. 

There are wigs that come in sets along with some bobby pins, a wide-tooth comb, or a wig brush. Meanwhile, some are already styled according to a specific character and are readily wearable. However, some may need to be styled according to the intended theme. 

What Is A Wig Cap For Wig Styling?

Do you need a wig cap? You will know if you need one especially when you notice a lot of hair fall. This is when a wig cap is necessary. You can use several bobby pins to secure your wig to the cap. Wig caps offer an extra layer of protection for your scalp before you wear a wig on. This makes it easier to style and you don’t even have to worry about losing your locks because hairs will no longer get tangled.

Should I Use A Wig Cap?

Now that you know what a wig cap is, it is time to figure out which among the two types you need under your wig. You can choose one that’s made of fish-net material or the other one made with material similar to that in a pantyhose.

What’s the difference between the two? The first one made with fishnet can cover all of your hair but can leave some strands protruding. Meanwhile, the second one can keep it in place while covering most of your head. To use a wig cap, you need to arrange your hair. If you have long hair, use a ponytail to tie it together and flip it on your head, tails towards the forehead. Pull the wig cap on and stuff it with as much hair as possible. If you have short hair, you can use bobby pins to control it. 

What Is A Wig Head?

Have you ever seen a mannequin head where you put your wig on? Having one makes styling easier. You can easily use a hairdryer after shampooing your wig without having to worry about burning it. Just remember to use one that is proportionate to your head’s circumference. 

Using a wig head will yield a clean and precise result as opposed to styling your wig directly on your head. You can get the right measurement with a measuring tape. If you have the 21-22 inches (51-55cm) measurement, then you have the right measurement that fits most cosplay wigs. 

How To Correctly Wear Your Cosplay Wig

How To Correctly Wear Your Cosplay Wig

Use Snap Clips

Make sure you have all your hair inside your wig cap before securing it with snap clips. This is to ensure that the wig cap will not ride up. Place 4 snap clips at the back of your head and 6 snaps that are evenly distributed around the front and sides of your head. Use additional clips as needed. 

Keep Your Wig In Place

Holding the wig with both hands, slide it slowly over the wig cap. Make sure to place the scalp line of the wig against your forehead, just above your eyebrows. With your head tilting forward, stretch the wig underneath the edges, over the back and sides of the cap. Your wig is stretchable and can be pulled to accommodate the stuffed hair under your wig cap. Continue adjusting the wig until you get it right. Make the wig sit a bit longer than your natural hairline at the back of your head by tugging it. 

Secure Your Wig

Did you know that bobby pins are a must to secure your wig in place? You can keep your wig firmly in place by using all the pins all over the edges and every angle of your head. Test how secure your wig is by shaking your head. Jumping vigorously can also be a test to see how well your wig is held down. You can also adjust the number of your pins or you can add more if necessary.

How To Maintain Your Wig

How To Maintain Your Wig

So you’re done using your wig. What should you do to keep it well maintained? Wigs are part of your costumes and like them, they also need the proper care. Extra touches and careful storage need to be done to preserve their original condition. When worn, these are subjected to tangles, torn caps, or unruly frizz. But you can always get them restored to their original condition by following the steps listed below:


How many times do you get your hair washed in a day? If you say thrice, then this is too much for your wig. Although a wig can be made from human or synthetic hair, it does not need frequent washing. However, as they are exposed to dust and dirt, you will need to take care of them well.

When you buy a wig, check the instructions and note the material it is made of. This will help you understand the kind of care it needs and the type of shampoo to use for washing. Some wigs need baby shampoo while tangles can be smoothened by using a fabric softener.

While you use water and shampoo plus conditioner to cleanse your hair, this may not be the case with a wig. Some need light misting while others need cold water sprinkled a few millimeters away from it. You can’t even use a hairdryer to directly dry it; instead some wigs make use of air-dry methods. After that, you can use a round brush and dust it off using baby powder.


A blow dryer may work on your hair but this isn’t the case for your tangled wig. Tangles can be easily resolved using a wig conditioner. You can gently comb it using your fingers. Start gently brushing it in a downward stroke. When done, rinse the wig in cool water until the conditioner is completely rinsed. Towel dry your wig the natural way but avoid leaving it under direct heat. 

Frizzy Wigs

Did you know that you can fix that frizzy hair by trimming them off? Don’t be afraid to trim your off frizzy ends. You can also trim bangs that are starting to frizz before all the parts of the wig get destroyed. Cutting the frizzy ends will help make your wig more manageable and easy to style. You can also use a fabric anti-static product on your wig brush to manage your wig fibers. 


How do you rescue damaged wig fibers? You can actually sew it by re-stitching the holes on the cap. To do this, flip your wig to the damaged side. Use clear thread and sewing needles that are usually available in craft stores to patch up the damages incurred. You can also consult a hairstylist if you want as they can suggest the repair needed. They can also help restyle your wig as hairstylists have seen different kinds of trauma and fixing wigs may not be that different for them.   

FAQ On How To Fix A Cheap Wig

FAQ On How To Fix A Cheap Wig

Can I Fix A Damaged Wig?

Yes, you can always fix a damaged wig but you have to be really careful about it. Fibers might be coming off from the hairline and if you are not careful when you sew it back, it may cause further damage rather than actually fixing it. Visiting a salon and getting your wig fixed can also be a good idea.

Can I Cut A Damaged Lace Front?

This can be very risky so I would say no to doing this. Why? Because it might cause the entire wig to fall off. It would be okay to cut edges that are fizzy or bangs that are severely damaged. But a lace front wig is a different story and a cheaper lace front wig is another addition to that.

What Do I Need To Style My Wig?

Buying a wig and styling it to mimic your character need to be done ahead so that it can be wearable as soon as you need it. Some of the must-have styling products that you may need include wig combs and caps, a hair dryer, trimmers or sharp scissors, clips, pins, and rubber bands as well as rollers. You may also need glue, a flat iron, your sewing stash, and a wig stand.

Are you in a love-hate relationship with your locks? Don’t be sad! Wearing a wig with your costume will help look more like your chosen character. Synthetic wigs also help prevent hair damage because you don’t need to style them a lot, unlike getting a constant curl. Wig cleaning can be easily done using cold water or even hot water, whichever is instructed in the wig’s manual. You also don’t need anything fancy to get wig curls done. You can even make more styles with something as basic as a pin, and little work with a flat iron can do the trick.

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