How To Hide Eyebrows For Cosplay (The Easy Way!)

How To Hide Eyebrows For Cosplay

Are you wondering what makes a perfect look for cosplay? If you think it’s got to be the perfect eyes, then this may give you second thoughts. As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul but the eyebrows tell a lot about one’s personality. Now, that’s something to think about! Read on and find out how to hide eyebrows to pull off that perfect cosplay look.

Why It’s Worth It To Hide Your Eyebrows

Why It's Worth It To Hide Your Eyebrows

Cosplaying is not just about physically emulating a character but actually delivering the vibe that it’s known for. It starts from the way a character looks, their dress and even how they act.

That is why it is worth the try to perfect the eye makeup because this will give a huge impact to the authenticity of your entire costume play. It also brings accuracy to who you are trying to portray and of course, it helps you stand out from a throng of players.

Are Thick Eyebrows A Cosplayer Problem?

Are Thick Eyebrows A Cosplayer Problem

Striking faces for a cosplay event are best defined with the right cosplay eyebrows paired with the right character makeup. For cosplayers, having thick eyebrows can pose a problem. This is because it is difficult to cover eyebrows using just liquid concealer. It cannot also be hidden with just a paint stroke, a powder puff, or using a translucent powder. That is why some cosplayers go extreme and shave their eyebrows off. However, there are simple methods that can be easily done to solve and cover your eyebrows regardless of its volume.

What Is The Glue Stick Method?

What Is The Glue Stick Method

The glue stick method is a good alternative among many cosplay brow options. In fact, it has been the most sought after idea not only when portraying anime characters. Drag queens often use this during events and shows to better emphasize their facial features or the characters that they are portraying on stage.

The glue stick method isn’t so difficult to do. Basically, you will make use of a glue stick to cover your eyebrows. This will allow minimal eyebrow hair to still be visible. Don’t worry because this method is safe and will leave your eyebrows in great shape even after you’ve finished applying it. Just don’t forget to get the washable ones so you won’t have a hard time rubbing it off after your show.

What Do I Need To Hide My Brows?

What Do I Need To Hide My Brows

The answer is simple! If you want to create a look that is closer if not exactly the same one that you are cosplaying, then being very detailed with your facial features is the key. This includes hiding your eyebrows and re-drawing or reshaping them to achieve this goal. Are you ready to try the glue stick technique for your brow makeup? Then let us get started! Here’s what you will need:

Soap Bar

You will need this to wash and scrub your brows. This is actually the first step before actually starting any application to your eyebrows. You can use your nails to scratch the soap off should there be any residue left on the hair. Then, make a froth on both your brows and gently scrub. Rinse thoroughly and pat your brow with a dry towel. Trust me. Both your brow will feel a lot fluffier after this.

Washable School Glue

Obviously, you don’t want to use anything that would not get washed off. This rings true especially when what we’re actually covering here are hair layers. So to keep the eyebrow hair safe and intact, it is best to use washable school glue. Most people prefer using washable Elmer’s glue although there are also other brands out in the market.

Liquid Concealer

Do we really need the liquid type? Yes, the liquid type is easier to spread and smoothen compared to the others. You will also need this to easily paint your eyebrows. It will serve as a covering for the first layer of the brow hair. Pick one that would easily blend into your skintone. This will provide a more natural coat as your eyebrow hairs get perfectly concealed.

Plastic Palette Knife

This will be a great help to evenly apply makeup and conceal your eyebrows. It will always help in mixing colors for that extra coverage you need. You can get one from a local cosmetics shop or from most online shops.

Press Powder and Powder Brush

Get a powder that would best match your skin tone. This will add more authenticity to your cosplay game look. You will also need a good powder brush to blend your cosplay makeup. You can even use the powder you use for your every day look as this will already guarantee a matching skintone look.

Step-by-step Guide In Hiding Your Eyebrows

Step-by-step Guide In Hiding Your Eyebrows

Did you get everything on the list above? If so, then let’s begin concealing your brows. It doesn’t matter if you have dark eyebrows because this can covered with a great concealer makeup. There’s also no specific brand intended for this method. However, be sure that you are not allergic to what you are using as this may cause irritation or skin problems after application.

Wash The Eyebrows

Using a soap bar, gently create a froth by rubbing both your brows. Rinse off and towel dry. That should keep each eyebrow clean and ready. You can also use a hair dryer to dry your eyebrow. Check the edge of your eyebrows to see for any soap residue. Be sure all the soap is washed off to avoid any eye irritation.

Applying First Layer Glue Covering

The next step in covering your eyebrows is by digging out a layer of glue chunk. You can do this by using the plastic palette knife. The amount you use should be proportionate to how thick or thin your eyebrows are. Using the palette knife, start applying the glue. Do this by starting from the tips nearest to your ear going towards your nose.

Push the eyebrow hair to achieve a natural grain. The hairs should also be pushed toward your nose after applying the glue to your entire eyebrow. Then, you can flatten the hair by going upwards in the direction of your forehead. You can repeatedly brush the hair until it becomes straightened up.

The reason to keep the hairs flattened as much as possible is to get the follicles all covered. By using this method, the eyebrows are kept in default position. This will make it easier for you to apply eyebrow makeup later on after the glue dries clear.

Here’s a quick tip: Don’t get your brows brushed in any unnatural direction while you are still layering the glue. This will leave it wrinkled and decrease the smoothened effect on your skin. If there are excess hairstrands sticking out, you can trim it a bit or use tweezers to pull them out. Meanwhile, if the glue happens to reach your upper eyelid, gently scrape it bit by bit using the palette knife.

Time For Additional Coats

Did you know that applying additional glue coatings will ensure the placement of your eyebrows? You can do this after about 15 minutes from when you applied the first coat. Dig out the second chunk of glue and apply it following the natural grain of your eyebrows.

Be careful not to rub the glue onto your eyebrows as this may irritate the skin underneath. Instead, you can gently comb it as using the same technique you did when you applied the first coat. Applying to glue coatings should be enough to leave your eyebrows flat. Let it completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Applying The Concealer

The layers of concealer you put will vary depending if you have thin eyebrows or dark eyebrows. The ideal color should blend with your complexion. Start by following the natural shape of your eyebrows. Be careful not to put too much color especially on the edges as it may ruin the character effect you are trying to achieve. You don’t need to apply too much concealer too as this may only leave your eyebrows darker than your skintone.

Don’t fret if it isn’t too smooth as you can always use powder to fix this later on. It is important not to touch the concealer for about 10 to 15 minutes. Once you’ve concealed the eyebrow area, it’s now time to let it dry completely.

Blending Powder And Concealer

Do you have a thick brush? You will need this to apply powder and get it blended with the concealer. This will even out any missed details in areas that are not smoothened enough. You can use one or more shades of powder to achieve this blending method.

Don’t forget to brush the same color powder all over your face to match your skintone. Of course, you don’t want to look all pale on the face and all dark from the neck. This will also help you better draw the product onto your face to better portray your cosplay image.

Drawing The Character’s Eyebrows

Drawing your cosplay character’s eyebrows can be a challenge. However, this is always achievable as there are a lot of tips and suggestions available on Google, including this one that you’re reading.

Be sure that the eyebrow color matches the color of not only your skintone but your hair. It should not go darker than your hair or wigs’ color as it may look odd unless the one you are portraying wears a specific colored-eyebrow or eyeshadow. Ideally, you can apply white eyeshadow that will serve as your base makeup.

Remember the rule. Start from something light then go on with a darker eyeshadow shade to achieve a more realistic look. I prefer using a pencil when making my eyebrows as it is easier to brush and shape. It is also best to line the brow area with foundation or concealer using a fine-tipped brush to give more emphasis to the newly-drawn eyebrows.

So whoever it is you are trying to portray, be it the good guy or the villain, the shape of the eyebrows will change the way your face looks. Take note that an arch-shaped brow will make you look older. It can also make you look meaner, too. Thin eyebrows will also make you look older but some anime guys have theirs super thin and they still look like they are adolescents.

Meanwhile, if you are going for that softer face look, then you can draw your eyebrows straight. If you are portraying younger characters, thicker eyebrows are recommended.

Removing The Makeup

Removing The Makeup

After successfully concealing your eyebrow and giving life to your character, it is now time to remove the makeup. You will need a good makeup remover for this as you have already applied a thick amount of makeup from foundation to concealers, various eyeshadow color and eye pencil for your eyebrows.

This is essential so you don’t damage your skin. A good makeup remover depends on which one you are most comfortable using. There is no specific go-to brand but whatever suits your skin best should do the trick.

On the other hand, don’t forget that you’ve also applied glue onto your eyebrows. So that means even if you’ve already removed the other cosmetics, some glue might still be attached. If this happens, you can soak a cloth in water and gently lay it over the glue for a couple of minutes. This will help it come out and you should be able to wash it off after.

Did you have fun trying out our eyebrow concealing tips? I bet it’s easier to go eyebrowless now after reading this step-by-step guide. There are a lot of cosplayers who do not conceal their eyebrows may not know how to do it.

So, learning to the basics will give you an edge. As long as you have followed our easy cosmetic ideas, you can raise your head high with that authentic character look! Don’t forget to add in your personal touch as well.

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