How To Make A Hinata Cosplay Costume (The Easy Way!)

How To Make A Hinata Cosplay Costume

Do you know Hinata Hyuga? If yes, you’re in for a lucky treat! If not, then stick around and read along as we discuss how to make this awesome DIY costume project. Hinata Hyuga is among the many characters of the hit Japanese anime series, Naruto Shippuden. She is actually the wife of Uzumaki Naruto. Her long, dark blue hair has been one of the many reasons that Hinata has been a sought-after character for most cosplayers.

Getting To Know The Hinata Hyuga Character

Getting To Know The Hinata Hyuga Character

It is vital for any cosplayer to get to know the character they will portray before jumping into costume designs. This is because they have to master the character’s movements and mannerisms to deliver an authentic portrayal. Plus, the entire costume plays a big role in achieving this.

Naruto fans can easily spot an authentic Hinata look just by looking at one cosplayer. Hinata Hyuga belonged to the Hyuga clan and was supposed to inherit the leadership from her father. However, her father wasn’t convinced that she can become a good leader or a qualified ninja. This is when she was disinherited and the position was given to her sister whom she lost over a qualifying battle.

Although this was disheartening for Hinata, she eventually met Naruto. He became her motivation to persevere. The Hinata character is not as powerful compared to other anime characters in the Naruto Shippuden series but she is regarded as strong in her own right because of her Byakugan or the all-seeing eye of the Hyuga clan. Hinata wears cute outfits making her a popular cosplay choice.

The Best Hinata Look From Naruto Shippuden

The Best Hinata Look From Naruto Shippuden

Hinata Hyuga has a lot of different cosplay outfits as seen in the Naruto series. The looks also change throughout the scenes. In this Hinata cosplay guide, we will be featuring some of her looks. Although there are a lot of Hinata cosplay ideas that you can use, these costumes are easier to find and are even available in stores and even online.

Hinata’s costume is mostly in the shade of lavender. You can see her sport a lavender and cream hooded jacket. This also comes with a lavender design found in the area near her wrist. Her bottoms consist of dark blue pants. Meanwhile, the look is completed with a ninja headband on her forehead bearing the Konoha Village Symbol. Hinata Hyuga wears this on her neck.

The second Hinata cosplay look that you can try is the one seen in “Naruto: The Last Movie.” Many cosplayers go for this look as it depicts more of the Japanese side. Hinata wore a light lavender sleeveless kimono that has a vertical lines pattern. This paired with a dark purple obi tie onto her waist.

This look is completed with Hinata Hyuga wearing dark blue shorts. Aside from the main pieces of the outfit, this is accessorized with a pair of grey socks and a black bag attached to her leg. You can also sport a long black wig and don’t forget to stick that leg bandage on. To finish, put on a pair of ninja sandals that often come with the costume set.

Most of Hinata’s outfits can be easily put together. You can easily find a cream-colored hooded jacket and accessorize it with two pink stripes on the upper sleeves. You can even wear a pair of light brown shorts or mid-length pants for your cosplay costume. Don’t forget to put on a white bandage on your leg to make it more realistic. Along with a pair of low-level heel sandals, you can also wear a pair of thigh-high stockings.

Is Hinata’s Dark Purple Obi Better Or Her Lavender Jacket?

The answer to this basically depends on your preference. An obi is a Japanese sash worn on the waist with traditional clothing. In this case, it is worn with the uniform cloth of ninjas.

The one Hinata wears is made of rope so that she can better protect Naruto during a battle or can be used as an escape. It also shows she is from the Konoha clan so it is safe to say this is also some sort of a sign. You can get this too as your cosplay costume depending on which event you’re heading to.

Meanwhile, Hinata’s lavender jacket is geared towards a more casual look. It shows her meek disposition as seen in the colorway of her costume. You can even go for a dress as this can be easily found available in clothing stores. There are also a lot of stores selling light purple jackets that you can pair with a white shirt underneath.

Get some white shirt or fabric and cut the sleeves out of the jacket. Then, sew the white fabric on to create a combination of the lavender jacket with white sleeves feels. You can also search for manga costume tutorials online for different DIY patterns. You can finish this casual look by wearing some fishnet stockings!

Achieving The Hinata Hyuga Dark Blue Hair

Achieving The Hinata Hyuga Dark Blue Hair

Hinata’s hair is varying in length depending on which series you are trying to cosplay including long hime-cut hair. In Part I, her face was well framed because of her haircut just being above her forehead. We can say this is similar to a bowl cut with thin, chin-length strands of hair best defining her face. Meanwhile, the hair of Hinata Hyuga reaches her lower back. The framing strands of her hair in this part of the series even reached up to her shoulders.

The Last Naruto Movie shows Hinata sporting her hair over her hips. It is sometimes in a ponytail but was eventually cut up to the shoulder level when Boruto started entering the academy. Aside from varying hair lengths, Hinata Hyuga is also known for her long dark blue beautiful hair.

 Wig vs. Hair Dye

As we’ve mentioned, Hinata’s costume includes wearing dark blue long hair. However, as this cannot be done naturally, you will have two options. It’s either you get a wig of the same color or dye your hair. Whichever you choose, one thing is for sure. If you achieve that dark blue hue on your hair, then you are an inch closer to completing this Naruto character’s look.

Are you looking to dye your hair? If yes, there are a lot of available temporary dyes in the market today. You can shop for it in local stores or have it shipped from stores online. There are also different variations to the dark blue color. This includes something as dark as the shade of black but becomes lighter when the room lights up.

Here’s a quick tip: As dark blue cannot be seen outright, you can try bleaching first. This will ensure that the right color will come out after application. However, be careful not to overdo as this might result in damage. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to apply hair dye at home, you can always go to a salon. This way, you will be able to pick the right shades with the help of a professional hairstylist.

How About Hinata’s Eye?

How About Hinata's Eye

Did you know that Hinata is best known not only for her shy personality but her special eyes as well? Hinata has Byakugan power that allows her penetrative vision. This is a clan power as she is from one of the major clans from the Hidden Leaf Village. Because of this power, Hinata’s eyes are completely white. So to be able to achieve this look, you will need to purchase some contacts.

Some Hinata cosplay sets may include contact lenses. However, if it doesn’t you can always purchase it online or from shops around your area. Take note that it might be difficult to find the exact Hinata contacts because this pair of eyes have been made specifically for this look.

Time For Some Makeup

Time For Some Makeup

Are you ready to start the makeup for this anime from Leaf Village? If so, then let’s get it on!

After finding the right pair of contact lenses for the Hinata eyes, it’s now time to create that authentic makeup look. You can start covering your eyebrows using a non-toxic glue stick.

This may sound weird but the purpose of this is to create the closest look for this anime. Take note that eyebrow shapes are crucial in portraying girl characters. When you cover the brows, this will make it easier to draw makeup without strands popping out.

Once you’re done gluing your eyebrows, get a concealer to cover it up. You should be using the shade closest to your skin tone to create a natural look. A pigmented concealer is usually the best choice as this will make your eyebrows disappear, as far as makeup is concerned.

Then, use a setting powder to keep the concealer in place. This will help to keep the makeup on without smudging them. It will also keep you looking great without having to reapply your makeup over again throughout the cosplay event.

After you’ve covered your eyebrows and the concealer has dried, it’s now time to draw Hinata’s eyebrows. You can do this by using a black pigmented eyeshadow and a thin brush.

You don’t need to put on a thick set of eyebrows as Hinata only has skinny, straight brows. This is where less is more becomes very relevant. Then you can put on some eyeliners and curl those lashes to finish up the eye look for Hinata.

Hinata Costume Props And Accessories

Hinata Costume Props And Accessories

We all know that Hinata is one of many female anime characters that have gained popularity in the cosplay world. She’s a perfect choice not just from her outfit but her overall well-being and shy personality as well.

Perhaps this is why the Hinata and Naruto characters are a favorite couple along with their respective outfit styles. In this section, we will discuss Hinata’s props and accessories that will ultimately complete the cosplay costume we are going for.

Hinata’s Shoes

Hinata is seen to have worn ninja sandals in the Naruto series. You can find similar ninja shoes from shoe shops or from boutiques online. If none are available, you can go for the closest one including a black, flat sandal that has several straps. This will make it more appealing and attractive during a cosplay event.

Headband With Leaf Village Logo

This Naruto character is also seen to have a leaf village band sign worn on her forehead as a part of her headgear. The accessory on her head shows she is a part of a ninja clan. Some costume stores selling anime accessories may have this piece but if there’s none available, you can always look for a tutorial online on how to make a DIY headband.

More Accessories

The Hinata outfit has been varying in different Naruto series. She even wore a dress and you can also do so to complete your cosplay look. The price to accessorize the outfit will always depend on which materials are used or which pieces you are willing to pay for to give life to this anime. You can even put on a fur jacket if you’re looking to be edgier with this look. As the Hinata look leans towards a more casual feel, you can also wear a watch in line with the overall impact of your attire. A costume tutorial can also be watched online for more ideas.

To translate Hinata into a real person, you will have to carefully choose the pieces to complete her outfit. It really doesn’t matter if you are going for a dress, a kimono, or the jacket look as long as Hinata wore your choice of outfit.

You can also choose to sport shoulder-length hair instead of having a long one depending on your choice as she is seen to have multiple hairstyles throughout the Naruto series. This will bring your dream to portray her closer to reality and for sure, you will get a good impression from the crowd in cosplaying this anime.

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