How To Make A Joker For Cosplay (In Simple Steps!)

How To Make A Joker For Cosplay

Did you know that there are a lot of Joker costume ideas that you can choose from? Since the Joker has been around for the past 50 years, it is no wonder that a lot of people have mimicked his green hair, white face makeup, and that villain smile painted onto their faces. With a lot of available options, you can mix and match different key elements to get that Jared Leto-inspired clown makeup more unique and distinct!

Getting The Right Joker Costume

Getting The Right Joker Costume

Are you looking for a great costume for your upcoming event? One of the most iconic characters of all time is The Joker. This guy with green hair from Gotham City has always been a go-to pick aside from other costume ideas from the Dark Knight characters. This makes it a popular choice among those attending costume parties and gatherings. It is a preferred look for a cosplay event and also during Halloween parties for adults and kids alike. 

Starting The Realistic Dark Knight Villain Look

Did you know that clothes play an important part in portraying a character during a cosplay event? That is why you need to prepare the basics for that Joker outfit. Aside from that, you will need some basic makeup skills to be in perfect character. This might sound complicated but it’s entirely easy and very achievable. Here’s an easy joker costume guide that you can follow.

Wear That Authentic Joker Version

So how do you achieve that authentic bad-guy look? You can make a realistic joker look by putting on a green or orange long-sleeve shirt. This is a great idea if you are going for the classic joker look from thee comic book. All you have to do is grab a big orange shirt or a green t-shirt with a collar. This will be a great choice if you are leaning towards getting that Arthur Fleck joker look. If you want a more neutral start, you can use more shades of white as well. These clothes aren’t difficult to find since they are basically available both in stores and online.

Another great costume idea will be Heath Ledger’s Joker. He has this cool hexagonal shirt that will go best with different patterns in the shade of purple. That includes wearing purple dress pants as well. However, this type of Heath Ledger shirt sells out fast online so you better be on the lookout to grab one as soon as it is available. If you’re lucky enough, these types of shirts might just be found at costume stores.

More Joker Clothes Ideas

Meanwhile, don’t worry because there is no “standard” joker look so even if you’re just wearing a pair of purple pants and good face paint, it should be enough to do the trick. The Jared Leto joker version only wears a long leather jacket. So that is much easier to look for in a costume store. They might even have a ready costume set that includes a green wig, face paint, red nose, among others.

Aside from that, this joker version can be already achieved with a white tee or a white tank top. In the film, Leto’s joker is seen to be usually shirtless. However, this may not always be a good choice especially when the weather becomes a bit chilly. Furthermore, you can also go for a more formal joker look by getting a black jacket or a purple trench coat.

Joker’s Purple Jacket Or A Green Vest?

Are you struggling with which one to choose? Here’s a quick stir to help you decide. You can choose from a dark green vest or even an orange one to wear over the shirt. If you have a turquoise vest, that will also go along with a white tee. Take note that if you are wearing a green shirt, an orange vest makes an excellent pair.

However, if you are going for a Jack Nicholson joker look, then a turquoise vest is the go-to. This is also a good choice if you want to look like that joker from the original movie. If you want to be dressed as the Joaquin Phoenix Joker, then a yellow vest is what you need.

Admit it. The Joker look is best completed with a jacket in purple shade. This character from the Dark Knight movie can look more authentic and iconic during an event once you throw on that purple trench coat. For a basic Joker vibe, you will need a jacket to make your joker costume look more accurate. Your jacket should also be longer with tails on the back that best go with a collared shirt. This is where your vest comes in too!

An orange-lined jacket will help you achieve the Heath Ledger version. Meanwhile, if you are opting for the Jared Leto version in Suicide Squad, then that jacket is made of leather and it’s also really long. This joker costume is mostly available in costume shops since it isn’t so easy to find compared to just getting a red suit for your Joaquin Phoenix joker costume look.

So are you going for just the jacket or the vest? I suggest you get both!

Jump Into Those Purple Dress Pants

That joker costume will never be perfect unless you jump into those purple pants. You can also opt for black or even checkered dress pants to achieve that Dark Knight Joker character look. If you want to be more specific, then you can wear a pair of checkered pants in purple and turquoise shade will get you the Jack Nicholson joker costume look.

Meanwhile, if you opt to wear a white shirt, then a pair of khaki pants will work for your joker outfit. Nevertheless, it’s the purple trench coat and a pair of dress pants for me!

Other Purple Pants Costume Ideas

Did you know that a good exception to those who wear purple pants is the Jared Leto Joker costume look? If you’re not into purple, this look offers a takeaway as you can always use a long leather jacket instead. The Joker is a prominent character among many other Batman films.

In the Dark Knight, Heath Ledger offered an award-winning performance of the joker making his version of Joker a sought-after look. This includes the classic clown makeup, white face paint, smeared purple eye makeup, the purple trench base coat, a stingy green hair with that distinct hexagon pattern shirt design. Let’s not forget to complete the Heath Ledger Joker look by adding a pair of leather gloves.

Additional Joker Costume Guide

Additional Joker Costume Guide

Can’t get enough of this joker costume guide? Then here’s more than just the comic book look. So you’ve got the clothes ready and the clown makeup plus the white face paint too. It’s now time to pick the right kicks and accessorize that joker look for a Happy Halloween feel. Whichever style you choose, whether it’s from the Dark Knight or the Suicide Squad, your joker costume will be more authentic if you finish it with the same sort of great kicks and some flashy accessories. As long as you can carry it, I bet you will have a lot of fun.

Choosing the right shoes

Now, let’s talk about the shoes. Any joker suit will best go with a pair of either black or brown shoes. This isn’t a big part of the joker outfit so you can have a lot of freedom to pick your preference. It will always boil down to how you present your joker cosplay outfit. Nevertheless, the most appropriate joker cosplay footwear ranges from monks, loafers, oxfords, or bluchers.

Just don’t wear any open-toe footwear but you can always try to be edgy and customize your joker costume. Take note that the Jack Nicholson joker wore black and white kicks and that is something you can also think about. If you’re going for more villain look, then some good leather boots can pull that cosplay costume even more.

Accessorizing The Joker Costume

After picking the shoes, you might be thinking about which accessories go best to complete your joker comics look. Simply put on a yellow or green tie which you think will go well with your suit. You can even go for a brown tie as long as the right color complements the entire outfit.

Your jacket and your tie color should go well together to achieve either the perfect formal joker look, the Joker from Dark Knight, or the one from the classic comics you’ve been reading. You can always customize and get dressed according to which joker you prefer the most.

Painting the Joker Comics Or Movie Makeup Look

Painting the Joker Comics Or Movie Makeup Look

Are you wondering how to paint that perfect joker look? You might have been looking for videos and other tutorial guides on YouTube for the perfect makeup. Read on to find out more.

Applying the face makeup

The first step in creating the joker look is to actually cover your face white. This is the foundation of the joker cosplay look so you have to be keen on applying white paint evenly onto your face. You can use a container of white face paint. Have a little water spritz onto the surface of the paint and then dip a cotton pad in it.

After that, spread it onto your face and have it dipped again when it starts to dry out. Don’t miss out on your hairline and jawline when covering but leave some space around your lips as you will use red lipstick for this part.

Before doing your eye makeup, consider first which Joker look are you going for. If you’ve determined either a Heath Ledger version or the Joaquin Phoenix-style, then you don’t need to paint around your eyes. As we’ve mentioned earlier, there isn’t a standard Joker look. That means you don’t need to worry about which movie or comic version you’d be using for cosplay.

The Joker’s Eyes

How should the Joker’s eyes look? There are several versions of this. The classic joker does not need any eye makeup while the Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix versions need black face paint to be applied around the eyes. If you want to achieve the Joaquin Phoenix joker eyes, then you can add some blue diamonds around. Don’t forget to draw a red eyebrow and put in some blue diamonds on top of it, too!

Did you know that face paint dries pretty quickly? That means you only need to wait about 45 seconds then you will be able to touch your face without worrying about smearing your makeup. Another eye makeup trick you can do is to use cotton swabs to mess the color around your eyes and make your Joker character look more realistic.

Painting The Joker Smile

Ever tried lipstick on? That’s exactly how we’d be painting the joker lips except that we have to make it wider. You can also opt to use that red face paint instead of lipstick. Simply dip a cotton ball and carefully add that Joker smile. You can first cover your lips and extend the smile past the edges of your lip by 1 to 2 inches. You also don’t need to worry about smearing it since The Joker look can also be messy.

Meanwhile, Joker also wears the classic smile so you can paint it thinly on the sides. This is where you can use red lipstick although the texture may come out a bit different compared to paint. Nonetheless, you will still look like the villain from Gotham.

Is Joker Bald?

Is Joker Bald

I don’t know about you but the Joker I know is sporting ruggedly mid-length hair. This shouldn’t be a problem even if you have short hair as you can get a wig from your local stores. You can choose any style that would best compliment your makeup.

To make the wig in place, you will use a hair grip or a pin. You don’t a super long wig for as long as you can just have it slicked back. Whichever wig you choose, make sure it’s green so that you will look like the Batman bad guy. Here’s a quick tip – call your local wig shop and ask for a tailored wig specifically for the Joker cosplay look.

If you aren’t comfortable with wigs, then here’s another option. As you know, nothing compares to the vibe coming from natural hair. So, you might want to consider dying your hair green to complete your Joker costume look.

This can be fun as well as daring on your part for changing hair color although there are temporary color sprays available as well. Watching easy tutorial vlogs can help you mix and match colors to get to that yellow-green Joker look. Don’t forget to cover your face while spraying your hair.

Wrapping Up The Joker Look

Wrapping Up The Joker Look

Now, it’s time to wrap up the cosplay look of the arch-nemesis of Batman. So your dress is ready and so is your suit. You now look like the authentic bad guy from the Batman movie who wears that posh outfit. Is there anything missing? Let’s find out!

Your suit will be best completed with a flower. This will help you achieve the comic book look. Meanwhile, if you are not leaning towards the Joker from the movie, then a small carnation pinned on the jacket’s lapel will do the trick.

Another addition to your suit is white gloves. This will pull your Joker costume come together. You don’t even need a fancy pair of gloves to get this piece together as anything white and simple will work. Basically, anything white is fine; just don’t go for some thick winter gloves. You can even add a sign or print to make it look more customized.

Remember this one too: The villain from Gotham does not sport a super clean outfit. So you can go around with something messy or dirty. You can even wrinkle your clothes as Joker is a pretty deranged clown. This will make your costume look more real and you’ll probably look more intimidating, too!

To go for the Suicide Squad look, you can wear some silver grills. You can have this made for you or just buy it from a local costume shop. Don’t forget to use a cane as well since it’s an essential part of the Jared Leto joker.

Are you all set? Now, that’s some great achievement! As we all know, Joker is the evil clown mastermind who wants Gotham City to plunge into total anarchy. With that said, you may also want to portray the Joker character through your movements and not just with what you wear. The most important thing of all is to have fun, enjoy the night and be proud and loud with that Joker look. Don’t forget to take a lot of photos! Cheers.

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