How to Make Dabi For Cosplay

How to Make Dabi For Cosplay

Villains, heroes, whose side are you on? Most of us would want to be on the good side of society. Heroes give out a positive aura. They have more friends and foes alike. In the eyes of the masses, who are pro heroes, they always come out as the good ones. Villains, on the other hand, are misunderstood misfits who are affiliated with the bad side of society.

Boku No Hero Academia

Boku No Hero Academia

That is the Japanese translation for My Hero Academia, one of the most popular manga superhero series. It has a very interesting storyline that has caught the interest of manga fanatics. When it was released, it received an overwhelming response from readers and critiques alike. An anime adaptation was made and it, too, was well-loved by viewers.

What would you do if you started to have extraordinary superpowers called Quirks at age four? Will you use it for good or for evil? You’ll need to be trained to control your abilities which means you have to go to a training school. Your life is set either to become a hero or a villain. And what if, at four years of age, you discover that the world is not fair, that not all are given powers and you happen to be quirkless? You become a heroes fan.

We will not delve into the struggle of the quirkless boy who gets the credit for having a hero’s heart, the powerless who dreams. Rather, let’s shift our attention to one of the characters of this popular anime series. And he happens to be a villain.

Heroes And Villains

Heroes And Villains

Who is the most popular character of My Hero Academia who happens to be a outlaw? That would be Dabi, with his confidently rude personality. He is the main antagonist of the series. Emotionless and a lone wolf who doesn’t trust anyone, this guy is cold and distant and a threat to the hero society.

This infamous character is known by another name: Blueflame. For some reason, his fire-related Quirk only allows him to produce blue flames. This particular burst of blaze called cremation has a greater level of power and temperature that can burn through anything.

What is the downside to his blue firepower? Dabi happens to have a body that has a low tolerance for these blue flames when he fights for too long.

What Are The Striking Features Of Dabi?

What Are The Striking Features Of Dabi

The most striking feature of the character in question is his wrinkly, burned skin that runs from his jaw down to his collarbone. Also, his arms and legs were not spared from looking wrinkly and purple. His face, particularly his eyebags, are also burned but the upper part of his face is spared. This all happened when he was young and cannot control his Quirk yet, resulting in the flames engulfing him.

Dabi has shockingly blue eyes. This makes him look like a formidable character in the story. He is tall and lanky, with pale skin on the unburned areas of his body. He has piercings on both ears and three more on the right side of his nose. The healthy and burned skin on his face looks like it is being held by staples.

How To Cosplay Dabi

How To Cosplay Dabi

This guy might have a grotesque appearance but he dresses well. He does not hide his scars but he is a master of hiding his feelings behind his cold eyes and sadistic smile. To be able to cosplay Dabi’s character well, you need to be mindful of the following features:


Dabi has black hair that has spikes all over his head and partially covers his eyes. His locks hang over his eyes, while the rest are usually in an outward direction from his scalp.

You can use a Dabi cosplay wig that can be styled accordingly. It is usually made from non-irritating heat-resistant fiber with a wig cap for your comfort.

How To Create Hair Spikes On A Wig

Spikes on a wig? You read that right. To create spikes on your wig, place it snugly on a wig head. Using the backcombing technique, tease and backcomb the spikes. Use hairspray all over the hair to hold the style in place. To preserve the volume and style of the hair, use a hair blower. Repeat the process until you get the desired result.

What was the original color of Dabi’s hair? He had crimson-red hair when he was born. Upon getting his quirk, it changed to pure white. Later on, he dyed his hair black after running away.


The iconic patch on Dabi’s face and body are not hard to make. You just need a few items to do his burns. You’ll be needing the following:

  • Eyeshadow
  • Staples
  • Liquid latex
  • Face paint
  • Sponge
  • Tissue paper or plain thin paper
  • Concealer

How Do You Create Good Dabi Cosplay Face?

In a clean face, spread concealer on your face. He is pale-faced on the unburned parts of his body so choose a light-toned concealer as part of your Dabi makeup.

With a sponge, apply the liquid latex on the areas covered by Dabi’s burn. Chin, lower lip, neck, and arms. To achieve the wrinkly effect, place a transparent paper or tissue over the latex to make your skin have a gnarled finish. Dab the paper with latex to seal them to your skin.

Dip a thick makeup brush on your face paint. Choose the color that best represents Dabi’s burn which is purplish-red. Dab the paint onto the area to get that uneven tone effect.

Why does Dabi’s burn have different colors? Dabi had skin graft surgery when he accidentally burned himself not being able to control his powerful quirk. This accounts for the uneven tones of his burns.

For the undereye purple effects, use the same face paint minus the liquid latex and paper. Darken the areas a bit to get the sunken look.

One by one, dip the legs of your staples into the liquid latex and place them on the ‘scarred’ area of your face: under the eyes and above your chin where the good and the burned skin meet.

Why does Dabi have staples on his face? As mentioned earlier, the staples are supposed to hold his skin together after the skin graft surgery. Using stitches, however, may cause his burns to open when he uses his Quirk.

Dabi Costume Guide

Dabi Costume Guide

A good Dabi cosplay costume is composed only of essential clothing: a white shirt, jacket, pants, and belt. This costume can be assembled via your closet or you can order a Dabi costume to get the best cosplay outfit for yourself.

Dark Blue Jacket

Dabi’s cosplay jacket is a high-collared trench coat that reaches almost to his knees. The sleeves are rolled up to show white cuffs. The jacket’s shoulders have silver stitches. It has lacing designs at the back vent and center back seam to allow mobility for the costume. He looks cool when his jacket is flapping behind him.

When Dabi uses his Quirk, a heavy recoil usually happens and can leave some residual fire on his arms. The white cuffs on the Dabi costume jacket provide some sort of protection for him. These cuffs completely encircle his arms that act as a seal to prevent fire from reaching further on his body.

What do you call Dabi’s jacket? The jacket that Dabi wears is known as Todoroki Jacket. It features heat resistant fiber with a device in the collar to regulate the body temperature settings of the wearer. This is exactly what Dabi needs, given his powerful blueflames.

Plain White Shirt

Dabi does not hide his burns. Underneath his jacket, he wears a white scooped shirt that shows off his trademark scars. You can choose to wear a shirt not long enough to cover the belt. Since Dabi does move a lot especially during battle, the shirt can be loosely tucked in the pants’ waist that can still show the white waistband.

Dark Blue Pants

Use black leather pants or any dark pants as part of your Dabi cosplay costume.


To complement your Dabi cosplay outfit, use a white belt with multiple holes.

Dark Boots

To get the Dabi-inspired look, tuck your pants inside a pair of dark boots.



Dabi is noted for having several silver piercings on his ears and face. You can add these features for a full Dabi villain look.

Contact Lenses

Dabi has a very small iris in turquoise color. This can be terrifying to see up close. To achieve this image, purchase mint-blue or turquoise-colored contacts that give the same effect.


For your arms, you can opt to search for a pair of purple gloves. This is to address the problem of having sensitive skin. Look for the color that complements the purple hue of Dabi’s burn. Gloves are usually made from lycra spandex that gives a better grip.

How To Project Dabi And Pose Like Him

How To Project Dabi And Pose Like Him

The stoic Dabi is considered the most reliable and strongest member of the League of Villains. He is not afraid to show his cold side and prefers to be by himself. Cosplaying his character may earn you appreciation as there are a few who would like to cosplay the villain.

Deliver a good Dabi projection during the cosplay convention by making head and hand gestures while smirking. This is one of Dabis’ psychological warfare moves to win over his enemies.

What is Dabi’s personality? He has a very enigmatic personality besides being rude and violent. He has a mocking attitude towards his enemies, especially during fights.

To make a great Dabi cosplay performance, try to project the image of being distant as if nothing matters to you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Dabi?

Dabi is an intimidating villain in the My Hero Academia. He can produce blue flames that can defeat his enemies. He is a great cosplay character to do since his costumes are very easy to find and assemble.

He is known as Blueflame, the antagonist of the Forest Training Camp Arc. Dabi is also one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. This bad guy has features that make him a unique character worth cosplaying.

Can cosplaying Dabi a good idea?

Heroes may have been at the forefront of humanity but the villains are gradually taking over the popularity contest. These misfits who happen to have a twisted way of seeing the world may have been victims of situations that made them switch over to the opposite of good.

Dabi and his personality may project a negative image on the people, yet his reasons for being what he is can be justified by his past experiences.

Does Dabi wear makeup?

Yes. To effectively cosplay the Dabi character, you need to use makeup together with face paint and other accessories.

How do I cosplay Dabi?

Dabi is quite a character in My Hero Academia – clad in a dark jacket, white top, belt, dark pants, and boots. This outfit can be bought online or you can check your closet for availability.

Instagram Moments

Instagram Moments

Choosing to cosplay a villain character with an enigmatic personality like Dabi can bring a lot of Instagram-worthy moments, not only for you but for his fans as well. Can you imagine a more fitting time to become Dabi? The moment you choose to cosplay him and immerse yourself well in his character, you will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience at the convention.

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