How To Make Fake Gems For Cosplay (Easy Peasy!)

How To Make Fake Gems For Cosplay

Cosplays will not be complete without gems. These shiny bits can add accuracy and meaning to the character being portrayed. However, even if it can be a tiresome job to find the right shape and stone, getting the gem-like stones can give you good results with your costumes.

Saving Money From Making Your Own Gemstones

Saving Money From Making Your Own Gemstones

Did you know that you can actually save on costs by making gems? There are plenty of resources that you can choose from including resin, hot glue, nail polish and even modeling clay. These materials aren’t hard to find. There are also numerous videos online that DIY artists post. You can watch them to know how to make those sparkly, quality resin gems.

Aside from the ones we’ve mentioned earlier, you also need a scale, some plastic cups, gloves, acrylic sandpaper, paint, and some wooden sticks. Don’t worry about the bunch of extra materials as you can still use them to make other projects.

Creating Your Own Gem Stones

Creating Your Own Gem Stones

Once you have your materials on hand, you can now start making gems. You need to know the shape and the size of the gem so you can find the right silicone mold. Here’s a bit of a good idea:

Are you aware that you can even use the shells of the Kinder Joy eggs as a mold to produce big oval pieces? Icecube molds can also be another choice. There are also tutorials on Facebook on how to use glue to make your own gemstones.

After you’ve figured which mold you’re going for, you can now start shaping your chosen material. If you are using modeling clay like Apoxie Sculpt, make sure the surface of your work area is dry and clean. When using a molder to shape your gems, be sure to check that there is no gap in between your mold box and your form. Adding some plasticine or something similar will get rid of the space. 

To make a perfectly shaped gemstone, put some molding wax or power to cover your form. Placing a stick in the modeling box can also be done for easier removal. If you are using a silicone molder, just follow the super easy instructions that come with the box and then get it covered with what you’ve mixed.

Creating the mold mix will not only challenge your creativity but your patience as well. You will have to wait long hours until it solidifies. This will even take more of your patience because waiting does not guarantee a perfect gem especially if you are just starting to experiment in making your gemstone.

If you want to make it a bit colorful, you can do so by adding colors to the molding box before drying. However, take note that adding too much colour may result in a dark and less transparent gemstone. On the other hand, adding too little color may also yield a not-so-perfect result. Once you’ve achieved the gem you’re pairing with your costume, you can now add it to create that beautiful glitter.  

Making Fake Gems Using Nail Polish

Making Fake Gems Using Nail Polish

Did you know that you can actually mix and match gems to get a lot of awesome colour? These gems are also easy to make. You can attach these easily as these need only a simple stick onto the costume. Aside from molding, there are countless tips that you can use for you to make those fake gems.

If you have a lot of unused nail polish, don’t throw them away yet as these can breathe life to a new set of gems. Nail polish gems can add more glamour to the outfit you are looking to portray. It doesn’t even require a lot of sticking to the garment as most DIY gems can be stuck using hot glue.

Did you know that you can use rocks lying around your yard? You can also buy a bag of clear glass gems when you visit a craft shop. You can turn them into sparkly and colorful pieces simply by using glass paint to add color.

Steps In Making Fake Gems

Steps In Making Fake Gems

Here is an easy yet fun tutorial you can use in making cheap gems:

  1. Find the flat part of your stone or clear glass gem and paint it with a layer of sparkly nail polish.
  2. After it has dried up, use a dark-colored polish. This will add depth and brilliance to the gem and will show off your creativity. 
  3. Use glass beads that have a flat bottom which is commonly used in aquariums and paint them using black nail polish. 
  4. When these are already semi-dry, scrape it off a bit to create the “clear bits” effect.
  5. Another option is to forgo scraping, and instead, just paint thinly on parts. 
  6. You can fleck your faux opals with different colors as they can be colorful and bright in their original shape. 
  7. Dry your gemstone, and use hot glue or other tools to attach them to your cosplay costume piece. 

You can be creative and make other gemstones using this technique. You can also make a wonderful and artistic cosplay costume with your resourcefulness without hurting your pocket.

FAQ On How To Make Fake Gems

FAQ On How To Make Fake Gems

Do I need specific material for my gems?

There are a lot of craft pieces that you can choose from. You can even transform the most basic piece of clear gem into a colorful one. You can use flat rocks and plastic, too. You can also opt to buy some craft stones and color or polish them into a valuable looking gem.

What Are Types Of Gemstones Can I Make?

Glass Cabochons

These are commonly found in aquarium and bead shops. They can be around 30 x 40 mm in size and are made of glass. There are colored glass cabochons available but you can also get the clear ones and apply your own design. You can paint layers of color and polish them to your desire. You can also use a metallic foil to make the new ones you made reflective.


They came in different sizes and shapes that can be challenging to find. Rhinestones come in hearts, squares, circles, ovals, and many other shapes. Make sure you get the one with the flat back. This will make it easier to secure when attached to your cosplay gear.

Styrofoam Eggs and Domes

Styrofoam can make the gem look opaque. However, you can get it painted using acrylic paint and varnish to fake the reflection. You can also opt for a mud podge or glue to create a shiny finish. Here’s a piece of advice: Be careful when using a heat gun or paints onto styrofoam as this might melt. It’s always a good idea to test in on the surface before finally applying the colors.

Casting Gems

There are many other type of gems that are cheap yet still beautiful to use. Cast pieces can be pricey because a special ink mixture is used when making this piece along with polyester resin or clear casting epoxy. If you opt to make this, get ready because the process can be messy. 

Glue Gun

Any DIY tutorial will tell you to tap into using a hot glue gun for your project. You won’t have to worry about the price tags as this is the cheaper and the easiest alternative in making the perfect gem. This is also less messy when practicing gem-making tutorials and techniques.

Can You Make A Gemstone?

The answer to this is a big yes! You can fill layers with color. You can get the tip painted and can even make use of a simple heat gun to create your gem. Check out your browser for different ideas and write them down.

You can even print a picture to draw your design inspiration from. Once you’re done, the look of whichever characters you want to portray will be worth a post on a cosplay website! So, don’t forget to post and share it on your FB account!

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