How To Make McCree For Cosplay

How To Make McCree For Cosplay

Are you looking for a simple yet creepy and attention-grabbing cosplay or Halloween costume? There are so many costume ideas to choose from but if you want something easy but is also a killer costume, then Jeff the Killer is the perfect character for you. This killer cosplay costume guide will scare everyone who’ll come your way at the con or Halloween party.

What Do I Need To Prepare For My McCree Costume?

What Do I Need To Prepare For My McCree Costume

You can find costume ideas using a McCree costume guide, such as the one below. Let’s start with the list of items you need for the Jesse McCree look. This is quite a list but once you obtain all the things needed to complete McCree’s character, you can have the most authentic cosplay possible.

As you can see, this McCree cosplay guide is grouped into two: outfit and accessories. For the McCree cosplay outfit, you have the cowboy hat (a specifically tattered hat), brown shirt, brown pants, and brown leather chaps. Then for the accessories, there’s the gold breastplate armor, red serape or scarf, and a pair of brown cowboy boots with sharp boot spurs.

Then, of course, there’s the mechanical arm as well as the armor shoulder straps mechanical, hand gloves, brown leather gloves, a leather ammo belt and gun holster, a fake revolver, and a costume puff cigar.

What Do I Need For The Jesse McCree Outfit?

Do you know that with this digital character, you need to get that distinct look? This is why you’ll want to be really involved to successfully pull the Jesse McCree costume together. This costume guide below details the McCree cosplay gear that need to be prepared.

McCree’s Hat

Do you have a specifically tattered hat or a crushable Stetson style hat? You can use it for McCree’s cowboy hat. Or you can either go with a used hat that you can buy for a few bucks or an inexpensive hat that you can work on to get that weathered look. If you’re looking to purchase hats, you can find many of them designed for characters for different cosplays including McCree.

Brown Shirt

McCree’s brown shirt is pretty basic so you can go with a casual one with short sleeves. If not, a button up shirt will do. Don’t want to spend unnecessarily? Then, go with an old brown shirt, which shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Brown Pants

You can wear ordinary brown pants in cosplaying this digital character. Are you thinking of just wearing an old pair of pants or one from the Salvation Army perhaps? That won’t be a problem since this will not be completely visible anyway because you’ll be wearing this under the leather chaps.

Brown Leather Chaps

Are you wondering why McCree wears leather chaps over regular pants? Whatever his reason is, this actually adds to the uniqueness of the character. For your McCree cosplay, a pair of motorcycle brown leather chaps with a solid thick leather strip for the belt would be a good option.

Gold Breastplate Armor

McCree wears a gold breastplate armor on top of his shirt. For the armor, you can buy a plain costume armor with no print or other art on it and then paint it in gold. If not, you can go online or to your local costume shop and find a breastplate pattern designed for the actual size and make the necessary adjustments so that it has a much more authentic cosplay look.

McCree’s Cape Or The Serape

Did you know that the red shawl famously draped on the outlaw’s shoulders is a popular item in Mexico? So, you won’t find it hard to secure one for your McCree cosplay. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are online tutorials on how to create the rather complex McCree serape pattern, or you can simply use a red scarf or a piece of red fabric.

Brown Cowboy Boots With The Spurs

McCree’s cowboy boots with the sharp boot spurs is another one of his trademarks. This one’s also easy to find and you probably have a pair at home. If you’re considering buying a pair, why not check online shops for used dark brown boots?

What Accessories Does McCree Use?

What Accessories Does McCree Use

Jesse McCree also has a bunch of accessories that enhance his detail-oriented Overwatch personality. Faithfully recreating the costume components McCree has would really make you stand out. The costume guide below lists the accessories you’ll be preparing.

Mechanical Left Arm

The McCree costume wouldn’t be complete without the shiny, silvery mechanical prop on his left arm. You can watch one of those McCree arm tutorial videos on YouTube, for example, and experience the entire creating process. If not, you can always order a ready-made one online.

Metal Kneepad

Ever wonder why McCree wears a large metal kneecap on his left knee even though he isn’t wearing any other form of protection anywhere in his body? No one really knows but still, it’s a costume play art form of sorts that other cosplayers find to be probably the easiest portion to complete. You can get this cosplay effect at most online stores or you can order a 3D template for this.

BAMF Buckle

This is another McCree accessory that you can 3D-print and then paint with gold to match the original. BAMF belt accessories can be bought at many online stores. As always, check the sizes and measurements so you’ll get the right fit.


Have you noticed Jesse McCree’s two types of gloves? One is a leather pair and the other is the glove for his left prosthetic hand. You can again choose between using tutorial videos when creating your own set of gloves or you can simply order them online.

Peacekeeper Revolver

McCree’s Peacekeeper revolver is one peacekeeping mechanism that kills to keep the peace. 3D templates for the Peacekeeper revolver can be found on the web and you can purchase it together with a gun holster or belt accessories. For a more genuine look, spray silver and paint with acrylics on the pieces of the revolver.

Costume Puff Cigar

McCree is a cigar-smoking shooter and a costume puff cigar should do the trick for your cosplay. You can find fake cigars for sale at many online costume shops. Other McCree cosplayers have been known to forego this item; however, this is among the trademark props, so including it is recommended to get that accurate and convincing recreation of McCree.

Facial Hair

The cowboy turned Overwatch agent with his thick facial hair contributes to the uniqueness of his look. You can emulate the same facial hair details that McCree has. If you have no facial hair, you can always use a fake beard for cosplaying.

What Other Tips Can You Use For The McCree Cosplay?

What Other Tips Can You Use For The McCree Cosplay

Are you a beginner who feels confused or daunted by the multiple layers of outfit that McCree wears? Well, this McCree costume requires the shirt and khakis to be put on first. Then, the cowboy leather chaps are next followed by the breastplate, which goes on over the pants and shirt.

Are you someone who’s not really the creative type? That’s what shops like Etsy are here for. It’s one of the places you go to when you need to find things like 3D templates or cosplay costumes and accessories.

And if you prefer buying the accessories instead of making them, why not check out costume websites? Some sellers offer serape belts, boots and buckle sold by piece. Others sell costumes in sets, so you have several options to choose from.

You can purchase the complete getup for the Jesse McCree character. Online costume shops, however, may not sell the whole McCree set. The items that may be included in the set are the cowboy hat, serape, shirt, pants, leather chaps, buckle, and a pair of gloves. You may need to purchase the other costume items separately.

If you want your cosplaying to have an authentic look, you can order the items made from actual leather. You may, however, have to spend more for it. Even so, if you purchase from a professional seller, you’ll most likely have a well implemented cosplay.

Do you want to exude a more authentic McCree personality? Try practicing gun-slinging using your fake prosthetic arm while holding your Peacekeeper revolver replica. This should prepare you well when convention comes around.

You may also want to check out cosplay competitions or festivals you wish to participate in about bringing certain props like toy pistols. There may be cosplaying events or locations that have rules when it comes to such props. It’s best to confirm it with the organizers first.



When going through different Jesse McCree cosplay costume ideas, the one question for you is: Do you have the time for it? Making costumes and such amazing recreations for Overwatch characters or other modern robot characters can take time and the learning curve, especially if you’re a beginner, may pose challenges.

But if your heart is in it and you really want your McCree cosplay to have that personal touch, then the hands-on cosplay reproduction will be productive.

As you aim to become Jesse McCree, you’ll realize that rendering a convincing recreation of this Overwatch digital character is essential to the overall process. Depending on your experience, cosplaying this complex figure may be time-consuming or it could be easy as pie and lead to a really well implemented cosplay.

An authentic feeling McCree is achievable but the most important thing here is that you get to enjoy this personal journey of becoming Jesse McCree, don’t you think?

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