How To Make Narancia For Cosplay

How To Make Narancia For Cosplay

Did you know that Narancia’s name means “orange” in Italian? This name symbolizes purity or youth. It’s the name of teenage boy with a childish face and dark messy hair fringed over his eyes, introduced in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. He is part of Team Bucciarati and by extension Passione. Their mission is to protect Trish Una who was targeted by his father’s enemies, from an impending tragedy.

Narancia’s character in the anime is childish and rough. His child-like actions can be seen when he expresses random thoughts out loud and some occasional playing around. His bratty behavior, however, is due to his experience of losing his mother at a very early age and being raised by a neglectful father.

This makes Narancia value friendship and consider it as the most valuable thing in the world. It also explains his loyalty to his comrades and shows a great capacity for countering his opponents in a life-or-death battle.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

As of 2021, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series has over 120 million copies in circulation, making them one of the best-selling manga in history. It captured the interest of readers because the story has frequent references to Western fashion and music.

The Jojo setting is the real world but added existence of unique supernatural abilities and psycho-spiritual manifestations of Stands. These entities are psychically generated by people and can be wielded to do good or evil deeds.

How To Cosplay Narancia

How To Cosplay Narancia

Narancia, with his quick temper and loud mouth, has black hair with purple highlights. If you look closely, he also has dark purple eyes. His gangly figure sports a black-purplish slim tank top and pants. An orange bandana, wristband, and orange-yellow short skirt with belt and purple shoes complete his getups.

In the Jojo manga series, Aerosmith is Narancia’s Stand. It is a miniature fighter aircraft that has a missile launcher under its fuselage and two underwing machine guns. It has a unique way of tracking the enemies using their breath and carbon dioxide emissions.

Aside from Aerosmith Stand, Narancia carries a switchblade that he uses to threaten people and use in actual battle.

Narancia Cosplay Costume

Narancia Cosplay Costume

Narancia’s Skirt

Did you know that some fans thought Narancia was a girl? Not until they read a few more chapters of the manga series did they discover that he is actually a boy. 

One of the focal points of Narancia’s costume is the orange skirt with yellow squares and dark outlines that wrap around his waist and are held on by a belt. To match your costume with this colorful layer, you can paint these patterns on an orange fabric by doing the following steps:

1. Draw Your Pattern

Using image-based software like illustrator, draw your pattern. Remember that your drawing will be the same size as your orange fabric so you are working on pieces that are their real size.

Create the squares with their dark lining just like Narancias’ and line them up on your screen. Print a copy of the square illustration, checking on the characters if it is the right size for your fabric. You can choose to resize the squares if it does not add up to your expectations.

2. Print Your Patterns

When you have the kind of size that fits your fabric, print two pages of the final copy of your drawing. Make sure these prints are of the same size as these will be used alongside each other when painting your skirt.

On one of the printed pieces, cut off the yellow big squares. On the remaining paper, cut off the small dark, L-shape outlines. These will use as your stencil to paint over your skirt material.

3. Paint It Over

Spread your cloth on a flat surface. Have cardboard underneath the fabric to support it. Start by placing your L-shaped stencil (dark outlines) on the fabric, making sure you got the piece properly aligned. Paint over the detached L- part using black acrylic or fabric paint. Let dry.

Do the same with the squares cut-off paper. Position the detached squares alongside the painted L- patterns. Use yellow color to create the shapes. This will take a bit longer to do as you need to paint the squares more than once. Let dry.

Learning to do this skill will help you make costumes that involve geometric shapes easily.

Once the fabric is ready, you can put a button to hold the fabric in place when you wear it or use a dark belt to secure it on your waist.

Tank Top and Pants

When it comes to Narancias’ tops and pants you can have several choices.

Use black fabric to fashion into a tight jumpsuit that you can wear in one piece. Or buy one.

For the top, use a black tank. Measure your neck and create a flat collar. Sew three strips using dark fabric on your top and attach them to the neck collar.

Leggings in a dark or purplish hue can also be used. You can opt to use PU leather spandex tops and pants. Choose the size that fits you well.

Spandex can be a good choice since this material is resistant to static and piling. It is also wrinkle and stain-resistant.

A pair of dark purplish shoes with large ring buckles will give a smooth, finished touch to the costume.

The Fun Part Begins

The Fun Part Begins

Do you know how to do your makeup in Narancia style?  Learn in advance the techniques of doing the dark eye makeup, eyebrows, and lines on his cheeks. Understand that this will be a great way to portray his character perfectly. Do not neglect the messy hair and the stand-out bandana over it. Armbands and the rest of the costume will make your presence in the convention a powerful, albeit childish one.

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