How To Make Persona 5 Joker For Cosplay

How To Make Persona 5 Joker For Cosplay

Did you know that Persona 5 is the sixth installment in the Persona series? This is because Persona 2 was split into 2 parts, making this legendary social simulator the sixth game release in the series.



Persona 5 is a role-playing video game released by Atlus, a game developer and publisher from Tokyo Japan as part of their game series. It was released worldwide on April 4, 2017, and became the highest-rated title of 2020 across all platforms.

The Phantom Thieves Of Hearts

The Phantom Thieves Of Hearts

Persona 5’s main character is Joker. He is the leader of a group of vigilante high school students that aims to change the heart of people committing crimes. This transfer student, who moves to Tokyo, founded the Phantom Thieves Heart.


This group set their sight around the idea that criminals will be able to confess their crimes by defeating the physical manifestations of their subconscious mind through a realm they called metaverse. By stealing the hearts of these corrupt people, they can help create a healing society.

Who Is Ren Amamiya?

Who Is Ren Amamiya

Did you know that Joker’s real name is Ren Amamiya, which means “rain palace”? He used to live a normal life in a small town in Japan. He was quiet and nerdy before but changed after a horrifying incident where he was falsely accused. This forces him to transfer school to Shujin Academy in Tokyo. This school was the only one that accepted him despite the criminal records attached to his name.

Who Is Akira Kurusu?

Who Is Akira Kurusu

If you read the manga, Joker’s real name is nowhere to be found. Instead, the name Akira Kurusu, which means “Killer Kill”, was used to refer to the protagonist of the story.

In the game, the characters can be named by the players. Ren and Akira happened to be the acceptable names that the fandom use during fan discussions.

What Personality Does Joker Possess In Persona 5?

Joker loves to mess with other people. He can also be sassy and indifferent at times. These can be the personality that makes him a fun and lovable character to play in the Persona 5 game. His outward appearance is straight-laced and non-offensive. But his audacious personality can come out anytime as a Joker.

Costume Ideas For Persona 5 Joker Cosplay

Costume Ideas For Persona 5 Joker Cosplay

Did you know that the protagonist of Persona 5 was a completely different person before he became the Joker? He was more of a silent type and had an unassuming image. When he is wearing casual clothes, he always wears his large black glasses. When these glasses are removed, however, his eyes give off an intense sharp gaze.

Persona 5 Joker School Uniform Costume

The winter school uniform is the default outfit of Ren Amamiya. It is composed of a white turtleneck shirt with chevron collar detailing. A red buttoned black coat with the Shujin Academy emblem on the pocket is worn over it. A pair of plaid patterned red slim trousers and black laced dress boots completes the uniform.

Joker can also be seen deck in a black-trimmed cream sweater under an unbuttoned black blazer. This is paired with blue jeans and laced brown oxfords.

Summer Outfit Costume

In summer, he puts on a black short-sleeved t-shirt under a button-up white shirt with rolled-up sleeves. Additional blue jeans and dark laced shoes give this character a cool demeanor.

Persona 5 Joker Cosplay Costume Guides

Persona 5 Joker Cosplay Costume Guides

Joker developed a rebellious streak and wears mysterious dark attire to perform illegal heists. This good-natured trickster wants to change society by stealing the hearts of unscrupulous people.

As the leader of the Phantom Thieves, Joker has an outfit style consisting of:

  • ankle-length black tailcoat
  • high necked waistcoat with accents of gold
  • cinched black trousers
  • taller heeled brown-black winkle picker boots
  • red gloves

Cosplay Ultimate Guide: How To Look And Dress Like Persona 5 Joker

Cosplay Ultimate Guide How To Look And Dress Like Persona 5 Joker


Joker has frizzy black hair that hangs down in pieces. This goes over his eyes, ears, and head. Wear a cosplay wig if you don’t have dark hair. To give your hair more volume, add a light hairspray.


Use a light dusting of white face makeup to create a pallid complexion. Joker has dark grey eyes. You can get this effect by using colored contact lenses.


Did you know that Persona means “mask” in Latin? The use of masks plays an important aspect in the world of the Persona series. In Persona 5, this costume is used as a summoning medium of characters of Phantom Thieves when they enter the world of the Metaverse.

Each member of the Phantom Thieves team has their mask. The protagonists happen to manifest an opera mask.

Costume Guide: How to Make Persona 5 Joker Mask

Costume Guide How to Make Persona 5 Joker Mask

For your Persona 5 Joker cosplay mask, search Halloween shops around your area for an opera mask. Add the details of the dark fringes by drawing them on paper and cutting the pattern using a black thin foam. Cut it into shape and glue it on the opera mask.

Accessories For Cosplay

Cosplay Ultimate Guide How To Look And Dress Like Persona 5 Joker


Dagger And Pistol

Joker uses a black and silver pointed dagger with a circular hole in the handle as his melee weapon. A gray pistol gun serves as his ranged weapon. You can fashion one using EVA foam or find toys that resemble these cosplay accessories.


To cosplay the character of the protagonist, use bright red gloves that can be purchased online. This costume can also be searched on retail websites and Halloween shops near you.


Joker’s ensemble uses high-heeled brownish-black boots with pointed toes.

What Trousers Does Joker Wear In Persona 5?

In the classroom, he can be seen donning plaid patterned red slim pants that are the school uniform of Shujin Academy. He also dons baggy black dress pants when he becomes the Joker.

How Many Times Did Joker Appear In The Series?

The Joker was first introduced in Persona 5 as the main playable protagonist of the game. He also appears in the series spin-off games like Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, and Persona 5 Strikers.

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