How To Make Ram Horns For Cosplay

How To Make Ram Horns For Cosplay

Are you planning to cosplay a fantastical Halloween character with ram horns on its head such as Maleficent or perhaps as Aries himself, but have zero idea on how to make one? Well, you’re not alone. So, read on because this article provides a couple of tutorials and techniques for making DIY ram horns using a variety of materials and then attaching them to your wig or costume.

How Do You Make A Ram Horn Using A Wire?

How Do You Make A Ram Horn Using A Wire

Do you prefer a straightforward way of making a ram horn? This simple tutorial would suit you because it just essentially requires shaping the ram horns. The whole thing may also work equally well for creating cow and goat horns or dragon horns.

Materials Needed

This tutorial is real easy, uses nothing that’s of the heavy-duty kind and makes use of some basic items found in the house. To start making the horns, prepare the following: aluminum foil, tie wire or garden wire, masking tape, acrylic paint, headband, and decorations for the ram horns (optional). For the tools, you need a glue gun, a pair of pliers or wire cutter, and some paintbrushes.


The first step to create the ram horn made from tie wire or garden, follow a number of simple steps. Take the tie wire or garden wire and start to create a mold of the ram horn, using the pliers or wire cutter to shape them properly. Use the head band as the base for the ram horn you’re going to make.

Wrap the mold with aluminum foil so that the shape of the horn is formed. Wrap the foil part with masking tape to give it a solid form and a smooth look. If the horn has details and other features, use hot glue to create details like lines or ridges, making sure that the surrounding stuff doesn’t melt.

Applying Acrylic Paint

With the paintbrushes, paint each of the horn according to the required colors or your preferences. You can apply two layers of the paint if you want and once the paint dries, attach the ram horns to the wig or headdress you’re going to use. Make adjustments where necessary so that when the event comes, the shape and form of your ram horns on your Halloween costume or whatever outfit requires you to wear horns will have worked perfectly.

How To Make A Ram Horn With EVA Foam

How To Make A Ram Horn With EVA Foam

Did you know that you can also use EVA foam in creating ram horns? The EVA foam material is very popular with cosplayers because it can be formed into different shapes, can be used with heat, and can be glued together. The DIY tutorial below shows a more detailed and creative process of making your cosplay horns.

Find Or Make A Pattern For DIY Horns

The first step in EVA foam projects is, of course, obtaining a pattern. Have you got your horn pattern ready? If you haven’t, you can search online for a costume shop, visit the site, and place an order for one of their horn pattern collections.

These patterns are usually provided as vector files that you can download after purchase. They are also scalable, which makes it easy to resize or modify. Take note of your printer size or settings because you’ll need to provide the correct dimension.

The patterns are individual flat pieces that you will print, cut out and glue into 3D horn forms. The piece that makes a horn is only needed for a single unit. So, if there are remaining parts, they can be used for the piece to be made for the other side.

Glue The DIY Horn Pieces Together

Now, you need to attach each piece and layer together to make the initial shape of your horn. Some cosplayers like to use contact cement as it is incredibly stable when using the foam. It also provides one of the most permanent bonds of any adhesive type, but contact foam can be pretty toxic and intense, so be careful with your fingers and observe caution when using the adhesive.

Sand The Seams

Are your horns in perfect shape? If you’re satisfied with the way they look, the next step is to smoothen the pair so that the horns look as even as possible. It would be a good option to use old sandpaper or a rotary tool for this step as it should speed things up a lot. Maintain good air circulation during sanding to avoid inhaling harmful toxins.

Add Details

Do you wish to make your cosplay ram horns as simple as possible? If so, then you can skip this step and proceed to the next because this is optional. But if you intend to add elements to the ram horns, this procedure may just give you some ideas.

Often ram horns and dragon horns can have some special details which will make it appear real. Among the elements that can be added to ram horns are beads, some blings, or some fitting headpieces or decorations, depending on the style you’re going for.

Fine-tune The Shape And Heat Seal

So, you have an ear shaped horn in 85% form. You now have to get everything cleaned. Use heat for the first time to get our horn the exact way we wanted it. The curves should be symmetrical to maintain a good shape.

The heat helps to seal the foam material, allowing easier priming and painting during the next stages. Because plastic foams are highly corrosive when heated, it needs to be done properly and ventilated. Wearing a face mask will help prevent the inhalation of odor.

Prime And Paint The Horns

At this stage, the ram horns you made should be ready for priming. Once the horns are ready, you can paint. But like decorating, horn painting can vary greatly. Depending on your preference, you may use small brushes to create intricate drawings, or you may paint the entire horn in one color.

Not exactly achieving the color you have in mind? With this project, you have an opportunity to make a correction or do a re-take. Whatever color you decide for your ram horns, you’ll need priming to seal their surfaces.

How Do I Attach The DIY Horns To The Wig?

How Do I Attach The DIY Horns To The Wig

When the whole thing has dried, you can finally put your horn on! It’s just a matter of fitting them into your costume. But is there a way to place this on the head and prevent the horn from collapsing?

There are several ways to attach the horns to your wig or headdress and one of them is with the use of a head band. Is this the first time you’ll be wearing a headband? Well, there’s always a first time for everything and this should be a fun first.

This is likely the simplest tutorial to keep your horns fixed and it’s recommended for high horns. Here’s what you can do. For this process, you’ll need basic items such as a plain headband, a couple of plastic sheets, foam, glue or Mod Podge, glue gun, a pair of scissors, duct tape (optional), and eight small magnets.

On a sheet of plastic, trace the base of each horn and cut them out. Make two pieces of these plastic sheets for each horn. On your headband, mark the spot where you’ll be attaching the horns.

Take the first pair of cut-out plastic pieces and glue them to the marked spots on the headband, with the ends of each piece sticking out a bit around the edges. Take the four magnets and glue two of them on each plastic sheet. You can use duct tape to secure the plastic sheet to the band using a glue, making sure that the side with the magnets on is on top.

Now for the tricky and messy part, get some foam and stuff or push it into the horns, leaving space for the plastic sheet to be attached. For the two remaining plastic sheets, stick two of the magnets on each sheet. Then, glue each of the plastic sheet securely to the foam inside the two horns, so these will serve as a cover for the contents inside the horns.

Once you’re done, the ends of the horns should have no visible foam or magnet. The underside of the horns should not have magnets or foam pieces that stick out, but rather these things should be level with the edges. And that’s a wrap! The process is done and you’re ready to use it for your Halloween costume or cosplay festival.

Put your headband on and throw your cosplay wig over it. Take your ram horns and position them on your headband so that the magnets on the horns are firmly attached to the magnets on the headband. So now, you’re ready to debut your cosplay horns without having to hope that the things won’t come falling off your head and causing a bit of trouble.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Before we wrap things up, here’s a short tutorial to make your DIY ram horns more durable. When it comes to gluing the horns and its accessories, allow them to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing them, for good measure. This will make sure that the whole thing is intact and won’t cause you to be afraid that it will result to inconvenience for you and your head when you’re already at the event.

The world of cosplay is full of fun and horned characters, a sign that the sky is the limit when it comes to what kind of cosplay horn you want to put on your head. From mythical creatures with ram horns to goat horns, you’d have no problem cosplaying them so long as you get your cosplay horns right and stable. Finally, with your newly made DIY ram horns, are you all set to cosplay confidently as your favorite horned character?

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