How To Make Rathalos Armor for Cosplay

How To Make Rathalos Armor for Cosplay

Did you know that when Monster Hunter was introduced in 2004, its popularity quickly jumped? When Resident Evil was wreaking havoc in the spheres of the video game, the arrival of the dragons lead them to step down to second place.

This action-RPG franchise lets players accomplish tasks like hunting monsters and protecting the life of the village folks. Accomplishing more tasks means unlocking and forging more powerful weapons and armor sets. One of the most coveted armor sets that you can get is that of Rathalos.

How did Rathalos make an appearance in Super Mario Smash Bros? Because of the popularity of the armor of Rathalos, Mii Swordfighters were created clad in one of these iconic gears. Fans can even get fully articulated Nendoroid figures in female Hunter settings wearing Rathalos armor. How cute is that?

What Is Monster Hunter?

What Is Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is a fantasy-themed action role-playing game where players are given the task to hunt monsters across various landscapes. The success of their mission of saving the life of villagers means additional weapons or armor sets collected from this slain or trapped monsters. Among these sets, the Rathalos armor set is considered the best gear in the Monster Hunter World.

Rathalos Armor Cosplay

Rathalos Armor Cosplay

The cosplaying community also took notice of the power that the Rathalos armor represents. Although there is no available costume of this iconic monster for sale, you can try gathering things like EVA foam, as part of your materials. Google the game and save pictures of the enigmatic monster of the Monster Hunter world, for reference.

Some sites feature data and resources of the games’ characters. There are also YouTube tutorials that can serve as a guide in the making of this stuff. Check those costumes from head to foot and measure your materials well before cutting.

Rathalos cosplay armor set can be a challenge to make. But given the fact that this powerful male wyvern happens to be the forerunner of the Monster Hunter game, cosplayers and gamers alike took up the challenge of creating the distinctive costume.

How To Create The Monster Hunter Cosplay Armor

How To Create The Monster Hunter Cosplay Armor

Did you know that Rathalos has very distinctive blue eyes? Getting to know your monster first is the key to making really good armor. Rathalos, as a wyvern, is crimson. Its tail has large spikes that flatten out into paddle shape. Its wings are massive with spikes lining the edges and flame patterns of the membranes.

For its face, Rathalos armor cosplay has a semi-beak shape. Sharp teeth and a pair of appendages that looks like mandibles will complete the cosplay costume.

Getting Started

To create your Rathalos monster hunter cosplay set, start by listing down the parts of the armor that you need to make. Your list may have the following items: helmet, breastplate, shoulder pieces, leg pieces including footwear. Accessories like armaments or shields can be added to complete the effect.

Assemble all tools necessary and materials needed You will be surprised to know that a cheap craft foam like EVA that you can find in dollar stores and worbla can do the job. This way, you can enhance your crafting skills without too much expense.

Additional tools like heat guns can be purchased online. Google can assist you in finding things like the site of companies that will provide the best options when purchasing cosplay tools. Ads about these can pop up when looking for this stuff. These ads services are a way for companies to point out their products to potential customers.

Needed Essentials For Armor Cosplay

Needed Essentials For Armor Cosplay

Templates Or Patterns

Use your browser to check if there are available templates online. Most services have templates that you can obtain for a fee. Sketching can be your alternative. This can in turn result in an armor customized to your size. Measure your head, arm and leg length, waist, height, and other necessary dimensions that you need to create quality armor.

Design And Decorations

The Rathalos set is dotted by spikes. Make a template of these stakes in different sizes. These spiky textures together with the red scales are the predominant settings of the costume. Use EVA foam and acrylic paint for this part.


Since Eva foam and papercraft dominate the materials of this project, use contact glue for adhesives. This will bind well and help facilitate the movement of your armor parts put together.

There are different types of adhesives that you can use when making your Monster Hunter cosplay gear. Choices can be liquid cement, industrial adhesives, like E600, spirit gum, and even tape. When binding materials, look for a sign that it is well bonded to avoid problems during the con.

Crafting Tools

Heat guns, sharp cutters measuring tools like a ruler and measuring tape, crafting mat, and other cosplay tools can make games turned into projects easier to do. When trying to gather these tools, check online ads to get the best product available.

Why cosplay a dragon character? When making Rathalos gear, the appeal of the costume and weapon-making with their amazing visuals prompted a lot of cosplayers to bring these characters to life. A lot of people from the cosplay community rose to the challenge of making the amazing and one of its kind gear. The games provide endless armors and weaponry that artists all over the globe scramble to explore the vast catalog of costumes.

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