How To Make Team Skull For Cosplay

How To Make Team Skull For Cosplay

Did you know that Team Skull is composed of misfits who failed the island challenge? That they banded together to steal Pokémon from people?

Team Skull is one of the antagonist groups in Pokemon’s Sun and Moon Series. This bunch sports gothic-like theme garb that shows their villainous side. They are the street hooligans headed by Guzma whose appearance stands out as he has a white hair top and wore a jacket with the Skull logo.

Most members favor black fabric clothes with skull hats and necklaces or chains with the team emblem hanging on their neck. Male TS grunts mostly has blue hair and female grunts don pink hair.

Team Skull Cosplay

Team Skull Cosplay

Are you satisfied with just watching or playing Pokémon Sun and Moon? Playing the game may not be enough for serious Pokémon fans. They need to get these renegade characters out into the real world. To do this, they need serious training in portraying their character and a full-fledged attire to go.

Search Your Team Skull Costume And Get Creative

Creativity and dedication are much needed to achieve the looks. There are numerous YouTube homepages and ads tailored to your interests in the Pokémon Sun and Moon Series. You can also Google pictures to help you in designing your team’s skull costume.

How Does Google Find Team Skull Grunt?

Have you ever wondered how you can go to relevant topics related to your searches about the Skull Grunts? Google takes notice of all the audience engagement and sites being visited frequently. The content you’re currently viewing is indexed, the web pages are saved to the database. When you provide a phrase to an activity like Google searches on Team Skull, it will return a list of relevant pages. Google provides services like tracking outages, spam fraud, and abuse, use cookies and data to name a few. That is how they deliver and maintain services tailored to your interests.

Personalized Content And Ads

By continually searching for anything related to this Pokémon team, more personalized content and ads can pop up or be suggested, depending on your settings. These may result in personalized or generic ads which can steer you in the right direction when searching for your TS grunt costume.

Team Grunts Cosplay Costume

Team Grunts Cosplay Costume

Black Tank Top

Both male and female grunts are clad in black fabric shirts with a large X across the chest. To create the perfect slash across your tank top, insert cardboard inside the shirt to stretch it. Make sure you spread the shirt well before printing to avoid the paint from cracking. Using masking tape, place two strips diagonally across the shirt where your torso will be. Adding two more strips will form the X shape.

Check the intersection of these tapes, making sure it is clear. Do the same on the back of the shirt.

Paint It White

Using white fabric paint, follow the trails of the tape and paint it white on both sides to create the distinct X mark of the grunts costume. Make sure one side is dry before flipping it over to paint the opposite side.

No Tank Top? No Problem! Use A Crew Neck T-Shirt

Paint the collar of your crew neck shirt, layer it with paint several times to create the white edge effect on the neckline. Remove sleeves to turn it into a tank top.

Elastic Alternative

If you have no time to paint your costume, you can use a white elastic band sewed to the sides of your black tank top. Angle it diagonally across your torso so it can form the X shape.

Team Skull Necklace

Google searches and videos on how to make the grunts necklace may give you several options on how to make one. The necklace can also be drawn or printed to create the pattern of the teams’ logo.

Use craft or EVA foam to shape it into form. A necklace chain can be used to complete the accessory. Ensure that it is securely attached to the back of the logo by hot gluing it.


Team Skull grunts use black socks with white lining at the edge. To do this, wear the sock yourself or place something round at the socks’ opening to stretch it. Stick a tape around the sock, an inch below the opening. Use white fabric paint to create the border. Do not remove the round object until the paint is thoroughly dry.



Team Skull cosplay material is fairly easy to gather since it is mostly done in a black and white theme. The wristband is no exception. To create one, measure both your wrist and forearms. Add an inch and a half to the measurement which will be allocated for your velcro. Place a tape about an inch and from the edge of the fabric where your wrist and forearms will be.

Use white paint to line both edges. Dry off before attaching the velcro to the unpainted side of the fabric. You can use glue or sew it to secure your armband from falling. Now you’re done with your adjustable wristband.


Another way to create your armband is to use black and white elastic bands that are sewed together to form the white-edged armband. Doing it this way can give you the stretch that you need when you wear or remove it from your wrist.


Both male and female grunts sport a bandana to cover their faces. To make one, have your black fabric and masking tape ready. Use the masking tape to edge your bandana and do the signature ‘teeth’, making sure it will fall at the sides of your nose under your eyes. Paint over the masking tape and let dry.


Find a white beanie and paint it with a crescent and circle. Use black marker or paint. Let it dry and you got yourself a cool TS hat.


Female Grunts

Female grunts can use ripped white shorts to accentuate their costume. A black leg band with a zigzag white pattern will accentuate the costume.

Male Grunts

Male grunts go for long black shorts that reach the knee. A zigzag black pattern can be found on the sides over the white lining.


All skull grunts are into white, high-cut shoes with black socks.

Portraying a Bunch of Misfits

Portraying a Bunch of Misfits

So, are you ready to gear up and join Team Skull? Take the con in full force with your street gang punk attire. Being part of this pack of oddballs means making a lot of trouble and having fun. Do the goofy pose and talk oddly. You may not have some world-changing goals like other Pokémon villainous teams do, yet you belong to a group that manages to endear fans all over the world.

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