How To Make Titanfall For Cosplay

How To Make Titanfall For Cosplay

Do you love the Titanfall game so much that you’re thinking about debuting your Titanfall cosplay at the next convention or festival perhaps? Cosplaying Titanfall is apparently becoming a thing for many people today as indicated by the widening interest in this fast-paced warfare shooter game in future settings.

Whatever Titanfall character you want to cosplay, this article will provide you with pretty good information and some things that are useful in eventually preparing your Titanfall cosplay.

How Do I Make A Titanfall Cosplay Pilot Helmet?

How Do I Make A Titanfall Cosplay Pilot Helmet

Titanfall pilot helmets are collectibles from Titanfall 2. A helmet provides pilots a direct feed of the battlefield, serves as a link to their Titan when on the ground, and it stores data. Titanfall helmets come in different options. At Etsy, you’ll find a variety of pilot helmets such as the Pulse Blade, Grapple, IMC, Sci-fi, and Vanguard.

Titanfall Templates

In order to make your Titanfall helmet cosplay, you’ll naturally need to do research on Google or on your preferred browser. Then you can search for Titanfall costume play 3D templates. Browse through the relevant results and click the links that provide templates to find more options.

In general, you can download the 3D files which you can then 3D-print or use to create or customize using materials like EVA foam. The 3D files will usually consist of several individual pieces that you can form using the basic framework for a realistic-looking costume. Remember to watch out for malware when downloading any file.

So, How Do I Go About Making A Titanfall Helmet?

When you choose a helmet-making tutorial on Google, you may first need to watch and sift through numerous, and probably long, video content. You can opt for one that has tested the costume clearly so that it actually works. As to skill set needed to make the Titanfall II helmet, some tutorials will tell you that making a Titanfall cosplay requires a 7 out of 10.

For the Pulse Blade pilot helmet, for example, you’ll need things like EVA foam and tools such as a heat gun, cutter, and hot glue. You’ll need to print out the template, cut them out, and lay the pieces out on the EVA foam. Trace the cutouts on the foam and then use a sharp cutter to cut them according to the shapes required.

For pieces that need to be bent, use a heat gun so you can get the right curve, making sure to measure it right. When you’re done, put hot glue on the cut segments and apply heat with the use of the heat gun. Some tutorials will recommend that your foam cutouts have bevel sides so that you can easily attach the things together.

As to size, 3D files for Titanfall 2 templates will provide information on this. A helmet designed to be larger, whether it’s Grapple or Vanguard, may be a better choice since it offers plenty of space for anybody with a smaller or bigger head. If your head is smaller, you will need to change it, measure some padding, and secure it inside the helmet so you get the perfect fit.

Can I Make My Own Titanfall Wearable Pilot Armor?

Can I Make My Own Titanfall Wearable Pilot Armor

Yes, you can because as with the pilot helmets, there are templates provided that will make things easier for you. You can go to Etsy to search for legitimate sellers of Titanfall 3D templates and digital files for wearable Titanfall pilot armor. The files may be opened and printed using the Pepakura Viewer Program.

Etsy sellers provide an update on data for the dimensions and other related information about ready-to-print models. Before printing, you’ll want to check the scale of model provided on their page. Other than that, you can go ahead and print the templates and start the costume creating activity.

In making your very own costume using 3D templates, you, of course, need to have a 3D printer. When you order one of those armor templates via Etsy, your purchase will include files on armor pieces, the vest, and the straps. If you wish to get more details, you can visit sites like Pinterest, where cosplayers reveal information such as how they constructed the Titanfall vest from scratch.

Ready-to-wear Titanfall Costumes

Aside from being able to choose templates at Etsy at different price ranges, you can also find sellers on the site who offer an entire Titanfall pilot suit that they themselves have created because of the reason that they’re such fans of the game, which is not bad if you think about it. The costumes are made using a variety of materials. These may include things like EVA foam, Pepakura helmet, cardboard for knee and elbow pads, and LEDS for the helmet and the body.

Helmets are even made with ventilation inside as well as a couple of coolers. So basically, the only thing you need bought are several batteries and maybe add some Titanfall weapons, if you feel up to it. The suits are particularly designed so that you can walk and run while wearing it.

Any Other Titanfall Props I Need To Have?

Any Other Titanfall Props I Need To Have

You can totally enhance your Titanfall appearance by getting some general props and pieces that will complete your look. Titanfall characters have a lot of these things. You should be able to have those that will look good on the costume you bought or made.

Titanfall Patches

To give your suit a more realistic look, why not sew in a nice Titanfall patch, a sign of loyalty? When you perform a Google search for Titanfall insignia, Etsy will usually turn up in relevant results. From here, you can proceed to the shops and look for the logo that will suit your erm, suit.

Titanfall Pistols

Of course, how can your Titanfall costume be complete without a Titanfall gun with things like its complex controls? You can go with the TF 2 Smart Pistol MK6 or you can go all-out with the Combat Advanced Round Submachine Gun (C.A.R. SMG). These are often sold at Etsy as digital items for 3D printers.

Titanfall Blades

Moreover, you may also be interested in buying other props such as a replica of the Titanfall II Pulse Blade. There are Etsy shops that offer handmade Titanfall props made by fans. But you can also choose to create your own with the use of tutorial video content found on YouTube or on Facebook.

Titanfall Moon Boots

With that, you can complete your getup with a pair of moon boots. In the video game, this footwear is described as a gravity reduction glitch for Titanfall 2. For this particular accessory, you can choose to use a black pair of combat boots in the event that you haven’t found an exact replica of the shoes.

Titanfall Faction Calling Cards

And just for fun, why not get yourself customized and handmade Titanfall Faction calling cards while you’re at it? At Etsy, you can find sellers offering to customize the cards made of steel. You can even request for particular services to have badges and your name printed on the steel cards.

Where Can I Find Other People Making Titanfall Cosplay?

Where Can I Find Other People Making Titanfall Cosplay

You can often find like-minded guys in forums, social media and similar technologies. When you do a Google browser lookup, among the relevant results are links to forums or similar threads wherein somebody posts a question about how to create Titanfall cosplay. Members will usually reply and provide recommendations on how to improve things to get good results.

Finding Cosplayers At Forums

You’ll usually find nice individuals in a thread who do not just visit but also participate in discussions. Some of them make recommendations because they understand what you’re looking for. In general, a thread will often have members who provide insights you can use or add to your project.

This is particularly helpful if you’ve already gone through a lot of Google relevant results and still haven’t found the right 3D files or data on certain Titanfall templates for your planned cosplay. Additionally, there are some who update everyone on their performance related to the costume they’re making. Then, there would be others who will recommend sources for costume materials, or more options or resources on how to get related services, should anybody need them.

Finding Them On Facebook

Facebook Groups are another good source to meet and add guys who share your Titanfall cosplaying interest. Just sign in to Facebook and use the tools to search for such groups request to join them. You can alternatively opt to click the Facebook app if it makes things a lot simpler for you.

Many Titanfall cosplayers, whether on Facebook or on other social media networks, provide details through live video content on how they personally made their costumes from scratch and what they did to improve the performance of their costume. They typically share files as well as the things they learned with others who are looking to them for guidance and information. As long as spam is kept out, this is a great community for you to be in as everyone is gonna be appreciated and are warmly welcomed.

The Search For Templates And Tutorials

The Search For Templates And Tutorials

Obviously, searching for information on tutorials about using 3D templates for Titanfall costume play is important as a first step towards making your own costume. The Google browser is normally where you first perform a search for tutorials. Or, you can use YouTube instead if you want to go straight to the video tutorials. Naturally, you’ll be subjected to ads that may be related to your search.

So, as you go through the video links and watch some of them, you may chance upon advertising that’s relevant to your search. You may follow where these ads lead since they may provide clues that will help you in your search. You may even use or visit similar technologies, specifically other video sites or networks, as these may yield results that will lead you to relevant sources.



Making your own costume for Titan cosplaying is a fun activity to add to your daily grind, don’t you think? Whether you want to go as a Grapple pilot or as the main character Jack Cooper himself, you’re definitely gonna have fun doing it. And when you meet up live with the nice guys whom you formed new friendships with over at Facebook, it would absolutely be a blast for all of you.

You can have a reason or two for taking an interest to cosplaying this particular game, but it doesn’t matter. Remember that the enjoyment you get from this activity will be totally worth your while. So, go ahead and start creating your own Titanfall costume that you can proudly flex at the next festival.

Related Questions:

Related Questions

1. How much does Titanfall cost?

Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition costs $29.99 while the Standard Edition costs $19.99. The Titanfall 2: Angel City’s Most Wanted Bundle is being sold at $24.99. A Standard Edition trial is offered at no cost.

2. What is STIM Titanfall?

Stim is a Pilot Tactical Ability that made its appearance in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. It significantly boosts speed by doubling it and also serves as a pilot’s health regenerator. This ability can be chosen in the Pilot Loadout at Level 8.

3. Is Viper still alive TF2?

Viper is a member of the Apex Predators and a supporting antagonist in Titanfall 2. During a fight with Jack Cooper and BT, Viper was shot out of his cockpit by Cooper. Viper was then left for dead on the crashing Draconis.

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