How To Make World Of Warcraft Cosplay Armor

How To Make World Of Warcraft Cosplay Armor

What series has been considered as the bastion of the geek world? The World of Warcraft. With its fantasy settings and myriad races of characters clad in fantastic outfits, it has collected record-breaking MMORPG subscribers worldwide. This game has had an audience of more than 100 million and counting since it came out in 2004. Similar technologies have since cropped up but the attempt to dethrone WoW from its perch seems highly unlikely to happen.

The World of Warcraft characters offer one of the most whimsical outfits available to cosplayers. These costumes range from blood elves, night elves, dwarves, orcs, humanoid like the powerful sorcerer, Jaina Proudmoore, to the queen of dragons, Alexstrasza. With the wide swath of these human and non-human entities, the choice to cosplay WOW characters is endless.

How To Get Hold Of WoW Cosplaying Costume

How To Get Hold Of WoW Cosplaying Costume

Buy Your Gear Online

To get your hands on a WoW ensemble, decide on your character first. Some cosplayers practice gender-bending to make their choice of character more exciting. There are online stores that sell these items in complete sets.

Accessories can be purchased separately. Search for a high-quality WoW outfit that you can wear comfortably during conventions. Intricate patterns may be required in the games’ characters’ outfits so buying will save you time.

Online sellers and shops are located worldwide. They may employ personalized advertising that will pave the way to relevant content of the products you are seeking. These ads can be a convenient way to shop for your garments.

Commission Your Suit

Look for links on your browser that can point you in a site where you can find a maker of outfits. If possible, search in areas near you where you can sign up to commission your outfit.

Outfit commissioning is an available online business that offers creative services on making one-of-a-kind costumes. All you need to do is send the characters’ pictures taken at multiple angles. This can give the site a rundown of your chosen outfit. The quote of your commission request will be sent to you a few days after, which will also include the production time in making your attire.

Make Your WoW Armor

Make Your WoW Armor

Handmaking your armor has a lot of advantages. One of which is you will be able to practice and enhance your practical skills. Both seasoned cosplayers and newbies take it upon themselves to create their garb. This will help you in the sewing and dress construction department that can level up your confidence.

Download WoW Costume Play Patterns

Challenge your creativity by downloading and printing patterns of the WoW ensemble online. These patterns may come in a full armor set that you can alter to accommodate your size. Available tutorials may come with the print that serves as your armor creation guide. You can also watch tutorial videos that can improve your skills further. The generous souls who share their talents for the benefit of others are much appreciated by cosplayers all over the planet.

One great advantage of constructing an outfit is you are in control of the materials and budget. You build one according to your size. An iconic helmet like the one used in the Tier 2 Wrath would be the right measure for your head, that can go well with the trimmed visor that covers the eyes.

Shoes can make or break the whole look of your ensemble. They can sometimes be neglected when making your attire. To make sure you won’t neglect your footwear, better start making your ensemble from bottom to top.

How Is Cosplay Armor Made?

How Is Cosplay Armor Made

The WoW characters in the game wear different armor types depending on their categories. The same is applicable to shields, which can be purchased in shops. In cosplaying however, armor can made in a way that will give out the detailed attribute of the costume using these materials:

Craft Foam

Foams usually found in craft sections are versatile enough to be modeled into battle-ready armor, mask, and other accessories for your WoW outfit.

Eva Foam

Eva foam is a lightweight and cheap material that can be fashioned to any shape you want. This is one material cosplayer can’t do without when making their outfit.

One WoW character, Bolvar Fordragon, who was cosplayed during the digital-only BlizzCon 2021, was made mostly using this medium, together with foam clay, upholstery foam, latex, and LEDs. Hartigan, the creator of the spectacular piece, won the Best in Show of the massive cosplay competition held virtually.


You can combine worbla and craft foam to create the armor fit to be worn by warriors, paladins, and death knights. To create a sturdy armor, place the armor pattern on your craft foam and cut. Make two pieces of this armor shape foam and glue them together using white adhesives. Doing this can strengthen the material and can easily be formed into shape later. Apply the worbla after you have glued together the foam pieces and shaped the armor.

Remember that worbla is very flexible when heated but extremely sturdy upon cooling off.

Heat Gun

One of the tools used to heat both foam and worbla to soften them is the heat gun. The user controls the foam and shapes it accordingly. Having a solid heat gun around can help you work your way in accomplishing your armor-making task in a fraction of time compared to using a blow dryer.

The World Of Warcraft Cosplay

The World Of Warcraft Cosplay

The World Of Warcraft Cosplay

So how do you create a WoW armor for cosplay? Start your quest in making a WoW armor by choosing your character. Obtain your gear by buying it online, commissioning, or handcrafting the outfit yourself. Most cosplayers make their costumes using foam. This crafting material is ideal for freehand or when using a pattern.

To guarantee that you will be able to create a complete gear of your WoW armor, start preparing from your shoes or footgear, going all the way up to your headgear. This way nothing will be amiss when you flaunt your outfit during the convention.

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