How To Make Zero Suit Samus For Cosplay

How To Make Zero Suit Samus For Cosplay

Who would you like to be if you want to make a grand entrance at a cosplay convention? A character from a video game can have an amazing impact on the cosplay fandom since games are hugely popular. One of these characters is Samus Aran from the Metroid series.

Who Is Samus Aran?

Who Is Samus Aran

Choosing to become Samus Aran wearing a streamlined zero suit costume and accessories can certainly turn heads from the audience and participants alike. After all, she is recognized as one of the smartest and most independent main characters of the Nintendo game.

The Tallest Character Of Nintendo

Did you know that among the numerous characters produced by Nintendo, Samus is the tallest? With her power suit on, she stands over 6 feet. She is also considered to be quite a genius. She has shown her emotional and mental intellect through the game and videos by properly analyzing situations. This helps her logically win over her enemies on most brawls.

What Is A Power Suit?

Did you know that when Samus debuted in the 1986 Metroid game, she was thought to be a man? She was clad in a Power Suit that protects her entire being from head to foot. This armor has an arm canon, morph ball, and other weaponry. The discovery of her being a girl is possible if the player can beat the game in under three hours.

Being a chick inside a tank and a veteran of many impossible missions, she epitomizes both the badass and heroic character of the game. This reputation is well established even before she was discovered to be a female action girl.

Who Is Zero Suit Samus?

Who Is Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus refers to the Samus Aran without her Power Suit. She is still a strong fighter even without it since she is fully trained to fight.

What Is A Zero Suit?

The Power Suit or the powered armor suit is the armor that is biologically bonded to Samus. This conceals her entire body, making her look masculine. She can dematerialize the suit in a flash of light. Without the Power Suit, Samus Aran is clad in her Zero Suit. This will allow her to perform unrestricted athletic abilities with slight defensive capabilities.

How To Cosplay Zero Suit Samus

How To Cosplay Zero Suit Samus

What does Samus Aran wear under her armor? When her Power suit is deactivated, Samus wears a blue skin-tight full-body suit. This outfit has less firepower than the mighty Power Suit but it allows her to display her athletic ability and agility.

Her Source of Protection

Without her Power Suit, Samus is not powerless. She still has in her possession a powerful weapon called the Paralyzer. Her jet boots can also pick up the slack which makes her far from helpless. She appeared in a lot of Metroid series wearing only the Zero Suit.

Zero Suit Samus Costume Guide

Zero Suit Samus Costume Guide

Here is a Zero Suit Samus costume guide that can help you complete your list of needed materials to create her costume. You can also check other costume guides if you need to purchase accessories or the costume itself.

What You Need:

Zero Suit Cosplay Bodysuit

Is Samus’ zero suits just ordinary clothing? Without her Power Suit, she looked quite defenseless when she appeared in Zero Mission. Clad in this blue form-fitting coverall, she was sustaining damage that can mean game over for some players. But if you play the game well, you will be rewarded with a very agile and faster Samus minus her power suit.

How Fast Can Samus Aran Move In A Zero Suit?

Her dexterity will surprise you as she can even get into tight spaces! The body suit allows her plenty of movement and stretching. Although it appears to be made of an unknown material, it seems to be comprised of some sort of firm polymer.

To cosplay Zero Suit Samus, take note of the standout features of the Zero Suit. The blue body suit appears bright and metallic. This full-length bodysuit has long sleeves that cover her entire physique from the neck down to her toes. To recreate the look, you can use a leotard of the same color.

With this DIY cosplay costume, don’t forget to place the symbols of the Chozo technology. That is where Samus gets her powers. You can also purchase a pre-made Zero Suit Samus from a costume shop or retail online site. They cater to different body sizes.

Online sites do provide suit Samus costume guides that will assist you in choosing the right size. The sellers may also assist you to purchase the right size that will fit the zero suit to your body like a glove. This online purchase may be made from wet-look spandex that is comfortable enough to wear, unlike latex.

What’s So Special About The Zero Suit Cosplay Costume?

What's So Special About The Zero Suit Cosplay Costume

The amazing thing about the zero suit is that it hugs you like a second skin. It will also give you the hourglass figure that makes Samus one of the most popular and sexiest characters in a video game.

Blonde Wig

Just like your costume, your hair matters too, right? The hair is an important element to pay attention to when you cosplay. Samus wears her long platinum blond hair high up using a red ponytail. You can dye and style your hair accordingly or wear a blonde hair wig.

Dye Or Wig: Which Is Better?

There are available Zero Suit Samus wigs that you can purchase. This cool wig will give you the suit Samus cosplay looks. It will save you the trouble of dyeing your hair. Don’t forget to leave a few strands of loose locks on the sides of your head. Side-sweep your bangs with a strand hanging loose on the nose to get the Samus look.

Hair Trivia

True or false: Has Samus been sporting blonde hair since her introduction to the Metroid series? If you are nerd enough to notice, she’s been having a lot of chair changes. In Metroid Prime, she sports different hair colors: blonde when she uses the missile launcher clad in her power suit, green head when she has her Varia Suit. In Super Metroid, she has violet locks. Finally, Nintendo made up their minds and consistently colored her hair blond.

What Does Samus Hair Color Mean?

Do you want another fun fact? Blonde hair is considered a form of rebelliousness in Japan due to its association with Western culture. But Samus’s blonde hair is a symbol of her abandonment of the Galactic Federation which is the agency that hired her as one of their bounty hunters.


When there’s a gun, there’s a holster, right? This piece of accessories should be hanging on your zero suits Samus costume left thigh. This holds her weapon called the Paralyzer that she can rely upon when she is not in her power suit. It temporarily stuns her enemies giving her time to get out of tight spots in the game.

Weapons/Toy Pistol Prop

Use a toy pistol that resembles her powerful paralyzer as part of your Zero Suit Samus costume. You can also buy a Zero Suit Samus Paralyser Gun Prop online. Search for the prop that is 3D printed which can give you the appearance of a detailed and quality gun for a better experience. This can take your zero-suit Samus cosplay to the next level. They are also lightweight and can be carried around your thigh holster or hand for the rest of the day.

Zero Suit Samus Main Weapon

Zero Suit Samus Main Weapon

Being a bounty hunter who hunts aliens and pilots her ship, Samus has a lot of weaponry at hand. When she is out of her Power Suit and clad in the zero suits, her main weapon is the Paralyzer. Aside from being a weapon, the paralyzer can be transformed into a Plasma Whip capable of supporting Samus when she tethers onto ledges. The Paralyzer is another term that may refer to the standard special moves of Samus Aran in the game.

Black Pumps

Samus’ shoes, the jet boots, are yellow platform heels with a large open-sided style. This type of shoe is very unique but you can make this DIY cosplay shoe by modifying a pair of black pumps with yellow acrylic paint.

DIY Samus Cool Jet Boots

What you need:

  • A can of blue glass spray paint
  • Power drill
  • Any clear platform heels or pleaser
  • Platform heels
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paper clip
  • Fairy lights

How To Create Cool Jet Boots For Your Zero Suit Samus Costume

How To Create Cool Jet Boots For Your Zero Suit Samus Costume


Using clear platform shoes, drill a hole in the middle part of each shoe. Check if the footwear is sturdy enough to drill two to three holes.


Spray paint your shoes until you get the right hue. Lightly spray only to show off the lights better when you turn them on. Dry the platforms well.

Fairy Lights

Using the drilled holes, insert the fairy lights. Use a paper clip to spread them evenly on your platforms. Glue the battery casings to the side of the shoe. Spray paint it to blend in. Doing it right will reward you with cool, glowing shoes.

Since this outfit is not for the faint-hearted, practice wearing both your costume and shoes before your big day at the convention.

Shoe Trivia

The jet boots appeared in Super Smash Bros for their WiiU and Nintendo 3DS. This footgear was not used in the Metroid games and is considered the invention of the Super Smash Bros together with her Plasma Whip. The boots look mean and probably hurt like hell upon impact on her enemies.

Costume Guide: Best Zero Suit Samus Costume Ideas

Costume Guide Best Zero Suit Samus Costume Ideas

Cosplayers participating in conventions may become celebrities overnight. This can happen because of the amazing way they carry their costume. Their creativity and renditions of the Suit Samus Cosplay earned them a fandom in the cosplay community.

Cosplayers Who Got Amazing Raves

Who doesn’t want to be in Samus Aran’s jet boots for a day? This female protagonist has broken the barrier for female characters in video games by having a formidable and iconic personality. A lot of cosplayers want to be like her for a day. Some of these cosplayers who got the fandoms attention were:

Anya iChios

She nailed every nerd’s dream of bringing zero-suit Samus to life. Her costume ideas are so detailed and well thought out. She was able to make an almost replica of the Samus suit. Anya iChios certainly took her sweet time in planning and gathering her materials to create a zero suit Samus cosplay outfit worthy of the admiration of Samus fans.

Holly Wolf

She took the chance of making a slightly different version of the Samus suit and got rewarded by having a stand-out outfit in return. She uses a slightly different hue for her costume and accentuates it with a large gun that seems to communicate that she means business and won’t take crap from anyone.


How do you pay homage to one of the most iconic heroines of video games? Amourath, in her great admiration of Samus, was able to recreate the costume without compromising any minuscule detail of the outfit. Her pinpoint accuracy is admirable. She was able to project the zero suits Samus in a way that make sSamus appear to be in her signature edge yet still approachable and gentle.

Being Samus Aran

Being Samus Aran

Can you act like Samus Aran?  Being one of the toughest characters known in video games, portraying her can be both challenging and rewarding. Once people lay eyes on your costume, they can easily identify your character. Move and pose like Samus and be a force to reckon with at the con.

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