How To Tell Your Parents You Want To Cosplay

How To Tell Your Parents You Want To Cosplay

So you’ve discovered the wonderful world of cosplay. You can see all your favorite anime characters brought to life by excellent cosplayers during a convention. This made you feel that you are also a good candidate, that you can also be a cosplayer! However, you’re hesitant to do so because you are worried about how to tell your parents about getting into cosplay.

Don’t fret! Read on and we’ll guide you through it and get you to start cosplaying with your parent’s approval.

What Is Cosplay?

What Is Cosplay

Before anything else, you have to explain to your mom and dad what cosplay is. Cosplay is actually a fan dressed in a costume portraying their choice of character. People dress in cosplay to express themselves and to showcase their craft and creativity through their costumes. For most cosplayers, cosplaying is more than a pastime.

It has become an art especially when they start sewing multiple outfits inspired by anime characters, comic heroes and villains, characters from movies, a TV show, and even those from video games, and those characters from famous books.

You can explain further what cosplay is by comparing a person wearing a witch Halloween costume to simply dressing up as Captain America because you are a fan. For other cosplayers, many characters’ costumes can be bought at a local costume store.

However, those who are into making their own dress can get the job done without spending much. This is when cosplaying becomes more than just a costume. It becomes an expression of artistry through making costumes for yourself. If you can make your own costume, your parents won’t see anything wrong with you attending your first-ever convention.

When Did Cosplay Start?

When Did Cosplay Start

In this section, let’s talk about the history of cosplay. This will give you a good knowledge of how the cosplay community got together. It will also help you understand the craft better. Thus, you will be able to explain to your folks what cosplaying is and hopefully get their approval.

Cosplaying is believed to have started in 1939. This is when Forrest J. Ackerman and Myrtle R. Douglas went together to the Worldcon. This is what started cosplaying and has since grown in popularity among many enthusiasts. That is also the roots of the modern comic cons you are so eager to join.

Who Can Join A Cosplay?

Who Can Join A Cosplay

Anybody can be a cosplayer but not everyone will be good at it. This is something you have to explain to your parents. It takes years for many cosplayers to mimic their favorite anime characters. During a cosplay convention, both new cosplay and old enthusiasts come together and meet. They will be uniquely dressed and some people may find their fashion weird. However, no matter how weird they may look, you have to remember that they are cosplayers portraying a character. This is a very good point to tell my parents.

So when a girl starts telling her mom about joining a convention wearing very short skirts and some huge armor on top, this shouldn’t be seen as a wrong or hilarious fashion statement. Rather, anyone who joins cosplaying should enlighten people that aside from the costume, makeup, and the mimicking of a specific character, cosplaying is a way of bringing your favorite characters to life and letting them talk through your fun designs.

You can also tell your parents that even a mother can join dressing as herself or any character clothes she prefers. A friend can join in too and play along with their outfit. There is no limit to who can join and be a cosplayer as this is more than just a way to kill time. The only limit here is your imagination on how you want your character to be.

Where Do People Cosplay?

Where Do People Cosplay

Talking about conventions, where do most cosplayers meet? Large gatherings are usually focused on a specific media. This would include comic book conventions like the San Diego Comic-Con. There are also conventions that have multiple media featured including anime, comics, horror, and gaming held during the regular season or on special Halloween gatherings.

Aside from the big convention events, cosplayers sometimes host their own meetups. It can be a picnic, a simple cosplay skate event, or just a regular meet and greet with the people in the community. Some cosplayers also meet during Halloween and showcase their character costumes. This has been a popular moment where loads of pictures can be taken and other fun stuff to be seen while people dress uniquely and cosplay.

What’s Tik Tok Got To Do With Cosplay?

Parents Dislike The Character You Want To Portray

The social media app Tik Tok has gained popularity among the younger generation of cosplayers. With the current pandemic situation that we are confronted with, Tik Tok has become a platform for cosplayers around the world to showcase their costumes and performances. They lip-sync, connect with others with the same interests and do skits. This may sound weird but the app has given a lot of cosplayers hope that this type of pastime has not gone down the drain with major restrictions on events and gatherings.

Aside from those who post their videos online, there are also people who do not join but still enjoy watching cosplay. Aside from Tik Tok, there are also other apps that feature cosplay acts or categories. You don’t even have to worry about getting bashed online because you can actually turn on the privacy button to keep your cosplay videos private. It’s all up to you if you want to share what you do with the world.

Adults can also monitor and control the accounts of their children who want to post cosplay videos. In addition to that, messaging features can also be turned off so your kids can cosplay without having to receive spam or mean messages telling them what they’re doing is weird.

Is Cosplay Just A Hobby?

Is Cosplay Just A Hobby

Are you wondering why people are interested in cosplaying? If you and your friends are wondering what makes cosplay so interesting, let me give you some of the many reasons behind this.

  1. Those who enjoy cosplaying love the series they’ve watched along with the characters who portrayed the role.
  2. Those who start cosplaying love crafts and making the dress they will wear.
  3. They like to meet other people along with friends who are in the same circle.
  4. Cosplay has become so popular that many people want to try it.
  5. Outfit ideas are endless.
  6. Male characters, kids, as well as anime choices, are available to portray.

The Benefits Of Cosplay

The Benefits Of Cosplay

Did you know that the community can actually benefit from cosplay on a long-term basis and not just for a Halloween event?

For The Community

People cosplay to interact with each other both online and offline. It allows connection to be established. Thus, it is a great way to connect people who want to make friends or those who have the same interests.

Skill Development

Cosplay can also help you develop useful skills that you can practice with your friends. You can even learn to do this and earn from it. This includes creating different hairstyles, makeup, embroidery, and even making a dress. This can be done with a friend who also cosplays. Aside from that, you can also learn how to perform on stage, time management, and even budgeting especially when it comes to constructing your costume. This can be fun stuff to do and for sure, any mother will be more than happy to help their kids with this endeavor as there is nothing wrong if they get interested in this type of pastime.

Career Or A Side Job

At this point, you figure out that cosplay can be a choice of career or a side job. At the moment, if you’re looking for a side job, cosplay can introduce you to jobs including makeup artist, hairstyling, and photography. It can even lead to a career choice in the field of cosmetics and props, as well as fashion design. This is a great contribution to your local community as there will be more people who are engaged in these fields that can be sought for their services.

To Boost Self Confidence

Cosplays can also boost self-confidence not only for you but your friend as well. Posing for pictures can be a great way to learn how to do it with confidence. Learning how to put on makeup can also help you feel better about how you look. Of course, it doesn’t only apply to women who wear makeup but to any guy who wants to get a boost with their self-esteem. Those who wear cosplay characters have been reported to combat depression as they start talking with others, feel more hope, or get the ample self-esteem boost they need.

Annoying Attitudes Of Parents Towards Cosplay

Annoying Attitudes Of Parents Towards Cosplay

Cosplay has become a popular culture among teenagers. This practice of dressing up as a character derived from books, movies, or video games has been an exciting endeavor not only for the younger generations but also appeals to people of all ages.

The aim is to portray a favorite character as accurately as possible. This also means replicating the character’s exact appearance down to the makeup details. It also means adding more flair to the costume by donning props, wigs, and accessories. Depending on your creativity, you can make and wear a cosplay look on a budget or splurge on and buy the best materials available.

However, parents, particularly mothers, may find this pastime a bit weird and may have a negative outlook towards it. It may create rifts between teens and parents since their way of looking at it is far too different. Some parents may see the practice as outlandish and would give you advice opposite to what you want to do. Some of these annoying attitudes of parents towards this costume and play culture are as follows:

Cosplaying A Male Character Even When You’re A girl

Your father or mother may find it weird for a girl to cosplay on a boy character. A lot of girls are doing this and looking at the boy character in anime series, photos, or books, this is hardly questionable as there are a lot of “pretty-looking dudes” in these films.

If you happen to like a boy character and you are a girl, then by all means, do what you want to do and portray his character. After all, there are a lot of girls doing guy cosplay and have never been happier. It can be a normal phenomenon at conventions after all there are no boundaries when it comes to cosplay. You can even portray any of your favorite cartoons. It will be the coolest and most exciting thing to do when you are portraying the dude you like at cons. Just do bind your chest well to appear manly.

On the other hand, if you like to portray a male counterpart but do not seem to have the body figure suitable for the role, find other characters that you can effectively portray. Being comfortable with your cosplay is the aim of having a successful time during cosplay cons. 

Mothers Think Cosplay Is Just A Halloween Costume

Parents can be overly concerned when they see their kids invest in a pastime and show more excitement in attending cons than attending school. Balance is the key here. Be a responsible person and talk to your parents to allay their fears.

It would be pretty boring not to have something else to do besides studying. This can be the best time to show them that you can be serious about your studies by prioritizing it, as well as balancing your life by having exciting hobbies to do the enhance your imagination and creativity.

Do not try to pick up a fight and defy your parents. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to have their support on both your studies and hobbies? Attending anime cons when you know your math assignment is in order and your English essays are ready for printing can be more satisfying and can make your parents see that you are a responsible child. 

Parents Dislike The Character You Want To Portray

Parents Dislike The Character You Want To Portray

It’s a common case – parents not favoring a character their kids would like to portray or imitate. Communication is the key here to put their minds at ease. Talk to them and explain your side. This con will only happen for a few hours and your portrayal of the character will be over before long.

This would also be the best time to communicate with your parents and lay your cards as to why you want to want to do the character. This will foster an open channel on both sides and listening to your folks’ side can also be a good idea. Show the maturity to listen and not to quarrel with your parents. After all, getting a positive thumbs up is better than tiptoeing around them. 

Parents Are Worried About Sexual Harassment That May Come With What You’re Wearing

Parents would always want to protect their kids. Depending on your choice of character to portray, donning pink hair and enhancing intimate areas through costume can spell disaster in their minds. Having access to reports regarding sexual harassment in conventions won’t help either. 

Yes, it’s a fact that there are a lot of sexual harassment incidents happening in comic cons as some figures portrayed can be provocative, with all the short skirts school uniforms and spandex bodysuits. Fans may go out of their way to do something that can be deemed inappropriate since they think their favorite characters have come to life. Of course, the Comic Cons organizers have also done their part in reminding the attendees that there are people behind these costumes and they do not welcome any inappropriate gestures towards them.

In New York Comic Con, attendees were reminded to stay grounded when a big sign greeted them that says “Cosplay is Not Consent” and everyone should be treated with respect. Having these guidelines, being able to communicate to your father or mother and knowing their reservations regarding your chosen interest can pave the way to a better and more positive outcome. After all, they just want to ensure your safety given you need to attend these conventions on your own.  

Parents Think Cosplaying Is Just a Costume

Your mother or father can have adverse reactions to something they do not understand, and this is only normal. This happens especially when there is money involved. In this case, you will need cash to buy costumes, making your parents think the whole idea of cosplay is expensive and time-consuming. You cannot feel comfortable and follow your inclinations and creativity when you picture your mom breathing above your head every time you do or tweak your costume. You need to work hard to open a communication channel to let them know why you like this particular hobby and what it does to you as a person.  

You need to gradually introduce cosplay to them and let them know all about it. Talk about the cosplay culture and all the creativity that goes into making the costume and other props in a manner that they can relate to. The mere gesture of you being the kid who wants his parents to get involved with his hobbies may be a good way to dampen their negativity towards it. 

Also, try to show responsibility by doing DIY on your costumes as not to ask your parents to finance your hobby. If you are old enough to get a part-time job, then by all means find one to earn your own money that you can use to buy your costume. This is one way of showing how much you love this hobby and are serious enough to pursue it by being a responsible child. Also, know your priorities by balancing your hobby and studies. 

Having parents as fans can mean a lot to a cosplayer. That is why getting their approval is always a big thing. It is also wise to develop open communication and get them involved in your craft. It will also help you to enjoy what you are doing without having to worry that your parents are against it.

FAQ On How To Tell Parents You Want To Cosplay

FAQ On How To Tell Parents You Want To Cosplay

How old should you be to do cosplay?

There isn’t any specific age to be a cosplayer. Anyone who wants to cosplay can join the rest of the cosplayers in the community. However, there are certain groups that need parents’ consent for minors especially when joining events. This is because they cannot just get someone’s kid and let them cosplay in an event without informing their parents. Your mom might freak out watching you on TV during a big comic con and that wouldn’t bring a lot of good vibes to the community. That is why getting the consent of parents or your legal guardian is a must to keep things running smoothly for minor cosplayers.

People of all ages all over the world are welcome to participate and be a part of the cosplay culture even if others see this as something weird. The character they want to project comes to life during conventions. 

These cosplay conventions are mostly held annually and welcome cosplayers from all over the place. They meet to show off their talents and handiwork. A lot of photos can be taken while their work is admired by the fans and other cosplayers as well. There can be a costume competition during this gathering. A lot of fans find the nature of these conventions exciting since they can take photos of their favorite character and at the same time explore different areas of the conventions to see works of art and purchase souvenirs of the event. 

Is Cosplay a waste of money?

Making cosplay costumes can be an expensive hobby but don’t let it deter you from participating and enjoying the exciting and wonderful world of cosplay. You can always work on a budget and use your creativity when it comes to your costume. You can D-I-Y most of your accessories to stay within your budget and get a satisfying result. If people see your hobby as a waste of money, try to see it as a constructive pastime where it makes spending time and money worthwhile, as opposed to bad vices.

Making a cosplay outfit can enhance your inventiveness as well as give you the satisfaction of admiring your handiwork before attending conventions. You do buy books or video games or attend concerts where you splurge for your happiness. Spending money on a cosplay outfit is no different. Other people may not understand cosplay or view it as a weird hobby. More often than note, these ideas arise when they do not understand what cosplay is all about. Given the steady popularity of this culture, it will just be a matter of time before it can be appreciated by the majority of the population.  

How can cosplay be beneficial?

People who appreciate cosplay have different reasons why they like this unique hobby. Aside from being able to become a much-admired character derived from TV shows, books, video games, or other sources, the satisfaction of meeting and being surrounded by people who have the same admiration and mindset can be fulfilling. 

If you like to dress up and play the part of your favorite character even for just one day is a chance you would not want to miss. Not only is cosplaying beneficial to the person but can also pave the way for the establishment of a community of costume makers. This is a great way to know other people, make new friends, and share similar interests. 

Aside from being a part of the cosplay community, useful and creative skills will come into play when making these exceptional costumes. You will be able to learn a lot in terms of sewing and embroidering. You can ask for help through your cosplay channel concerning the layout of your costume. 


Learning to budget not only money but also time will be acquired and facing the challenges posed by making the replica of your characters’ costume will be encountered. Making D-I-Y accessories can be taken to make your costume exactly like your favorite cosplay character. Younger generations participating in this hobby will be able to experience and learn about designing, makeup, and hairstyling that can become a talent for future endeavors. 

Other cosplayers attest to the fact that delving into this hobby has helped enhance their self-esteem and even help them fight depression. Being able to find a hobby like cosplaying that can take your mind off your problems can be a saving grace for these people. It can be an escape from daily life and just become your favorite person or character, who feels and looks great in your outfit. 

How Can Parents Be Involved?

Having supportive parents is a great way to freely pursue your cosplay hobby. Let your parents get involved in your project can be a way for you to introduce your hobby to them. Talk to them about cosplay and what it is all about. Try to listen to what they say, be open-minded to discussions so that you and your parents can meet halfway.

Being able to get your parent to your side can help in avoiding the stress of letting them understand about your hobby and why it is important to you. Converse with them your plans regarding your costume and ask for their opinion. If your mom has the talent of sewing, show her your planned outfit and ask her advice on how to construct your costume and props. If they are game enough, you can even let them join you in the cosplay convention by wearing their costumes. You can also ask them to accompany you during conventions.

In this way, they can see and experience attending these activities and have fun with you. Your mom can help you with your costume and can also do your make-up and hair. She can also act as your photographer so you can fully appreciate your costume even after the convention is over. 

How do you tell parents I want to cosplay?

If you really want to cosplay and enjoy an anime comic con, it is vital to communicate about it with your father or mother. This will make sure that your parents know what you are doing and they are not objecting to it. Other parents may think you look weird or that what you are doing is irrelevant.

However, the most important thing here is to get the approval of your own family. This will give you more hope, confidence, and interest that what you are doing is actually something good for you. You cannot disregard the fact that some people will think you are weird for choosing this pastime as a source of income but as long as you are fine with what you are doing and your family approves it, then there shouldn’t be any problem.

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