How to Upload Fonts to Cricut (Easy Way!)

How to Upload Fonts to Cricut

Saw a great font and want to use it for your next design? Cricut is a great tool for design projects but if you want to create according to your specifications and wishes, then you should be able to use fonts even though they are not in Cricut’s font library by default.

There is a seemingly endless number of fonts out there, which is a great thing. Fonts have their individual personality, style, and vibe. Even though the differences seem so minor between fonts, their effect on the outcome of a design can be huge. So never underestimate the power and the importance of your fonts. 

The good news is that while Cricut comes with a ton of fonts, you still can add more that suits your preferences or designs better. The steps to do it are easy as well. 

find new fonts

The first thing you need is to figure out where to source new fonts. Some advanced designers create them themselves (which you can do as well). For those who were not blessed with creative handwriting, they can easily find them online and download them.

Free fonts can be found in websites like Dafont or Google Fonts, while other websites feature paid fonts sold in bundles for a good price. Professional designers might find it better to pay for fonts to avoid any copyright issues and to also support the people behind the font design.

There are also interesting sites out there like WhatTheFont! which helps you identify a font you just discovered somewhere. All you need is a picture of the font. 

Step 2: Adding The New Fonts To Cricut Design Space

Adding The New Fonts To Cricut Design Space

Once you have identified the font/s you like, the next step is to download it to your computer. To keep track of them, create a special folder for fonts on your desktop. It will either be a TrueType Font file (if it has only one style) or a ZIP file if it has many layers. Open the files, one at a time, and click Install to add it to your computer.

Much like with other software on your computer, adding a new font to your library will automatically make them accessible on these programs. However, the most important thing is to make sure that Cricut Design Space is not open while you are doing the font installation, otherwise, it does not get updated automatically. 

Troubleshooting: Your New Font Is Not Showing Up in Cricut?

This does not mean that you made a mistake in the installation and instead, the program is simply not updating with all the new fonts you added. When this happens, try out the following steps:

  • Refresh the page and check if your new TrueType font is showing up
  • If not, try signing out and signing back in of Design Space
  • If the second step is still not successful, try a computer restart

The last step is more or less enough to really update your Cricut’s font library and should solve the problem. Otherwise, the issue might lie with the font file itself, which is why you should make sure you download a TrueType font file. 

Step 3: Uploading Fonts on Mac OS X or iOS

Uploading Fonts on Mac OS X or iOS

Adding fonts on Mac OS X is not that different compared to Windows 10, except opening and installing the fonts can be easier. All you need to do is to open the file or the zip archive and save it on your computer. 

If you want to work on your design on an iPad or iPhone (you need iOS 11 or higher), then you need to download an app called iFont first. Then look for the font you want to add and tap on it. You will see two options (“Open in Files” or “More”). Choose “More” and then tap on “Copy to iFont”.

You will be redirected to iFont and you will see an option to “Install the font” and tap on the install button. Some menus will show up and you need to choose “Allow”. You will see a window with settings and click on the button to “Install Profile”. You need to input your device’s passcode and press “Install” a few more times and the process is finished when you see “Profile Installed”. Click on “Done” and you should see the font on your device.

Restart the Cricut app and select “Text” at the bottom. Click on the tab “All” and type the name of your new font. Click on it and you will go back to the Canvas screen.

What You Can Do With Your New Fonts

What You Can Do With Your New Fonts

How To Customize Fonts In Design Space

Once you have uploaded new fonts to Cricut, you can do much more with them. With this software, you can do edits not just with the font size, but also with how the letters are spaced out, for example. This step, called kerning, allows you to increase or decrease the space between the letters. Moreover, you can ungroup the text to individual letters so you can move each letter manually to make them look any way you like. 

It is also possible to group letters so that they can be moved together easily. By adjusting the letter and line spacing, you can do much more to customize your text. 

How To Filter Fonts

Filtering fonts makes it easy for you if you have tons of them. You can choose between single-layer cutting, multi-layer cutting, and writing. If you specifically need a font with a writing option, this feature is very helpful. Writing fonts are better because you can change the style of the text in the edit panel. 

Final Words

Excited about creating new designs with your fonts? Cricut Design Space truly opens a lot of opportunities for designers to be more creative. Beyond being able to add new fonts, you can do much more and edit its appearance in any way you want to. Adding new fonts is very easy but knowing how to edit them might take a bit more time. Still, with a bit of practice, you can master this easily.

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