Ultimate Review of The Best Double Pointed Needles in 2023

Best Double Pointed Needles

We’re all different, and the choices we make are a matter of habits, tastes, and what suits each one of us best.

When it comes to knitting or crocheting, I believe there’s no right or wrong way to do it, as it’s the end result that really counts.

For the best results, though, you need the right tools for the task.

For example, if you’re knitting in the round, a circular needle would obviously be a better option than a straight or interchangeable one.

I prefer the double-pointed needles because they’re versatile and allow me to handle a variety of projects.

Sure, the DPNs, as they’re fondly known, are a bit fiddly because they come in sets for four or five, so they require keeping track of eight points at least at once.

But learning to use this needle type is probably the biggest leap newbies can take in the world of knitting.

These tools can also greatly expand the seasoned knitter’s knitting repertoire, allowing them to work on various projects.

While it’s easy to think that circulars can be an alternative to the DPNs, that’s further away from the truth, especially when knitting things in the round that are too small for circular needles.

For example, if you’re knitting a hat on a circular, the stitches towards the top become few that they no longer reach around the needle.

At this point, you need a DPN.

Other projects, such as baby socks, often start too small for circulars, and you’ll need DPN for the task.

Now, if you’re in search of the best double-pointed needles, we’ve compiled a detailed guide reviewing the top 5 options in the market.

We’ve also rounded up a comprehensive review guide detailing everything you need to know when selecting the best double pointed needles.

Quick Comparison Table!

Knitter’s Pride Karbonz Double Pointed Needles


CHIAOGOO Red Ribbon Double Needle


Z-Color Double Pointed Needles


RELIANCE Double Pointed Knitting Needles


Addi Knitting Needles FlexiFlips Double Pointed



The Best Double Pointed Needles For The Money

Best Double Pointed Needles for the money

#1 Knitter’s Pride Karbonz Double Pointed Needles - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Our top pick, the Knitter’s Pride, is a unique and performance-oriented double-pointed needle that ticks on all the boxes for the best needle.

Featuring a carbon construction, it departs from the traditional metal or wood-based materials, offering an ultra-light yet sturdy experience.

Features and Benefits

Design and Feel

There’re numerous reasons why users choose the Karbonz, but for me, it’s the durability.

These carbon-based needles are reliable and stay strong even at the smallest size.

Users love how they retain their straightness through regular work, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the needle even when handling the worsted weight yarns.

I’ve not mentioned they’re heat tolerant too, so they’re less likely to bend on melt when exposed to extreme heat as the lighter plastics needles tend to do.

While still retaining strength, Knitter’s Pride is ultra-light, and you’ll hardly feel their weight, even when knitting for extended periods. I find them perfect or seniors or users with arthritic hand as they don’t lead to numbness.


Knitter’s Pride carbon needle gives knitters something new and different to use.

While less grabby than bamboo or wood, the carbon fibers grab more than stainless steel, which is a bonus for beginners.

Controlling the tension with the needle is quite easy, whether knitting tight or loose; you’ll appreciate how the needle decreases the chance of stitches falling off.

The carbon’s warmth also makes the needle ideal for long hours of knitting and might be a great pick for anyone with arthritis or hand pain.


Karbonz Double Pointed Needles come in 6 inch and 8-inch lengths, both of which are great options for those using larger yarn weights.

I find the 8-inch yarn perfect for those with larger hands or those who experience hand fatigue while knitting, as there’s more to hold on to.


Karbonz Needle tips will take you from lace weight with the pointed tips on the smaller needle to worsted and Aran weight with the rounded tips on the largest sizes.

Beginners will love the pointed tips since they allow the yarn to stay in place on the needle readily.

On the other hand, the experienced knitters love the rounded tips because they don’t move under yarn without splitting it.

However, there’s not much space on the needle for the chunky yarns as they only give you a few stitches. I wouldn’t recommend using the needle with the larger yarns unless an I-cord is your next must-do project.



#2 CHIAOGOO Red Ribbon Double Needle - Best for Durability


For knitters looking for a set with serious performance and one that will last for long, you can’t go wrong with the Chiaogoo Red Ribbon.

With solid stainless steel construction, this needle weathers all that you throw at it.

It doesn’t skimp on performance either, as it comes with everything you need to get your project up and to run.

But is it the right knitting needle for you?

Features and Benefits

Design and Feel

I’ve been working mostly with wooden DPNs and loving them, but sometimes, they lack the sturdiness and grip than I would have wished.

But not with the Chiaogoo Red Ribbon!

They’re perfect, and from the first look, you can tell they’re designed to stand the highest level of performance.

They feature high-grade stainless steel, making them options to look at when you’re in search of durability and comfort.

Despite their strength, they’re ultra-light, making them the perfect option for users who often get fatigued from holding bulky needles for long.


In addition to durability, these needles are versatile, with the stitches moving freely across the needles.

They’re my go-to sock needles when not knitting in the round.

They’re small, light, and have just the right surface tension, so I’m less likely to get slowed up by the yarn not smoothly gliding across the needle-like I would with bamboo.

The steel isn’t slippery either like glass, but it still lets the knitting slide nicely when it needs to.

It feels nice in the hands, and unlike brass needles, it doesn’t leave odors on my hand.

Beginners will also appreciate how grippy it feels while keeping the stitches in place.


Red Ribbon needles come in different ranges of sizes between 0/2mm and 3/3.25mm.

Overall, they add versatility to your knitting projects, but I find them ideal for smaller knitting projects such as hats, socks, and mittens.

The other great thing with the needles is they marked with the size, helping with easy identification of the size for knitting.

While the print on the needle is pretty small, it seems like it won’t rub off as easily as other sets I have.

The sizing doesn’t make knitting any easier, but it helps with proper management and storage.

Perhaps, it would also be worth mentioning that it comes with a free case for better organization. I’ve several DPNs, and this is the only option that I carry around with me. The carrying case is a great size for tucking into a project bag and pretty cute too.


I would describe the Red’s tip as relatively sharp.

They’re perfect for getting complicated lace stitches.

However, they’re not sharp enough to hurt my hands when knitting in them but aren’t dull by any standard.

They’re less likely to split yarn than other needles, and you’ll savor every moment with the needles.



#3 Z-Color Double Pointed Needles - Versatile


The Z-Color is the perfect pick for those who need a quality yet budget-friendly DPN.

Also, if you attempt using the Z-Color, you’ll find the versatility levels it offers quite exciting.

Features and Benefits

Design and Feel

For knitters like me fond of wooden and plastic needles, the Z-Color will amaze you with its quality.

The quality is top-notch, and the needles will guarantee to last you through multiple projects.

Z-Color needles are ultra-durable and don’t easily bend as the plastic does or break like the wooden needles.

I’ve used the needles on several worsted projects, and it doesn’t show any signs of crookedness.


Z-Color’s needles work well for most of the projects.

The use of stainless steel material ensures that the stitches slide seamlessly, and the yarns slide up and down easily.

Additionally, their lightweight design makes the needleless fatiguing for hands, even when knitting for extended periods.

I prefer these needles because they’re not painted like most steel needles. They don’t taint my projects, and more importantly, it doesn’t interfere with the stitches’ ability to slide easily.


A major selling point of the Z-Color needle is the knitting versatility.

This option is available in 11 different needle sizes, so there’s almost no project you can’t handle.

Whether you’re knitting socks, sleeves, gloves, blankets, or scarves, you simply need to select the perfect size for you.

The sizes are from 2 mm and go up to 6.5 mm. I find the larger size perfect for the large-scale knitter as it can accommodate several stitches at a time.

The large size is also comfortable to use, especially for the users with bulgy hands, as it offers something substantial to hold onto.


We always recommend beginners choose wooden needle tips, but you’ve to bear with chipping or splintering if you choose the wrong option.

But not with the Z-Color tip!

Though they feel a little rough and blunt, you won’t experience any yarn catching.

When working on a smooth surface, there’s no yarn drag at all, and stitches don’t slide off even with the slightly longer lengths.

Of course, with a blunt tip, tight knitters might struggle a bit with the needles. When knitting a sock, you’re likely to struggle to get the tips through the tight gauge.

But for the worsted yarn weights, the tip allows faster and smoother knitting.

The tips glide through the yarn without being too slippery.



#4 RELIAN Double Pointed Knitting Needles - Best for Users with Large Hands


When you need a knitting needle to accommodate the chunky yarns, worsted weight projects, or simply your big hands, you can’t go wrong with the Relian Needle.

It’s a large bamboo needle, a large 10 mm needle that can accommodate hundreds of stitches on a single go.

The needle is a practical tool and will make your knitting process even more enjoyable.

But is it the right DPN for you?

Features and Benefits

Design and Look

The amazing features and functionalities of the needles are what stands them out in the market.

As expected with any bamboo needle, Relian is lightweight, so it can be a great pick for kids or senior knitters.

It feels nice to hold on to your hands and doesn’t fatigue users even after knitting with it for extended periods.

You’ll love how the folks at Relian have rubbed the bamboo well to give it a smooth finish for avoiding the rough edges.

Relian is strong too, and unlike most wooden needles, it’ll survive abuse and guarantee longevity. Users can even use Relian needles for knitting the worsted weight yarns without bending.


The Relian Bamboo needles are exactly what you need for your knitting,

First, they feel so nice and smooth and don’t snag whatsoever.

Using them is a delight as I found out they’re light and hold the row stitches without slipping out all the time. This way, I can let the needle hold the yarn while I work with the other needle.

The yarn fibers also move over the needles smoothly and easily without falling out.

You’ll also notice that the needle is smooth and doesn’t catch on the natural fibers of wool, and the stitches are picked out nice and clean.

Flowing off the new stitch happens without grabbing, and sliding further onto the pick-up needle is seamless.


Relian needles are synonymous with versatility because they come in 75 pieces, available in 15 different sizes of knitting needles.

With such a collection, you’re most probably going to have something for your needs. Whether socks, gloves, mittens, shawls, or blankets, you’ll have a needle for every of your projects.

This is not to mention the different sizes provide a value purchase, allowing you to have lots of needles at a slashed price.

I prefer using the larger needle of size 10 mm because I’ve large hands, so I often feel comfortable in them since I’ve something substantial to hold onto.

The largest length is also perfect for my worsted weight projects since it can accommodate several chunky yarns’ stitches.

Our only falter with the needles is the labeling wore off pretty quickly, so you’ve t size and label using a permanent marker. It’s not a deal-breaker, though, but since I’m reviewing the item, I feel like it’s an improvement they could make.


Some of the tips are blunt, but not awfully so,

But for what many knitters use them for and for the price, it’s nothing to complain about.

Even so, you can still make them sharper by using sandpaper.

They’re usable, though, and the smoothness is pretty good with just enough to keep stitches from moving around.

The only falter with the needle’s tips was on the smaller-sized needles, which feel a bit weak and fragile. However, I’ve used them as helpers with other hands for holding my stitches around.

Many knitters are happy with the needles and glad to pay such a small price for so many needles.



#5 Addi Knitting Needles FlexiFlips Double Pointed - Flexible Option


If you’re tired of painstakingly managing your circular knitting needle requiring a double-pointed needle, then the Addi FlexiFlips might be an option to switch to.

It’s a flexible option, featuring a flexible blue cord to allow you to maneuver through the intricacies of the sophisticated rounded projects.

Features and Benefits

Design and Feel

Each of the Addi Needle is durable and is going to serve you for numerous projects without fail.

Many users prefer it because of the high-grade aluminum construction that is light as wooden needles yet offers the steel needles’ strength.

The needles are aesthetic, too, with the white-bronze finish offering a bright and wonderful appearance. Of course, the finish doesn’t come with sensitivity issues, and it helps to make the needle stand up to corrosion and tarnishes.


The Addi needles are bendy enough to be easy on my arthritic hands and allow stitches to slide easily between the cord and the tip.

They don’t allow snagging of the yarn or even the sliding of your stitches.

Many users also love the cord area, which they can use to hand a lot of sliding off the needles.

And because of the cord, shifting the needle is easy without the risk of poking yourself.


Addi Needles are long enough to handle most of your projects.

With an 8-inch blue cord, there’re few projects that you can’t handle with the needle, including knitting hats, socks, shawls, to blankets.


The tips are pointy and long enough for users to have leverage.

Having all the stitches on two needles while knitting with the other improves your overall speed.

They’re big enough, and unlike the circulars, which feel a bit cramped, the Addi is easier to use, especially while on autopilot.



Best Double Pointed Needles Buying Guide

Best Double Pointed Needles buying guide

In the guide below, we shall take you through everything you need to know about double pointed needles and how to select one.

But first, let’s define double pointed needles.

What is a Double Pointed Knitting Needle?

DPNs are specialized needles designed for knitting in the round.

As their name suggests, they come with points on both ends of the needle, allowing knitters to knit hats, socks, and gloves without much of a hassle.

Beginners might find the needle a bit fiddly, considering the DPNs take off from the traditional way of knitting.

The main feature of using DPNs is you’ve to knit with four or five needles at a time, meaning you’ve to keep an eye on at least eight points.

Types of Double Pointed Needles

As with most knitting needles, the DPNs are available in different sizes and materials.

Understanding the type based on the above factors will make it easier for you to choose the right needle based on your knitting needs.

For beginners, I would recommend using wooden DPNs or bamboo options. The reason behind the recommendation is both wood and bamboo are characterized by surface drag, making them less likely to slip.

When it comes to size, the ideal length will depend on what you plan to knit.

For example, if you need knitting something with a smaller circumference, such as a pair of socks, you obviously need a needle with a length of between five or six inches.

On the other hand, when knitting a hat, you’ll require a needle of between five and eight inches.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Double Pointed Needle

Despite the fun that comes with knitting using a DPN, picking one can be challenging at the very least.

There’re plenty of factors and technicalities to making your choice, and, unfortunately, many knitters fall into the mistake of picking the wrong choice.

To help, we’ve outlined a few factors to check before purchasing your next double-pointed needle for your needs.


Size is probably the most important factor to check when purchasing the perfect DPN for your needs.

While the DPNs come in a range of sizes, you need to be sure that the size you pick matches your needs.

We recommend that users pick a set containing at least five different sizes, which helps for versatility.


Most double-pointed needles come with a pointer at both ends of the needle to allow knitting from both ends.

Most of them are smooth, with pointed ends to allow easier picking up of stitches.

However, if the stitches keep on sliding constantly during usage, then you might need a set of tip protectors to help.

Material Quality

DPNs, as with other types of needles, are made from different materials.

Each material has its pros and cons, and you need to pick a needle material based on what you feel would be best for your knitting.

Most users, however, prefer wooden needles because they result in double stitches and are lightweight.

On the flip side, the wooden needles aren’t as sturdy as the metal option and may even break or bend when used on worsted weight yarns.

The metal needles, on the other hand, are durable but can be tricky for beginners.

Depending on your level of expertise and what you intend, you can pick either the wooden or metal-based option.


If you don’t want to be running to the market after a few times of usage, then you need to consider the durability of a needle before paying for it.

Of course, the choice of material will generally tell about the durability. The metal-based options tend to be more durable and reliable than the wooden options.

It’s not to mean the wooden needles are flimsy either; no, but you need to check on the customer reviews to ascertain its durability.


Price is an important but often overlooked feature.

Before stepping into the market for knitting needles, have a budget.

However, it’s always good to have realistic expectations on your budget and keep them in check, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Generally, you should strive to find a balance between price and quality. Find an option that guarantees performance at a relatively lower price.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Double Pointed Needles wrap up

All the options on the list of the best double pointed needles are awesome, but we feel the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz Double Pointed Needles takes the cake.

This option is a standout, offering something that we don’t see in many needles; carbon needles.

But it’s not the novelty that is inspiring, but its performance, too.

The carbon needles are ultra-light, comparable to wooden needles, yet strong enough like the steel needles.

Using the Knitter’s Pride Needle doesn’t fatigue your hands and might be a great pick for those with arthritic hands.

It’s sturdy too and doesn’t bend or break like the plastic, or wooden needles do.

Users also love that it comes in different sizes, perfect for working on different projects, and accommodating larger hands.

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