Ultimate Review of The Best Knitting Loom in 2023

Best Knitting Loom

Loom knitting is viewed as less useful than traditional hand knitting. More often, it’s seen as something for kids to do, and some even consider it as “cheating.”

While its true loom knitting is a wonderful craft for kids, there’s no reason it should be seen as an inferior activity.

If anything, loom knitting can make nearly as many types of crafts as traditional knitting can. From knitting small socks, gloves, sweater, beanies to intricate designs like cable, loom knitting is a highly versatile craft.

It’s also a safer option, and if you’re nervous as I’m about hand knitting using sharp needles, you’ll find loom knitting a better method due to reduced needle usage.

Plus, learning the basics of loom knitting offers an easy way to get started into the knitting craft. With a few simple steps, you’ll start to see the knitted material forming.

But as with the knitted designs, there’re plenty of knitting looms in the market, available in different shapes and sizes. So, finding the perfect knitting loom might pose a challenge even to the seasoned knitters.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide reviewing the best knitting loom options in the market. We’ve also included a handy buying guide to help with the selection process.

Quick Comparison Table!

Readaeer Round Knitting Looms


Layoer Long Knitting Loom Set


Authentic Knitting Board Afghan Knitting Loom


ALIMELT Round Knitting Loom Set


Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom



The Best Knitting Looms For The Money

Best Knitting Loom for the money

#1 Readaeer Round Knitting Looms - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Topping our list of the best knitting looms is the Readaeer Round, an exceptional loom machine featuring everything you would need for your knitting.

It’s a complete package, coming with four different sizes of loom kits. The rings on this machine are all-around shape, with diameters ranging from 5 inches to 11 inches, perfect for crafting different products from shawls, socks, and hats for users of different sizes, including kids and adults.

Readaeer Round is a large gauge loom, ideally, best used with the thick yarns or double strands of worsted yarns.  While it will work with regular worsted yarns, your product may turn up thin and limp. It’s perfect, though, when you need your beanie with “ventilation” holes.

The Loom is also exactly as advertised, with the heavy-duty ABS plastic showing little chances of breaking. Unfortunately, the same case cannot be said for the hook. It snaps easily, and while I would still go for the Readaeer loom again, I would opt for a sturdier hook.

Readaeer Round is a delight to use with the lightweight construction making it easier to use even for extended periods, without hand fatigue.

The loom is also comfortable, with the plastic construction making it easier to handle the loom as your knit. Plus, the plastic is easy to grip, and each loom is ergonomically designed to fit into the palms of your hands.

For the great price and all the features on the Readaeer, you also get 4 “clover type” pop-pom makers, in different colors, for easy identification. The quality of the pom-pom makers is decent, though not the best, as they tend to break if you’re not careful enough. However, the greatest draw against the pom-pom makers is they lacked instructions for use but not a problem if you’re willing to check on some YouTube videos on how to use them.

Besides the Pom-pom maker, Readaeer also comes complete with a host of other accessories, including a yarn needle or hook for actual knitting and a soft grip pick.

Full usage instructions are also included in the Readaeer kit for correct loom set up.



#2 Layoer Long Knitting Loom Set - Best for Seasoned Knitters


Our runner up is yet another practical knitting loom built with durability and performance in mind.

The Layoer Long Knitting Loom Set, a product of the infamous Layoer brand, has everything you would need for a delightful knitting experience.

Like the Readaeer, it comes with different looms, and for this option, you’re treated to four different looms set in a various range of sizes.  With the dimensions running from 9 to 22 inches, Layoer Long Loom set is a versatile crafting tool, perfect for creating different types of materials from bags, scarves, baby blankets to other crafts for both adults and kids.

Again, like our top pick, the Layoer Long Loom is a large gauge loom, and I’d recommend the 4-6 weight yarn; anything less than that will make your final product look sparse and thin. Alternatively, you can double weave two worsted (4) weight yarns, though 5/6 weight yarn is the best.

For the price, we were a bit apprehensive about the overall build quality. To our surprise, however, the Layoer Long Loom’s PP plastic is sturdy and durable, too, and will last for several seasons without showing any signs of wear or the need for a replacement.

In addition to the wonderful knitting performance, the Layoer Long Loom comes complete with four anchor pegs to allow the thread’s easier holding in one continuous loop.  The pegs aren’t only well attached, but they’re ultra-smooth, preventing instances of the pegs snagging on the yarns used.

However, upon unpackaging, you might notice pegs are a bit loose, but you can easily sort that by tapping them gently with a nylon head to get them into place.

The knitting loom is also easy to use, and with plastic construction, it’s easy to hold the loom without slippage. Additionally, both the pegs and long looms are available in different colors, perfect color coding for easy identification.

Like a true value purchase, Layoer Long Loom also comes with plenty of accessories, including a knitting needle, two extra pegs, and a handle iron hook.

It also comes complete with an instruction manual to help you understand the machine and kickstart your crafting journey.



#3 Authentic Knitting Board Afghan Knitting Loom - Budget Option


With a regular s-shaped loom, the Afghan knitting loom allows users to make as many stitches without taking much space.

It’s also lightweight, and a smooth finish makes the loom a joy to use.

When it comes to the number of pieces, the Afghan Knitting Loom is a step-down to the two previously reviewed models.  It consists of three looms only, small, medium, and larger, but not a problem because it doesn’t limit its versatility. The loom is perfect for creating an array of crafts ranging from hats, shalws, beanies, and gloves.

Regarding the knitting performance, Afghan Knitting Loom is easy to handle and lightweight. It’s a smaller-gauge option, so you can even use the “normal” and even the bargain yarn and still achieve a tight enough knit to make a decent throw. The stitches are fantastic and tight, yet still easy to loom over.

The loom is also the perfect option for larger projects. It can knit up to 6 feet in a particular place and comes in both single and double knit, perfect for extensive work.

The plastic on this loom is super sturdy than other looms I’ve come across that are similar to it. It feels so much durable, and even when used rough and stored poorly; it doesn’t break. We love how the prongs and pegs are molded together to create a single solid piece that doesn’t break easily.

Despite the sturdy construction, it’s suitable for both the seasoned and beginner knitter. And for those with weaker hands and wrists, no need to worry because the loom is ergonomically-shaped and will feel right at home in your palms.

The only complaint we had with the loom is the lack of instructions or rather vague instructions. It’s not a big problem, though, especially when you can access YouTube for some knitting lessons.



#4 ALIMELT Round Knitting Loom Set - Premium Loom


If you don’t mind splashing some cash into a knitting loom, then the Alimelt might be your best bet. But with the steep price tag, expect lots of goodies, including 5 round looms and one long loom.

The round rooms are differently sized, ranging from 9 to 23 cm, perfect for any knitting task. So, whether you need to knit a scarf, a beanie, or even a glove, the Alimelt is certainly up to the tasks.

Plus, the individual pegs are uniquely colored, which is a good thing as it not only makes the loom fun to use, but the color-coding helps with easier identification.

Regarding the knitting performance, it’s good that beginners won’t have to struggle anymore with double yarns. Like the Afghan Knitting Loom, Alimelt works well for the regular or thin yarns.

Plus, with a new design incorporating nearly twice as many of the looming pegs as those of the traditional looms, the Alimelt gives you an option to undertake even more knitting projects.

The ductile construction on the Alimelt is super sturdy, and even after extended use in rough and unfriendly conditions, the loom doesn’t break. The ductile construction is also durable and doesn’t age with time.

The greatest draw on the build quality is the environmentally-friendly construction as the buckling the pegs into the board rather than gluing them.

In addition to all the exciting features and performance, the Alimelt comes complete with a host of accessories, including four looming hooks, four plastic hooks, a plastic yarn wrapping tool, stitch markers, crochet hooks, and an extra bag of pink legs.

Combined, individual purchase of all the accessories can set you back, and this is why I wouldn’t mind paying the high price of this knitting loom.



#5 Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom - Best for Kids


You can’t go wrong with the creativity for Kids Knit Loom.

Quick Knit loom is all about simplicity. It comes with a single loom, and while this may seem to limit, simplifies the overall knitting performance and won’t limit what your kids can craft with the loom. From the shawls, small socks, pom hats to scarves, this knitting loom will allow you kids to make anything they want.

It’s tailored for the kids as it’s designed to fit people from the ages of 7 to 9 years and incorporates everything needed for a good project.

It can also be a great option for the beginners to comprehend as it’s by far simpler, a far cry from the traditional knitting needle. This is not to mention it’s safer to use.

The loom is also a joy to use, as the manufacturer has made it easier for kids to comprehend. With the looms, your kid will no longer have bouts of frustration, trying to figure out how to make their craft.

Kids with no experience can immediately start making their favorite design once they lay their hands on the loom.

The loom isn’t expensive, and for the pocket-friendly price, you get a 9-inch round loom, a hook & needle, yarn, and manual

We particularly loved how detailed yet simple the instructions were, making it easier to master the knitting craft.

Sure, Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom might not have the bells and whistles of some of the options on our list, but or what it’s worth, it’s a perfect choice for your kids. It also makes a great purchase for beginners who need to furnish their craft.



Best Knitting Looms Buying Guide

Best Knitting Loom buying guide

Knitting looms are available in different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs.

With plenty of options to choose from, picking the right knitting loom might feel intimidating.

Fortunately, we’re here to help.

In the text below, we shall share everything you need to know about selecting the right knitting loom for your needs.

But before I share the tips with you, let’s look at the different types of knitting looms.

Types of Knitting Looms

Generally, knitting looms are classified into two categories, depending on the gauge and type of project.

The knitting loom’s gauge refers to how tight or loose (small or large) the stitches and resulting fabric will be.

Most of the looms come with a set gauge.

Type of Project

Knitting looms have a range of projects for which they work best.

  • Round looms, for instance, help in crafting round pieces of fabrics like hats. A round loom is often available in sets of three or four to allow you to make different craft sizes.
  • On the other hand, the mechanical looms, also known as knitting machines, speed up the entire knitting process. The mechanical looms will even allow you to make flat pieces on these types of looms, though you may find the process fiddly.
  • Another popular type of loom is the long loom, which is shaped like a ruler. Contrary to their name, the long looms aren’t necessarily long. They help you create scarves, while others will even allow you to produce double knitting.
  • Sock looms are yet another popular type of knitting loom, specifically designed for footwear. However, it’s also possible to make accessories for the hands-on them. The socks loom feature an adjustable center bar, allowing you to get the perfect fit and small pegs for accommodating your thin sock yarn. However, due to their size limitation, the sock looms aren’t ideal for beginners.
  • Finally, we’ve the Afghan looms. They allow you to create blankets and throws, approximately 60 inches wide. They’re characterized by an S-shape that can accommodate the large width comfortably. Their design also makes the loom portable to work on your afghan on the couch or car.

Each of the individual looms we’ve discussed above is available in different gauges. So, the more proficient you become at loom knitting, then you’ll probably grow a collection of different sizes and types.

Also, depending on the type of yarn, size of the hook, and knitting technique, you notice that some of the looms are easier to work with than others.

Once you’re truly proficient in the art of using a knitting loom, you can move a step higher and consider using the computerized knitting machines. While they’re a bit complex than the traditional knitting looms, they offer the chance to create nearly anything you can think of, including fabrics with color patterns.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Knitting Loom


The shape of the knitting loom determines what craft you can make.

For instance, the round looms are suitable for crafting socks, hats, scarves, or any other item with a circular base.

On the other hand, the long knitting looms are suitable for tailoring baby shawls and baby blankets.

Build Quality

Knitting looms are made from different materials, but plastic is the most commonly used material due to its lightness and durability. It’s also easier to handle.

That said, there’re numerous aspects in making knitting loom better on the construction element. This includes smooth edges for safety, removable pegs for easy maintenance and replacement, and well-molded pegs for sturdiness when knitting.

Number of Pieces

Knitting looms are available in a set, but each set contains a different number of looms.

Generally, the higher the number of knitting looms, the better, but this comes at a higher cost.

In my opinion, if you don’t mind spending, I would advise you to choose the loom with the highest number of pieces to allow you to work on different projects.


Size matters, especially to the project being made.

For instance, if you’re making socks, you’ll need a smaller diameter loom compared to the one making a baby’s hat.

On the other hand, making an afghan blanket will require a considerably longer, compared to a loom for knitting scarfs.


Color does more than improving the performance factor of any knitting loom, but it also helps with the working conditions, making the knitting process more fun.

Colors can also be used for color-coding your pieces for easier identification.


Accessories, such as knitting needles, looming hooks, and crochet hooks help add the overall value to your knitting loom.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

wrap up

If you’re still undecided on the knitting loom to choose, I recommend the Readaeer Round Knitting Looms.

It’s an all-around option, highly versatile, and suitable for different craft projects. Whether you need to knit a beanie, a hat, a glove, or even a mat, the Readaeer Knitting Looms is up to the task.

It’s also a sturdy and reliable loom, and save for the hook, which is a bit flimsy, everything else on the loom stands up to tough use and poor storage.

The price on this option is also budget-friendly, and for the purchase, you also get a host of accessories, including pom pom makers, yarn needle or hook for actual knitting, and a soft grip pick.

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