Ultimate Review of The Best Brother Sewing Machines in 2023

Best Brother Sewing Machine

Brands play an important role in decision making. When it comes to choosing between two sewing machines, a majority of us would pick a brand we trust. It brings a sense of familiarity and bonding, as well as an assurance that the company will take care of your sewing machine if there are issues.

Brother is one such brand that inspires loyalty in many seamstresses and tailors. From beginners to professionals, everyone has used a Brother sewing machine at some stage of their career. 

The company was established in Japan in 1908. It was named Yasui Sewing Machine Co. by Kenekichi Yasui. The company is a part of Brother Industries that played a prominent role in developing sewing machines in Japan. 

Kenekichi’s son, Masayoshi Yasui, dedicated years of his life to research and design a sewing machine in Japan. Until then, the country relied on imported models from other countries. Brother’s first sewing machine was used to make straw hats. By 1936, the company started making industrial models, and by 1947, it was exporting sewing machines to other countries. 

Brother continued to grow, expand, and diversify into various markets. However, it is still just as famous for selling some of the most reliable, durable, trustworthy, and affordable sewing machines in different countries. 

That’s an amazing story, isn’t it? Is it any wonder that you want to buy a Brother sewing machine? So what’s stopping you? 

Oh, yes, it’s not easy to choose one sewing machine from numerous models, right? Researching itself is going to take a lot of time. Not anymore. We’ve got it all sorted on your behalf. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best Brother sewing machines in the market. These models cater to users with varying needs. We have listed a sewing machine for every user. Without much delay, let’s get started with the article, shall we? 

Quick Comparison Table!

Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine


Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine


Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing Machine


Brother Embroidery Machine, PE770, 5” x 7” Embroidery Machine


Brother Project Runway PC420PRW Professional Grade Computerized Sewing Machine



The Best Brother Sewing Machines For The Money

Best Brother Sewing Machine for the money

#1 Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine - EDITOR'S CHOICE


We start our list with a model that has been famous for a long time. CS6000i has gained so much popularity that the brand came up with another version of it and named it CS7000i. It is, of course, said to be a better model. But hey, we still love our CS6000i just as dearly. This is a versatile model for beginners. That means it has its limitations when it comes to heavy-duty sewing but does a good job at home. As the model name suggests, this one can be used for sewing and quilting. The stitch quality is so good, you will think it was done by a professional using a high-end model. Take a look at the features in detail. 

Features & Benefits


13 pounds in weight, 60 built-in stitches, a small but useful LCD screen, 850 SPM rate, and a built-arm- the sewing machine grabs your attention from the word go. Being a budget-friendly model makes it even more attractive to many of us. 

It has LED lights and a large work area for quilting. The table might make it a little hard to take this machine to classes, but it is not impossible to do so. The company provides a hard case so that you can carry it from one place to another without much difficulty. 


The model has an automatic needle threader and perfect speed control. The brand provides 8 presser feet with the unit and many other useful accessories. The fabric doesn’t pucker or pull, and the stitches don’t skip. This machine delivers every time you use it. 

Of course, it takes some strain to sew through layers of denim and cannot stitch leather (and other thicker fabrics). But this model has been marketed as a domestic one rather than a commercial sewing machine. It can sew through layers of thinner fabrics to make a quilt, so that’s fine, right? 

Ease of Use

Since this is a beginner’s model, the operations are easy to follow. The start/ stop buttons can be used to control the sewing and needle movement. The drop-in bobbin is jam-proof and hardly takes any time to sit in its place. 

There is a reverse stitch button and a controller to adjust the stitch length and width. You can keep the accessories in the small compartment on the machine. The thread cutter is a manual version but easy to use. 



#2 Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine - Best Quilting Model


This is an award-winning computerized sewing machine by the company. Many users have voted it as one of the best quilting machines available for an affordable price. While Brother says that anybody can use this machine, some beginners mentioned that it is too confusing for them. The instructional DVD manual is detailed and clear. Still, newbies say they need more practice to work on this one. Professionals love all that HC1850 has to offer. 

Features & Benefits


The sewing machine weighs a little over 10 pounds. Despite its size, it a portable model that you can carry anywhere. The unit looks sturdy and can handle large quilts without any trouble. Some users felt that it wasn’t steady while sewing due to its lightweight, but most of them had no trouble. 

The LCD screen lets you choose the stitch designs and change the settings for sewing, monogramming, and quilting. Since it is a computerized model, the machine has a speed controller to adjust the stitching speed from 850 SPM (highest) to a lower speed. 


The stitch quality is excellent and perfect for professionals. The machine comes with 185 built-in stitches that include 130 stitch designs and 55 monogramming stitches. It also has 8 one-step buttonholes and 14 quilting options. The company provides 8 presser feet with the unit. 

Be it the free arm motion, wide extension table, or a seamlessly working feed dog system, the sewing machine has it all. You can take up versatile projects and deliver high-quality results. Loading bobbin is easy, and so is the needle system. 

Ease of Use

The model comes with an automatic needle threader to save time. The company has focused on durability and usability for this model. The LED light is extra bright for you to work on complex sewing and quilting designs without hurting your eyes. 

Unpack the machine, plug in the chord, and switch on the machine to start using it. You can watch the DVD to understand how the sewing machine works. If you still have any issues, call customer care. They are friendly and efficient.



#3 Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing Machine - Best for Beginners


No matter you are a beginner, an intermediate user, or a professional, XR9500PRW is a sewing machine that will suit your various sewing needs. As the name suggests, this is a limited edition model released by Brother to attract users with varying skills. It has enough automated features for professionals and is easy to use for beginners. The oversized work table makes this a useful quilting machine as well. 

Features & Benefits


The machine weighs less than 10 pounds and is considered a lightweight and portable model. While this is an advantage for some users, others found it hard to work on large projects using this machine. It wasn’t heavy enough to sew through thick fabrics like leather, denim, canvas, etc. 

The backlit LCD screen lets you choose the stitch designs of your choice and adjust other settings. As a computerized model, this machine comes with an automatic needle threader, automatic thread cutter, easy bobbin winder, and a controller to adjust the stitch length and width. 


The model has 100 built-in stitches and 8 one-step buttonholes. The built-in stitches include 55 alphanumeric fonts for monogramming. The unit comes with 7 presser feet though the quilting foot is not provided. You will have to buy it separately. 

The stitching speed is 850 SPM. The unit has a foot pedal to adjust the speed. The sewing machine has numerous needle positions and a drop-in bobbin system. The feed dog is smooth and efficient. 

Ease of Use

Since this model is aimed at varied uses, it has simple and easy operations that even a newbie can understand and try. Run through the instruction manual to get a comprehensive idea of how the machine works. 

Remember that the unit is not silent. It does generate some noise. But seeing that the model offers many features for an affordable price, we cannot complain too much about the minor disadvantages. That said, the brand provides a hardcover with the unit so that you can carry it without any trouble. 



#4 Brother Embroidery Machine, PE770, 5” x 7” Embroidery Machine - Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners


Let us now have a look at an embroidery machine that has been designed for beginners. Embroidery is not easy, be it by hand or by machine. But Brother had successfully released an entry-level beginner’s model into the market. While it is not super easy to use this machine, it is easier compared to other models. Also, you should read the instruction manual and be patient if you want to learn how to embroider using a machine. 

Features & Benefits


This is the heaviest sewing machine on our list. It weighs more than 26 pounds and is a sturdy and durable unit. The work area is 5” * 7”, as mentioned in the name of the model. This space is enough for you to sew some elaborate designs without feeling cramped. 

It comes with a USB port for you to connect to the computer or pen drives. You can add, edit, and save embroidery designs to the machine. There are 136 built-in designs and 6 lettering fonts for monogramming. This sewing machine is purely a monogramming and embroidery model. 


The machine comes with an automatic needle threader and an automatic thread cutter/ trimmer. The built-in stitches include florals, quilt patterns, scrollworks, borders, and frames. You can customize the existing designs and create new ones. You can save the changed designs to the machine memory. 

The company gives you access to iBroidery, a website that has licensed designs for use. Some of the famous Nickelodeon and Disney designs are found on this website. Not just that, you can also download and use the exclusive designs from Brother’s library. 

Ease of Use

The machine has 10 one-step buttonholes and 11 different sewing feet. The company provides a range of accessories and a 25-year limited warranty on the unit. 

Remember not to embroider without using a stabilizer. The fabric will pucker, and the design will be messed up. The threads might be knotted and cause the machine to jam if you are not careful. 



#5 Brother Project Runway PC420PRW Professional Grade Computerized Sewing Machine - Best for Professionals


The last Brother sewing machine on the list belongs to the Project Runaway Limited Edition series. You get a 25-year limited warranty on the unit. It is an expensive model that is best suited for professionals. While it is a user-friendly machine, it is not entirely easy for beginners to operate it. The automated features simplify things, but a newbie cannot appreciate this model as a professional would do. 

Features & Benefits


The machine sure looks good even as it scares a newbie with all those buttons. It has a sewing speed of 800 SPM, which can be adjusted using the speed controller. You can change the stitch length and width as per your needs, choose from the 294 built-in stitches, and customize the designs.

There is a backlit LCD screen to choose the designs. The LED light is bright and lights up the entire works area. The 6-point feed dog system is controlled and smooth so that the fabric doesn’t wrinkle or slip when sewing it.


The company provides 11 presser feet with the unit. We can safely say that PC420PRW is a versatile sewing machine that can handle different fabrics. Be it the light ones such as silk or the thick fabrics like denim and leather, this model can sew through most of them.

The unit has an automatic needle threader and an automatic thread cutter. You can also thread the needle by following the instructions on the machine. The best thing is that you can do it with one hand. Yep. 

Ease of Use

The verdict is mixed up when it comes to ease of use. Some newbies say that the model is not complicated though it has all those buttons. Others feel that they should practice a lot more to get used to the operations of the machine. Of course, a sewing machine designed for professional use would have advanced features. 

The company provides a whole lot of accessories along with a hard case. The model also has twin needles, a knee lift lever, and a FAST bobbin winder. The bobbin system is simple. The ‘my custom stitch’ feature allows you to save the customized stitch designs to the machine memory. 



Best Brother Sewing Machine Buying Guide

Best Brother Sewing Machine buying guide

That’s quite a list of Brother sewing machines, isn’t it? Before you go buy a model, here are a few more things you need to consider. Not all factors are essential for every sewing machine. It depends on your sewing requirements and skills. Some of you might want beginner models with fewer features, while others might choose a high-end model. And the warranty is something the company will anyway offer to its customers. 

But before we read about the factors, let us see the advantages of being a proud owner of a Brother sewing machine.

Advantages of Buying a Brother Sewing Machine 

  • The biggest advantage of buying a Brother sewing machine is the ease of use. 
  • The brand maintains the quality of the machines. Even if the units are made of plastic, the parts are of good quality. Users don’t regularly complain about damaged or broken sewing machines.
  • The entry-level models are so simple that even children can use the sewing machines. If you want to teach a kid or a teen to use a sewing machine, buy a Brother model. 
  • The stitch quality is consistent for most models. It’s rare to find skipped stitches. 
  • The feed dog, presser feet, extension table, etc., work seamlessly with the machines. 
  • Brother has sewing, monogramming, embroidery, quilting, and serger machines that come in both electromechanical and computerized models. 
  • There is an array of models to pick from. You can find a sewing machine for every budget. 

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Brother Sewing Machine 

Types of Machines 

Why do you need a sewing machine? Are you a newbie, a home user, or a professional? Do you sew, embroider, or quilt? Is your work limited to overlocking and putting finishing touches on the projects? 

It is suggested to choose a sewing machine based on your needs. While combination models offer an array of features, there is no point in investing in a high-end sewing machine if you are not going to use it every day. Choosing a model that offers exactly what you want would not only save money but will also make it easy for you to master the craft. 

Easy Setup 

A majority of Brother sewing machines are easy to setup. This means that you don’t need to spend hours installing the machine. You don’t need months to learn how to thread the needle or sew something. A computerized model usually comes with more features like an automatic needle threader, automatic needle cutter, easy bobbin winder, and so on. Some of the electromechanical models also have these features. 

Stitches Per Minute (SPM)

SPM is the stitching speed of a sewing machine. Unless you are a professional, you don’t need a model with a higher SPM. The average speed is around 800 SPM, which is more than enough for a beginner. 

Safety Cover- Hard Case Vs. Soft Case

Brother provides hard cases only with high-end models. The other machines come with a soft case or cover that prevents dust from accumulating on the surface and creating problems with the machine. A hard case protects the sewing machine from wear and tear and other injuries it may suffer. A hard case is necessary if you need to carry the sewing machine from one place to another. 

Adjustable Speed, Stitch Length, and Width 

Adjustable stitch length and width means that the sewing machine is versatile can sew different fabrics. The electromechanical models and the computerized models can have this feature. Regulating speed is also important, isn’t it? You don’t always need to go at the highest stitching speed. Control the speed through the foot pedal or through the speed regulator lever. But remember that some models do not have this feature.

LED Lights 

LED lights are essential when there is enough lighting where you work. Imagine sewing a dark-colored fabric with the same colored thread. Unless the light falls on the stitches at a certain angle, you cannot easily see them. LED lights serve this purpose. They light up the needle plate and the work area around it. High-end models have more than one LED light so that you can continue to sew long after the sun goes down. 

Free Arm and Reverse Stitch Lever 

A free arm lets you sew cylindrical items like sleeves, pants, cuffs, etc. It is also a necessary feature for quilting. Since most Brother sewing machines come with a free arm motion (and free arm presser foot), you don’t need to worry about it. 

The reverse stitch lever allows you to sew in reverse without moving the fabrics from their place. Reverse stitches are used to reinforce the original stitches and make sure that there are no gaps. 

Built-in Stitches and Buttonholes 

The number of built-in stitches varies based on the model. While some models have hundreds of stitch designs and a handful of one-step buttonholes, other models like PQ1500SL have just one straight stitch. If you are into creative sewing/ quilting/ embroidery, you will need a model with more built-in stitches. 

Other Features and Accessories 

What else do you need to consider when buying a Brother sewing machine? The number of presser feet, the storage compartment (or the lack of it) on the sewing machine, feed dog system, bobbin system, types of fabrics it can handle, and the instruction manual. Customer service by Brother has always been up to the mark. That is not something you need to worry about. 

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Brother Sewing Machine wrap up

We have seen both inexpensive and costly models. The sewing machines cater to all kinds of users. So which one have you decided to buy? In case you are not sure, let us recommend Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine. 

As we have been through the features and benefits in detail, we can safely say that this model is suitable for beginners, intermediate users, and professionals. Though it has a few limitations, Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine is a reliable and trustworthy model and is worth the price. 

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