Ultimate Review of The Best BMX Bike Brands in 2023

best bmx bike brands

Do brands really matter? Or rather, are they much of a big deal?

I would say yes.

Of course, some users claim not to be brand conscious, but the truth is most people almost always prefer a product from a known brand over the unknown.

It’s especially true for some technical disciplines such as BMX riding because branded products tend to deliver on almost every aspect.

Personally, I prefer branded BMX bikes because of their standards and quality.

Selecting BMX bikes from brands I know is, in most cases, effortless because I’m always certain with their quality and everything.

Usually, the best BMX bike brands have been in the industry for quite some time, but we can’t completely sidestep on the upcoming BMX bike brands, either.

There’re new startups that are already causing positive shockwaves in the BMX industry and are worth every biker’s attention.

Can I Pick Any BMX Bike

Not any BMX is right for you.

When selecting a BMX bike similar to skateboards, the first thing to consider is your riding needs or purpose.

Consider what you need a BMX bike for, and this should inspire your selection process.

For example, the riding needs of BMX racers are different from those of trick and performance users.

Racing BMX bikes are lighter and vastly different from performance BMX bikes.

Next, after riding purpose, the other critical thing affecting the appropriateness of a BMX bike is the brand.

Each brand has a unique DNA and characteristic when designing their BMX bikes.

The choice of material, component designs, aesthetics, finishing, labeling, and quality separates one brand from the other.

Now, remember, cyclists are opinionated and will prefer to pick a brand that expresses their personality and skills best.

And this, therefore, is what makes it challenging to pick one brand over the other because we all have different preferences and requirements.

You choose what you think or feel will accommodate your skate park riding needs and express your rider’s personality.

Of course, we can’t bypass the idea that some brands attract more users than others.

These are the premium and “best” BMX brands.

The best BMX bike brands are mostly associated with quality and have a long history of manufacturing reliable BMX bikes and accessories.

What are the Best BMX Brands?

What are the Best BMX Brands

Brand popularity and the love users have for it usually hinges on two important things:

1)      Ability to produce quality and state-of-the-art products

2)      Resonating with the values of its users

The best BMX brands are renowned for producing quality BMX bikes and accessories. More to that, they usually meet the customer’s expectations.

So, what are these best BMX bike brands exactly?

I’ll share these best BMX bike brands with you in the guide below. They’re also my favorite.

They’re not in any order, though, and are also a mix of established and new-coming BMX bike brands.

Top 18 BMX Bike Brands

1)      Mongoose


I listed the Mongoose brand as our top brand for one simple reason; history.

The brand joined BMX world in 1974.

It started as an all-BMX-wheel production plant.

After two years, the brand scaled up its production and began manufacturing full-fledged BMX Bikes.

Today, they’re among the most reputable & best BMX bike brands.

Their scope goes beyond BMX bikes but also extends to other bike designs. However, they’re best known for their BMX bike design because they’re among the design pioneers and revolutionized it to perfection.

While the brand was first introduced in the US market, its popularity has expanded to other countries. It’s now popular in the UK and across Europe.

It has a diverse range of products and appeals to most BMXers across the globe.

Mongoose BMX bikes fall primarily under two distinct categories: the freestyle and dirt track BMX bikes. So, it basically caters to some of the most popular riding BMX disciplines.

The Mongoose Legion is probably one of its most successful bikes in the market. It has some awesome features, including fully sealed bearings, a hi-tensile steel frame, great rear brakes & rear hub, and so much more.

The Legion has a nice performance and is loved by the best riders.

The other reason why this brand is so popular is that it has a strong presence in BMX competitions and events.

It has invested a lot in brand promotion, which is seen through the sponsoring of several high-profile BMXers, such as Pat Casey and Justin Posey.

2)      Schwinn


Our list of the best BMX brands can’t be complete without Schwinn.

It’s among the oldest BMX bike manufacturers in the US.

Schwinn was founded in 1895 and is truly the definition of the American dream.

The journey for this brand hasn’t been easy, though. In 1992 the bike company was declared bankrupt.

However, it has remained strong as ever and is slowly re-emerging from the ashes as we speak.

It’s a tell-tale story of ups and downs, but what we can’t fail to notice is how the sheer determination and how the bike brand has always bounced back, stronger.

We love this bike brand because it has a vast history and is probably among the first BMX bike brands to enter the US market.

Therefore, it has a huge range of awesome BMX bikes on its offer, and funny enough, the BMX design came later on.

However, this design quickly caught up with the others, especially with the Scrambler and Predator series.

Their bikes are available in different frame sizes, perfect for different users and even those new to BMX riding.

The brand is hugely popular in the US and has a name in other countries globally.

And like our Mongoose, Schwinn is actively involved in supporting the BMX community.

They’ve a Schwinn Scout group that hunts for new talents. They also support BMX race events and competitions.

The bike brand still has a brand ambassador, but it’s doing great and remains relevant in the industry.

3)      We The People

We The People

We The People is a German BMX brand and among best BMX bike manufacturers around.

The brand was founded in 1996 and has been a household name since then.

It stands out for several reasons, but primarily because of the quality designs. In fact, their designs are usually a benchmark for most BMX bike brands as they usually take care of customer needs.

We The People bikes are known to undergo rigorous and thorough testing before getting released into the market, making them appealing even for professional bikers.

Quality aside, the other reason We The People is such a nice option is their styling option. They’ve a variety of bikes available in different styles, color patterns, and designs.

Their series of designs make their bikes a great option for kids and entry-level users.

We The People options don’t end there because they also have top-of-the-line BMX bike series for the professional BMXers.

Their Arcade BMX bike, for example, has been a top seller. It’s more than a regular bike and the best bike for incredible performance.

Some of the other awesome and top models from this brand include Zodiac, Trust & Volta.

4)      Fit Bike Co

Fit Bike Co

Fit Bike is known to appeal to freestyle BMX riders.

They’ve an incredible range of freestyle BMX bikes .

Fit Bike also has other bike designs, including mountain bikes, along with the freestyle BMX bikes.

Their bikes target a range of users, starting from beginners, intermediate to advanced-level BMXers.

Fit Bike Co is among the few BMX bike brands that manufacture incredible BMX bike componentry and complete bikes at an affordable price.

They’re, therefore, the go-to BMX bike brand for most cyclists looking for quality completes on a budget.

When you start riding the Fit Co BMX, you’ll instantly notice their durable and quality bikes. They are solid and perfect for a dirt jumper.

For example, its strong steel frame construction and solid materials make it a great option for dirt jumpers,  mountain biking, and other intensive sports.

Meanwhile, their casual, mountain biking, and street riding options are also quite forgiving and more comfortable. Their casual BMX bikes have a nice mix of beauty and quality.

5)      Haro BMX Bikes

Haro BMX Bikes

Haro is an iconic BMX brand, and it stands out for making BMX designs for all age groups, including BMX bikes for kids.

Initially, Haro got into BMXing by designing simple number plates for racers.

However, with time, they expanded their market, exploring the production niche.

Today, they’re best known for manufacturing BMX completes BMX accessories, BMX gloves, BMX bike frames, and other bike parts.

Their parts aren’t generic or flimsy but rank up high among the most quality and reliable products in the market.

Haro BMX bikes and parts are exceptional because of their intense quality, unmatched longevity, and strength.

Their top-quality manufacturing, especially on the steel frame design, makes Bob Haro bikes a great option for freestyle riders.

Haro bikes are also light and practical, appealing to other cycling professionals.

6)      Framed Bikes

Framed Bikes

Framed Bikes was founded in the Twin City of Minnesota.

It was a good starting ground for the brand because the city already loved cycling and bikes.

So, when they first launched their BMX bikes, they were quickly welcomed.

They gained the ground much faster than the existing brands because there was an uproar for quality bicycles, and they seemed to offer just that.

Framed Bikes were among the first few specialized BMX bike manufacturers and made a name for itself in other designs.

Their only limitation is that they only distribute their products in the US but are expanding their market.

And like many top BMX brands, Framed Bikes also invests in branding and organizes several race events.

They also support and nurture talent across the US and have been in the frontline of championing and expanding the culture of BMX bike riding.

7)      Eastern Bikes

Eastern Bikes

Eastern Bikes is a North-Carolina-based BMX bike brand.

It was founded in 1996.

The founders (Jon Byers and Mike Corley) were both athletes and pioneers of the early BMX models.

Initially, the brand didn’t start as a BMX manufacturing company.

They got their feet wet into BMX by manufacturing frames for BMX.

Eventually, as with most BMX brands, they transitioned to fully-fledged BMX bikes.

Eastern Brand is a trendsetter, and many BMX bike brands look up to it for inspiration.

Their quality for their products is unmatched, and the unrelenting spirit of advancement pushes their development.

Currently, they’ve some of the best BMX models in the market, and it’s not a wonder they’re so popular with professional athletes.

Eastern Bikes has been dealing with BMX bikes exclusively for over two decades now.

They’re ultra-specific and have niched down their efforts to BMX bikes alone. This is one reason why they are so popular among the die-hard BMXers.

Their BMX products are also popular across the globe, and retail across Europe, Southern America, and even Asia.

The brand has also remained supportive of the biking industry and is often seen at the forefront of sponsoring BMX events.

On top of that, they’ve a team of athletes under the Eastern BMX umbrella, including Luke Padelski, Tommy Myall, Zack Kring, and others.

8)  Mafiabikes BMX

Mafiabikes BMX

If you need a freestyle BMX bike, you can go wrong with the Mafiabikes.

This BMX brand has a good reputation for manufacturing BMX bikes that deliver performance-wise. In particular, they’re the best BMX bike for the freestyle and jump riders.

And the good thing is their bikes are super affordable and will appeal to users on a budget and for all, especially the young and entry-level users.

Along with their freestyle BMX bikes, the brand also has a huge catalog of other designs to cater to different riders, including jump riders.

All their designs are unique, but more importantly, they’re solid and will stand up to the rigors of BMX riding.

All the products utilize Hi-tensile steel frames and forks, so they’ll guarantee long life and a solid experience.

9)      Sunday BMX

Sunday BMX

Sunday BMX is reputed for quality construction and reliable products.

As with many BMX brands on our list, Sunday BMX also started producing forks and bars.

Then, they transitioned to the BMX frames.

Eventually, they channeled their efforts toward building BMX completes.

Today, they’re known for manufacturing some of the best-rated and quality bikes that will fulfill the needs of even the most discerning MX riders.

The main highlight for their products is their unique and solid construction that can take a beating and last for years.

Sunday Team also goes beyond the BMX bikes and has an interest in bicycle motocross, leisure bike, downhill, and other bicycle categories. Simply put, if you want an elite bike for any category, you can’t go wrong with Sunday Bikes.

Along with the bikes, the brand also specializes in manufacturing individual bike accessories such as BMX helmets, brakes, BMX gloves, and pedals at reasonable prices.

10)  Subrosa BMX

Subrosa BMX

The strongest suit with Subrosa BMX is that it creates BMX bikes that reflect your personality.

Their bikes are highly customizable, and so they can be tailored to match your riding style and tastes.

So, it’s easy to get a Subrosa BMX bike that looks exactly like you want it to.

Most of the Subrosa BMX bikes are also built with Chromoly frames. It makes these bikes aesthetic and suitable for everyone from beginners, intermediate to pro-level riders.

The frame and the other materials on the Subrosa BMX Bike are also solid, and many users have noted their durable construction.

Subrosa BMX outlives other bikes and will serve you for a long time to come.

11)  Elite Bikes

Elite Bikes

Elite BMX bikes don’t have a rich or fancy history.

In fact, they were founded only recently, in 2016.

However, this newfangled brand has exceeded our expectations and even outclassed some old BMX bike brands.

The simple reason is that the brand was launched for one sole reason: to provide a quality ride experience.

Another reason that has made the Elite Bikes start to shine so brightly is the fact that it only deals in BMX bikes and hasn’t taken any other bikes into its fold.

Niching doesn’t make this brand less superior or anything but has, in fact, created a unique fan base.

But given it’s still new, it’s not surprising that it doesn’t have any brand ambassadors or exclusive partners.

Its market is also limited to the US alone. But because of a strong BMX riding culture, the brand is gaining prominence by the day.

12)  Kink


Kink is a name you should seriously consider when choosing the best BMX bikes.

It’s a top-rated manufacturer and is well-known for offering premium quality and reliable brands.

While Kink is relatively a new-fangled brand, its quality and reputation are up there with some of the more established BMX bike brands.

Kink’s bikes are not only quality, but they’re ultra-light and solid.

With any Kink model, you can effortlessly perform aerial tricks, high jumps, and do so much more without fear of breaking your bike.

The Kink Curb is one of their hottest selling BMX.

Everything on this bike, from the wheel sizes, frame size to back tires, points to a well-made and solid product.

The other nice thing about this brand is that it caters to a diverse market, starting from kids, entry-level users, intermediate to professional BMX riders.

13)  Sunday


Sunday is among the most reputable BMX brands in the market.

It hasn’t been in the market for long but has achieved mass popularity over a short period, especially compared to other brands.

The reason behind the massive success comes from their solid BMX bike construction.

It’s, in fact, known all too well that Sunday has probably the strongest frames in the industry.

The novel bike construction sets this brand from the rest and even makes it more appealing for riders to look for value in their purchases.

Some popular and iconic Sunday Bike’s models include Sunday Bonus, Sunday Broadcaster, and Sunday AM.

14)  Stolen BMX

Stolen BMX

Stolen BMX Bike was launched in 2003, and in less than two decades now, it has left a big mark in the BMX community.

In particular, the brand has spearheaded innovation in BMX designs and quality.

And even better, everything the brand offers comes at a reasonable price.

It’s unlike other brands and an incredible choice for BMX riders, especially those who prefer racing or commuting BMX bikes.

Their bikes are renowned for quality, with all the key parts sporting Chromoly construction for longevity. They’re also available in an eye-pleasing design.

15)  Diamondback


Diamondback is probably among the most popular bike brands in the US.

You can always find a Diamondback bike in your local bike shop, local retailers, skate parks, and sporting goods retailers.

They also have a strong online presence, and you can find them on most online retailer websites, including Amazon.

The brand is well-known for creating a diverse range of products that cater to budget-conscious users and high-end BMXers.

They offer some of the best BMX bikes, catering to all ages and skill levels, including the younger riders.

Diamondback’s popularity is mostly associated with its high-quality BMX frame construction.

A Diamond BMX bike is solid and will take a beating without breaking down.

16)  SE Bikes

SE Bikes

SE bikes have been in BMX manufacturing since 1977.

Up to date, the brand has consistently delivered durable models. On top of that, their models have an incomparably impressive performance.

The best thing with the SE Bikes is they list all the information, including the features and specs regarding their bikes, transparently.

So, you’re always sure of what you’re getting from an SE Bike.

17)  GT Brand

GT Brand

GT is usually associated with MTB bikes, bicycle motocross, race bikes, and road bikes.

However, many people don’t know that they also manufacture some of the best BMX bikes.

In particular, they’re a great brand for those looking for BMX freestyle bikes and race BMX.

Their BMX bikes are built with strength in mind and are exceptionally light. They’re an incredible option for those who perform the high jumps and tricks.

On top of that, their alloy frames provide better stability for these bikes. So, they also make for a great experience for casual use.

18)  Odyssey BMX Brand

Odyssey BMX Brand

Odyssey is best known for creating quality BMX bike accessories.

Their BMX helmets, chain kits, spindle, and axles, for example, are known to deliver on all fronts and in every way.

Along with the accessories, the brand also manufactures some high-quality bikes, which are excellent for all terrains.

19)  Brave Bicycles

Brave Bicycles

The brave brand is the best BMX bike brand for kids.

It’s a family-owned brand founded in 1989.

They specialize in youth line BMX bikes, which come with all the features and requirements for kids.

What I love most about this brand is that they don’t compromise on quality and durability.

Criteria of Evaluating a Good BMX Brand

Criteria of Evaluating a Good BMX Brand

It’s a great time to shop for a BMX bike.

And with plenty of BMX brands in the market, there’re a variety of options at your disposal.

The best part with the modern-day BMX selection is most BMX bikes are now made out of lighter and stronger materials.

So, it’s easier for entry-level riders to progress their skills. Meanwhile, the advanced-level riders will find it effortless and pleasant to perform tricks and freestyle stunts.

However, not all BMX bikes are the same.

Bikes come in different styles, shapes, and designs.

While this means they cater to the different needs of a wide range of users, it also means the selection is a bit challenging for individual users.

Therefore, you need to consider some factors before making a selection.

The most important questions you need to ask yourself before committing yourself to a particular BMX bike are:

  •         What’s your riding purpose?
  •         What’s your level of bike riding?
  •         How often do you ride?
  •         Are you interested in a specific riding style?

From there, you also need to consider the brand and its reputation.

In most cases, the established brands have a reputation for making quality products, so you’re less likely to go wrong with them.

If you’re still undecided on how to choose your BMX bike, here are some tips to help you during your next shopping spree.

1)      Avoid the cheap BMX Bike brands.

The worst thing you can do is cheaping out when selecting a BMX bike brand.

Of course, you should always work on your budget for the BMX bikes range, but going too low with the cheap BMX bike brands.

A cheap BMX bike means you compromise on some of the critical elements of a BMX, including the quality.

Remember, quality bikes with Chromoly or hi-ten steel frames aren’t cheap.

However, you’re assured of better quality with a premium purchase and save from the constant need for repairs and maintenance.

2)      Need for Brakes

Most BMX riders don’t have brakes on their bikes.

Brakeless riding is popular because it makes performing tricks like bar spins pretty easy.

However, I would strongly advise beginners to choose a new bike with brakes. Brakes are also necessary for BMX racing events.

3)      Consider your riding style.

Your riding style is critical and will greatly dictate the type of BMX bike you pick.

Remember, a BMX for street or race is quite different from a mountain bike or freestyle BMX bike.

Of course, you can always do it with any BMX, but if you really need to level up your performance, you need a perfect BMX bike-specific to your riding needs.

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best BMX Brands

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best BMX Brands

In the section below, I’ll shed more light on the critical elements to consider when selecting the best BMX brands.


Quality is a necessity for any reputable brand.

In fact, it’s the bare minimum requirement for the best BMX bikes.

Usually, the quality of a brand is reflected in the design and materials used in making the bike.

Machining and the choice of material will greatly affect the overall quality, especially if you need to use your BMX bike for extended periods.

In particular, pay attention to the bike’s frame because it’s usually considered the soul of the bike and plays an important role in the overall performance and longevity.

I would recommend you choose a new bike with a hi-tensile steel frame.

Simply put, choose a brand with a reputation for manufacturing quality and the best BMX bikes.

Good Price

In most cases, the expensive and best BMX bike brands tend to have better quality than the budget brands.

I would strongly advise you to keep off from the cheap brands because, after all, it’s expensive to build a BMX.

Low-cost Brands will make a lot of compromises to cut on the price, which will eventually work against you in terms of performance, comfort, and much more.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to break a bank for a BMX.

Instead, plenty of brands offer their products at a reasonable price or rather a price point you can work with your budget.

But just be sure to keep off the ultra-cheap options.

Great Consumer Experience

The best BMX bike brands are more than quality products and a great consumer experience.

A strong brand should offer support, show care, and have other human values.

It should provide a good riding experience to the user and ensure their needs are met.

Some of the established brands, for example, even have defective return or maintenance policies, which help to maintain credibility.

Having a cultural personality is also an indispensable trait for any bike brand.

Explore Customer Reviews

Finally, you can check on the available customer reviews to determine their credibility and brand-worthiness.

The reviews will give you a clear picture and idea of what to expect with a brand.

And the good thing is most of the reviews are unbiased and represent a true picture of the brand.

How to Tell a Genuine BMX Bicycle

Popularity for BMX riding is growing day by day.

And as it turns, there’s also a ride in the number of knockoffs in the market.

So, how do you distinguish between a genuine BMX bike and a fake one?

First, genuine BMX bikes have distinctive colors and a nice paint job.

Most BMX brands do a really good job branding their bikes with genuine materials and color choices.

If you find a bike that has a lighter shade that quickly fades or peels, then it might just be a knockoff.

The genuine brands have sleek, glossy, and luxurious color schemes with no blurring or dullness.

Secondly, check on the logo or stamp.

It should be secured and especially embossed. It should not be easily detachable.

Also, consider checking on the bike details and see they match those from the official brand. There shouldn’t be a mismatch or error.

Finally, ask for a warranty. This should cushion you against defective build and protect you from poor workmanship.

Best BMX Bike Brands Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best BMX Bike Brands Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What’s the best Bike brand for beginners?

A: Beginners should consider a brand that offers their products reasonably priced.

More importantly, the need to choose brands providing bikes with beginner-friendly features.

Q: How many brands of BMX do we’ve in the current market?

A: There’re numerous brands available and can’t come up with an exact figure.

However, these brands we’ve listed above are definitely among the best bikes.

Wrap Up

There you’ve it!

I’ve shared some of the best BMX brands in the market with you.

These options are unrivaled in quality, performance, and ease of use.

Acquiring a bike from one of these brands will guarantee a smooth riding experience and last for a long time.

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