41 Most Fascinating & Popular Bike Brands You Cant Love enough!

Popular Bike Brands

Whether you’re a casual rider or a serious cyclist, choosing the right bike brand can make all the difference. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 41 most fascinating and popular bike brands in the world. From classic brands with a rich history to cutting-edge companies pushing the boundaries of technology, this list has it all. Join us as we explore the top bike brands and what makes them so unique and beloved by riders around the globe

Our list is a handy guide for those who ride regularly and plan to add a new bike to their quiver or upgrade their existing one. It’s also perfect for beginners looking to buy their first bike or simply looking for information on why one brand is better than the other.

I’ve not listed the brands in any particular order, so there’s no clear winner!

Read on.

The Best Bike Brands That Excite Us!

1)      Trek Bikes


Trek is among the oldest and most popular bicycle brands in the USA.

The brand was founded by Richard Burke in 1976 and is currently headquartered in Wisconsin, USA.

It’s synonymous with electric mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. Also, the brand is known for using some high-quality components from brands such as Diamond, Klein, and Electra Bicycle Company.

Trek didn’t start as a bicycle manufacturing company but rather as a hand-welding company for steel frames.

With time, the brand diversified to bicycle manufacturing and has been at the forefront of defining the modern bicycle industry.

One of the major highlights of Trek’s manufacturing process is segmenting its production teams to specific bike categories.

The brand understands that every cycling category is different, so they’ve dedicated a team to each practice.

2)      Giant Bikes

Giant Bikes

Ask any mountain bike rider to name three reliable mountain bike brands, and chances are Giant bikes won’t miss that list.

Giant Bikes was founded in 1972 in Taiwan, but it took nine years before it released its first bikes.

It’s known for its innovative and unique designs that adapt and satisfy the needs of different cyclists.

For example, while Kestrel is credited for the first all-carbon bike, Giant was at the forefront of computer-aided designs for the carbon frames on their Cadex 980C.

Another highlight of Giant Bikes was the incorporation of the Maestro suspension.

The brand is also famed for assessing the market trends and adapting them to the cycling needs.

Giant Bikes has scooped plenty of awards for its revolutionary designs and quality mountain bike designs in recent years.

3)      Specialized Bikes


Mike Sinyard was the founding father of Specialized bikes.

He was a hippie in the seventies, which is probably what prompted him to take a tour of Europe by bike.

Once there, he was inspired by the existing bike environment and options and decided he wanted to replicate that in the US.

So, he began his mission by shipping bike parts from Italy that were challenging to find in the US.

And after a while, he finally founded Specialized Bicycle components in 1974.

The brand didn’t start as a bicycle manufacturer but as a bike components supplier. Specialized made its first mark in the industry by releasing bike tires for touring bicycles.

After that, in 1979, the brand launched its first bike models from its warehouse in San Jose. These models were Sequoia and Allez.

Specialized has grown to become among the key players in the bike industry and is famed for its research and development strategies.

4)      Felt


Jim Felt founded Felt, hence the name.

The brand was born in 1994 but started as a component supplier for the domestic market. However, with time, the brand grew in leaps and bounds to become one of the most successful bicycle manufacturers in the global market.

After its founding, the brand later went underwater but was re-launched in 2001. Since then, it has gone through several mutations & changed hands and is currently owned by the Rossignol group.

The brand, however, is still at the top of its game and is known for its huge catalog. The brand has nearly every bike category in its repertoire, from high-performance, mountain, road, and BMX to city bikes.

Along with the huge bike selection, Felt bikes are reliable and high-quality.

For example, most Felt bikes have greater responsiveness and are lightweight and sturdy. Depending on the option and budget, you may even come across bikes with advanced UHC carbon fiber frames.

The Felt Mountain bikes are also unique in that they’ve an Equilink suspension system that levels out the rough ground and absorbs shock.

5)      Critical Cycles

Critical Cycles

Critical Cycles is yet another California-based bicycle company.

It’s relatively a new kid on the block, considering it was founded in 2009.

However, Felt has already made its mark in the bicycle market through its affordable fixie bikes.

The bike primarily started as a fixie bike manufacturer, and it’s probably what it’s best known for.

However, it quickly moved to other forms of bike categories with time.

But whatever category of bike you choose from Critical Cycles, you can be assured of one thing, and that is affordability, quality, and performance.

Critical Cycles achieves all that through a strict and quality manufacturing process while keeping in mind the needs of their clients.

The Critical Cycles bikes also have another unique trait. Minimalistic.

Their bikes are simple yet practical. Critical Cycles aims to produce bikes that are easy to manage and can take on any terrain and remain affordable.

6)      Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, founded in 1993, is among the pioneers of the modern cycling industry.

Santa Cruz is now among the leading candidates for the best bike brands for mountain bikes.

The award-winning brand is best known for manufacturing mountain bikes, but it also has an array of other bike categories.

Santa Cruz is also a huge advocate of the Green Energy movement. The brand relies on sustainable materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum.

Every bike from Santa Cruz is built to perfection and is durable.

Santa Cruz’s bike performance is also nothing short of incredible. For example, their mountain bikes have superior suspension systems that level out the bumpy terrains, while their cruiser bikes are comfortable to ride, even over longer distances.

7)      Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh is an England-based bike manufacturer and one of the oldest brands.

Sir Frank Bowden launched Raleigh in the 19th century, in 1887.

Bowden was inspired to create the brand after he exhausted his medical insurance. He developed a new passion for bike riding, and from thereon, he began bicycle sales.

Along with marking a history of cycling, Raleigh has continually continued to innovate their bicycles to meet changing needs of the cyclists.

The bike has a huge array of bikes, starting from cross bikes, comfort bikes to trek bikes.

Raleigh bikes provide a nice way to get around, navigate challenging trips, cruise through the sandy beach, and participate in group rides.

The brand is now at the pinnacle of the cycling game. Many brands look up to them for inspiration.

8)      Kona Bikes

Kona Bikes

Kona is a Canadian bicycle company founded in 1988.

It’s best known for hardtail mountain bikes that cater to the mountain bike cycling needs of all skill levels.

In particular, the signature bike, the Kona Honzo Mountain bike, played a big role in defining their mountain bike brand designs and even became the benchmark for most modern-day mountain bikes.

Another important highlight of the Kona brand is that they were the first to manufacture a full range of mountain bikes with a sloping tube design.

Over time, the brand has also diversified its portfolio to include other bike categories, and today, they’ve the road bikes, gravel bikes, and racing bikes.

Their bikes are also different, ranging in construction from materials such as aluminum, steel to carbon.

The brand has continually been at the forefront of innovative designs, unique marketing strategies, and, more importantly, adapting and satisfying users’ needs.

9)      Salsa


Salsa bike is a US-based bicycle manufacturer and is best known for its adventure bikes.

It provides the cycling community with the bikes needed for taking the gnarly terrain, rough off roads, and bikepacking in challenging terrains.

The brand was founded in 1981. However, it didn’t start as a bicycle manufacturer but rather as a frame and stem seller and supplier.

Their initial business model wasn’t sustainable, so they changed their approach and began manufacturing off-road bikes.

Their bikes were so popular because of their unmatched reliability. The brand would outsource special parts from Japan and use them for refining their bikes for unpaved roads.

10)  Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale is also a big brand name, founded in the 20th century.

It specifically came to the cycling stage in 1971 but didn’t start as a bicycle company. Instead, it manufactured camping and cycling accessories.

But later on, the brand began expanding its operations, and in 1972, it launched its first bicycle trailer.

That was the beginning of a new chapter in Cannondale history, and from there on, it began mass production of high-quality bikes.

The brand grew in popularity over a short time because its bikes were famed for reliability, ease of use, and performance.

By 1983, the brand was at its height of popularity, which was further underlined by the launch of the ST500.

It was their first aluminum bike that came at a really attractive price.

After the big break, Cannondale extended its manufacturing range and enhanced its product diversity to cater to a range of cyclists.

Today, Cannondale is among the most reputable and established brands globally.

11)  3T Bikes 3T Bikes


3T, 3TT, or Technologia del Tubo Torino was founded in 1961, so they’ve been in the manufacturing industry for more than 50 years.

The brand started as a component-manufacturing company, beginning with steel and later transitioning to aluminum handlebars.

Later on, with the increased demand for ultra-lightweight bikes, they started making carbon fiber bikes.

3T is an Italian bicycle brand headquartered in Italy and has continually been at the forefront of releasing innovation and quality bike designs.

They’ve a large catalog of bikes, ranging from gravel bikes, hybrid bikes, and mountain bikes to high-end bikes.

The brand has invested a lot in sponsoring cycling teams along with bike production. It even has some of the fastest cyclists, such as Moser, under its wing.

12)  Alchemy Bicycles

Alchemy Bicycles

Alchemy is a newly-founded bicycle company and has only been in the game for less than 15 years.

Unlike other bicycle brands, Alchemy isn’t widely known, and the reason is they focus much of its energy on producing quality bikes as opposed to quantity of bikes.

In their slogan, their primary mission is to produce the “best bicycle in the world,” which drives them up to date.

The brand has an array of biking options in its catalog, but the most noticeable asset in its production line is the titanium mountain bikes and full-suspension carbon bikes.

Along with these two categories, the brand also has a list of other bike categories, such as roadies, e-bikes, and gravel bikes.

The brand doesn’t skimp on quality, and a testimony to their awesome creations is they won the “Best Carbon Design” award at the North American Bike show.

Along with the incredible performance, their looks aren’t to be ignored either. Most Alchemy high-quality bikes are ultra-sleek, nice-looking, and sure to turn heads. Plus, they come with unique paint jobs, so t’s easy to tell one without even looking at the logo.

The dizzying price tag is the only concern with Alchemy bikes, at least for most cyclists.

But in my opinion, the price tag is really worth digging deeper into your pockets. You’ll be assured of quality, performance, and looks, all under a single package.

13)  All-City Cycles

All City Cycles

All-City bikes are based in Minneapolis and is well-known for producing steel bikes for specific bike categories, including gravel and single-speed.

It threw its hat in the ring in 2007, so it has been in the bike manufacturing for quite a long


Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) started the All-City Cycles to address the needs of urban riders such as commuters and messengers.

Their bikes are more than durable and known for their aesthetics and quality designs.

All-City Cycles are a particularly inspiring option for the discerning cyclists looking to quality to their purchase.

And while they’re a bit on the higher side of the price tag, they’re worth it and will save you from theregular maintenance or need for upgrading.

14)   Bianchi Bicycles

Bianchi Bicycles

Bianchi is an Italian-based bicycle manufacturer.

The brand has been in the game for over 130 years, making it among the pioneers and the oldest surviving brands.

Most of the brand’s bike components are made in Taiwan but assembled in Treviglio, Italy, for quality control.

There’re key distinct features with Bianchi bikes, but the signature feature is the turquoise paint. It’s aesthetically pleasing and a great option for cyclists who really care about their looks and everything.

Along with the recognizable paint, the brand is also known for manufacturing some high-end bikes.

Bianchi bikes are made with reliability in mind and have everything a discerning cyclist would want.

Their quality, reliability, ease of use, and longevity are impressive.

In fact, the brand is usually the go-to option for some cyclists, thanks to its competitive-level offerings.

Their pro-level has a similar semblance to those used in world races such as Tour de France.

Additionally, they’ve a wide array of biking options and categories, starting from road bikes and mountain bikes to e-bikes.

15)  Diamondback Bikes

Diamondback Bikes

We can’t complete a list of the most popular bike brand without mentioning Diamondback.

It’s probably the most recognizable brand globally and has seen exponential growth over the last few years.

Diamondback came into the bicycle manufacturing scene in 1977 but was known as a BMX bike brand.

The California-based brand later expanded its product line to include other bike categories such as road and mountain bikes.

In addition, they’ve numerous bike options catering to different users, starting from kids and women to men.

One of the successful and major highlights of the Diamondback brand was that they pioneered the founding of the Knuckle Box Suspension, usually found in most of their mountain bikes.

The BMX Bike brand also has a reputation for maintaining quality as its main goal. Their bikes are reliable, solid, and versatile, thanks to their manufacturing expertise.

16)  Marin Bikes


Marin Bike is a California-based brand founded in 1986.

The brand has always focused its efforts on building mountain bikes. But their production isn’t all about the bikes but the riding experience.

Marin Bikes mission is to build bikes that will provide cyclists with the most pleasant cycling experience.

The brand hasn’t had a good run over the years, but they’re now back, having reinvented themselves. Today, they’ve amassed a huge following, especially with their carbon bikes that have grown in popularity with the pro-cyclists.

The brand has also diversified its portfolio to include entry-level and mid-range bikes for different categories, such as full-suspension and road bikes.

So, whether you need a quality bike for commuting, riding the mountains, navigating the steep hills, or staying fit, you’re sure to find one in Marin’s catalog.

And what’s more? You’ll be assured of a first-class model and experience similar to pro-level riding.

17)  Sixthreezero

Sixthreezero was established in 2005 in California, USA. It was formed by a group of friends driven by a passion for cycling.

The brand started its operation in Southern California, and it’s where it began to build its empire before expanding to other locations.

Their first move was to Torrance, still in CA, where they built a big warehouse to run their production process.

During the initial stages, Sixthreezero was focused on producing the cruiser models. The cruisers were a great choice for their location because many cyclists in CA wanted a comfortable bike they could use for cruising the sandy beaches.

Over time, their offering grew, but their start shone when they manufactured an e-cruiser. It wasn’t the first cruiser, but it was a novelty in CA.

Later on, the bike expanded its catalog to include other bike categories for different users, including full-suspension mountain bikes and touring bikes.

Sixthreezero bikes are best known for their reliability, ease of use, and performance.

18)  Cervelo


Cervelo is a Canadian brand founded in 1995 by Gerard Vroomen and Phil White but was officially launched in 1996.

Cervelo’s mission tag is “building the fastest bikes,” and it seems they’ve lived up to the expectations of the masses.

Their bikes aren’t exactly the fastest we’ve come across, but they’re featherlight and race-oriented for use on the road, tri, and track.

Using a Cervelo road bike will guarantee that you’re never left behind in a group ride.

It’s a great option for those who need speed in their ride, whether for training for Ironman, competition, or simply group rides.

The brand is known for developing bikes with race genes and one of the prestigious braces in most triathlons and competitive races.

The brand pushes its limits on different departments, including marketing, research, and production, for the best riding experience.

19)  Fuji Bikes


Fuji is an awesome and outstanding bicycle company, born in 1899 in Japan.

After the first few years of launching, the bike was more of a distributor, but they started to manufacture their own bikes with time.

The brand is built on the principles of competitive pricing and is one of the most affordable brands in the market.

Yet, the brand has been at the forefront of creating reliable bikes that can take on any challenge. It sets itself from the competition with comfort, durability, and practicality.

One of Fuji’s notable highlights is that they were among the first bike brands in the early 80s to build bikes with titanium frames.

However, with the rise in popularity of mountain bikes, they faced some of the hardest moments in the 90s.

However, they restructured their production by moving to Taiwan for cheap labor and everything until they got their footing.

Today, they’re a power to reckon with and will satiate even the most discerning cyclist.

20)  GT Bikes

GT Bikes

GT Bikes’ story was started in 1975 by two friends, Gary Turner and Richard Long.

The brand was built with a vision of providing the most advanced and durable bikes by pushing the boundaries of what was possible with bikes by then.

In the early stages, GT Bikes specialized in the production of BMX bikes,

GT BMX bikes were so popular with the young motorists that the brand was forced to produce BMXs in mass. The bike’s quality was also top-shelf, so much that they even provided bikes for the US Olympics during that period.

But with time, they diversified their product line to cater to other markets. Specifically, they started with their own mountain bikes and road bikes.

Today, the brand is known for its diversified portfolio of bikes that caters to a range of users, starting from road bikers and mountain bikers to pro-level cyclists.

Their bikes are also known for their outstanding reliability, ease of use, and longevity.

21)  Brompton Bikes


Brompton Bikes is synonymous with folding bikes.

The brand was founded by Andrew Ritchie in 1975 and took its name from Brompton Oratory, where Ritchie’s flat overlooked at the time.

However, its production started in 1981, but its popularity grew even more after being awarded at the Cyclex event in 1987 for the best product.

It didn’t end there because, with time, their name and recognition leaped in bounds, and they were even forced to relocate to a bigger production factory in West London.

They opened their first bike factory in 1988 and have been headquartered there.

The brand has also diversified its portfolio and has plenty of stores across the globe.

However, foldaway bikes are still their primary offering, making the brand more appealing to urban commuters.

Their bikes are easy to use, portable, and make multi-mode transport much easier. For example, when hopping to a train or bus, you simply need to compact the bike and stash it under the seat.

Along with manufacturing bikes, the brand has also taken a hands-on approach to the cycling scene, including participating in charity organizations and sponsoring cycling race events.

22)  Canyon Bicycles

Canyon Bicycles

Canyon Bikes is among the popular German Bicycle brands.

They threw their hat in the cycling ring in 1985 but didn’t start as Canyon. Rather, they began as “Radsport Arnold.”

Canyon, like most bikes, manufacturers also started as a component supplier, but with time, they realized the growing demand for bikes.

Fast-forward, they began bike manufacturing, and today, they’re among the go-to brands for top-of-the-range mountain bikes, road bikes, and more.

The brand also has impacted the professional cycling scene through the sponsorship deals with top athletes across all disciplines.

However, they’ve also faced criticism for cutting out the use of local bike shops. Instead, they prefer direct consumer engagement and argue the consumer benefits more from their arrangement.

But whatever the case, Canyon bikes offer some of the best options in the market for all types and levels of cyclists.

23)  Colnago Bikes


Colnago is an Italian brand and probably one of the most desired bicycle manufacturers.

It has a rich history, as it began its operations in 1952.

One of the major highlights in their history is that they pioneered manufacturing the first carbon fiber road bikes.

And for over 50 years, this manufacturer has been cranking frames designed for road races.

From a humble beginning from a workshop in Cambiago, Italy, Colnago is now a global giant and recognized as one of the leading race-rides manufacturers.

However, the manufacturer has also faced criticism over traditional frames. Still, the truth is that Colnago is one of the earliest brands to employ carbon frames on their bikes.

And today, they still carry their mission of building some of the most reliable frames.

Even better, they give their clients plenty of color options for their frames.

24)  Co-op Cycles

Co op Cycles

Co-op Cycles is a product of the famous outdoor manufacturer and retail REI.

The brand aims to make affordable entry-level and mid-range bikes.

What’s more, their range of bikes is diversified enough to cater to all cycling enthusiasts. Their portfolio includes mountain bikes, touring bikes, electric bikes, electric folding bikes, to adventure bikes.

But as we mentioned earlier, its competitive pricing gives them an edge over most of its competitors.

The brand has been around 2017, so a relatively young bike brand. But over such a short period, they’ve scaled the heights of bicycle manufacturing success.

The controlled manufacturing and retailing process make the bike a favorite among cyclists who care for quality and looks.

And because the manufacturing and retailing are done in-house, they’ve managed to cut down on the costs and expenses, translating to competitive prices.

25)  Tommaso


Tommaso was founded in 1985, and initially, it focused on building road bikes.

It’s an Italian-based brand, where most manufacturing takes place, but assembly happens in Denver, Colorado.

Initially, Tommaso would build their bikes using heavy-duty stainless steel, but with the rise in need for ultra-lightweight bikes, they switched to aluminum alloy.

In addition to the swap, the manufacturer also expanded its bike catalog to include other categories of bicycles, such as triathlon bikes, electric bikes, cyclocross bikes, and fixies.

One of the major benefits of buying a bike from Tommaso is you’re assured of quality and performance.

The brand has invested quite a lot in promoting customer satisfaction and quality assurance.

It’s made possible that the entire assembly of Tommaso’s bicycle is done at the factory.

Plus, their bikes are ready-to-use out of the box.

26)  Huffy Bikes

Huffy Bikes

Huffy bikes are best known for their cruiser bikes and kids bikes.

It’s one of the most popular bicycle brands, headquartered in Ohio. It’s recognized as a world leader in the best bicycles for men, kids, and women.

Huffy Bikes has been in operation for more than 125 years. It was founded in 1892 and took its name from its founder, George Huffman.

Over the period, the brand has sold over 225 million bikes across the globe.

The brand also played an important role during the world war by shipping over 4,000 military bikes for the overseas troops.

The Huffy Bikes are built with a nice stance and allow riders to keep their feet on the ground.

While their bikes can’t compete with top-level brands of today, Huffy bikes are a nice brand with high-end components.

27)  Fortified


Fortified is a newly-founded bicycle manufacturer and has only been in the game for less than 10 years.

The Ohio company was formed by two buddies, driven by their cycling passion; they also wanted to ease their daily commutes.

Up to date, Fortified bicycles appeal to the urban and city commuters.

They currently offer an array of different bicycle models, focusing on urban commuters.

Their bikes are lightweight, easy to use, and durable.

I reiterate that Fortified bicycles are primarily designed for the urban commuters, so you’ll hardly find a trial bike, mountain bike, or full suspension bike in their catalog.

28)  Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn Bikes is the brainchild of Ignaz Schwinn, a German born in 1860 in Hardherin, Germany.

Ignaz emigrated to the US in 1891, and it’s where he linked up with his business partner to form Schwinn Bikes.

In 1895, they formed the Schwinn bicycle company, and since then, the brand has become a household name.

They’ve had some major hurdles along the way, but Schwinn has always kept its head high, and today, they offer a range of innovative solutions for different riders at an affordable price point.

They’ve many bike options, starting from mountain bikes and road bikes to e-bikes.

It’s also easy to find the branded Schwinn bikes across most large retail stores, while their signature offerings are in selected retailers.

What made Schwinn a household name is their insistence that the large retail stores shouldn’t rebrand their products.

Instead, they wanted the product to carry their Schwinn tag and ensure the continuity of their brand.

Today, Schwinn isn’t as active as before, but it’s not under the water either.

For example, in addition to ramping up their production, they’re also actively involved in sponsorship deals and doing lots of charity.

In 2019, they partnered with Together We Rise to help foster kids have access to bikes.

29)  Jamis Bikes


Jamis Bikes is a US-based manufacturer known for its mountain bikes and road bikes.

The brand has been in the game for more than 30 years and has lived up to the original expectations. They still produce quality and reliable bikes.

More importantly, the offerings are within the price range of most casual riders, coming at reasonable prices. In fact, due to its competitive pricing system, the brand has scooped numerous awards for the “best value for money bike.”

The brand is also known for creating high-grade bikes that will satiate even the most discerning cyclists.

For example, they’ve options made of steel, aluminum, and carbon frames.

What’s more, they’ve bikes for every riding category and will fulfill the needs of most cyclists, starting from kids, men, women, and beginners to professionals.

30)  Firmstrong


Firmstrong is a US-based bike manufacturing company based in Hermosa Beach.

The brand is best known for its cruiser bikes, so they focus most of its efforts on comfort, ease of use, and quality.

Even with the top-grade bikes and everything, the brand maintains competitive pricing on all its offerings.

Firmstrong bikes also blend style and functionality, so you don’t just get a utility bike but also an experience.

The Firmstrong bikes are also designed for cyclists looking for simple, down-to-earth, and fun bikes.

Their design considers what frame would give riders the best experience while maintaining a simple look.

But more importantly, they seek to create a connection with the riders, and this is probably what sets Firmstrong from other brands.

31)  Yeti Bikes

Yeti Bikes

Yeti is a small bicycle manufacturer that was born in 1988.

However, it’s still considered among the best bike brands and leads the way with its innovative technology.

Yeti Bikes is based in Golden, Colorado, and was built on the simple philosophy that only build bikes they would love to ride.

The brand devotes its energy and effort to creating bikes that embody excellence, quality fabrication, and are easy to use.

It pushes the boundaries of bicycle riding to new heights and devotes most of its resources to building award-winning bikes.

Some of Yeti’s signature bikes are built from carbon fiber, making them low in weight, stiffer, comfortable, and stable.

The other highlight of their mountain bikes is the advanced technology, including top-tier suspension and specs.

Along with its impressive production line, Yeti is also at the forefront of promoting cycling culture through sponsoring cycling events and participating in charity organizations.

32)  Pure Cycles

Pure Cycles

Pure Cycles started as Pure Fix Bicycles and was established in 2010.

It started humbly, in a door room. It’s the brainchild of three colleagues, Zachary Schau, Austin Stuffers, and Micheal Fishman.

The idea behind Pure Cycles came after they noticed most of their student colleagues didn’t own bikes.

And after a quick survey, they realized there weren’t so many bikes that met the needs of students.

During their design process, they were looking for a simple and basic bike that would meet the needs of their colleagues.

Top of their key features would be affordability, ease of use, simplicity, and aesthetics.

Soon after their first bikes, the simple fixies became a hit, and the three friends jumped on the wagon, which propelled their brand to new heights.

Since then, the brand has continually grown, and they’ve a huge catalog of bikes under their wing.

They also produce a range of bikes cutting across the cycling spectrum.

What’s more? They retain the simplicity they started with on all their bikes.

33)  Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose was founded in 1974, and they’ve been at the forefront of creating innovative performance bikes.

The Southern California bicycle manufacturer goes above and beyond what the traditional bike manufacturers do about bicycle production.

For example, they pride themselves on having solid and sturdy bike designs to handle the rough beatings and abuse.

Initially, Mongoose started as a BMX manufacturer, but they expanded their catalog to cater to the different cycling needs with time.

Today, they’ve bikes in nearly every cycling area.

They’re also continually pushing the technological advancements, and no wonder they’ve remained relevant for so long.

34)  Scott Bikes

Scott Bikes

Scott bikes were founded in 1988, and by then, they were sellers of Taiwanese bikes.

But one year later, they decided it was time to make a mark in the cycling industry and started building the first aerodynamic handlebar.

The handlebar was such a huge success, inspiring them to push even harder.

Later on, they started to manufacture bike suspensions, and from there, they moved from being a component manufacturer to actually making bikes.

Their first mountain bike was the Endorphin, a carbon mountain bike, in 1995.

Later in 2003, the brand made another historic mark by building the Genuis. It was a full-suspension mountain bike with adjustable shocks.

From there on, Scott Bikes didn’t look back, and having been inspired by their recent success; they went ahead to produce more bikes.

Today, their bikes are among the top sellers in most categories, and most bike manufacturers look up to them for inspiration and everything.

The brand has also widened its production line to include other categories of bikes, equipment, clothing, and sports apparel. It’s the one-stop destination for every cyclist.

35)  Surly Bikes

Surly Bikes

Surly bikes are synonymous with two bike features-fat tires and steel frames.

The bikes s popular among the fat bike enthusiasts, and their popularity in the fat tire bikes grew after they released the Pugsley.

Pugsley was hugely popular with off-roading enthusiasts because it could easily take on nearly any gnarly conditions.

Surly Bikes then decided to ride on Pugsley’s popularity and expanded its catalog bikes to include different types of mountain bikes, e-fat bikes, and electric bikes.

Born in 1998 in Minnesota, USA, the brand is also popular for its steel frames. The steel frames are then welded together to make the Surly Bike solid and durable.

They’re usually the go-to bikes for those who need the adventure bicycles for the serious off-roading on the challenging and gnarly terrains.

Their fat bikes are also ideal for snow, bikepacking, and long-distance riding.

Along with the sturdy design, Surly also pays special attention to the ultimate comfort and a pleasant riding experience.

Their bikes are comfortable, especially over long distances, and are adjustable enough for a custom riding experience.

36)  Norco Bikes


Norco is an old hand in the bicycle manufacturing game.

It’s a hugely popular Canadian brand with a fan base worldwide.

Norco was born in 1964 in British Columbia and remains among the most popular bike manufacturing brands.

British Columbia has a diverse climate and terrain, and probably what inspired the brand to design bicycles that could thrive in these conditions and leave the cyclists satisfied.

Their bikes are sturdy, reliable, and can take a beating. Norco’s bikes’ incredible performance has made the brand see so much success over the past few years.

In addition, the brand has over 150 different models in its catalog, including electric bikes, hybrid bikes, commuter bikes, racing bikes, BMX, and kid’s bikes.

Simply put, the bike caters to all the needs of every cyclist.

What’s more? They do it in style and functionality.

37)  Transition Bikes

Transition Bikes

Transition Bikes is a Washington-based brand founded in 2001. It’s the brainchild of Kyle Young and Kevin Menard.

Transition Bikes is known for pushing the boundaries of quality to new levels, and they don’t compromise on the design or performance elements.

Their design philosophy is to build bikes that they would equally enjoy shredding. More importantly, a bike can take on the wildest terrains, serious jumps, and challenging surfaces without skimping.

The brand is also known for taking account of the customer experience with all the seriousness it deserves.

They always take care of their clients, and even now that they’ve turned into a big company, they still have a personal connection with their clients.

The brand has also expanded its product line to include various bike models starting from electric bikes, commuter bikes, and hybrid bikes to mountain bikes.

38)  Pivot Bikes

Pivot Bikes

Pivot has been in existence since 2007 and has gained popularity over its incredible mountain bikes for racing.

It’s a force to reckon with in the mountain biking scene and has greatly contributed to the evolvement of mountain bikes.

For example, engineers at Pivot Bikes have been keen on implementing innovative technological ideas to improve quality and performance.

The brand was traditionally known for building trail bikes sporting aluminum frames but is now moving towards lighter bikes, especially those made out of carbon.

As with most of the bicycle manufacturers on our list, Pivot cycles hasn’t limited itself to a single category but has a full-fledge production line for hybrid bikes, electric bikes, mountain bikes, Enduro, etc.

The brand has seen so much success because of its ability to integrate groundbreaking technologies.

Their game-changing technologies, such as the Shimano Di2 shifting and Live Valve suspension, have seen incredible success and significantly improved the Pivot bike’s performance.

39)  Commencal Bikes


Commencal Bikes has been in the bicycle manufacturing industry for over two decades now. The brand was founded in 2000 and is among the best bicycle brands in the world.

Like Schwinn, Commencal eliminates the go-between suppliers and instead prefers to sell their bikes directly to the clients.

Another distinguishing feature of Commencal bikes is they don’t manufacture cyclocross bikes.

However, they do produce longer-travel bikes, including the Trail and Enduro.

Commencal has had a rough going, especially in 1998, when they were nearly auctioned.

However, in recent years, the brand has reinvented itself and even expanded its business to other countries such as Canada and New Zealand.

40)  Giordano


Giordano is a New Jersey-based bike company, but they draw their inspiration from the Italian bike design.

Most of their bikes have a mark of traditional Italian biking culture, but of course, with a touch of modernity.

The brand is committed to providing its clients with the best cycling experience. Along with that, the brand also makes high-quality bikes that can take a beating without skimping.

Giordano bikes are ultra-sturdy, reliable, and performance-oriented.

Their selection also caters to a range of users. The four main bike categories under the Giordano banner are hybrid bikes, road bikes, lifestyle bikes, and Specialty bikes.

In addition to the bikes, the brand has expanded its production line to include other bike accessories such as helmets and gloves. It’s the one-stop shopping destination for all the cyclist’s needs.

Giordano bikes are also built with performance in mind, and you’ll love how well they cater to different cycling groups starting from entry-level riders, intermediates to professional riders.

41)  Orbea Bikes


Orbea is an old hand in bike manufacturing and has been on the scene for more than a century.

This Spanish brand was formed more than 100 years ago, and since then, it has been at the forefront of producing quality bikes.

Their dedication to the industry has seen them amass several awards, and their popularity has grown over the years.

However, their first moment in the spotlight came when they featured in Tour de France in the 1930s, and their start rose from then.

Their collection mainly consists of high-grade road bikes, but they also have a collection of electric bikes, mountain bikes, and street bikes.

Whatever the model, their designs come at competitive pricing, unique designs, and competitive prices.

42)  Devinci Cycles

Devinci Cycles

Devinci Cycles was formed in Quebec, Canada, in 1987.

The name Devinci was inspired by the famous inventor Leonardo Da Vinci.

Devinci was simply an independent operation during the early stages of formation, working on a small premise.

But with time, the brand outgrew the workshop because of a full-fledged bike manufacturer.

Today, Devinci is a global brand and distributes its bikes through retailers worldwide.

They only use the top-tier components for their bikes, sourcing their parts from Shimano, SRAM, Maxxis, and Rockshow.

They also have bikes from different categories, from carbon, full-suspension bikes, road bikes to gravel bikes.

It’s also easy to spot Devinci bikes because of their distinctive design and engineering.

43)  Electra Bikes

Electra Bikes

Electra Bicycles is a California-based bike company founded by two German friends.

Jeanne Erforth and Bonno Baenziger grew up in Germany but later relocated to California, from where they founded the brand.

Considering that they both had a cycling passion, they were uninspired by the cycling scene at the time in the US.

So, they launched a cruiser bike to bring back the fun of riding bikes. They were committed to providing the American users with a casual riding opportunity, especially considering the market was saturated with performance bikes such as mountain bikes.

The other highlight of their bikes was that they combined both the modern and classic allure, making them even more appealing.

Over time, the brand has expanded its operations to other bike categories and continues to the among the best brands in the casual bike category.

44)  WOOM Bikes

WOOM Bikes

Nearly every parent knows a thing about WOOM bikes.

The Austria-based bicycle company is best known for manufacturing kids bikes.

Two dads founded WOOM after realizing there weren’t enough brands specializing in kids bikes.

WOOM’s 70 bikes were sold out during their initial launch as soon as they were brought into the market.

From there on, the bike company went all in, manufacturing extraordinary kids bikes. Their options were lightweight, easy to use, and, more importantly, came with child-appropriate geometry.

Today, the brand is among the best kids bikes manufacturer, and they’ve branches worldwide.

How To Pick the Right Bicycle Brand

How To Pick the Right Bicycle Brand

 I’ve shared some of the popular bicycle brands in the world, now, let’s look at how to choose the right one for your needs.

I’ll share some of the key pointers to keep in mind when selecting the right bike brand.

Hopefully, our guide should help you navigate through the murky bike brand waters and allow you to pick the best bike and brand.

Determine your Bike Type

The first step is determining your ideal category of bike.

Usually, your riding terrain and purpose will influence the category of bike.

For example, if your idea of cycling is navigating through the steep hills, mountain climbs, and gnarly terrains, a mountain bike would be an inspiring choice.

On the other hand, if you plan on commuting on the paved and tarmacked road, a commuter bike or road bike would be an excellent choice.

We’ve listed some popular bike categories below, and this brief guide should help you determine what bike you need.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are exactly what they sound like.

They’re meant for use on the roads, usually on the tarmacked or gravel surfaces.

One of the biggest attributes of road bikes is the skinny tires. The tires are designed to promote less rolling resistance and improve speed.

However, the skinniness means they’re only limited for use on the generally hard and uncluttered terrain.

The other signature feature of the road bikes is the dropped handlebars. The dropped bars keep the rider in an aerodynamic position, thus reducing the effects of wind resistance.

While the aggressive position isn’t the most comfortable sitting posture for short distances, it works well for the longer ride and group races.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are meant for use on gnarly terrains.

Wider and bigger wheels usually characterize these bikes for more surface grip. The wheels are also capable of rolling on just about anything.

Most mountain bike also has a fork suspension system, which absorbs the shocks and vibrations from the big jumps.

A mountain bike provides a much more comfortable ride, especially in challenging terrain.

When it comes to geometry, mountain bikes have flat handlebars, so the rider cycles in a fairly upright position.

It’s a nice and comfortable sitting position for the shorter rides, but the greatest benefit is the unmatched riding control.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes

A hybrid bike is a blend or mix of two or more bike categories.

But in most cases, it usually refers to the mix between road and mountain bikes.

The hybrid bike is the perfect compromise between a roadie and an MTB, taking the individual characteristics of each bike and merging them into one.

Unfortunately, hybrids don’t excel in any department. They tend to be more generalists and ideal for casual use.

For example, their wheels aren’t narrow enough for maximum speed efficiency, nor are they wide enough for navigating the gnarly terrains.

Ideally, the hybrids are a perfect match for cyclists who haven’t decided on which cycling category to follow and are probably split between two classes.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes, often referred to as beach cruisers, are created solely for recreational riding.

A major highlight of the cruiser bikes is the relaxed geometry, which allows for a comfortable ride.

Their balanced geometry similarly allows the cruiser bike to navigate the unsteady surfaces of the beaches, provided the ground is flat.

Along with the beach surface, other surfaces optimal for beach cruisers include the sidewalks, boardwalks, and paved roads.

The only downside with beach cruisers is they’re not super-fast and are comfortable to ride at 5-7 mph.

Of course, you could do it much faster on a road bike, but if comfort is your priority and you don’t care much about speed, a cruiser is ideal.

Other components that help with the comfortable ride on a cruiser bike include the wide & raised handlebars, long wheelbase, and a low-lying & wide saddle.

Electric Bikes

E-bikes feature an integrated electric motor for assisted propulsion.

It’s among the newest revolutionary bike designs.

The pedal assist makes an e-bike effortless to ride. It’s particularly a great option for seniors or those who simply want some assistance when riding. It also helps cyclists ride more, even if they’ve been riding a lot.

And because of the added assistance, it’s easier to rack more miles on e-bikes than on a traditional bike using the same energy.

Fixed Gear Bike

Fixed Gear Bike

A fixed gear bike is also known as a fixie. It refers to a category of bikes with a drivetrain but without a freewheel mechanism.

Simply put, it has one of the gears fixed to the rear wheel, so it’s impossible to coast, and you need to keep pedaling to move.

It forces you to keep pedaling all the time and depending on your cycling needs, it’s a beneficial asset, especially if you want to stay fit, develop muscles, or build a fluid pedaling action.

The other benefit of the fixies is their utmost simplicity. The fixed gear bikes don’t have shifters, derailleurs, cranksets, or gears, so they’re ultra-reliable and easy to maintain.

BMX Bikes

BMX is an acronym for bicycle motocross and usually refers to a style of riding that involves racing and stunt riding.

Usually, BMX bikes are characterized by their smaller wheels, frames, and stature. Their simple design allows for intense and aggressive riding, which often happens in skate parks and pump tracks.

Their frames are also lightweight but sturdy enough to take on a beating and mishandling.

Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are a category of bikes that can downsize.

Their ability to compact in size gives the foldaway bikes a unique benefit over other types of bikes in terms of portability and ease of use.

They’re great for use, especially when out of storage space. The foldaway bikes are also great for multi-mode transport because they can be folded when getting on a train or bus.

Decide on the Bike Brand

After deciding on the best bike category for your riding needs, the next step is selecting the best bike brand.

Usually, brands are associated with their level of performance and bike type.

You shouldn’t simply choose a bicycle brand because of its popularity, but rather because it has practical offerings.

For example, if you need a bike for mountain riding, you don’t want to spend your money on a Schwinn bike for road biking.

Now, while the majority of the bike brands will cater to a wide category of your cycling needs, the idealness of a particular bike brand boils down to budget, performance, and comfort.

Road Bike Brands

Road Bike Brands

Generally, road bikes are meant for cyclists who need bikes for group races and riding on tarmac.

The best roadie brands are:

1)      Schwinn

2)      Bianchi

3)      Giordano

4)      Cannondale

Mountain Bike Brands

Mountain bikes are popular among many bicycles brand.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean you can pick any MTB from any brand.

The best brands for mountain bikes are Fuji bikes and Giant bikes. The reason is these brands have MTBs as their main focus.

BEIOU is also another incredible bicycle brand in the high-end mountain bikes category.

Triathlon Bike Brands

Triathlon bikes are also a popular offering in most bicycle brands.

However, if you’re a serious athlete, you’d want to consider triathlon bikes from two main brands; Vilano and Kestrel.

Kestrel, in particular, has by far the most quality triathlon bikes in the market.

Urban and Fixie Bike Brands

The urban bikes are usually ideal for casual commuters or simply recreational riders.

Casual cyclists will benefit most from Fortified, Scoot, and Firmstrong brands.

On the other hand, the recreational riders who similarly want to exercise their leg muscles using the fixies will benefit from Pure, 6KU, and Critical cycles.

BMX and Downhill Bike Brands

If you need a bike for performing tricks on the bike parks and track riding, it can’t get any better than bikes from Mongoose and Diamondback.

Conversely, no bicycle brand is as dedicated as Santa Cruz for downhill racing.

Specialty Bike Brands

Specialty Bike Brands

Specialty bikes are broadly categorized into three, including fitness bikes, foldaway bikes, and daily commuter bikes.

If you need a bike, you can downsize when commuting or storing; it can’t get any better than Montague.

And if you want a bike for recreational riding and cruising around, you need to set your eyes on the Sixthreezero.

There’re a couple of different options for the fitness bikes, but the two main brands dedicated to those categories are Marcy and Exerpeutic.

But if you need hybrid exercise bikes or electric fitness bikes, you should shift your focus to the Ancheer, Magnum, or Addmotor.

All-Around Bike Brands

If you want a little bit of everything and are not focused on any riding style or category, you should set your eyes on the best all-around bikes.

Some of the handy options in this category include Trek and Specialized.

Finding the Best Fit

The final step is finding a bike that fits you. Fit is necessary for comfort and optimizing your riding performance.

Ideally, a fitting bike should allow you to stand, and even when straddling the top bar; your feet should be anchored firmly on the ground.

A good way to find the perfect fit is by measuring the inseam height from the ground to the crotch area ad ensuring your bike aligns properly.

And the good thing with most bikes is they allow the adjustment of the seat height and the handlebar, so they’ll offer some form of customization.

Depending on your cycling needs and bike category, you can adjust the height to fit your needs. For example, most mountain bike riders need a more inclined back-angle seat and “downed” handlebars to better control and maneuverability.

Popular Bike Brands in the World Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Popular Bike Brands in the World Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the best bike brands?

A: The best bike brands aren’t necessarily the most popular. The best bike brands are known for making high-quality, reliable, and high-performance bikes.

These brands include Niner, Cannondale, Ghost, Trek, Sala, and Santa Cruz.

Q: What’s the best road bike brand?

A: It’s challenging to pick the best road bicycle brand, but I can shortlist some top candidates.

They include Bianchi, Canyon, Cervelo and Pinarello.

The ideal road bikes are ultra-lightweight, race-ready, and high-performers.

Q: What are the popular bike brands?

A: The popular bicycle brands in the world are those you’ve probably heard or even come across.

Most popular brands have also been in the game for quite a while, and they’ve a global presence.

They include Trek, Specialized, Scott, Bianchi, and Cannondale.

Q; What are the best mountain bike brands?

A: As with all the other categories we’ve listed, there’s no best bike brand for mountain bikes. However, certain brands are famed for producing high-quality mountain bikes in the market, including Trek, Giant, Ghost, and Niners.

Of course, there’re a couple of more others.

The ideal mountain bike brand should feature big, wider tires or gnarly terrains, top-tier components for handling abuse, and superior suspension for long jumps.

Q:  What are the best bike brands for kids?

A: There’s no better bicycle brand for kids than WOOM.

It has become the go-to bicycle brand for many parents and kids.

WOOMS Kids Bikes are kid-friendly, easy to use, and safe.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Now you’ve a list of the most popular bike brands globally.

Keep in mind it’s not a definitive list of all the brands in the market. There’re other less-known brands but with quality offerings.

However, the 44 brands I’ve listed are the most popular options and have greater recognition globally.

Some brands may offer better bikes than others, depending on your cycling needs.

But generally, these brands provide high-quality and reliable bicycles and won’t disappoint you.

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