Ultimate Review of The Best BMX Helmets in 2023

best bmx helmets

BMXers are usually torn between the need for wearing a helmet and riding without one.

For most of us, and growing up, we didn’t see the need for one, and it was, in fact, considered uncool to wear a helmet.

Up to date, some riders still hold onto that belief, and on almost every day I’m riding, whether on the skate park, tracks or jumps, I came across many bike riders without helmets.

A quick trip to YouTube, and you’ll also come across videos of riders getting it badly on their pedals and smashing their melons on the dirt.

I understand; there’s a certain fashion element to having a bandana or beanie cap over a helmet. But the extra swag points and all that stuff seem just daft, at least in my opinion.

See, for a long time, I wasn’t a big fan of helmets either, and for most cases, I would wear them when I was riding beyond my level or at least when trying new tricks.

But surprise, my worst BMX crashes came when I thought I was in control.

I’ve had worse days without a helmet, and this is why I’m proud of the “helmet guy” tag at the local park.

Yes, I look like a bloke and uncool, but guess what else is uncool? Being fed and helped to the washroom because of brain damage.

Of course, there’re no guarantees in life, but having some form of protection over your head provides some insurance for your body.

And even then, having protective gear over your head might just be the difference between life, a paralyzing head injury, or even death. You never know.

Of course, not all BMX bike helmets are the same.

I’ll share some of the best BMX helmets in the market.

Our options are ultra-light, comfortable, and, more importantly, protective.

I’m sure you’ll also love them.

Quick Comparison Table!

Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet


Bell Sanction Adult Bike Face Helmet


Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Helmet


Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet


JBM Bike Helmets



The Best BMX Helmets For The Money

best bmx helmets for the money

#1 Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified BMX Helmet is our top pick, and in my opinion, it’s the best BMX helmet ever.

I suggest you don’t waste your money on other BMX helmets, but just buy this bad boy.

It caught my eye, primarily because of its cream color and retro styling, which matched well with my new BMX bike and BMX shoes.

The helmet also looks cool, and according to my daughters, I don’t look ridiculous wearing this. I’ve always been afraid of looking dorky on a helmet, and from the look of things, it’s far from being worse.

I’m even getting validation from strangers, asking me where I got my helmet. It’s pretty sick.

Looks aside, the Triple Eight Helmet looks like a good helmet overall.

The first thing I noticed with its design is that it comes with a subtle brim, urban style design. It’s a utilitarian design that sits low, covering most of my forehead for optimum protection without blocking my vision.

The polycarbonate material used also seems quality and well-made. It’s the perfect insurance for my brain.

I’ve dropped it a couple of times now, and it hasn’t scratched or dented. It seems like it’ll hold up for years to come.

Another plus with the helmet design is the grooved EPS.

There’re vent holes, but honestly, they’re not as good as they’re in many BMX bikes helmets.

The vents are considerably smaller, so not as much air circulates, especially during summer. Frankly, I wouldn’t recommend wearing these temperatures above 70 degrees, but they’re not so unbearable either.

They’re great in Oregon’s cold rainy weather, but not so much in summer.

But that’s the price you pay to get the side and rear impact protection. Plus, I’d rather sweat than be in a hospital bed.

Aside from the ventilation markdown, everything else with this BMX helmet is incredible.

I purchased it because I use a skateboard as part of my commute and didn’t want to invest in another helmet.

The Triple Eight Gotham Dual Helmet does the trick.

It’s a multi-functional helmet, certified for multiple activities such as mountain biking, roller skating, riding BMX, and so much more.

The helmet is an especially great choice for BMX bikes and skateboards because it’s certified for both.

Along with the certification, I’m also impressed with Triple Eight Helmet safety features.

It’s a more substantial helmet in terms of weight and padding, and when you bite the dust even at 40mph, you’ll be happy to have it on.

The expanded polystyrene has worked above and beyond my expectations severally, and I’m glad I had it over my noggin.

Triple Eight Gotham Helmet is definitely a great BMX helmet, and the collapsing cone will absorb the impact energy and spread force sideways within the helmet.

I also find the Triple Eight Gotham Helmet comfortable to wear and probably the only helmet I’ve ever had that I don’t hate wearing.

The two sets of removable Triple Eight Sweatsaver fit pads offer a nice cushioning for my head to rest.

I’ve not experienced any pressure points or discomfort so far, and I don’t mind wearing it religiously.

Plus, there’re no annoying distractions like many el-cheapo options from Walmart or Target.

Fit is also nice and meets the sizing needs for my head.

I wanted something that would fit securely without too much effort or the need for adding extra padding.

Triple Eight Gotham Helmet checks this box.

The fit is nearly perfect with a proper helmet size out of the box, only requiring minimal and easy adjustments.

And the good thing is it features an adjuster at the back that I can use to customize the fit. It’s a wonderful component to have, especially for users like me whose sizing needs to change along with my hairstyle.

If you also have long hair, this could be a great BMX helmet to have.



#2 Bell Sanction Adult Bike Face Helmet – Most Protective Bike Helmet


I got the Bell Sanction Adult Bike Helmet because I commute almost daily and have cars flying past me at speeds.

So, I wanted a BMX helmet that would offer better head and face protection.

No other helmet seems as protective as the Bell BMX Bike Helmet.

It’s a full-face helmet, so it’s not only better-looking but also provides full-face protection.

Bell Helmets may not have the frills and frays of some of the more expensive options, but what do you expect for a budget option?

However, the BMX helmet also looks like it’s well-made, and I’m so far impressed with the quality.

The hard ABS plastic does its job well, and even after wrecking the helmet twice on the pump track and clipping it over the trees and logs, it remains sturdy as new.

Another plus with the Bell Sanction Adult Full Helmet is it comes ultra-light.

I was surprised that it only came at 850 grams for a full-face helmet at this price. I’ve no problems wearing it for 6 hours plus.

I also found the lightness quite critical, especially for beginners, because it doesn’t interfere with the balance or anything.

Of course, I was a bit worried about protection for such a light full-face.

However, even after pushing it to the limits at the skate park and crashing with it, Bell Sanction Adult Bike Helmet saved me, with no bruising at all.

Yes, the helmet looked like it went through war, but I was fine, and no scratch on my head or face.

And the good thing is it’s a full-face option, so I’ve more confidence even on the frontal protection and have no worries that’ll bust my teeth out.

Bell Sanction Bike Helmet is also comfy, and I have no problems wearing it every time I head out.

It’s so comfortable that I barely notice its presence. It doesn’t move around like a vast majority of helmets do or even squeeze my face or ears.

The size is also nice and doesn’t move around.

A handy snap buckle is nice and makes it easier to fasten and customize the helmet according to my sizing needs.

I don’t struggle as much as I did with my previous helmet when donning the helmet.

It snaps in just right and effortlessly, without seriously hurting my ears.

And like our top pick, Bell Helmets also work well for users with ponytails. Small gaps in the EPS foam cushion allow air circulation and should accommodate users with long hair in a ponytail.



#3 Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Helmet – Premium BMX Helmet


Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS BMX Helmet is “The Bomb.”

It’s a super light, comfortable, and cool-looking MIPS helmet.

Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS BMX Helmet isn’t bulky either and fits true to TLD’s sizing.

The price is a bit intimidating but worth every penny.

Out of the box, it feels immensely light, especially for its class.

See, I’ve always hated helmets because I found them bulky and awkward. I couldn’t even use it on the road because of the fatigue they came with.

The Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Helmet, however, is different.

They weigh a scant 690 grams and are probably the lightest BMX helmet I’ve worn so far.

Along with the lightness, they feel good to wear. They’re snug, comfortable and give me the confidence to try new tricks and go past my level.

Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Helmet also does its job quite well, and I’ll probably end up wearing it at all times.

So far, it has protected my head after taking a pretty hard fall, and though, unfortunately, it has a huge dent to it, I felt perfectly fine. Not even a headache.

The Dual Density EPS is quite handy at shielding me against the high-speed impacts, and I can’t get enough of it.

And here’s the kicker!

The helmet has an additional MIPS insert, which again extends the protective abilities.

And the good thing is the MIPS inserts don’t come with any weight penalties.

The other huge selling point with the Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Helmet is the visor.

A flexible visor is long enough to provide just enough shading for my eyes without obstructing my vision.

The flexibility is also nice because it means I get to use my pair of goggles and allow my face to breathe, especially after a long climb.

Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Helmet doesn’t get too hot either and has plenty of air ports and ventilation holes for free flow of air.

It always feels nice and cool to use this helmet because even in the sweltering summer sun, the conditions don’t get unbearable as with most helmets.

I’ve even used it in the heat and humidity of Florida, and it hasn’t bothered me an inch. Of course, it’ll always be a bit warmer than a half-cut helmet; it’s not so much that it becomes unbearable or bothersome.

Plus, I wanted something I could hear while wearing, and the vents on this helmet don’t inhibit anything.

It’s unimaginably light and airy.

The helmet also comes with extra padding, which is necessary for added comfort.

It’s so comfortable that I usually forget I’m wearing it.

A Fidlock magnetic buckle system helps with a secure fit but may be a bit too snug, especially at the top of the mandible.

Otherwise, it provides a nice sizing and fitting.

Plus, you can always achieve a customized fit through the inserts. I use multiple interiors to fine-tune the fit.



#4 Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet – Value Purchase


I’ve been a fan of Pro-Tec, and I love them because they don’t cheap out on head protection.

So, when I decided to replace my old Fox Racing helmet, I decided to pick an option from my favorite brand.

The Classic Certified Helmet seemed like a great option.

It was exactly what I was looking for.

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet is cool, fun, fits great, and has unquestionable protection.

It’s also more comfortable than I had anticipated.

My first impression was that this helmet was well-made and worth my money.

I picked a Matt Black option, and it doesn’t look dorky like most bike helmets.

The high-impact ABS shell is nice and works wonders, even in the most abuses of BMX stunt riders.

Plus, the pads inside the helmet have kept their shape perfectly, and I must say I’m happy with this purchase.

Classic Certified Helmet is also certified and has protection based on ASTM F1492.

Simply put, it’s the best BMX helmet for protection and comes with a hard foam padding on the interior that will cushion your noggin against the hard impacts and crashes.

It has exceeded my expectations in this department, and so many reviewers are also happy with the impact protection it provides.

Meanwhile, the helmet doesn’t skimp on comfort.

The compression-molded moisture-wicking liners ensure the helmet stays in place and that it doesn’t move around or wobble.

It doesn’t feel lame wearing it either, and I’ve no problem donning it for hours on end.

In fact, I sometimes forget to take it off when I get off the bike. It’s that comfortable.

Comfort doesn’t end there.

There’re plenty of ventilation holes dotted along the helmet’s surface. They help promote a better flow of air and wick away moisture.

It breathes fairly well, and I’ve no problem using the helmet even in the hot Oregon conditions.

Fit for this helmet is nice and doesn’t look cheesy.

I’m a guy with a big melon, and it took a while to find a helmet that would fit my head, but this one does just that.

It’s super comfortable and features an adjustable chin strap and a bottom clip for customizing it and everything.

I love this helmet.



#5 JBM Bike Helmets – Best BMX Helmet on a Budget


The JBM Helmet is the best BMX helmet on a budget.

I primarily bought this helmet because of the price, and all I can say is WOW.

I’m impressed at how light it feels, and sometimes, I can’t even feel it in my head.

It also comes with a nice-looking visor, which I find quite handy, especially when riding early in the morning or late evenings, and I need to block the sun rays without interfering with my line of sight.

The helmet is also well-made, especially for the price. It looks great, and the general construction seems to be just fine.

It’s also super-strong and will shield your head from the hard falls.

The impact-resistant PVC and EPS foam do a great job of protecting your head and will take on the full impact of the ground.

It becomes toasted after a crash and gets damaged from impact, but you don’t feel any bump or pain from hitting your head at all.

Given its low price, I wasn’t expecting much from this product, but I’m impressed with its quality and styles.

It feels comfortable and fits like a glove.

Even after donning it for several hours, I don’t feel fatigued, uncomfortable, or even so slightly hot. I know other cheap models would.

Plus, it doesn’t get around, and I don’t feel like I’m getting pinched and exposed to sharpies on the helmet. It feels smooth and comfortable.

Ventilation is further helped by an aerodynamic design that keeps the air going through the helmet to keep me cool at all times.

The sizing is also on point, and I love that it fits better than all my other bike helmets.

It has a snug feel and uses an easy-dial system consisting of straps. This helps achieve a perfect fit, and it feels good on my head.

The strap position is comfortable, while the knob adjuster at the back of the helmet is effective.

Overall, this best BMX helmet comes exactly as advertised. It’s light weight, comfortable, and the sizing is spot on.

I would highly recommend this budget purchase.



Best BMX Helmets Buying Guide

Best BMX Helmets Buying Guide

There you’ve it.

But if you’re still undecided on the best BMX helmets to pick, here’s a guide to help you with the selection.

I’ll outline everything you need to know about selecting the right helmet for your needs in the section below.

But first, let’s look at the options you should avoid.

Helmets BMX Riders Shouldn’t Buy

Not all helmets are equal, and just because you’ve one doesn’t mean it’s good for BMX riding.

See, different helmets are ideal for different uses, and some are better rated for BMX riding than others.

Some of the options you should throw out when selecting the best BMX helmets are:

  •         Snowboard helmets
  •         Skate helmets
  •         Road helmets
  •         Motocross helmets

Along with the listed options, other options you need to avoid are the uncertified options.

The uncertified helmets offer no head protection or anything.

I would also advise you to keep off from the cheap brands and not ride BMX with an uncertified helmet.

Instead, stick with the reputable brands with the best helmets meeting the safety standards.

Differences Between the Best BMX Helmets and Ordinary Bicycle Helmets

Many bike riders think they can substitute the best BMX helmets with ordinary bike helmets.

But the truth is the best BMX helmets are made different from those for road bikes.

This is because BMX riding is usually a lot more dangerous than casual cycling and involves a lot of tricks, fast speeds, and more.

The chances of crashing your melon on a BMX bike are higher than on a road bike.

And as it turns out, the best BMX helmets will generally provide a big deal of protection than the ordinary options.

They’re generally heavier, though, but offer increased protection and safety compared to ordinary head gear.

Helmet ReplacementHelmet Replacement

Helmets have a lifespan, so it’s good to check before you pull the trigger.

Secondly, in case of a crash, it’s necessary to replace your helmet, even if there’re no visible signs of wear. There could be internal structural damage.

Different Types of Best Helmets

BMX helmets come in different designs, with the two most popular ones being the half-cut helmet and the full-face.


Half-shell helmets, as their name suggests, cover your head partially.

Most of the half-shell options come with a modern and sleek design.

They also include an adjustable and removable visor for shielding the sun.

The half-shell option also tends to be lighter and inexpensive than the full-face version.

While their protection is limited, the half-shell helmets are usually thought to be adequate for BMX riding unless you’re doing the crazy and dangerous stuff.

Full-Face Helmet

Full-face helmets have a design similar to that of motorcycle helmets.

As their name suggests, they cover the entire face and head.

They’re popular in the more dangerous situations of BMX riding, such as dirt jumping.

The full-face shell helmets are also more expensive.

How to Select the Right BMX Helmet

I’ll share what you need to consider in your next helmet selection in the guide below.


When shopping for a helmet, it’s important to consider certification.

Usually, all helmets sold in the US have CPSC certification or a European equivalent CE EN1078.

Specifically, BMX riders should pick a certified helmet with the ASRM F2032 standard.

Helmets with this certification have great impact protection.


Next, after the certification, is the weight.

Weight, in particular, is critical for the full-face helmets and determines the overall comfort.

A heavy helmet may fatigue the neck muscles, leading to an unpleasant experience.

Instead, choose a lightweight helmet that has the protective benefits of the heavier options.

Most lightweight options have carbon fiber material.

best bmx helmets faq


Helmet construction is vital because it determines the overall durability and protective abilities.

Consider a helmet with a durable and thick interior lining that feels solid and lasts long.

Generally, most BMX helmets are designed from EPS or expanded polystyrene liner, housed in a polycarbonate shell.

EPS is a crushable material and excels at dispersing the impact after a crash.


Sizing might seem obvious, but it greatly influences the overall comfort and ease of use.

Choosing an ill-fitting helmet size is unpleasant to use. More to that, it may not provide optimized protection as intended.

However, different helmets have different size charts, so double-check.

Check on the size available, and see that you pick a good-fitting option.

Confirm your head size using a measuring tape.

A rightly-sized helmet fits snugly and feels comfortable to wear.

Air Vents

Air vents are necessary for breathability and the free flow of air.

See, when you ride BMX, you’ll sweat.

Options with more air vents allow air to circulate freely and wick away the sweat, reducing discomfort.

However, it’s also good to check that the vents don’t compromise the level of protection. Loads of vents will generally reduce the amount of protection.

But if the helmet is certified, you shouldn’t have a reason to worry about safety.


Helmet fit goes hand in hand with the size.

Finding the right size for your head is super easy, but fit can be an issue.

So, you want an adjustable helmet that can be tailored for your head size.

Also, consider options with a quick release buckle and chin strap to help you achieve a custom fit.

Shock Absorption

Helmets with an anti-shock layer are more beneficial for BMX use than traditional ones.

The shock absorbent options are particularly handy for BMX riders who prefer performing stunts, doing tricks, and more.

If they crash, the anti-shock layer will help cushion their heads and decrease the risk of suffering a concussion.

Best BMX Helmet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What size do I need for my helmet?

A: The right size will generally depend on your head size.

You can check on the manufacturer’s sizing guide to determine whether a helmet is the right size for you.

Q: How do I decrease sweat when wearing a helmet?

A: A good way to decrease the amount of sweat on a helmet is by picking well-ventilated options.

Or at least choose an option with an interior lining that wicks away the excess moisture.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

best bmx helmets wrap up

Our winner for the best BMX helmets is the Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet.

It’s also our top pick and has so far exceeded our expectations in different departments.

It scores highly on performance, protection, ease of use, and comfort.

Plus, it comes at a decent price and will provide value for your money.

O would recommend it.


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