Ultimate Review of The Best Gifts For BMX Riders in 2023

Best Gifts for BMX Riders

Coming up with a gift for a BMX rider can be nerve-wracking.

The reason is BMX riders usually have some finicky preferences.

We just don’t like normal things. Plus, we’re so picky about our bike’s geometry that gifting us anything part-related is something we need to be involved in.

Otherwise, I might not just use them, especially if they’re not from a specific brand or model part I already use.

Personally, if my girlfriend or family gifted me with a BMX bike part, I would be touched by the gesture. But the truth is I would probably stash the components in my garage, especially if they don’t fit my specific BMX need.

Yes, that’s how petty we’re, but that is the truth, especially coming from someone who has been involved with BMX for more than 40 years.

So, unless you know the technical knowledge of BMX componentry, I would suggest you steer away from anything part-related.

If you take the part-related route, you probably need to know their exact needs. But we can all agree it’s challenging without being too obvious.

Does that mean we’ve to fall back to the normal Christmas or birthday gifts?

Definitely, not.

There’re plenty of other cool gift options that would have their fancy tickled.

For example, I’ve spoken to guys who rode in the 80s and 90s, and one striking commonality is they’ve no video or photos memories of their riding.

Gifting them a Go-Pro can be a great way to document their riding.

But cameras aren’t the only options available.

In the guide below, I’ll share some of the best BMX-related gifts I’ve gifted my friends and family and detail their experience with the gifts.

It’ll save you from a lot of headaches, and at the same time, please your loved ones.

Quick Comparison Table!

Triple Eight Sweatsaver BMX Helmet


POC, Joint VPD 2.0 Elbow Pads


Vans Sk8 Hi Pro


BSD Dan Paley Slims Grips Dust Blue


Wisdom Leaves Mountain Biking BMX T-Shirts



The Best Gifts for BMX Riders For The Money

Best Gifts for BMX Rider for the money

#1 Triple Eight Sweatsaver BMX Helmet


Nothing beats gifts that keep a BMX rider safe when racing or trying new tricks.

Shin guards, wrist guards, and elbow pads are some of the safety gear choices available. But in my opinion, nothing plays a huge role on the safety department other than a helmet

The BMX community, however, is usually torn on the need to wear a helmet, but if your loved ones prioritize protection, they’ll surely love this gift option.

But not any helmet will do.

You need to keep off the gnarly and bulky options that feel uncomfortable to wear.

Instead, pick a protective, lightweight and comfortable gear. Something that a BMX rider will always look forward to wearing and riding with.

More importantly, it should offer protective benefits if they’re involved in a serious accident or crash fall.

Triple Eight Sweatsaver BMX Helmet fits the description and I love it for several reasons.

First, it looks sleek, nicely designed, and not dorky like most helmets do. So, it’s likely your loved ones will be pleased to wear it.

It also feels comfortable to wear and has a nice inner lining that helps wick away sweat and moisture.

In fact, it’s so comfortable that when you wear it, you barely notice its presence.

The greatest benefit, though, is that it’s protective. The dual-certified and high-impact-absorbing EPS foam will at least save your loved ones from a traumatic head injury and offer the best protection in case of a crash.

You can’t go wrong with this gift choice.

#2 POC, Joint VPD 2.0 Elbow Pads


Our second gift option is still in the safety department.

Along with head protection, it’s also a good idea to keep other parts of your body protected, especially the hands.

Nothing offers more solid protection for your elbows than elbow pads.

Many BMX riders usually don’t see them as a necessity, but the truth of the matter is you’ll come across bumps and crashes along the way, especially if you’re a beginner.

And usually, the first point of contact after getting jolted from your BMX bike is your elbows.

Hurting towards concrete and gravel on your elbow isn’t something you would want happening to you.

It, therefore, makes sense for a BMX rider to have elbow shins to protect them against the grazes, cuts, and other injuries to help them enjoy their riding.

And after a careful review of the existing elbow shins, I feel the POC, Joint VPD 2.0 Pads are a thoughtful option.

First, there’s no question about POC’s quality.

Everything on this great gift seems to be well-made and of high quality.

The other plus with this good gift is it offers all-around elbow pad protection and will help you survive mild crashes and more.

It’ll save your loved one from any serious injury and leave them unscathed with each crash.

They’ll also enjoy wearing these elbow pads because they hardly slip from the elbows into the wrists.

Plus, they feel ultra-comfortable, and they’ll hardly notice their presence.

Personally, I wouldn’t hesitate to get this gift option for my loved ones.

#3 Vans Sk8 Hi Pro


Shoes can’ really miss the list of the best gift ideas for BMX riders.

They’re also one of the universal gift choices that anyone will appreciate receiving.

And the good thing is finding a shoe for your loved ones is pretty simple since you only need to know their shoe size and preferences.

There’re various styles for bike shoes, but for most riders, the Vans brand is a favorite.

So, you’re only left with the size, which is easy to know.

While most Vans, especially rubber soles, can fit in the description of a BMX rider, some are more suited for the task than others.

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro, for example, seems like they were tailored for the BMX riders.

These BMX shoes are the perfect gift idea for a BMX rider looking for a comfortable, utilitarian shoe.

And here’s the kicker!

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro can also double up as a casual shoe, so when they’re not riding, they can rock it on the weekends.

I’m a fan-favorite of the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro because they’re comfortable and don’t feel stiff as other BMX shoes.

They allow riders to feel their feet more, especially when attempting new tricks and maneuvers.

They’re flat, and the thick rubber doesn’t transfer the vibrations onto their feet.

At the same time, the material used in constructing the shoe is quite solid, doesn’t wear, and will survive the abuses of bike riding.

Meanwhile, the sole flexes well, while the overall shoe structure conforms to the body anatomy for greater fit and comfort.

The other plus with the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro is they come with mid-top cuffs.

Cuffs on these Vans extend slightly above the ankles, and this is a nice addition for extra support and keeping their ankles safe.

Your feet are less likely to take a battering on the BMX, and you’ll enjoy every second of these.

I would highly recommend this gift idea.

#4 BSD Dan Paley Slims Grips Dust Blue


Grip is necessary for bikes.

Traditionally, BMX riders use gloves and bespoke grips.

But the problem is gloves are bulky and usually restrict finger mobility. These make handling and controlling your bike a challenge.

Personally, I don’t use gloves because I’ve sweaty hands.

Using gloves leaves my hand with a stank odor. Plus, the moisture creates a slippery experience, which affects my riding.

An alternative to the glove is a pair of grips.

As their name suggests, BMX grips are installed on the handlebars and designed to offer more handling traction and grip.

They’re a great gift idea as they’ll offer your loved one great bike control while providing a closer feel of the bike.

The Dan Paley Slims Grips Dust Blue from BSD Team, in particular, will exceed their expectations.

Their nice blue design is a great conversation starter and will likely look great on their bike.

The rubber material used on these grips is also pretty soft, so it’s less likely to cause hand blisters, pain on anything. It also doesn’t wear easily.

More importantly, the material has a nice ribbed design, which helps promote greater traction and grip when doing tricks.

Once you install these grips, you’ll feel in control of your bike.

Even in rain and wetness, you hardly lose your grip.

I would definitely recommend these great grips for any bike rider.

#5 Wisdom Leaves Mountain Biking BMX T-Shirts


It’s true BMX riders can do anything, provided it looks fashionable and cool.

This is especially true when they’re freestyling on the streets.

So, in most cases, a cool t-shirt would make a nice purchase.

However, nothing would make them more elated than the Wisdom Leaves Mountain Biking BMX T-Shirt.

It’s a really cool option available in different colors. I prefer the black one, though.

It also has a nice large print of the word BMX, so it perfectly sums up a BMX rider’s personality.

On top of that, this clothing is also designed from some nice materials. It goes a long way in helping with the overall performance.

A mix of cotton and polyester comes in handy at keeping your loved one cool. It wicks away the excess sweat and moisture, making their overall ride even more comfortable.

This BMX clothing is also available in a long-sleeve design, which goes beyond looks, but is also utilitarian, especially for a BMX rider.

The extended sleeve will help protect the rider’s skin from scrapes and cuts when crashing or falling off.

Crashes are common for beginners or advanced riders when trying new tricks.

This long-sleeved racing design also comes with a user-friendly design that feels loose, airy, and comfortable.

It’s a great idea and quite multi-sport as it’s also ideal for mountain biking and downhill riding.

And not only that.

You can use it for your loved ones’ birthdays, holiday season, Christmas, or any other event.

Best Gifts for BMX Rider Buying Guide

Best Gifts for BMX Rider buying guide

I’m pretty sure that by now, you are well-informed on the products you’ll get your BMX enthusiast this Christmas time or for his birthday.

However, choosing the perfect gift from the list of options we’ve provided isn’t as easy as you think.

A few things will determine whether he loves it and will actually use it for their riding.

And these factors include:

Riding Needs

Before you pull a trigger on the choice of the gifts for BMX riders, you need to consider their wants or needs.

Every BMX rider definitely has one thing they’ve always wanted to have for some reason but have not managed.

Gifting them such commodities would tickle their fancy and be fun to use.

You can ask around and see what they lack.

Plus, use your common senses during gift selection. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to give them a pair of BMX gloves if they already have several pairs.

Of course, they’ll appreciate it, but you could do better by getting them another gift.

Riding Environment

The second element to consider is their riding environment.

In most cases, what a BMX rider riding on the muddy and dusty terrains, is quite different for a rider on the street.

BMX goggles, for instance, can be quite a great purchase for riders in rough terrains.

However, there’re also gift options that work for both environments. But as always, it’s good to consider the region and conditions.


BMX riding is popular with riders of all age groups.

Their needs are also quite different and unique.

What a need may want for his birthday gift is different from what the old hands may wish to.

For example, a teen will appreciate the colorful and shouting BMX T-shirts, but that may not be the same for the old guys.

The old guys want something subtle and preferably dull.


Whatever gift you choose, ensure that it’s good quality and durable.

The gift should also be long-lasting and should provide years of service.

There’s nothing worse than gifting flimsy shin guards that won’t keep up with the demanding needs of BMX bikes and fall apart soon.

Best Gifts for BMX Rider faq


Gifts come in different price tags.

I would recommend overspending, but I wouldn’t encourage low-balling either.

Of course, keep in mind that the price determines the overall quality for most cases, especially durability.

Cheap gifts will most likely end up breaking in a short period, while expensive items are likely to last.

However, it’s always a good idea to stick to your budget and, more importantly, pick something offering value for money.

Bad Gift Ideas for BMX Riding

All gifts aren’t the same.

There’re a few gift choices that I would advise you to steer away from.

1)      Part-Related Gifts

The first one is the bike-related parts.

Unless you’re pretty proficient at BMX and know the exact needs of your recipient, I wouldn’t be keen to get bike parts they’ve not asked for.

The simple reason is BMX riders are a fussy lot and tend to use specific bike parts or models. Otherwise, they won’t be interested in using your gift.

Here, keep away from items such as pedals, chains, sprockets, or frames. Instead, stick to the accessories such as grips.

2)      Low-Quality Tools

Another poor gift choice is the low-quality stuff, especially tools.

Any BMX rider will always appreciate tools and will always need them.

However, the easiest way to ruin their experience is by giving them low-quality tools.

Flimsy option Allen keys, for example, don’t last long and will only but frustrate their maintenance experience.

3)      Cheap Puncture Repair Kits

Repair kits are a great BMX gift choice, but remember that some riders are shifting to tubeless bikes, so they might not be of use to them.

However, many riders still use them, but I would advise you to keep away from the cheap options that you get from bike repair shops.

Most of these are pretty useless and won’t work.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Gifts for BMX Rider wrap up

Choosing BMX Gifts is nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve no experience in BMX riding.

Hopefully, our recommendations will be helpful in your pursuit of finding the best gifts.

However, these are suggestions that we think will bring a happy smile to the receiver.

That said, you generally can’t go wrong with safety gear for BMX.

For example, you can get them knee shins to protect their knees, elbow pads, and helmets. These are always a safe bet for a fun and safe ride.

If you’ve any other ideas, we’d be happy if you shared them with us in the comment section below.

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