Ultimate Review of the Best Costco Floating Islands in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Costco Floating Islands

We haven’t been on vacation since Covid was declared a pandemic in the US, but the good news is the government has begun relaxing its shelter-in-place orders.

My family was looking forward to days when we would get away from our home and travel, even if it’s by car, to the neighboring community/state.

Our top-of-the-list destination was Lake Tahoe, which is about 15 miles from our home.

We really needed to enjoy the serenity of the lake and have a good moment with family.

But there was a problem.

Over the pandemic, we were blessed with a bundle of joy.

Mike is now two and half years old, and I felt he was still too young to use a pool float as we usually do with the rest of the family.

I mean, he’s even yet to learn swimming and doesn’t have the strength to hold onto the raft.

So, after much deliberation with my partner, we decided to go for something safer that can accommodate everyone, including little Mike, to enjoy time in the water.

We chose a Costco floating island, and we’re really loving it.

It’s not only safer but unlike the traditional pool floats, it’s large, and ours can accommodate everyone in the family.

It makes even more sense for days when we have visitors around because it’ll accommodate everyone without having to take turns in the water.

And the good thing is my other kids can still have a quick dip in the water, but the experience is more memorable on a floating Island as it allows them to lounge- read or sip on their favorite cold beverages to their heart’s content.

For me, I love the floating island because there’s so much lemonade, I can drink on my lounge chair before itching to jump in the water. But when lounging, I rarely want to get completely soaked, so the floating island offers the perfect way to chill out rather than swim.

Now, if you feel like your family would really benefit from one of these floating rafts, you’re in the right place.

I’ll share some of my favorite Costco Islands and everything you need to know about the inflatable floating islands in the guide below.

Quick Comparison Table!

SportsStuff Fiesta Island


Intex Oasis Floating Island


Tropical Tahiti 7-Person Floating Island


WOW Stadium Islander 12-Person Inflatable Float


Tobin Sports Floating Island



The Best Costco Floating Islands For The Money

The Best Costco Floating Islands For The Money

#1 SportsStuff Fiesta Island - EDITOR'S CHOICE


I’ve used the SportsStuff Fiesta Island for several seasons now, and my family seems to love everything it offers.

It ranks high on our list of the best Costco inflatable islands reviews because of the perfect combination of size, performance, and durability.

Let’s start with the size.

SportsStuff is by no means your average dollar store pool tube. It’s a behemoth, and coming in at 11.5’ by 11.5’ inflated dimensions, it’s a beast in the water.

Sure, it takes some elbow grease to move it, but that pales in comparison with the benefit of a generous capacity.

Yes, this lounge can hold up to 8 people and has an incredible weight capacity of 1,600 pounds.

For me, at least, it can accommodate all my five-member family and still leave enough room on top of the tube to lay high and dry.

The second benefit of this Costco 8 person floating island is the durable construction. We’ve been using ours for two seasons now, and it’s still surprisingly sturdy.

Crafted from heavy-duty PVC rubber through and through, this material holds up well and hasn’t encountered any problems at all.

I’ve used it in some pretty darn conditions, including dragging it on the rocky beaches, and it remains sturdy.

Plus, it has gone through many deflating and inflating processes, and it still holds up well every time. In fact, it lasts for most of the weekend getaways without ever having to inflate it again due to losing air, which is nice.

This is not to mention it doesn’t puncture easily as we often bring our 35-pound terrier with us, and its nails don’t penetrate.

The other nice addition to this 8-person floating island is a mesh floor in the island’s center. A hole is cut out of the center, allowing your legs to dangle freely into the water. It’s the perfect cool-down solution for the super-hot days on the lake.

Another feature that didn’t exist on earlier Fiesta Island models is the inflatable ottoman in the middle of the mesh area.

It’s a nice addition to kicking your feet up and keeping the middle of the mesh above the water. It helps with enhancing the much-needed stability and buoyancy of the mesh.

The manufacturer has also paid attention to the overall lounge’s comfort.

SportsStuff Fiesta Island comes with a nice and comfortable seat. They’re further molded into the raft and have sturdy backrests for even greater comfort. Think of it as a giant floating couch.

Plus, each seat is shaped and features contoured sides with its cup holders for everyone to store their beverages. It’s like sitting in your recliner chair!

Along with the party island itself, the SportsStuff Fiesta Island package also includes a couple of extras, such as a 16 Quart inflatable water cooler.

The strategically placed molded handles make getting on this bad boy a breeze. Sure, it takes some “ump” to get into it, but my kids simply love the handle’s leverage.

Meanwhile, an anchor bag patch that ensures you and your family or friends don’t drift away when you’re enjoying yourselves.



#2 Intex Oasis Floating Island - Best Five Person Floating Island


I use the Intex Oasis Floating Island almost every weekend, and I love every bit of it.

It’s a bit smaller than the Fiesta, but still, it can accommodate my entire family and leave space for more. It’s the best five-person floating island.

Intex Oasis Island is by far the most comfortable floating island I’ve come across.

The sofa-like and comfortable lounging with armrest and backrest is unlike any other floating island I’ve come across.

It’s super comfortable and deluxe, perfect for a day when you want to relax and unwind.

The lounging area is relaxing, and I love to use it when my friends are around us. We can always have some chit-chat. In fact, it’s even easy to forget that you’re floating on water because of its living room-like appearance.

When I’m with kids, it’s also easy for them to fall asleep on board after a tiring session. It’s so comfortable.

As with our top pick, Intex Oasis Floating Island comes with plenty of accessories that will promote a convenient experience on the water.

For example, it features built-in coolers, which adds to the perks of enjoying a chill-out session with your family or friend.

The included anchor bag is also handy when you need to keep the island from getting blown during windy days.

It also comes with six cup holders.

What about the construction?

A big thumbs up to the manufacturer. I’m pleased that this floating island offers a perfect mix of performance and design.

The blue and white color is pleasant to the eyes, especially during the hot summer days. It’s attractive and will keep you visible, even during the overcast days.

 Meanwhile, the PVC construction is super-reliable and will stand up to anything you throw at it.

Intex Oasis Island will handle all the abuses of the sea or ocean and will even survive extended exposure to the sun.

Of course, this inflatable island isn’t built to last, so you also need to take care of it.

For example, we sometimes use our Intex Oasis Floating Island in the sea and always ensure we give it a thorough clean with fresh water after use. It’s now on its second season, and it remains as new as when I bought it. It also seems like it will remain that way for long.

Getting onto and off the Intex Oasis Floating Island shouldn’t be a problem at all. My kids love the rope ladder, which they use to board onto the island.

Overall, the Intex Oasis Floating Island is nice. It’s quite reliable, easy to use, and convenient, especially for five-member families.



#3 Tropical Tahiti 7-Person Floating Island - Popular Floating Party Island


Our third on the Costco floating islands review, the Tropical Tahiti floating island, is a true party floating island.

With space for up to 7 people, five on benches and two in loungers, this island is ideal for the larger groups.

The main seating area consists of four large and super comfortable seats and two loungers contoured for ultra-comfort.

There’s also a recessed area, which lets water through, and it’s great for larger groups.

And the good news is Tropical Tahiti floating island doesn’t feel cramped like other Costco inflatables.

Simply put, the Tropical Tahiti 7-person floating island is made for the party and comes with everyone you need to enjoy your time in the water.

The bright, summer fun graphics are a nice addition and help promote the party theme on this island. They also make the raft more visible and appealing to passing boats.

I’m also pleased with the cup holders and two large built-in coolers that I can fill with ice or cold water. Besides giving me access to drinks, the built-in coolers also act as ballast, stabilizing your island and preventing it from capsizing.

Docking the Tropical Tahiti floating island is also super easy, despite its larger size. I effortlessly anchor it using the included anchor bag for a day of fun or even let it leisurely float down the river.

I love lounging in the sun with my friends, but my kiddos have a blast jumping on the island into the water.

Accessing the Tropical Tahiti floating island from the water is also super easy and convenient. My kids don’t even struggle to do it. The swim-up ramp at the rear with two strong PVC handles allows them to drag themselves out of the water with little effort.

My only concern with this inflatable floating island is that it can get quite wobbly and unstable on rough waters.

Otherwise, everything else on the Tropical Tahiti floating island ticks the right boxes, and I highly recommend it.

I’ve anchored mine for water in weeks with no issues, so it is quite durable. It also performs well in the water and will ensure you’ve a wonderful moment in the water.



#4 WOW Stadium Islander 12-Person Inflatable Float - Largest Floating Island


We’ve had many tubes in the past, but this is my favorite, especially when I’ve friends coming over. It’s by far the best lake float.

It’s also a large floating island, probably the largest of our Costco floating islands reviewed.

WOW has an enormous built-in boarding platform that can hold 12 comfortably.

So, yes, whether everyone in your family comes with a plus one or invite your workmates around, each will have a place to lounge and enjoy the experience.

Plus, you don’t have to worry whether it can support a pool party because it offers a generous weight capacity of 2,460. That’s near twice the weight capacity of most islands. It’s like a boat on steroids!

And the good news is even at full capacity; you won’t feel like you’re getting choked on space.

This is because it boasts of a huge 12-foot diameter and 12- mesh seats. They’re generous in the amount of space they offer, and my partner can even invite some of her plus-size friends without them feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

For me, the mesh seat sits well in my books because it improves the overall aeration. It allows the air to flow effortlessly, and it further underlines WOW’s usefulness as an Island for relaxing.

And that’s not even the best part!

A huge open center makes getting on and off this island quite easy. But more importantly, I can dangle my feet in the water when I want to cool my body but don’t want a full-body soak.

My kids can also use the center section to play.

Securing the WOW 12-person floating island is also super easy and convenient. You can tie the float using the reinforced grommet. But I prefer to use the included rope and anchor bag to anchor the float right where I want it.

My only issue with the WOW is that it’s not premium. I mean, it lacks some of the handy convenience features we saw on the other models.

For example, it lacks cup holders, so accessing my beverage is a bit challenging. It’s not a deal-breaker, though, since I can always place a floating cooler with cup holders right in the middle wading pool.

The only real downside with the WOW is that it’s huge. While I can still carry it on my own, I prefer a helping hand to carry it from my truck into the water.

Nevertheless, WOW is a nice pick, and I love this party island for cruising down the river or even floating on the lake or ocean.

But given its size, you’ll definitely want to use an electric pump to inflate it.



#5 Tobin Sports Floating Island - Budget Pick


If you need an inflatable island that will accommodate the relaxing needs of all ages, then go for the Tobin Sports Pacific Lounge Island.

It’s a reliable and all-rounder floating island that will ensure you’ve a blast in the water.

One of my favorite attractions with the island is that it’s modest and quite easy to manage.

It can only hold up to four, but that should be sufficient for two of my kids and their friends. I can also use it as a family island, though I’ve to leave my dog.

The island’s small size makes it a great option for those who need an island they can carry without much hassle.

It’s super lightweight and portable, and I can even use it for backpacking when I need to access the hidden beach spots.

Despite its simplicity, Tobin Sports Floating Island is super durable and quite practical on the water.

It’s built from a solid PVC that will take on the abuses and rough beatings of the sea.

For example, mine survived a storm in the Gulf of Mexico! I left it on the shore during the storm, and we watched it toss into the water, do tumbles across the water, and yet, it remained quite functional at the end of the vacation days on the lake.

Using this float is also a breeze, and I love that my plus-size wife can jump off and easily climb back on. She has no problems getting on and off, even with her bad knees. The kids equally don’t seem to struggle, thanks to the attached “deck” piece that you can jump onto and use to get on.

Overall, the Tobin Sports Pacific Lounge Island is a nice and simple inflatable floating island, fun for all ages, and perfect for those on a budget.



Best Costco Floating Islands Buying Guide

Best Costco Floating Islands Buying Guide

Choosing a Costco Island can be nerve-wracking when you’re not sure what you need to look for.

Plus, there’re loads of options in the Costco store, so it’s also easy to feel overwhelmed when on your island.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about the different features or selection because we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide outlining everything you need to know before heading to your local Costco stores.

Types of Costco Islands: Relaxing or Entertaining?

Before you purchase a Costco island, you need to consider whether you’re going to use it for relaxing or entertaining.

Relaxing inflatable CostcoTubes

If the main function of your Costco inflatable is relaxing, here are the crucial elements to consider:

1)      Room to lay down: A floating island for relaxing should have adequate space for lounging and soaking up the sun.

2)      Shade canopy: Too much sun is no fun. Having a canopy on your island can provide a more relaxing experience.

3)      Mesh bottom: A mesh bottom soaks your feet, which helps to keep your body cool.

Entertaining Floating Islands

Entertaining inflatable floating islands are also known as party floats.

They’ve different features such as:

1)      Built-in Cooler: Keeps your beverages cold and refreshing

2)      Cup holders: Guests will appreciate beverages within their arm’s reach. Ensure your float has cup holders.

3)      Seat: Your guests will probably need to be in a seated position, preferably with back support, so they can see eye-to-eye when engaging in a conversation.

4)      Swim platform: A boarding platform allows you to enter and exit the water when engaging in any off-island activities such as swimming or snorkeling.

5)      Music system:  While this is tough to find, some Costco Islands have watertight compartments for holding your speakers and MP3 players.


If you’ve younger kids, you’ll probably need to keep an eye on them and look for something safe and entertaining.

In this case, I would choose a Costco party island over a more relaxing floating island because of the entertainment value.

What to Consider when Selecting the Best Costco IslandsWhat to Consider when Selecting the Best Costco Islands

Now that you’re aware of the two different types of floating islands let’s consider what to consider when purchasing your island.

Size and Structure

An important consideration when purchasing a floating island is determining the number of users.

This will give you an idea of what size you need and ensure you’ve room for all of your guests.

Along with the size, also consider the shape and structure. For example, group friends often prefer to sit facing one another, while families benefit from distancing themselves.

Sun Protection & Refreshment

Water is reflective, so it means you’ll receive a higher dose of UV light when enjoying time on the water.

Fortunately, some Costco Islands feature sun covers that keep the sun off and a place to refresh.

Also, consider the extra features such as cup holders and coolers. The extra features ensure you run smoothly and may even come in handy for offering a convenient experience in the water.

Air Valves

Floating islands are larger and bulky than your traditional pool tubes, so they may take longer to inflate and deflate.

Therefore, it’s worth looking for options with multiple quick-release ports.

They’re easy to inflate by different pumps simultaneously, and having separate internal sections makes the float less likely to sink in case of a puncture.


Generally, most of the best Costco Floating Islands utilize PVC.

PVC is durable, puncture, and tear-resistant while remaining nice. It doesn’t rip for sharp objects or leak from extended use or exposure to the sun; it handles all water settings, including lakes and rivers.

Plus, it’s compatible with traditional adhesives such as bike glue, so it’s easy to get yourself back onto the water if you’ve the right tools.

Safety Features inflatbale islandsSafety Features

Your Costco party island must have an anchor, especially if you’ll be using it on the sea.

Along with the anchor, look for options with other features such as swim-up ramps, rope anchors, and solid handles.

Air chambers are also necessary so that when one rips, it doesn’t result in the sinking of the inflatable island.

Finally, some premium options come bundled with a repair kit. A repair kit has everything you need to patch the leaks and tearing on your inflatable.

Location of Use

Your location determines what type of inflatable to choose.

For example, if you’re using your inflatable island for the pool, chances are you’ll pick a less durable and smaller model than if you’re going to the lake.

Best Costco Floating Islands Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I inflate my inflatable floating island?

A: Costco Floating islands are huge, and the only effective way of inflating them and still having time and energy to enjoy the water is through an electric pump.

Q: How do I keep my inflatable floating island from drifting?

A: An inflatable floating island is like a boat, so it’s subject to wind and currents.

To avoid your float from drifting miles, you need an anchor system- just like a boat.

Q: How do you get back and forth from my party raft to the shore?

A: We recommend getting a small single or double-person inflatable dinghy for tying to the boat.

It gets easier to transfer drinks, food speakers, and supplies with a dinghy to and from your island.

Q: What different ways can I use my island?

A: Beyond relaxing and partying, floating islands can also be used in several different ways.

For example, an angler can use the island for fishing because they have tons of room for storage and standing. They’re also stable and don’t generate wake that would typically disturb fish.

Secondly, if you want to get a little bit adventurous, you can tie the inflatable floating island to the back of a slow-moving boat. Be gentle, though, as these are not like your typical towable tubes.

Lastly, you can use the Costco inflatables as snorkeling platforms. They come with plenty of storage room for snorkeling gear, and it’s easy to anchor them to have a home base for when you get back to the surface.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Costco Floating Islands wrap up our choice

Our winner for the best Costco floating island is the SportsStuff Fiesta Island.

It’s quite a reliable pick that scores As in most departments, including performance, durability, and ease of use.

I’ve used it for quite some time now, and I love how reliable and easy-going it is.

I would highly recommend the Fiesta Costco Floating Island, whether you’ve a family or simply want a tube for partying or spending time in the lake.

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