Ultimate Review of The Best Costco Wetsuits in 2023

Best Costco Wetsuits

Diving has become my obsession and great passion!

Several years ago, when I first touched the underwater world, I knew I would take every opportunity to dive and get lost in the blue.

And as with most amateur divers, I didn’t really care what diving equipment I used. After all, what was important for me was to simply get underwater and enjoy the serene environment .

But by gaining experience, I slowly realized that it was important to use quality equipment that could be adapted to the conditions of water I dived in.

See, I often dived in the shallow Hawaiian reefs, and the conditions here were cozy. I didn’t require any form of insulation or anything.

But once I intensified my travelling around the globe, mainly to dive, I realized the importance of a wetsuit.

With the right wetsuit on I could confidently manage to dive in the 30–40-degree Fahrenheit conditions without worrying much about hypothermia or cold shock.

Plus, having a wetsuit meant I couldn’t miss out on winter diving. I could have the beach and sea, all by myself, when everyone was holed in the warm shelters of their houses.

And in summers, I still found them useful. The thinner versions are handy for protecting my body against abrasion, stings from jellyfish, and much more.

They also remain flexible, so much that I don’t feel like I’ve a suit on. The neoprene material is flexible and has smooth skin allowing the suit to move and stretch, so I’m unrestricted in the water.

Now, if you’re interested in a wetsuit, whether for warmth or simply protection, I can suggest a few handy options.

I’ll share some of my favorite Costco wetsuits based on my experience in the water and with different wetsuits.

Quick Comparison Table!

Quiksilver Men’s Syncro


Seavenger Tropical Shorty Wetsuit


Rip Curl Dawn Patrol GB Steamer


O’Neill Men’s Reactor


Body Glove BeaverTail Wetsuit



The Best Costco Wetsuits For The Money

Best Costco Wetsuits FOR THE MONEY

#1 Quiksilver Men’s Syncro - EDITOR'S CHOICE


I’ve not come across a better wetsuit than the Quiksilver Men’s, especially for all the amazing features without carrying a huge cost.

The Syncro has plenty of features for an entry-level wetsuit but is still affordable for any water sports lover.

It looks dope, fits perfectly, and keeps me cozy.

One of the things I love with this purchase is the Neoprene material.

The limestone-based StretchFlight X2 Neoprene is incredible in all measures.

For a start, it’s flexible and so soft, it feels like my pajama pants. Also, compared to other rubbers, the StretchFlight X2 has unmatched flexibility, so much that I can use it out of the water as clothing.

In the water, it stretches well, and I don’t even notice I’ve a wetsuit on.

Moving on, if you turn the Syncro inside out, you’ll notice a red panel. It’s the WarmFlight Bio-Fleece Thermal liner.

The design works hard as you do to keep you warm and preserve your temperature.

I love the design, along with the 3/2 mm neoprene thickness, as it allows me to extend my diving session, even in cold conditions. I don’t feel like I’m getting cold even in cloudy conditions.

On top of that, this wetsuit comes with a KYY zip and blindstitched seams. These work well to prevent the flushing of water into the suit while offering better support.



#2 Seavenger Tropical Shorty Wetsuit – Best Warm-Water Wetsuit


The new Seavanger Tropical Wetsuit is an all-black and stylish performance-enhancing shorty.

Out of the box, you can tell it’s not restrictive.

True, as with any other shorty, I love it because of its incredible versatility. It doesn’t hinder my mobility and allows me to extend my arms and legs to a range of motion.

So, when I’m not diving, I can use it for other water sports such as surfing, paddling, and snorkeling.

Another attractive feature of this wetsuit is the cold protection.

With a 3mm neoprene thickness, it’s perfect for any condition from cold to hot temperature water.

I love how it closes the neck line just fine, while the arms and legs are a good fit.

Like most high-end wetsuits, it keeps the water from moving back and forth in my suit. It creates pockets of water in my suit to keep me warmer for longer.

Donning and doffing this suit is also a breeze. For the most part, I didn’t even think about it when I was diving.

The stitching and seams equally measure up and give a wonderful feeling. For example, the flatlock stitching reduces irritation and chafing, so I don’t have to come out of the water with red skin or anything.

And before I forget, the Nylon II offers super-stretchy comfort while keeping you buoyant.

I no longer sink to the deep pool easily, and this is important for my breathing exercises.



#3 Rip Curl Dawn Patrol GB Steamer - Best Wetsuit For Women


My partner loves the Rip Curl because it’s one of the few women-specific wetsuits that really fit her.

See, her previous wetsuits had an ill-fit and didn’t accommodate her breast and large hips.

Rip Curl Dawn is different, and she loves it.

The compression fit technology, paired together with the suit’s stretchiness, allows the suit to fit better and snugger.

Sizing aside, she loves it because of the unique neoprene construction.

The material is lightweight, so it doesn’t fatigue her at all, even when surfing for an extended period.

And the good thing is the lightness doesn’t sacrifice her warmth. She’s comfortable in the 50 degrees water conditions.

Another plus with the Dawn Patrol purchase is the ease of use.

Instead of a back zip, the suit has a well-thought-out chest/front zipper design. It’s easier for her to don and doff the wetsuit without my help. This is not to mention she can do it quicker.

The chest zipper also works well at keeping the water out and is much warmer than a back zipper.

Comfort is also the name of the game with the Rip Curl Dawn Patrol. Instead of using flatlock stitching or some other joint, it utilizes blind stitching technology and has taped seams.

Besides keeping you warm for extended periods, it also ensures you benefit from a comfortable and chafe-free experience.



#4 O'Neill Men's Reactor – Best Wetsuits for Budget


I’m pleased with the O’Neill Reactor.

I’ve had the same suit in the 4/3 full versions, and it has really held up well.

The 2mm version appears to be identical but in a thinner, shorty version.

It performs as expected, and this is great, particularly in this price range.

I love this spring suit because it’s engineered for a combination of stretch and durability.

It has amazing flexibility and allows a full range of motion. So, when not using it for scuba diving, it comes in handy for swimming or surfing.

The suit is a bit thin, though, and at 2 mm, it may not be the right option for cold water surfing.

But here’s the thing, O’Neill Reactor is a spring suit built for warm water conditions. It keeps me just at the right body temperature and shields me from jelly stings, abrasions, and other elements.

The neck part, in particular, has a FluidFoam material, which evenly touches the skin while not letting water flush.

I was also impressed by the sturdiness of the wetsuit, for the price.

The high-performance super-stretch neoprene resists Velcro pulls and snags, tears, and much more. If you take care of the suit, it will last for a long time.

Another plus about the O’Neill Reactor is a Flatlock seam that is strong enough to withstand stretches. The stitch is also comfortable and is hardly felt by the users.



#5 Body Glove BeaverTail Wetsuit – Best Hooded Wetsuit


If you need a wetsuit to take it all, you can never go wrong with the Beaver Tail.

I acquired the Beaver Tail Suit because I wanted a wetsuit to shield me against the cold-water conditions while remaining sturdy.

It seemed like a solid choice, and so far, I’ve no regrets.

Beaver Tail suit has several features, but the standout feature is the hood.

It’s a unique design that keeps my head dry and free from water shocks.

The other good feature is the suit is available in different thicknesses. Options range from 3 mm up to 7mm.

I’m a big fan of the 5mm because it balances functionality and ease of use.

It’s a great option for use in most cold water conditions, and it doesn’t severely restrict my range of motion as the 7mm does.

However, you can always go for the 3mm when you need a wetsuit for summer and spring.

The suit is also supportive and comfortable.  I love how the manufacturer has articulated the technical fabric on the sleeves, legs, and knees to keep you warm while offering the ultimate comfort.

Finally, the stylish camo design feels and looks nice. It helps with optimal stealth in the water and is wonderful to have it on.



Best Wetsuits Buying Guide

Best Costco Wetsuits buying guide

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about selecting the best Costco wetsuit in the section below.

Types of Wetsuits

There’re four popular types of Costco wetsuit cuts, and they’re:

1)      Full-body wetsuit

As its name suggests, the full-body wetsuit has long sleeves, and pants legs extend to the ankles.

This wetsuit cut has full coverage and protection for the user.

It’s best used for scuba diving and provides optimal body heat.

2)      Sleeveless

The sleeveless wetsuit is a full-body wetsuit without arms.

It’s a preferred option for users who want more flexibility and less restriction of arm movement.

3)      Shorties

Shorty is the best Costco wetsuit design for those going for a warm water adventure.

Shorties have short sleeves and pant legs going just above the knees.

Many surfers prefer the shorties because they can move freely underwater and quickly wear and take off the suit.

4)      Short cut

The shortcut is more like a shorty but lacks sleeves.

It’s a preferred option for faster transitions such as triathlons.

Unfortunately, it’s not a great option for cold diving because it doesn’t protect the arms and legs.

Factors t#o Consider when Selecting the Best Costco Wetsuit

Now that you know the different wetsuit cuts, here’re the critical features to consider when selecting the best Costco wetsuit.


Thickness is how dense material is.

The thicker a wetsuit is, the more insulation and protection it offers against cold and other elements.

For example, winter wetsuits or cold wetsuits have a thickness starting from 4mm to 6mm.

They’re thick enough to shield your body against penetration of cold or anything.

However, the added thickness comes with limited mobility. The thicker wetsuits are less flexible.

On the other hand, the thinner wetsuits have greater mobility but are not protective enough.

However, they can be handy in warm-water conditions.


Not many surfers think of the zipper as an integral component of a wetsuit.

However, it’s essential because it helps the wearer get into and out of the wetsuit. The longer the length, the easier it is to get your suit on and off.

Positioning of the zipper also affects the overall ease of use.

For example, most zippers are traditionally placed at the back for easy entry.

On the other hand, the new chest zip allows more flexibility on the back and is more watertight.


Best Costco Wetsuits faq

Most wetsuits are made out of super stretch neoprene.

It is a waterproof and light material that will let you stay warm in the water without being weighed down.

However, the higher the grade of neoprene, the warmer it keeps your body temperature.

Sealed Vs. Unsealed

Most of the traditional wetsuits were unsealed.

Today, only the low-cost wetsuits are unsealed.

But what does this mean?

An unsealed wetsuit is stitched together and then glued at the seam to decrease the water entering the suit. It makes the wetsuit “sealed.”

In the higher-end wetsuits, there’s tape placed along the inside flatlock seams for added protection from the water.

We recommend the sealed wetsuits because they keep your body less exposed to cold conditions, ensuring your core body temperature stays higher for a longer time in the water.


Many brands use the thicker type of neoprene to increase your buoyancy in the water.

The more buoyant you’re, the better and faster you can swim. Buoyancy also lowers the drag when swimming.

Best Costco Wetsuit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How Do I Know My Costco Wetsuit Will Fit Me?

A: The best Costco wetsuit should fit well and comfortably snug.

It should be too tight to restrict your movement or too loose to allow water to flush.

Q: Is It Normal that Water Gets Into My Wetsuit?

A: Yes, it’s normal.

Unlike a dry suit, some water will go inside the body to be heated and offer maximum warmth.

But too much water isn’t normal. Ensure the neckline is well-fitting.

Q: What’s the Best Way of Cleaning a Costco Wetsuit?

A: After use, rinse it with clean water and hand it to dry, out of direct sunlight.

Consider using the shower to rinse off the salt and sand from the suit.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Costco Wetsuits wrap up

Our winner for the best wetsuits is the Quiksilver Men’s Syncro.

It’s a great entry-level suit that also comes with enough features for professional use.

The wetsuit is super-reliable and works well at keeping you warm. And at the same time, it provides you with the flexibility you need for a wide range of motion.

I would recommend it.

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