Ultimate Review of The Best Gifts for Surfers in 2023

Best Gifts for Surfers

If you’ve a surfer in your life, getting them a surf-related gift is a bullet-proof way to please them.

However, gifting a surfer is pretty nerve-wracking because there’s a lot of personal preferences involved. Plus, most surfers have everything they need for the sport.

Now for most people, gifting a surfboard may seem like one of the sure-bets, something any recipient would love.

But in my opinion, getting a surfboard is dicey as hell because they’re quite personal to the surfer. A surfboard is like a shoe; there’re different for different conditions. So, it’s hard to get them an exact surfboard without knowing their wants.

 The good thing is gifting doesn’t have to revolve around surfboards. There’re plenty of other awesome gift ideas for surfers.

Some of the surfing gift ideas that come right off my mind are surf apparel, surf accessories such as surf wax, surf watch, GoPro Hero, wetsuit for cold water temperature surfing, and maybe a surf trip voucher.

Personally, I would also appreciate a functional gift that can stand the test of time and maybe something I could pass on. A good surf watch, pen or knife, maybe?

But more importantly, the perfect gift for surfers should convey your gratitude.

Want to know what these surf gifts are?

I’ve spent time enjoying California’s amazing surf and have found some nice surf gear that enhances my time on the surf.

Today, I don’t struggle much getting my partner (also a surfer) when her birthday or Christmas rolls in.

And in the guide below, I’ll share some of the products I think would make great gift options.

Our choices are practical, functional and will express your gratitude.

Quick Comparison Table!

Surf Wax


Wax Remover


Changing Mat


Surf Ponchos


Surfboard Sock


Roof Rack



The Best Gift for Surfers For The Money

Best Gifts for Surfers for the money

#1 Surf Wax


Few surf accessories carry the weight of importance as the right wax does.

It’s the ultimate surf gift idea, at least in my opinion, and a must-have surf accessory.

Gift any surfer a board wax, and you know you’re getting them an item they’re definitely gonna use!

It’s an essential accessory in surf sessions, offering a simple but rather effective way to never slip off your board again.

But not all surf waxes work the same. There’re a range of waxes in the market, but we’ve been big fans of Sticky Bumps Wax.

See, I’ve used a bunch of different surfing wax over the years; the Sticky Wax has got to be stickiest. Almost obnoxiously sticky, like freshly chewed gum.

It sticks nicely on my log and offers immense traction, especially if you’re wearing booties.

I simply smear it on the board, and it sticks well.

And that’s not all; it works great and stays sticky longer than most other brands I’ve tried. So, no need to apply much of it.

It’s also great for surfers who love warm water surf because it doesn’t melt or lose its stickiness halfway through the surfing sessions as other waxes do.

Finally, the Sticky wax is reef-safe. It’s made of all-natural, biodegradable elements, so surfers don’t need to worry about harming the environment and marine life.

I would highly recommend this Sticky Bumps Wax for outdoor surfing activities and other water sports.



#2 Wax Remover


Surfers know the importance of maintaining or removing surf from their surfboards. Removing/ reshuffling the old and or excess surfing wax is necessary for increased board traction.

Many surfers also use wax removers to eliminate the huge and heavy patches of slime that covers their surfboards.

I’ve seen some DIY surfers use remover substitutes such as credit cards, library cards or kitchen spatulas, but I wouldn’t recommend that. It’s the easiest way to scratch and damage your surfing board.

Instead, I would suggest you invest in a nice wax comb. It’s a better alternative to Pickle Wax Remover or Sex Wax.

A surfboard comb is exactly like its name suggests. It’s used for combing your newly-applied or old wax for better traction.

Usually, these wax combs feature a jagged/toothed edge for removing the excess wax.

We’re big fan favorites of the Sticky Bumps Comb.

It’s an inexpensive and lightweight comb that does the job as expected.

The comb is available in a bright green color, so it complements most of my boards.

Surfers are concerned with the integrity of the combs, but I really like the quality of this one. It feels sturdy, and the quality is well made.

I’ve severely abused the comb, using it to remove the hardened wax even without letting it melt to looseness, and it still retains its integrity.

The comb is also ultra-lightweight and has an ergonomic design. Simply put, holding and using the comb is a pleasant experience, and I’m finding myself waxing off my board more.

Overall, the Sticky comb is a nice gift idea and a product that will make your board more aesthetic and enhance the overall aesthetics.

I would recommend Sticky Bumps Comb to any surfer.



#3 Changing Mat


I know changing mats may not rank high up in the list of priorities, but surfers who often change on sandy beaches will love the convenience of these mats.

The mats have a pretty simple concept; unfurl it to the ground, and change on top of it.

Most mats are designed from rugged materials, so they protect the surfers’ feet from getting hurt. Plus, they ensure your wetsuit won’t get unnecessarily dirty or even at the worst rip.

Simply put, a mat is one of the cool gift ideas and particularly handy for surfers who are looking for more convenience and comfort.

Now, out of the different changing mats we’ve tried, we found the Ho Stevie! Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat to be most functional.

It works as advertised and is great for changing in and out of my dry oor wet wetsuit on the beach without worrying sand will get on the inside. It delivers a sand-free experience after you take your wetsuit booties off while standing on the mat.

But the greatest benefit of the mat, at least in my opinion, is how well it protects my wetsuits. Remember, wetsuits are expensive and deteriorate when exposed to dirt. Ho Stevie mat saves your wetsuit from all that and will ultimately extend the life of the wetsuits.

I’ve also severely abused the mat, but the nylon construction seems to hold up well. It’s heavy-duty and will stand up to the abuses of surfing, including changing on asphalt and other dry areas.

The construction has also proven to be quite convenient because, after use, you can pull a drawstring at the top to double it as a dry bag.

It offers enough space for holding two or even three wetsuits, so no more plastic bags for holding your accessories as it holds them all.

The best part is the nylon construction is waterproof, so water won’t leak in your car or leave you with a funk smell after a Rinsekit portable shower. It’s a game-changer.

Using the mat is also pleasant. Simply lay it on the ground and change- no-fuss experience. I was particularly impressed by how it matched well with my changing poncho.

And once you’re done, tighten the drawstrings to turn it into a dry bag, or fold it nice and easy for storage.

The only markdown with this surf mat is surfers would have wished to see actual handles added on the sides.

Available drawcords are clumsy, and once you hold your wet wetsuit and other dirty clothes, the drawcords may start digging into your hands.

It’s a simple improvement, but any surfer would appreciate the convenience and comfort it would bring.



#4 Surf Ponchos


A beach towel has a classic and traditional allure.

Unfortunately, it’s not convenient, especially when you need to change your wetsuit in the beach parking lot.

A surf poncho, however, makes life for the surfers much more pleasant and easy.

And the usefulness of surf ponchos goes for all situations. Whether you need to quickly change to your boardshorts or are emerging from a cold-water surf session, a poncho will cover your skin better without exposing too much.

We love the SUN CUBE Surf Poncho.

The primary reason surfers will appreciate this gift idea is the material.

Sun Cube Poncho uses 100% microfiber polyester, which feels like a terry robe inside, out. The material is absorbent, like a plushy towel, so surfers can use it as a towel to dry themselves or even stay warm.

It’s also cozy and warm but doesn’t rely on bulk for warmth. Instead, it’s super absorbent and doesn’t cling on your skin when wet like the cheap fleece blankets or fiberglass cloth.

The other attractive feature of this poncho is its size. It’s roomy enough to peel off my bathing suit without flashing anybody. I’m a 6ft surfer and effortlessly change out of my cycling gear.

Meanwhile, changing in and out of this poncho is a breeze. The wide armholes will help with that, while a sewn-in handle helps with easy carrying.

And the good thing is the poncho can fold down into a convenient and lightweight size for easy transport.

For a poncho named a Cube, you would think it looks boxy and dorky to wear. But it’s not; actually, I’ve had many surfers compliment my style and ask me where I got it from.

And to top it off, the poncho has a large hoodie and pockets. I’m more interested in the pockets because they’ve a good amount of depth and have proven quite handy for holding my precious items such as car keys, fin key, wallet, and cell phone.

The sizing is also nice and unisex. It’ll effortlessly fit your favorite surfer.



#5 Surfboard Sock


Nothing hurts a surfer more than dinging their surfboards. The pain of hitting your board against obstacles is unlike any other, and this is why a surfboard sock could be a great gift idea for any surfer.

See, surfboards are invaluable assets and some super-expensive, so it would make perfect sense to invest in a board protector.

A sock offers a convenient way for surfers to shield their boards from simple digs, exposure to UV rays, and scratches.

They’re particularly handy for the surfer who travels a lot and always looks for new surf spots.

And the good thing with this gift idea is you don’t have to pay exorbitant amounts. In fact, based on experience, the super-expensive surf socks wear just as the same as the cheaper options.

Want proof?

We’ve been using the Ho Stevie Board Sock Cover for several seasons now, and it’s probably one of the best purchases we made.

I love Ho Stevie! Board Sock Cover.

It’s pretty okay and does what it’s designed to do. In other words, I’ll protect your board and provide a buffer for the dings and scratches.

Protection, however, is the real benefit of this sock.

The sock material has a nice thickness, which is necessary for ding and scratch protection.

I’ve hit my surfboard against the garage door and dropped it several times, but the thick padding has protected it from marks.

In addition, the quality fabric prevents wax from dripping and running your vehicle’s interior.

The material thickness goes beyond the dings and scratches and protects your board from the UV sunlight. So, no need to worry about the yellowing of your board from exposure to the sun and other elements.

Most surfers are also impressed by the thoughtful design on the lip. The reinforced nose section offers nice protection to the most delicate part of your board.

Using this surfboard travel bag is also a real convenience as it stretches to fit on any board. It’ll accommodate nearly every board in my quiver, starting from longboards, fish, shortboards to surfboards.

The snug fit is also a crucial safety element because it eliminates the amount of materials that flaps in the wind.

Finally, the socks come with Velcro storage inside, where a surfer can store their valuable items such as keys, wallets and phones.



#6 Roof Rack


Ready to explore a new surf spot?

You’ll need a convenient way to carry your boards in your car.

Roof racks are a great and safe way to move your board.

The racks will wrap around your car’s inside, letting the surfer secure the boards to the roof. They’re a safe and easy option for surfers to rack up miles and save on space on their cars.

And the best thing is the racks are safe; the sturdy buckles ensure the boards won’t slip or even fly off even at speeds.

And here’s the kicker! Most systems will work on almost any vehicle.

Our best roof rack for surfboard goes to COR Surf Universal Surfboard Roof Rack.

It’s a reliable stocking stuffer that keeps your surfboard safe during transit.

Out of the box, it seems pretty well-made and hasn’t frayed even after several uses. The buckles used are corrosion-resistant and will stand up to abuses and salt-water use.

Surfers are impressed at how it wraps nicely around the inside of their vehicles and allows them to secure their boards.

Special soft padding eliminates the possibility of dents and scratches on the roof of your car.

Plus, the strap system runs flush with the car’s roof surface, so it doesn’t cause noise on the freeway. More importantly, it ensures your boards are free from slipping during transit.

The rack is also multi-purpose and generous enough to hold three of my boards. It also has a universal fit, so it’ll work well on most cars, trucks and SUVs.

Transporting this great tool is also a breeze. It’s lightweight and comes with a compact carrying case for convenient transport.

Overall, this rack seems like a great option for securing your boards and saving space on your car.



Best Gifts for Surfers Buying Guide

Best Gifts for Surfers buying guide

Selecting the ideal gift for surfers can be challenging, especially considering the numerous options we’ve.

But it doesn’t need to be so.

You need to start from the basics of what you need in surf gear or surfing accessories. And from there, you can select the right surf gift.

Here’re some of the pointers to help you select the right gift for surfers in your next purchase at the local surf shop.


Consider the functionality of gifts for surfers.

It doesn’t make any sense to gift someone a gift they can’t use.

For surfing enthusiasts, the ideal gift should be an accessory or surf gear that will improve their time on the water.

Meanwhile, check to see they don’t have the accessory you’re planning to gift them. It makes more sense, and they’ll be more appreciative.


The next critical element to consider is the purpose of a gift.

Every gift option should serve a purpose. At the least, it should make the surfer more “complete” while surfing.

However, understand that surfers have a range in skill level, so it’s something you need to consider when choosing the ideal gift.

For example, a tech and expensive surf watch can’t be a great gift accessory to experienced surfers obsessed with numbers and statistics. It wouldn’t be of much help to beginners.

On the other hand, a camera might be critical for the digital nomad but not so much for those that enjoy the serenity of outdoor activities.


It’s a good idea to consider the type and quality of the material.

Remember, salt water can be harsh and may result in the corrosion or wearing of the regular gear.

So, if you’re purchasing an item, consider the choice of material.

For example, such as surf watches should ideally sport a stainless-steel construction. Steel can withstand corrosion, wear and is durable enough to weather harsh surfing conditions.

Quality Construction

Along with the choice of material, it’s critical to consider the quality of construction.

Check how the surf gift is made. Consider the design, the manufacturing process, and the overall make.

For example, if you decide to gift an earplug, consider how well it fits into the ears and how protective it’s against water entry.

Best Gifts for Surfers faq


Finally, you need to consider the type of surfer the recipient is.

What are their surfing behaviors, and where do they like surfing most of the time?

For example, if the recipient often surfs in the shark-infested water, a shark repellent band would be awesome stocking stuffers.

Best Git for Surfers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What’s the ideal gift for surfers?

A: There’s no perfect gift.

The ideal one, however, will depend on a range of factors. The need for a particular gift is probably the most vital element contributing to the idealness of a gift.

Of course, there’re other important factors as well. For example, the ideal gift should facilitate a convenient and pleasant surf session.

Q: How much should I spend on the perfect gift for surfers?

A: You don’t have to overspend to get the ideal gift for surfers.

There’re numerous budget-friendly, and inexpensive items available the recipient will love.

The trick to getting the perfect gift isn’t necessarily choosing the most expensive option. Instead, it’s finding affordable gifts that serve their needs better and makes their experience on the water more pleasant and exciting.

Q: What is a good gift for a surfer?

A: I feel what we’ve discussed pretty sums everything a surfer may find pleasant as a gift.

Our gift choices are functional, fun to use, and will create a pleasant experience on the surf.

Q: What is the best gift for a surfer girl?

A: Along with what we’ve already mentioned, surfer girls will always appreciate sunscreen.

See, most girls are sensitive to their skins, so they need something to protect them from the harsh UV rays.

With the organic sunscreen slathered on their skins, surfers can stay in the sun exposed without worrying about damaged skin.

Q: What does every surfer need?

A: Different surfers require different surf accessories.

The trick is to find what a surfer lacks, and more importantly, what might help their surfing sessions.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for surfing?

A: Some of the bare minimum accessories for surfing include a surfboard, fin, leg rope and fins.

Wrap Up

Best Gifts for Surfers wrap up

There you’ve it; that’s our list of the best gifts for surfers.

The least is by no means a definitive guide of all the surfing accessories or gears, but it contains some of the cool gifts we think most surfers will be pleased to get.

Understand there’re many other surf accessories in the market, such as surf art, surf games, traction pad, surf books, wetsuit shampoo, surf plugs for surf ears, waterproof backpack, and a few other accessories. But they’re not necessarily critical for surfing, and not everyone needs them.

However, the surf gifts we’ve listed will play an important role for any avid surfer in their surfing game.

Of course, remember to check with your surfer friend and consider their surfer’s style and likes before making a purchase.

Our gift guide will then inspire your next decision.

If you feel there may be some other great gifts for surfers that ought to be reviewed, be sure to comment in the section below, and we’ll happily include them on our list of the best gifts for surfers.

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