Ultimate Review of the Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats

It’s hard to beat the solid-hulled pontoon boats when it comes to durability and strength. Because of their strength, these boats are ideal for heavy use and in places with rocky terrain and shorelines.

Unfortunately, their strength and sturdiness come at a cost. Most of these pontoon boats are bulky, heavy, and generally impractical and painful for single users to transport.

The reverse is true with their soft-shelled kin.

The inflatable pontoons overcome the weight and size barrier, taking portability and ease of use to new levels.

The popularity of these pneumatic boats is slowly on the rise, not because of the same reasons as the solid-hulled pontoons, but because they’re stable, convenient, and easy to use.

For me, at least, I find the best inflatable pontoon boats a much more affordable alternative to the full-size boats. They’re the perfect investment when you’re not just ready to invest in a full-size boat.

Designed to accommodate boaters and gear, these intuitive, cost-efficient inflatable boats are easy to use, easy to store and maintain.

They also don’t sacrifice the performance and get to the best fishing spots where traditional boats can’t.

But with a myriad of inflatable pontoon boats in the market, searching for the best inflatable can be unnerving. It becomes thornier to rummage through the different designs, shapes, and more.

Fortunately, this review guide is meant to make the selection process seamless.

Let’s see what are some of the best inflatable pontoon boats in the market.

Quick Comparison Table!

Classic Accessories Colorado XT


Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat


Sea Eagle 375fc


Outcast Fish Cat 13 Pontoon Boat


Orvis Fish Cat 10-ir Stand Up



The Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats For The Money

The Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats For The Money

#1 Classic Accessories Colorado XT - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The Classic Accessories Colorado XT is a top-of-the-line inflatable pontoon boat packed with enough bells and whistles you would need to get started straight onto the water.

This 9-foot inflatable pontoon does tick most of the boxes for functionality, in terms of what you would want in an inflatable pontoon.

Most users also gush about the Classic Accessories anchor system consisting of a mesh weight bag filled with rocks. It lets you drop the anchor once you reach the best fishing spot, so you won’t start to drift.

But the anchor is just the tip of the iceberg. Colorado XT comes with loads of nifty features, all to make your fishing experience as enjoyable as possible.

Features and Benefits


The first impression of the Classic Accessories Colorado XT is its sturdy and well-built inflatable fishing boat.

From the choice of material to the engineering technology, it’s evident Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat is built with longevity and performance in mind.

If assembled correctly, the XT can easily take on the rough waters without coming apart.

For example, an abrasion-resistant PVC bottom makes the Classic Accessories XT best suited for use in Class I rivers, though some users have been on Class II waters, and it holds up pretty fine.

My only bummer is the Classic Accessories XT isn’t suitable for saltwater use, so I can’t enjoy using this inflatable fishing boat on the sea or ocean. But my educated guess is you could probably get away with light use if you’re scrupulous about washing it after each time in the water. Keep in mind this would deteriorate the metal frame, shorten the boat’s longevity, and void the manufacturer warranty. I wouldn’t advise.


Sturdiness is one less thing to worry about on the Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat.

The thick and rugged PVC coating on the underside of the pontoon takes a beating, and won’t puncture, even when fishing on lakes with pointy sharp rocks around the banks.

Classic Accessories is definitely not puncture-proof, but it’s tough, and it would be difficult to puncture it with fish hooks, especially the smaller hooks for fly fishing.

I’m not sure how it will stand up to oyster beds, but I don’t think there’s a pneumatic inflatable fishing boat out there that could survive much contact with these oysters.

But otherwise, dragging the boat on the rocky shores or even on the shallow rivers does little harm, if any, and the inflatable fishing boat shows no signs of wear.

The boat will also put up with fairly regular use without a problem. Of course, its longevity will depend on how well you take care of it, but some users have it going for three years now without a problem.

Performance/ Fishing

Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat is by far more superior to your average everyday inflatable raft. It’s an inflatable pontoon boat that is very stable and designed for river cruising.

XT’s rowing motion is smooth and gives the rider a ton more control than anything else you’ve experienced.

It’s also more maneuverable and buoyant than any rowboat I’ve come across. Actually, it’s more stable and has way less tendency to tip.

Fishing on this pontoon gives you a better visual since you’re sitting high, and if you get hot, you simply need to drop your feet down in the water to cool off.

I wouldn’t recommend standing upon it to fish because the center of gravity would tip much easier. If you want to stand while fishing, then a job boat is what you need.

Comfort/ Weight Carrying Capacity

Classic Accessories Colorado XT has a generous maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

While definitely not the highest on our review list, it should be fine for most users.

For heavy users like me (250 pounds), I can tag along with my 30-pound car battery, 14 lbs, Minn Kota motor, ten tote wheels, 10-pound anchor, a cooler, and my fishing gear.

Dimensions/ Portability

Packing and unpacking this pontoon inflatable fishing shouldn’t cause any problem.

When fully assembled, it has a size of 96″L 55″W 29″H, 43 LBS. This should fit in most full-size pickup trucks like the Dodge 1500, Chevy Silverado, or an F150.

It also fits smaller trucks like the Nissan Frontier, Chevy Colorado, or Nissan Tacoma, but you first need to let the air out of the pontoon.

Breaking down this pontoon isn’t challenging, especially when you figure out a few shortcuts to the build. But it’s advisable to take time to practice before heading out to the lake.

While XT can be partially or fully assembled, most anglers prefer keeping the frame fully intact due to the size constraints.


Classic Accessories Colorado XT also comes with a host of pontoon boat classic accessories to make your experience even more exciting.

For example, it comes with two carry bags; one with compartments for lures or anything you want to take, and the other one for food.

It also comes with a wheel that you can use to take the inflatable fishing boat over the uneven terrain without much difficulty.

Plus, it has a motor mount.



#2 Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat - Best Inflatable Pontoon Boat for Solo Fishing Trips


Designed for solo fishing trips, Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon has everything you need for memorable experiences on the water.

It features plenty of storage spaces, zippered armrest pockets, detachable foam fly patches, a fold-down plastic seat, a motor mount, and more.

But how good is this inflatable fishing pontoon boat?

Let’s find out.

Features and Benefits


There’s nothing cheap about this Classic Accessories inflatable fishing boat. Everything seems high quality, and I can’t gush much about how I love the overall construction and design.

The powder-coated steel frames are sturdy, while the abrasion-resistant PVC bottom will stand up to rough usage. Meanwhile, the seats are built with comfort in mind. Meanwhile, the accessories are built to promote greater convenience on your day out in the water.

Classic Accessories Pontoon won’t have any issue with Class 2 waters, though it’s rated for class 2 waters.

It effortlessly glides over the rocks in shallow water and remains sturdy even after rough use.


Classic’s durability is also on point, thanks to the sturdy PVC on the underside.

The pontoons are tough, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use the inflatable fishing boat on the sharp rocks and stone river bottoms.

Additionally, the pretty tough skin can also take on the rocks and gravels on the shoreline and withstand occasional impact.

Fishermen won’t have to worry about using rattlers with trouble hooks because it hardly pops even when exposed to the sharp needles.

Of course, always remember it’s an inflatable, so you wouldn’t want to smash Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon into jagged rocks continuously.

Also, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using the boat in saltwater, but if you must do it, ensure you give your boat a proper rinse afterward.


Classic Accessories Pontoon handles the shallow water seamlessly and won’t sink that much.

It tracks nicely, much better than the rubber rafts, and if you row backward and pull into the oars, you can easily keep up with a kayak. So, yes, it does move along easily.

For its large size, you’ll also realize Classic Accessories is stable and maneuvers pretty well even on the rough rivers, provided you practice good river judgment.

Weight Capacity

Classic Accessories Inflatable Pontoon Boat has a decent weight capacity of 400, which is more than enough for casual trips.

Along with the generous and easy storage pockets and space, this inflatable fishing boat should accommodate the rider plus all the fishing accessories and gear they need. Just be sure to keep everything under 400 pounds.


The boat’s total dimensions are 108” long, 56” wide, and 26” high, but the good thing is it can break down completely into sections.

Portability shouldn’t be a concern because, for me, at least, I can put it on the bed of our little camper trailer. It also fits well into the back of my four-door Wrangler in the back with the seats down.

The only bummer with Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon is that it doesn’t come with a transport wheel like the XT fishing float tube. It’s not a surprise considering the price difference. However, it does have a wheel mounting bracket welded to the seat frame.


Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat comes with a host of extra features to add more convenience to your ride.

Some of the add-ons riders will benefit from including a portable gear bag, an anchor system, motor mount, seat mounts, rod holders, and more.



#3 Sea Eagle 375fc - Best Inflatable Pontoon for Two Persons


The Sea Eagle 375fc is not only among the best two-person inflatable pontoon boats, but it has outstanding durability, incomparable convenience, and unmatched stability.

It’s the perfect water fishing vessel for anyone who wants to get the most out of their fishing experience.

Features and Benefits

Two Adult Capacity

Most of the inflatable pontoon boats we’ve reviewed on our list of the best inflatable pontoon boats only include a seat for one person.

While this isn’t a problem for most people, especially those who want to fish solo, it can be a deal-breaker for some who want to bring someone with them.

The good news is, the Sea Eagle 375fc comes with two seats, one for you and the other one for your favorite fishing partner.

And make no mistake, Sea Eagle’s seats are just the plain ol’ pontoon boat seats.

Even the basic version of the Sea Eagle 375fc fishing pontoon boat features green swivel chairs with cushioned back and seat, making for a more comfortable fishing experience. You don’t have to worry about back pain after every session.

And because the seats can swivel, you can fish with complete 360° coverage.


Sea Eagle’s design is ground-breaking, even by Sea Eagles’ usual industry-challenging standards.

The Sea Eagle 375fc’s hull is based on a true catamaran design. This means it has two floors. First, there’s an aluminum cross-board floor, and underneath, there’s a full fabric floor running the entire length of the floor.

This double design offers three immediate advantages.

The first one is stability; the twin pontoons each have a diameter of 16’5″ and fixed just less than two feet apart, offering an incredibly balanced surface. You can even stand on the edge of the pontoon and cast without fear of tipping into the water.

The second benefit of this design is the absolute rigidity of the casting surface. The aluminum struts provide a hard and durable floor.

The final benefit of the full fabric floor that runs the entire length of the inflatable fishing boat will prevent anything from falling through the slats into the water. While it’s not rated to take the full weight of an adult, it’s perfect for holding gear, tackle boxes, lures, and even a battery.


One of our concerns with the Sea Eagle 375fc was about the toughness of the pontoon material.

However, after testing the tough 1,000 denier material and going through the customer reviews, our fears were put to rest.

The Sea Eagle is a serious pontoon boat and a cheap fishing float tube toy.

While I wouldn’t deliberately hit the inflatable fishing boat with a claw hammer as Sea Eagle 375fc do on their marketing video, I wouldn’t be afraid of bumping the boat into a few tree stumps.


Sea Eagle 375fc is a fairly large boat, but this doesn’t sacrifice on its riding performance.

It tracks well, and we love how it maneuvers upstream.

While it’s not as fast as an inflatable kayak, it’ll give you decent speed than a fishing float tube and, more importantly, offer a lot in terms of stability and convenience.

Weight Capacity

The Sea Eagle 375Fc FoldCat is rated to carry two adults and has a generous weight capacity of 650 pounds.

It’s a serious rig, craftily designed to take you where you want to go with your friend, with the least possible effort.


 Sea Eagle boasts of a patented folding frame design, and what it does is make the boat far simpler to set up than most fishing boats.

You simply need to roll an inflatable fishing boat, insert the four underbars under the aluminum cross boards and inflate. In just under five minutes, you have a rock-solid pontoon.

Deflating isn’t challenging either; you simply need to release the one-way air valve, pull out the underbars and roll it up.

Once deflated, the inflatable fishing boat folds up to just 56″ x 21″ x 10″, a conveniently-sized package that will fit right in the back of your car.

And when not in use, you can conveniently store it in a closet or other small space, eliminating the need for large, dedicated storage areas.


As with all other picks, this boat comes with a host of pontoon boat classic accessories, including a rod holder, rear storage platform, cup holders, a motor mount, and more.



#4 Outcast Fish Cat 13 Pontoon Boat - Best Inflatable Boat for the Money


The Outcast Fish Cat 13 from Outcast Sporting Gear is a fun and reliable fishing boat.

It’s lightweight, tough, and stable. Its versatility is also unmatched and won’t matter whether you’re going upstream, out on the lake, or searching through a swamp.

I also find the Outcast Fish Cat 13 a great option for those that like to fish on rough rivers with rapid.

But is it the right inflatable pontoon boat for you?

Features and Benefits


Outcast Fish Cat 13 is worth every penny of the money you’ll spend.

While it doesn’t come with the bells and whistles as some of our inflatable boats, it offers incredible performance and will get you to spots other pontoon boats cannot go.

Fish Cat’s constructions reek of quality craftsmanship, and you’ll definitely love the high-quality design of all the components.


Durability has always been a standard quality of Outcast’s products, and the Outcast Fish Cat 13 isn’t any different.

The vinyl Aire Cells are covered with super-rugged 1,000 denier abrasion-resistant PVC skins and will handle anything you throw at the inflatable pontoon boat.

Whether you need to go through the reeds, slack water, or mushy grounds, the Outcast Fish Cat 13 will be your go-to inflatable pontoon boat.

These heavy-duty pontoons handle the sharpies like a champ and hardly puncture because of the fish hooks.

For me, at least, my Outcast Fish Cat going strong after three years of use and still runs like new. Nothing has broken or worn out and is so much fun to use.


If you need an inflatable pontoon boat ready to rock in both moving and still water, then you’ll be glad to learn that Outcast Fish Cat 13 is up for the challenge.

This inflatable pontoon boat rides well on the water and will let you fish with confidence and comfort. It also has all the features you need and the capability needed for serious river use.

Fish Cat’s 20-inch pontoons keep the boat quite steady and balanced, while the modest 65 inches of width makes it great for slipping through those tight passes and narrow trout-filled runs.

The width also makes it suitable for quick paddling while offering great stability in rough conditions.

Weight Capacity

The Outcast Fish Catfishing pontoon can support a maximum weight of 750 pounds and has ample room for easy storage.

It’s the perfect inflatable pontoon boat for anglers who want company in their fishing expeditions.

Even better, it’s easy to disassemble and transform the boat into a spacious one-person expedition vessel for those who need more space on the water.


Outcast Fish 13 is heavy when assembled and may prove a bit challenging to transport because of its size and weight.

However, reviewers are quick to point out that this fishing pontoon boat is assembled and disassembled quickly for easy transport and quick setup once you reach your destination.


Being able to stand on your pontoon boat is a huge advantage.

Fortunately, the Outcast Fish Cat 13 pontoon boat for fishing sports a lightweight aluminum frame with a front standing platform.

The standing platform lets you cast your net in a standing position without fear of tipping the boat or even slipping into the water.

When not standing, a swivel seat lets you easily cast in any direction.


There’re plenty of add-ons on the Outcast Fish Cat 13 that will help enhance your overall experience.

For example, when it comes to equipment mounting options, you benefit from four gear carry bags attached to the powder-coated steel frame on both sides of the seat and a motor mount.

You also have rod holders and a large storage deck at the rear of the deck to hold larger bags and gear items.



#5 Orvis Fish Cat 10-ir Stand Up - Best Fish Flying Inflatable Pontoon Boat


Built as an inflatable pontoon boat for the more basic adventures, the Orvis Fish Cat 10-ir allows you to stand in a more natural position for better casting and sight fishing. It’s the ideal inflatable pontoon boat for fly fishing.

Features and Benefits


If you prefer to sight fish and need extra casting space, you’ll enjoy what Orvis Fish Cat’s personal pontoon boat offers.

This inflatable pontoon boat comes with an easily installed leaning post and casting deck, allowing you to fish from a more natural standing position and quickly drop back to the seat for rowing when necessary.


As with most heavy-duty pontoons on our list, the Orvis Fish Cat is sturdy and will weather through any conditions you take it through.

The abrasion-resistant PVC construction is sturdy and will offer superior protection against punctures or abrasions from the rocky shores or the rocky beach.

Orvis Fish Cat hardly gets any punctures from the fishing hooks and will last for a long time, even under regular use.


Orvis Fish Cat doesn’t fail in this department either and will let you go further without doubting its ability to get you home safely.

The 12-piece steel frame provides greater stability on the water, while the modest width will let you reach the tight spots where traditional boats can’t.

Depending on your abilities, the Orvis Catfish will also let you easily handle Class 2 waters with ease.


This affordable inflatable pontoon comes with a host of accessories, including rod holders and 7-foot two-piece aluminum oars that are much stronger than two-piece oars. These provide excellent maneuverability and will let you turn quickly when working your way through the rough and rapid water.

Orvis Fish Cat also includes an outboard motor mount, which can accept a small trolling motor, though the manufacturer doesn’t recommend a size or maximum thrust.



Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats Buying Guide

Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats Buying Guide

If you’re still undecided on what pontoon boat to choose, our section below will help.

We’ll share with you everything you need to know about pontoon boats, including the features to consider in your next inflatable pontoon boat purchase.

But first, let’s see what an inflatable pontoon boat is.

What is an Inflatable Pontoon Boat?

An inflatable pontoon is a type of fishing vessel that floats using two pontoons.

Pontoons refer to an airtight bladder that can be inflated to float on water and support your weight.

The pontoons are joined by steel frames and offer a platform for riders to sit while paddling.

Generally, these fishing vessels are ideal for riders who want to experience the thrill of traveling over the water without going through the hassle of a full-size boat.

They’re also portable since they can be inflated and deflated, while the frames can be assembled and deconstructed in minutes.

What are the Pontoon Boat Uses?

Generally, pontoon boats are used by anglers who prefer fishing from the middle of the water rather than being restricted on the bank.

Pontoon boats are also stable, so it’s easy to cast your net or fishhook while standing.

But not only anglers can benefit from these vessels. Photographers, casual riders, and explorers also find joy using the inflatable pontoon boats.

Inflatable Pontoon vs. Inflatable Kayaks- Which is Better for Fishing?

Both of these watercraft are excellent choices in their own right; they also have several benefits and flaws over each other that you should consider.

For example, inflatable kayaks are more maneuverable and have incredible tracking. Inflatable kayaks are ideal for use on open waters and where a lot of travel is needed.

Unfortunately, they’re not as stable, so they’ll require you to remain seated, which makes fly fishing and similar forms challenging. Riders are also restricted to using oars for movement.

On the other hand, inflatable fishing pontoon boats function like mobile platforms, allowing you to stand and cast.

They’ve better visibility and smaller draft and are less likely to capsize.

Their major flaw is their track poorly, and they are likely to get shifted off course by the wind. This makes them a poor choice in open waters.

However, the inflatable pontoons are great for calm lakes or rivers and will even let you use oars or mount a motor.

Types of Pontoon Boats

As with the traditional boats, inflatable pontoon boats come in different shapes, styles, and forms.

The four common types of pontoon boats are:

Single Seater Pontoon Boats

The single pontoon or one-person inflatable pontoon are the most common types of pontoon boats you’ll find.

These can only accommodate one person, so they’re generally small, compact, and lightweight.

The one-person boats have a modest load capacity of 400 pounds.

They’re inexpensive too, with some of them starting under $200, though prices can go as high as $1,000.

Two-Man Inflatable Pontoon Boats

The 2-man inflatable pontoon boats are great for those who prefer taking the waters with a friend.

These inflatable boats aren’t small or compact. In fact, most anglers leave them fully assembled and trailer them to their destination.

However, they’re ultra-stable, durable, and can accommodate large motors.

Regarding the pricing, they’re far more expensive, and in some cases, they need to register with the authorities.

Highly Portable Pontoon Boats

While most pontoon boats are portable, some take portability to new levels.

The portable pontoons are designed with quick assembly and easy transportation in mind.

They can easily collapse into a carry bag and be packed into your backpack.

However, they’re simple in design, so you shouldn’t expect a lot of features and extras such as rod holders, motor mounts, or padded swivel chairs.

Fishing Float Tube

A fishing float tube isn’t a true inflatable pontoon boat but rather a tube-pontoon hybrid.

It comes with a U-shaped pontoon with a chair for the angler to sit.

A fishing float tube is perfect for calm, flat water and anglers who need a small and hassle-free watercraft for cruising around the water.

Unfortunately, a fishing float isn’t the most comfortable inflatable but generally inexpensive.

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best Inflatable Pontoon BoatFactors to Consider when Selecting the Best Inflatable Pontoon Boat


The first thing to consider with any inflatable is the choice of material.

On an inflatable pontoon boat, there’re different parts to consider.

We’ll start with the pontoons.


Many inflatable pontoon boats are manufactured from heavy-duty and abrasion-resistant PVC material.

This material is designed to resist the extremes of heat and cold and the potential risks of getting submerged in water for extended periods.

Many Heavy-duty pontoon boats are also treated with nylon, which adds protection and eliminates punctures.

The only distinction between the PVC-pontoons is the bonding of the materials. See whether it’s joined through glue, thermo-bond or sews, and see that it’s done correctly.


The second important part of an inflatable pontoon boat is the frame.

Most of the decks are supported by metal frames, while the inexpensive options used powder-coated steel.

The more expensive inflatable pontoon boats use an aluminum frame, which is lighter and more durable.

Generally, if you need an inexpensive inflatable pontoon boat, pick those with steel. Aluminum is better, but it’s usually more expensive.

Frameless Pontoon Boats

A frameless boat is exactly as it sounds; it doesn’t come with the conventional metal frame.

Instead, it features a series of extra air bladders that support the inflatable deck.

The extra air increases the maximum load capacity, and the absence of a rigid frame makes the pontoon more maneuverable and durable in white water conditions.

The downside of a frameless pontoon boat is the high price.

Set-up and Convenience

Size very much influences how easy it is to set up and inflate an inflatable pontoon.

For example, the framed models take extra time to set up, while the steel or aluminum rod naturally adds more carrying weight.

So, it’s always good to consider this if your trip requires backpacking.

Weight and Passenger Capacity

It’s always a good idea to consider the weight and passenger-carrying capacity of an inflatable.

If you plan to bring a friend with you, choose a fishing pontoon boat with at least two seats.

But if you plan to take on a solo ride, an inflatable pontoon boat with one seat is sufficient.

Also, weight plays an important role, especially if you’re backpacking. The ideal pontoon boat shouldn’t be heavy; instead, it should be light for you to pack and carry.


Alongside the weight, you also need to consider the inflatable pontoon’s dimension.

The dimensions affect where you can utilize and enjoy it.

While calm, steady water is great for almost any inflatable pontoon boat, you’ll definitely need a narrowboat if it’s a spot with a narrow entrance like a secluded fishing hole.


When it comes to user-friendliness, you need to ask yourself what purpose you’re going to use your boat for.

For example, if you need your pontoon for fishing, you can go with a less expensive model to only apply for fishing.

But if you’re planning to use it for other purposes such as wildlife exploration and photography, it’s better to invest in a versatile inflatable pontoon.

Important Features to Lookout For in an Inflatable PontoonImportant Features to Lookout For in an Inflatable Pontoon

Investing in a personal inflatable pontoon is just a matter of selecting a model you like the look of.

Even if you’re happy with the construction and overall shape, they’re still a few extra things to consider.

Here are some of the often-overlooked features of fishing pontoons:

Storage Pockets

Many anglers are quick to point out the maximum load capacity but don’t consider the storage options available.

Fortunately, most inflatable pontoons have plenty of pockets available and special recesses and storage areas.

Swivel Seats

While swivel seats aren’t a necessity, they help at improving your fishing experience.

Some of these boats have 360-degree swivel seats to give you unfettered access to your surroundings and will let you cast your cast wherever you want to.

Rod Holder

Rod holders are a must-have accessory for inflatable pontoons.

While it’s a standard in most inflatable boats, it’s important to look at their settings and positions.

For example, multiple posting settings are more desirable.

Distress Equipment

Distress equipment, such as life jackets, SOS signaling tools, and other safety gear, is an important accessory in any boat.

They’re not standard accessories, but you should make a point of investing in these safety accessories.

Motor Mounts

A motor mount isn’t always standard equipment on many inflatable pontoons.

While many of these boats do come with mounts, don’t always assume yours will have this facility.

And even if your desired boat has a mount, check to see that it can accommodate your motors.

Generally, most one-person pontoon boats can only handle trolling motors of up to 3 horsepower.


Finally, double-check the dimensions of your pontoon boat,

Consider the packed dimensions as well as the fully assembled dimensions.

Ask yourself whether the boat will see it in your truck or trailer. Also, consider whether it’ll fit in your garage since many owners prefer leaving their boats fully assembled and store them in their garage when not in use.

Legality: Do I Need to Register my Pontoon Boat?

Laws differ from one state to the other, so the best way of knowing whether you need a license is to check with your local authorities.

While many anglers assume pontoons are exempt from registration, that is false.

In some states, such as California, most inflatable pontoon boats are subject to registration at DMV . Of course, if you’re operating a motor-powered pontoon boat, you’ll definitely need to register the vessel with DMV or get documentation for the U.S Coast Guard.

How To Inflate an Inflatable Fishing Pontoon BoatHow To Inflate an Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat

Here are the steps to follow when inflating a pontoon boat


The first step is to unpack your pontoons.

Be sure you carefully roll and unfold them out, checking for any holes and tears.

We also recommend doing the unpacking on flat ground, free from debris or any sharp edges.

Prepare the Valves

The next step is removing the protective valve caps from the end of each pontoon. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions when doing this.

Removing the valves provides access to the inflation and deflation valve.

While the valves operate differently, most of them have a spring and a pin mechanism for opening and closing the air valves.


To inflate a pontoon, you need the correct sized valve adapter and a pump.

Place the valve adapter into the end of the pump hose, connect the valve adapter to the pontoon valve and begin pumping.

Full inflation should be around 2.5 psi in the main air chambers, though different products have different specifications.


Over time, it’s easy for air to escape from your pontoon, so it’s always a good idea to have a pontoon nearby at all times.

It’s also worth noting that different weather conditions can cause your pontoon to increase or decrease in pressure.

Ideally, you should avoid exposing your pontoon to extreme temperature changes for the best results.

Best Inflatable Pontoon Boat Frequently Asked QuestionsBest Inflatable Pontoon Boat Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where Do I Put my registration sticker on an inflatable pontoon boat?

A: Generally, riders should place the registration numbers on both sides of the boat’s bow, on the forward half of the fishing vessel.

The registration number shouldn’t be obscured by anything and should be written in block letters, ideally a minimum of 3 inches high.

Plus, their colors should be visible and in contrast to the background color.

Q: What is the best battery size for my inflatable pontoon boat?

A: You should check the battery box recess on your inflatable for an idea of what dimensions you need for your battery.

But generally, a lightweight 12-v trolling motor is powerful enough to pull a one-person pontoon boat.

Q; What size of trolling motor do I need for my inflatable pontoon boat?

A: Most anglers recommend the Minn Kota electric motors. This offers anywhere from 30-40 pounds of thrust, which is more than enough for the small inflatable pontoon boats and small enough to fit in the trunk of your car.

Q: Is a pontoon boat good for fishing?

A: Yes, using a pontoon boat for fishing has numerous benefits. First, it’s easier to transport than your regular boat.

It also lets you get in and out of the water quickly, while launching doesn’t require boat ramps.

Inflatables are also relatively quiet, even if they have a trolling motor.

The only downside with the inflatable pontoon boats is they only fit one person, so they might not be ideal for fishing with family and friends.

Q: Do inflatable air pontoon boats flip easily?

A: Air-filled pontoons are different from kayaks or canoes.

They’re designed for better balance and stability, and because of this, they rarely flip.

However, I would advise against going down rapids sideways.

Q: Can a pontoon boat sink? 

A: An inflatable pontoon boat is a type of boat, and as with every boat, it can sink in the right scenario.

And as with any inflatable, an inflatable pontoon is vulnerable to rips and rips, and if it gets ripped badly, it can definitely sink.

To prepare for such incidents, always bring a hand pump with you. If it starts to lose air from a loose valve seal, give it some air and tighten the valve.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the best inflatable pontoon boats is the Colorado XT.

We recommend this boat because it comes with everything anglers need for a comfortable and successful fishing expedition.

It’s durable too and will stand up to abuse and rough use.

XT’s performance on the water is also impressive, and we love how it maneuvers with agility and accesses the tight spots where traditional boats can’t.

Overall, there’s plenty to like with the XT, and I would highly recommend it for both experienced anglers and beginners.

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Lisa Hayden-Matthews

Lisa Hayden-Matthews

An avid Skier, bike rider, triathlon enthusiast, amateurish beach volleyball player and nature lover who has never lost a dare! I manage the overall Editorial section for the magazine here and occasionally chip in with my own nature photographs, when required.

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