Ultimate Review of The Best Surfing Accessories in 2023

Best Surfing Accessories

Surfing is a simple endeavor; it’s all about catching the waves.

But, any surfer worth his salt approaches this pursuit with a few questions in mind.

For example, they would want to know how high the waves are, how the weather is, if the board waxed up, whether they need a leash, and so forth.

The answers to these questions often determine the essentials or accessories that help with the surfing experience.

For me, besides the basics (board, bottled water, sunscreen, and snacks), I also have a checklist of accessories that I always look forward to having when surfing. Of course, a board is the most important surfing equipment.

For example, I recently added a Ho Stevie changing poncho towel to my list of essential pieces. It looks dorky, but it works well at drying me off after a surf and allows me to change faster in the parking lot.

Earplugs have also proven to be life-saviors, keeping me away from surfers’ ear, especially in the cold water.

There’s also plenty of different surf gear and surf accessories out there that I could add to my surfing quiver.

If you’re curious to know what I think are the best surf accessories and gear that will make your life easier, then read on.

I’ve compiled a checklist of surf accessories that will help you with your daily surfing in the guide below.

Quick Comparison Table!

Ear Plugs






Board Bag


Surf Shower


Changing Mat



The Best Surfing Accessories For The Money

Best Surfing Accessories for the money

#1 Ear Plugs


A good pair of surf earplugs are an essential surfing accessory, especially if you frequent the cold-water breaks.

In the absence of one, you’re most likely to get a surfer’s ear.

While most surfers can endure the pain for a short-term, long-term exposure to cold water may result in a chronic condition requiring surgery.

And this is why earplugs are necessary.

After a thorough review of the existing earplugs, we found none better in terms of ear protection, comfort, and convenience than the Creatures of Leisure Ear Plugs.

They’re the ultimate protection surf gadgets for my ears and have saved me from the fear of swimmer’s ear.

An innovative winged design that keeps the water out without impeding hearing.

They’re unlike my previous silicone surf earplugs that would keep the water out, but at the expense of hearing. It was dangerous, especially when other beginner surfers were competing for the same waves as I was. Or when I wanted to communicate with my buddy.

Creatures of Leisure Ear Plugs are different. They keep the water out while letting me engage with the lineup.

The plugs also take comfort to a new level, and I barely notice their presence. The soft silicone and the customizable ergonomic grip hardly press against my ear cartilage, and I’ve no pressure issues, even when I’ve my hooded wetsuit on.

Using the plugs is also a breeze. The improved attachment, a drawstring-like loop that goes around my neck secures the earplug in place, and I don’t feel like it’s going to get lost even when surfing big waves.

The best part is the loop is barely noticeable and not a choking concern.

Finally, the earplug package comes with an eco-friendly box for greater portability and convenient storage.

The only caveat with this earplug is the price. They’re a bit on the pricey side, but otherwise, everything else is remarkable.



#2 Wax


If there’s one surf accessory that I never miss in my car is the surfing wax.

The best surf wax is a crucial piece of surf gear that will allow you to pop up and still retain a grip on your surfboard.

If you’re sliding in your surfboard and need a recommendation for the best surfboard wax, I would suggest  Sticky Bumps Original Surf Board Wax.

It’s is my favorite surfing wax, and I’ve been using it since I began surfing. So far Everything has been great; I love how it makes my surfboard sticky.

It may take a while to bump it correctly, especially if you’re using it for the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it spreads nicely.

Sticky Wax goes on well on my boards, but importantly, it helps me stay on the board. No slip-ups while I catch waves.

Even better, it doesn’t melt as other surf waxes do. It seems bulletproof to heat, UV rays and acts like its name-sticky!

Applying the wax is a walk in the park, but getting it off is even easier. It doesn’t damage my board or create a rash like low-quality waxes.

However, if you’re wearing a rashguard and catching waves for extended periods, expect a bit of residue, but that’s fairly normal with most surf waxes.

Finally, not that your board needs to smell amazing, but the Sticky Bumps Original Wax has a nice bubble gum scent to it.



#3 Leash


How do you identify a kook? They flock back out to retrieve their surfboards.

Don’t be a kook and get yourself a high-quality surfboard leash.

The best board leash will prevent you from losing your surfboard when catching the big waves.

It attaches to your leg securely and connects to the surfboard nicely, so no need to worry about losing it or anything.

I would recommend the BPS Storm Surfing equipment for the best surfboard leash.

It’s a premium quality board leash that holds up well to all the abuses of surfing. It’s bulletproof, and hasn’t snapped even on deep dive . Remember, I’m an aggressive, avid surfer and usually hard on my gear, but BPS Storm has remained solid.

BPS also has a nice performance on the water, free from kinking and knotting. The double swivel turns freely, and it’s something that fails on other leashes.

I’m saved from the annoying kinking and tangling that would otherwise disrupt my perfect surfing sessions.

Comfort is also premium, with the padded neoprene cuffs delivering a nice surfing experience. The cuffs feel plush and don’t cut into heels like other cheap versions.

I’m comfortable having the BPS Storm even for extended surfing sessions. I hardly notice the presence of the leash on my ankle, yet, I don’t have to worry about it breaking down on me or releasing my board.

Simply put, I’m impressed with the BPS. It has all the features of a premium leash, and I feel it can be a nice addition to your list of surfing accessories.



#4 Board Bag


A board bag an essential surf gear, especially if you plan to transition your surfing from your local spot.

It offers a convenient and effortless way to haul your bag. But more importantly, it saves your precious surfboard from the dings, abrasions, and dents.

There’re numerous board bags in the market, but after a thorough review of the existing products, I would highly recommend the Pro-Lite Resession Surfboard Day Bag.

It’s a high accessory ticking on all the boxes for the best day bag.

One of the great attractions of this bag is the 27″ wide cut that can fit most surfboards in the market. It fits all the boards on my quiver, and I don’t see a reason for investing in a second surf bag.

I primarily bought the Pro-Lite because it keeps my boards secure. See, most dings on my surfboards happen out of the water.

Pro-Lite is a perfect solution to abrasions and scrapes. It comes with a decent 3 mm padding, which is sufficient to keep my board safe.

Would I use the bag for cross-country travel?

No, it’s not padded enough to survive the torturous journeys and will put some wear and tear.

However, it survives like a champ for the daily trips and short rides, and I would be confident it would  hold my surfing gear.

The material is sturdy, hard-wearing, and will stand up to abuse.

Even better, the material has a semi-reflective PE shell. The shell is also heat resistant and will weather the effects of UV sun rays and other elements. It reflects the sun’s rays away and keeps everything inside cool.

Using this day bag is also pleasant, and I’m always looking forward to carrying my board with it.

A zipper allows easy access to my board and effortless sliding. I don’t struggle to fit my board.

A padded shoulder is also a nice welcome. It doesn’t dig into my shoulders, and I feel uncomfortable like my previous bags. Transporting my boards has become much easier and effortless than before.

And as a bonus, there’re lots of pockets for storing my fin key and organizing other small accessories, and it is at the same time 100% waterproof.



#5 Surf Shower


Staying sticky after time spent in the ocean or sea is sickening.

It’s even more nauseating because most beaches lack a shower, and you have to bear with the salt crust on your skin until you get home for a proper shower.

This is where a surf shower comes in. Surf showers are portable showering solutions that will allow you to rinse yourself after a steamy surf session.

The RinseKit POD is the best surf shower we’ve had.

It’s super light and compact, so a great portable sprayer. It doesn’t feel bulky either, and I can bring it with me wherever my surf sessions take me without weighing me down. Personally, I even don’t remove it from the back of the Honda CRV because it doesn’t eat up any space.

Yet, even with a compact design, Rinsekit POD also mighty in terms of capacity.

This bad boy holds a generous 1.5-gallons.

Is it the most voluminous surf shower? Not anywhere close. But the capacity is usually more than enough for a lot of surfers.

Rinsekit POD holds enough water for rinsing two people, washing a small dog, cleaning my surf accessories, and having some water remaining.

Personally, it’s enough for my two mid-sized Labradors and me.

Another attraction with the RinseKit POD is the construction. It seems well-made, and the construction is hard-wearing.

The material is decent and hasn’t torn or ripped even after several seasons of frequent use. The solid design enhances its versatility, and when surfers aren’t using it on the beach, they find it handy for camping and other outdoor activities.

A self-pressurized pumping is also another key selling point for this surf shower. It’s easy to use and doesn’t need batteries or pumping.

The package also comes with a pressure booster, so surfers can always increase the spray time and intensity using the included pump.



#6 Changing Mat


A changing mat might seem like one of those trivial and unnecessary purchases, but if you’ve tried changing your suit on cold mornings or hot afternoons, you’ll realize it’s one of the most important equipment.

This, not to mention the best-changing mat, will save your feet and toes from the fine-grain sand, grime, cigarette butts, and other debris on the beach.

Changing mats come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and materials, so finding the right one for your needs can be intimidating.

But after reviewing several available options, I would recommend the Creatures of Leisure Change Mat.

It’s a nice changing mat that will let you change in and out of your wetsuit with the least effort and quickly.

The polyester construction used on the mat also means it’s super-durable and doesn’t tear or rip easily, even when used on rough concrete.

I’ve used mine for several seasons now, and it seems like it’s not going to wear anytime. In fact, it looks new, just like when I bought it.

The material is also well adapted for beach use because it won’t allow the beach sand or any debris to get through.

But the signature feature with the Creatures of Leisure Change Mat, at least in my option, is its multi-functionality.

It comes with a drawstring, which I can convert the mat into a wet bag. The drawstring is easy to draw, and once I’m done changing from my wetsuit, I can use the mat to store my other surf accessories, such as car keys.



Best Surfing Accessories Buying Guide

Best Surfing Accessories buying guide

The best surfing gear and surfing gadgets will enhance your surfing experience.

However, with so many options to pick out from, choosing the proper surfing accessories for your needs can be nerve-wracking.

This is why I’ve listed some of the critical elements you need to consider when selecting the best surf gear.

How to Choose the Best Surfing Gear-Important Factors to Consider


When picking an accessory, you’d want to ensure that you’ll use it.

So, you first need to check the functionality of surf gear, and from there, see whether you need it or not.

There’re quite a few must-have surfing gears that every surfer, regardless of the skill level or surfing culture, will appreciate.

These accessories also make incredible gift options, and they include:

1)      Wetsuit/rash guard

A wetsuit is necessary for preventing cold, harmful UV sun rays and stings from crustaceans.

It also improves the overall buoyancy and helps with confidence.

2)      Travel bags

Travel bags offer a convenient and secure way of transporting your surfboard.

They eliminate the possibility of dinging or board abrasions.

3)      Waterproof watches

While many surfers don’t love the idea of having a watch on their wrists, a surf watch like rip curl rifles is quite handy in the surf waves.

It’s more than a simple watch. Beyond helping you keep time, it’ll allow you to keep an eye on the wave, monitor your performance, and so much more.

4)      Earplugs

Earplugs are necessary to prevent the surfer’s ear.

5)      Traction pad

Traction pads are fixed to your surfboard to increase the grip of your feet, so you don’t slip.

Best Surfing Accessories faq

6)      Sunscreen

Sunscreen will shield your skin from the harmful effects of UV sun rays.

I would recommend the reef-safe options because they’re not harmful to the environment.

7)      Other Accessories

Depending on your surfing needs, you may also need other surfing gear not listed above.

In most cases, the right accessories will depend on your needs, skills, and budget.

However, the ones we’ve just listed are the most basic accessories any surfer may need.

For example, if you need to document your surfing moment, a good surf camera could be a great choice.


Once you determine the use, check on the durability or rather quality of the accessories.

Ensure their quality meets your demands and those of outdoor use.

Longevity and high quality are a must for any surf accessory.

Surfing Frequency

Consider how often you surf when choosing a surf accessory.

If, for example, you visit the water once or twice a year, you don’t have to bother getting the most functional or quality gear.

But if you’re a regular surfer, then you need to find high-quality surf gear that will serve you well and for long.


Best Surfing Accessories faq 2

Surfing accessories come in a range of prices.

I would highly recommend you stick to your budget when choosing an accessory. But more importantly, pick an option that serves your surfing needs best and provides value for money.

Best Surfing Accessories Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why should I add wax to my surfboard?

A: Surf wax is necessary for more grip on the board.

You should add wax once you feel like you’re slipping on your board.

But a surfer should also be extra careful when adding surf wax because too much surf wax adds to the board’s weight and attracts grime and dirt.

Q: What are the surfing essentials?

A: Assuming you’ve a board, I would rank the surf wax, leash, and sunscreen as the must-have surfing accessories.

Surf wax gives your feet more grip and eliminates slipping, while a leash keeps your board safe and eliminates dinging.

Finally, sunscreen is necessary for shielding a surfer against sunburn.

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