Ultimate Review of the Best Water Trampolines in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Water Trampolines

Last summer, we visited our in-laws in California, who are proud owners of a water trampoline and two dogs.

Our kids, Mike and Jerry, seemed to love the trampoline more than the host, and I was excited to see them spend hours jumping on the tramp- and rarely bugging us as they usually do.

I had an epiphany and said to Blake, “If we buy a water trampoline and a dog, we’ll never have to be parents again!”

I mean, the kids were having so much fun jumping around and playing with the pets on the ramp.

Besides the fun factor, I saw the trampoline as a great way for them to benefit their bodies in the long run.

So, fast-forward, we decided to get them one of these playing toys.

But personally, I must admit I had my reservations, kind of mixed feelings about trampolines. This is because I had a trampoline as a kid and can tell you it was probably not the safest play toy.

Sure, I was one of the popular kids in the block, but it came at the cost of regular visits to the orthopedic because of frequent sprains.

I also worried my kids would do a flip on it and break their neck; that kind of thing.

But to my surprise, I discovered water trampolines have really changed since my childhood days. For example, there’re no sticking metal frames and everything is covered by pads, including the springs.

I’m even astonished that my parents let me jump on my floating trampoline unsupervised. Metal frames everywhere. Springs waiting to pinch and maim. It was a death trap, and lucky to be here😊

However, the modern-day water trampolines are different- in a good way. Most of them have advanced in safety and are more fun for kids and adults.

For example, there’s more freedom in a water trampoline for our kids and us. When we’re not jumping on the tramp, we can relax and sunbathe during the hot sunny days.

On vacations to the lake, I’m happy to see them playing and exercising their muscles on the trampoline, rather than staying on the beach and playing video games or watching Netflix. So much fun!

But as with most toys, the water trampolines aren’t created equal. Some are better, while others are trash.

Most trampolines are expensive, but the premium price tag comes with added safety, convenience, and a great fun experience. And this is what you need for your family water trampoline.

The good news is we’ll share everything you need to know about selecting the best water trampolines. We’ve also included some of our favorite options.

Quick Comparison Table!

Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer


Aqua Jump Eclipse


Rave Sports Bongo Water Bouncer


Island Hopper Turtle Hop Water Bouncer


O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer



The Best Water Trampolines For The Money

The Best Water Trampolines ​For The Money

#1 Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer - EDITOR'S CHOICE


We bought the Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer to use at our lake house, and so far, it has been fantastic.

This play toy is awesome and so durable! The kids love it too, and it is usually their go-to spot once we visit the lake house.

But how good is the Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer?

Features and Benefits

More Air, No Leaks

One of the attractive benefits of the Bounce and Splash trampoline is that it allows my kids to catch more air in the water. And as enthusiastic as they are, this is a bonus in my books.

This is because Island Bouncer doesn’t deflate over time.

See, we already have had our fair share of blow-out frustration with the cheap inflatable water trampolines that blow at the heat-welded seams or start deflating over time due to the tiny air leaks.

The Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer is different. It remains sturdy and doesn’t deflate even when my energetic kids keep jumping on it all day long.

Springless Design

The other huge benefit of the Island Hopper Water Bouncer is that it’s springless. Instead, it comes with nylon webbing.

Now, at first, I thought this would cause a problem, especially with the sturdiness, but that is far from the truth.

In fact, the absence of springs helps with better performance as it gives superior bounce on the water. More bounce equals more fun.

Plus, it eliminates the safety concerns of your kids accidentally getting hurt by the sticking springs or anything like that.

The webbing will also survive frequent abuses because Nylon, a synthetic material, has some pretty awesome characteristics when it comes to durability and water & UV resistance. It also has high abrasion resistance.

While I don’t recommend leaving the Island Hopper Bounce Inflatable Water Bouncer in the sun for an extended summer vacation, ours held up pretty well even after prolonged exposure.

I also have more confidence in using this water trampoline in the sea or ocean because it doesn’t come with springs that corrode with exposure to saltwater.

Durable Construction

While still on material and durability, Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer consists of ½ inch foam padding that offers a more convenient and comfortable jumping experience. Personally, I find the padding incredible for days when I need to sunbathe without leaving my skin feeling sticky or red.

However, the primary material is a high-quality commercial grade Denier PVC, which is extremely resistant and durable.

It stands up to exposure to the sun and physical damage. For me, at least, it’s a nice choice because I can always bring two boxer dogs along, and it’ll survive the constant scratching.

And as a token of quality and construction, this water trampoline comes with a five-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Different Size- Perfect for Mid-size Family

Hopper Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer comes in different sizes, so you can always find an option that suits your family’s needs.

We picked the 13 feet option because it was large enough for our kids and is also suitable for both kids and adults. It can accommodate multiple kids simultaneously, though you may want something slightly bigger for adults.

It’s also the perfect size for use on a lake or pond.

More importantly, it has awesome performance capabilities because of the 10ft jump surface and 26” tall tube up off the water for higher bouncing.

Convenience and Ease of Inflating

The Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Padded Bouncer is easy to access from the water, and my kids didn’t have any challenges getting back up after a dip in the water.

It comes with eight handles and six anchorage D-rings for easy grabbing, while the access ladder makes it suitable for kids to use.

What about inflating?

It was a breeze. It took 10 minutes while installing this bouncer was effortless. It makes a good trampoline for all.

Overall, the Island Hopper splash padded water bouncer is a great option for those looking to spend their dollar wisely and are looking for a long-term investment that will provide hours of fun.



#2 Aqua Jump Eclipse - Premium Water Trampoline


The Rave Eclipse water trampoline is one of the best water park-play toys our family has had for quite some time.

It’s a great pick, and kids, including my nephews and nieces, love this trampoline and all that it offers.

But how does it stack up against the competition, and is it the right water trampoline for your family?

Let’s find out.

Features and Benefits

Creative Design

One of Aqua’s strongest suits is the ease of setup.

Aqua Rave Sports Trampoline comes with a creative design that allows effortless installation. It’s quite a handy feature for users like me who don’t have a lot of helping hands around to get the trampoline ready.

Aqua’s design is unique for a water trampoline because it lacks the heavy steel frame around the perimeter, as we see with most water trampolines.

Now, aside from the ease of setup, the greatest benefit, for me at least, with this build is that it creates more jump space.

30% more jump space with a faster setup -there’s nothing more you would need from a floating trampoline.

Meanwhile, the faster setup also means you’ve more time for jumping and splashing fun with your family.


With the absence of a steel frame, it’s easy to think the Rave Water Trampoline falters on the performance.

We also thought so, but it gives it the best and will satiate even the most discerning users.

Personally, I appreciate the quality of construction and engineering capabilities.

The 28oz reinforced PVC looks pretty sturdy and seems like it’ll last for a long time. Plus, it can take all the rough beatings and abuse from my kids and pets.

Exposure to the sun does little harm, if any, to the trampoline and is probably the sturdiest water bouncer I’ve come across for such a long time.

However, for the highest jump, always ensure the Rave Bongo Water Bouncer is properly inflated. It should feel hard, yet supple, and firm to the touch like a basketball.

For new users, you’ll also realize that it stretches out after a week or two of being blown up. It’s normal and no reason for alarm. You can then add more air after two weeks.

It’s necessary to top off the air if you feel the trampoline is a little too soft because you get the best bounce when it’s nice and firm.


As with most water trampolines, Aqua Jump Eclipse water is pretty versatile, as it comes in different sizes.

The sizes include 12’ 15’, 20’ and 25’.

Of the four different sizes, the 15 feet option, which we’re currently reviewing, is the most popular.

This is because it strikes a sweet balance between performance and ease of use.

The 15’ can accommodate a combined weight of 700 pounds, so that’s roughly three adults or five kids. It’s the perfect option for my family of two kids, me and my wife, and two dogs.

I also find it handy when I’ve my neighbors’ kids around because it can accommodate all of them without anyone taking turns.

Of course, you can also go a step higher or lower depending on your family’s needs.


The Aqua Jump Eclipse water is a nice option and one that we found easy to use.

My kids found the ladder quite a handy option, especially when getting on from the water.

Meanwhile, the padded spring cover adds to the overall safety of the Aqua Jump Eclipse water, while the included connect kit and inflator pump add the overall value of this trampoline.

Overall, there’s plenty to like with this purchase.


The Jump Eclipse water goes overboard with what it offers, not only in the performance but accessories.

This water park even has a large Aqua balancing Log and Aqua Launch for added thrills.

My kid’s favorite add-on is the Aqua Launch that allows them to catch and literally soar through the air.

However, the launch takes a big person or adult to launch anyone high enough in the air. Kids trying to launch kids don’t get as high as they would do with an adult.

Keep in mind, all the Aqua Jump Eclipse water’s fun comes at a cost.

It’s a premium option that will set you a few hundred dollars, but if your budget allows, nothing can compare to the Aqua Jump Eclipse water’s fun.



#3 Rave Sports Bongo Water Bouncer - Value Pick


I bought the Bouncer for our lake cabin in Wisconsin, and the family already loves this raft.

It’s easy to inflate and stays inflated all summer. We may need to add a bit of air to it depending on the temperature fluctuations throughout summer, but it stays full for most of the time.

But is it the right pick for your family?

Features and Benefits

Bouncer! Bouncer! No Trampoline

The Bongo Water Bouncer isn’t what you should think of as a trampoline. Don’t buy it expecting a trampoline experience.

Instead, it’s a typical water bouncer, not an actual trampoline.

Why a bouncer?

After researching the difference between a trampoline and a bouncer, we decided to pick the Bongo Bouncer because of one main reason; ease of use.

First, Bongo weighs a measly 50 pounds, so I found it easy to move around and store without helping hands.

Setting it up the Bongo Water Bouncer is also a breeze and takes a short time, especially compared to your land trampoline.

The only issue I had with the Bouncer is that it’s springless.

As with most water bouncers, it lacks a spring mechanism. Instead, it has a generous bounce surface, the black jumping mat is attached to the inflatable parts, so you don’t need the springs.

But this means it doesn’t help my kids bounce higher and higher. Rather, my kids never seem to jump higher or catch more air no matter how many times they bounce. And yes, our tube was properly inflated.

But here’s the thing, the Sports Bongo Bouncer isn’t a trampoline and isn’t made for jumping. So, it would be unfair to judge it for something it wasn’t made for, right?

Instead, the 13-foot Rave Bouncer offers just enough bounce and provides the perfect platform for playing and lounging on the water.


Bongo comes in three different sizes- 10’, 13’ and 15’.

Your ideal size will definitely depend on your family’s needs, but the 13′ version seems to be the most popular choice.

I love the 13’ version too because it has a large jumping surface and can accommodate my family of four and our two dogs.

My sons are 5’10 and 5′ and they always invite two of their best friends, and they fit easily, leaving extra space for more.

They spend most of their time swimming to and from it, bouncing on the top, and then jumping into the water.

Aside from the generous holding capacity, the other reason I love the 13′ size is that it can always inflate the tube in different ways.

I can always use a decently-sized hand pump to inflate it, and it doesn’t take much of my time.

Quality Construction

Rave Bongo is built to last.

I admire this bouncer because of its solid construction, allowing my family to bounce on it all day long or use it as a lounging surface.

The 1000-denier polyester material, the same material used to make inflatable military vessels, is UV-resistant, so it’ll stand up to extended exposure to the sun.

And since Bongo doesn’t have any metal parts, you’re saved from the risk of corrosion and metal rusting. I’m confident using the Bongo on the salty water.

Overall, the Rave Bongo is built to last and will serve you for a very long time.

Replaceable Jump Surface

As with any jumping mats, you can only expect so much in terms of longevity.

Sure, the construction is top-quality, and I expect my tube to last for quite some years.

But all good things must come to an end, and the Bongo mat will definitely start wearing out after use.

The good news is you don’t need to throw away the entire trampoline. Instead, it’s good to know that it’s easily replicable, and you can make a switch to another mat if you need to.

Convenience and Safety

Thanks to the included anchor weight bags, you don’t need to worry about anchoring the Rave Sports Bongo water bouncer.

We filled ours with rocks, and it was able to hold up in fairly strong winds. It didn’t move an inch.

I also appreciate how the manufacturer has prioritized safety on the Rave Sports Bongo.

The absence of hard surfaces or sticking frames makes the scrapes, cuts, or other accidents hardly impossible.



#4 Island Hopper Turtle Hop Water Bouncer - Best Water Trampoline for Deeper Waters


Fourth on our list of the best water bouncers is something a bit different.

The Island Hopper Turtle Hop Bouncer from Aqua Sports Technology is a turtle-shaped trampoline.

It’s not a floating island but an inflatable water trampoline, designed for use in the deeper waters, ideally those greater than eight feet.

Features and Benefits


Proper use of any water trampoline is necessary, which is why we strongly advise that you go over the product’s manual before use.

The Island Hopper Turtle Water Bouncer isn’t used on the land, near land, shallow water, or swimming pools.

Secondly, it’s not a floating station as many users tend to believe, so you need to ensure that an anchor secures it at all times.

In the same breath, we strongly advise that you desist from towing the Hop Water Bouncer when in use.

Simply put, don’t set it up in a manner that gets in the way of water skiers, passing boats, divers, swimmers, or anything.


Quality construction and durability are the names of the game with the Island Hopper Turtle Bouncer.

This bad boy utilizes 28 oz 100 denier PVC, so it’s quite sturdy and will resist the common wear and tear of traditional water inflatable tubes.

It survives the rough usage and abuses such as extended exposure to the sun, dog scratching, and frequent jumping on by kids and adults.

Of course, as with any inflatable, it can only do so much against the sharpies and jagged rocks, but fortunately, these are rare moments. And when they do happen, you’ll appreciate that it comes with a handy repair kit.

Convenience/ Ease of Use

Island Hopper Turtle Water Bouncer inflates super-fast and won’t require a lot of effort to do so.

It also remains fully inflated and won’t lose air even when exposed to the sun during the hot summer days.

However, inflating with a hand pump isn’t the best moment with this trampoline. You’ll require an electronic pump/power inflator.

But you’ll find the included foot pump handy for topping up the air.

Another nice addition to this inflatable is the molded plastic ladder that makes it super easy to gain access to the jumping mat after a dip in the water.



#5 O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer - Best Water Trampoline for Kids


We’ll end our review of the best water trampoline reviews with yet another model from Rave Sports, the O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer.

I bought the O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer for my grandkids, and they seem to love every bit of it.

It’s fun to use, easy to set up, and reliable. It’s been several seasons now, and the O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer doesn’t seem to show any signs of wearing or breaking.

Here’s my review of the product;

Features and Benefits

Ideal for Kids

The O-Zone is the perfect choice for kids, especially for two, when bouncing,

One of the reasons O-Zone makes a great kids’ purchase is because of its low price.

It’s an inexpensive purchase and won’t make you feel a pinch in your pocket when upgrading.

The O-Zone is also a super cute bouncing platform, with a slide for added fun and excitement. Your kids will love sliding from jumping into the water.

But the main reason, at least for me, is the size. It comes at only 5 feet in diameter, so it can only accommodate so much.

The smaller size is also handy for kids as they get in and out of the water and are far more accessible than most water trampolines.

Now, while the Rave Sports O-Zone makes a great kid trampoline, adults can similarly use it for lounging when the kids aren’t using it.

I used my grandkid’s trampoline in Lake Wisconsin, about 5 feet deep, and it remained sturdy without hitting the bottom of the lake.


O-Zone’s low-profile design makes this inflatable water trampoline attractive to kids of all ages.

Kids find it easy to get on and off the trampoline into the water.

There’re also two mounting handles and an included anchor connector rope around the perimeter to assist kids in getting from the slide to the boarding platform.

Easy Setup

Setting up the O-Zone Plus couldn’t be easier.

It comes fully assembled since it’s springless. You simply need to inflate it to set it up, and you should be good to go.

Another benefit of this trampoline is it features a 40-pound anchor bag, which you can fill with sand to keep it steady.

But be prepared to add more weight in case you’re in a lake with busy wakes.

Overall, the Splash Zone is a great water trampoline for kids, but we still recommend that kids have their kid’s life jackets on.



Best Water Trampoline Buying Guide

Best Water Trampoline Buying Guide

There’re numerous floating trampolines in the market that many families find it challenging to select a trampoline during purchase.

The good news is, we’ve compiled a guide outlining everything you need to know about selecting the besttrampolines for your needs.

But before we look at these features, let’s start by looking at the parts of a water trampoline.

Main Parts of a Water Trampoline

If you need an inflatable water trampoline for your kids, you obviously need to know the different parts.

It eases the assembly process and will let you know how the parts work.

Plus, it’ll help you know which material is good for every part.

Inflatable Tube

The tube is the main part of the trampoline.

Usually, the tube should utilize sturdy and high-quality materials and should be leak proof such as Denier PVC.


Frames are necessary for an inflatable water trampoline for better tube reinforcement.

Usually, the frame comes as a metal pipe strapping to the inflatable tube. The springs make a connection between the frame and the jumping mat.

However, water bouncers don’t have a spring. Instead, they use straps or laced webbings.

Jumping Pad/ Jump Surface

The jumping pad is an important part of a water trampoline since it’s where all the action happens.

Ideally, a jump surface should feature a strong, comfortable and flexible fabric like polypropylene.

Of course, the shape will depend on the inflatable tube shape.


A ladder is important for climbing on the trampoline and bouncer.

The best water trampolines utilize rubber made out of robust metal or soft fabric.

While metal offers sturdy climbing, it may hurt your kid if they bump into it.

Fabric ladders are a soft and safe option.


Most standard water rafts come with handles.

The handles are positioned near the ladder to give users extra leverage when pulling themselves into the mat.


The D-Metal shapes enhance the overall portability of your trampoline.

Plus, it makes it easy to attach additional accessories such as a boat for other entertainment or double anchoring.

Anchor System

The anchor system consists of a weighted storage bag tied to the base of the water trampoline to make these water toys stationary.

Critical Features to Consider When Purchasing the Best Water Trampolines

Weight and Size

You can always choose a heavier or lighter water trampoline.

The lighter and small-sized toys are great for kids but can’t accommodate so many users.

On the other hand, the larger water trampolines, those larger than 17-feet, are ideal for adults and can accommodate more users.

However, keep in mind that large-sized water trampolines sacrifice portability.

They’re bulky and generally harder to move.

Weight Capacity

While still on the weight and size, you also need to consider the weight limit.

While the larger-sized trampolines can accommodate more users, you need to check on the manufacturer’s specifications for the ideal weight limit.

A trampoline’s weight limit gives you the idea of how much weight a trampoline can hold to avoid overstretching or tearing it up.

Durability and Material

The choice of material of a water trampoline determines its durability.

Usually, the best water trampoline utilizes strong PVC plastic polymers such as 1000 denier PVC, 28-gage PVC, and K80 PVC.

Price and Warranty

Water trampolines are expensive, but that doesn’t mean you should over-stretch your budget.

If you feel you can’t get a trampoline for a certain budget, it’s better to wait than compromise on a flimsy cheap purchase.

Alternatively, you can opt for a water bouncer. They’re less inexpensive than trampolines.

Either, ensure you consider the warranty. While a good warranty and after-sale service trampolines and bouncers cost more initially, you’ll be a gainer in the end.

Inflation and Ease of Assembly

Consider how easy it is to inflate your water trampoline. It should support electric pump use and shouldn’t take much of your time.

Secondly, the ideal trampoline should be easy and fast to assemble.

Water Height

To experience the maximum fun on a water trampoline, you need to consider the water-height requirements.

For example, the water trampolines for the deep lakes aren’t ideal for shallow water.

Generally, we recommend using the water trampolines on water heights for not less than 10 feet. Otherwise, you may end up injuring yourself in low-height water.

Also, consider the type of water. We don’t recommend using a trampoline in saltwater unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer.

Saltwater may corrode the springs. But if you have to, ensure you wash them in fresh water and allow them to dry.

Water Trampoline or Bouncer

Most people think water trampolines and bouncers are similar, but there’re stark differences.

First, the two differ in construction and function.

Water trampolines have metal springs and steel frames connecting the bounce surface.

On the other hand, the water bouncers utilize webbing or elastic straps instead of a dedicated spring and frame. The webbing is attached to the jumping mat.

Both of the water trampolines and bouncers have their good sides and bad sides.

For example, water bouncers are easy to assemble, lightweight, portable and cheap. Meanwhile, the trampolines are durable and can support a greater load.

However, bouncers, unlike water trampolines, are generally inexpensive.

Best Water Trampolines Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are water trampolines bouncy?

A: Yes, they’re bouncy, but you shouldn’t compare them with land trampolines.

Q: Can I use a water trampoline on land?

A: Yes, you can, but it’s not recommended.

If you have to, never use it on a gravel surface or abrasive materials. Remember, they’re inflatable and are a bit delicate in this regard.

Q: Are water trampolines safe?

A: Yes, water trampolines are safe, provided you buy a quality option for those who will use it.

Pay attention to the capacity and weight limits set by the manufacturer.

And if you’re going to let your kids use the trampoline, always supervise them.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Water Trampolines Wrap Up Our Choice

We’re through with our list of the best water trampoline reviews, and our winner is Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer.

We chose this splash padded water bouncer because it seems to hit the sweet spot in performance and ease of use.

The springless design is quite handy in providing more time in the air while eliminating the safety risks of most water trampolines.

Setting this raft is also a breeze, while portability is also easy.

And finally, it comes from one of the best water trampoline brands in the market, so quality is assured.

I would highly recommend it.

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