Ultimate Review of The Best Wetsuit Brands in 2023

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There’re numerous brands of wetsuits out there.

Some are well-established and have created a name and reputation, while others are relatively new and breaking into the market.

So, it often gets nerve-wracking to select the best wetsuit brand.

There’s also the caveat of which style and suit type you need for your activity because not all wetsuits are made equal.

For example, the best wetsuit for surfing is different from the suit of paddleboarding.

That said, several brands are known for consistency in delivering quality wetsuits.

Most of these brands are well-established, and you’ll often see them sponsoring high-profile events such as the world championship as well as individual athletes.

Now, if you’re wondering what these suit brands are, here’s a listicle outlining the best brands in the market.

But first, let’s have a summary of the best wetsuit brands for surfing.

best wetsuit brands 002

It can be challenging to pick a brand that is superior to all others.

This is because, in most cases, the choice comes down to personal preferences.

Secondly, suit brands are constantly developing and competing against each other, so little separates them as they continue to innovate their options.

However, for surfing purposes, we can narrow down the list to a select few. These brands have a great heritage, amazing performance, and quality.

We start with O’Neil.

It has to top the list because it’s not only one of the first, but it’s well-known for its impressive quality.

The company was founded in 1923 by Jack O’Neill, and since then, it has been the go-to destination for quality suit types and levels of surfers.

They also have a huge repertoire of products, but the Psycho Tech Wetsuit is a favorite with its neoprene construction and flawless stitching.

Another reputable name is Rip Curl.

It’s a popular brand founded in 1969 by Brian Singer and Doug Warbrick.

Like O’Neill, Rip Curl also uses neoprene, which guarantees an amazing seal, high resistance to water and elements while offering immense flexibility.

Patagonia is another iconic brand that started in 1953.

It never started as a surfing brand, but this hasn’t stopped it from becoming a favorite among most surfers, who value design aesthetics and ethical reputation.

It’s among the few brands that use a neoprene-free construction on their open-cell wetsuit. Instead, they use a proprietary blend known as Yulex. It consists of plant-based polymers and rubber, and this allows the brand to remain eco-friendly.

The brand is popular among eco-conscious surfers, or rather riders concerned with the environmental impact.

One of our favorite models from this brand is the R1 Lite Front Chest Zip Full Suit. It’s a neoprene-free option but still provides similar performance to the limestone neoprene wetsuits. And the good thing is it has Patagonia’s textbook focus on quality and performance.

Our list of the best brands for wetsuits for surfing can never be complete with Billabong.

It has been offering quality equipment since 1973.

Billabong’s wetsuits are flexible and best known for catering to the warmer climates and tropics.

As such, they’re easy to break into, comfortable, and easy to wear, especially during the warm summer.

Another good thing with their wetsuits is you can customize them to a snug fit and perform just right. They’re super comfortable and easier to break in than a generic suit.

On top of that, Billabong wetsuits also use recycled car tires in some of their wetsuits, making them a great brand for eco-conscious surfers.

The brand also expresses true sportsmanship by sponsoring and cooperating with influential surfers in creating cold water wetsuits designs.

12 Best Wetsuits Brands

12 Best Wetsuits Brands

Now that we’ve got an idea of the best surfing wetsuit brand let’s look at the best wetsuits brands in general.

What makes a suit good for surfers lies in a few key factors.

These include flexibility, comfort, and warmth.

Now, let’s jump into what the best wetsuits are.

1)      Quiksilver

De Soto Wetsuits
Beautiful surfist sitting over her surfboard

Quiksilver is an established and one of the top brands in the surfing community.

What started as a small company in Australia in 1969 has grown to become a giant and brand that other companies look up for inspiration.

In fact, the brand got so big that they even “birthed” other reputable brands we’ll talk about later in this article.

Quiksilver is not only about wetsuits production; they’ve a range of products in their stable, consisting of spring suits, long suits, and hooded wetsuits for the extremely cold conditions.

Their wetsuits are also pretty versatile, with their thickness ranging anywhere from 1mm to 5mm. So, yes, you can always find a Quicksilver Suit, whether for the warm water conditions or winter seasons.

Versatility doesn’t end there: their sizes start at XS and go all the way to XXL. On top of that, they’ve a female, male and youth selection.

Through the years, Quiksilver has revolutionized the surfing industry through its high-quality and reliable products.

Quiksilver’s research and development team is also the best in the market and has helped to shape the better part of the wetsuit construction process.

Their products are easy to use, reliable, and will make you surf better and more comfortably.

Finally, we can also judge their success by the number of notable athletes under their sponsorship.

Quiksilver’s Team consists of notable figures such as the legendary Tom Carrol, Jeremy Flores, and Marc Lacomare of France.

2)      Body Glove

Body Glove
Two beautiful surfer girls at the beach getting ready for surfing

Body Glove was founded in 1953.

Initially, they didn’t start as a surfing brand.

Instead, they were known for creating phone covers.

But that didn’t stop them from becoming one of the best wetsuits brands they’re today.

They’ve become so popular because of their strict and quality manufacturing process.

Their wetsuits are reliable, high quality and few surfing brands can manage to match their reliability.

Body Glove’s high-end suits employ a micro-bead seal, but what stands out for me is the Nano-Tritec knee technology.

You can agree with me that the knees of a full wetsuit can either be a deal breaker or deal maker and with the knee technology, Glove wins over the hearts of many.

The wetsuit technology ensures the suit has the much-needed flexibility for different water sports while at the same time offering strength and resistance against the elements and abrasions.

Another attractive feature of Body Glove’s wetsuits is their sizing.

The suits are available in 12 different wetsuit sizes, so whatever size or body shape you’re, there’s something for you.

And in terms of cuts, you get the usual spring suit, hooded suit, sleeveless suit, dry suit, zipperless wetsuit, and full-body wetsuit.

Like Quiksilver, this brand also has several athletes under their sponsorship program.

One of my favorite athletes on the Body team is Jamie O’Brien. He’s a great attraction and nice to watch, especially when surfing the pipe.

Other notable athletes under the Body brand banner include Dane Anderson, Eve Woodland, and more.

3)      Billabong


Third, on our list of the best winter wetsuits brands is yet another Australian brand.

Billabong was founded in 1973 on the beautiful Gold Coast.

They’re a subsidiary of Quiksilver.

And since inception, they’ve grown so big, and today, they’re a parent company to several other brands such as RVCA, Von Zipper and Element Skateboards.

Billabong is a popular brand, and probably the most renowned in the surfing community.

The brand is known for creating high quality and reliable wetsuits that exceed the expectations of many.

They don’t compromise on quality either, which is one reason why they’re so popular among professional athletes.

And as with most of the top-of-the-range wetsuit brands, Billabong manufactures wetsuits that will address the needs of both warm water surfers and winter surfers.

They’ve wetsuit options ranging from a thickness of 1mm up to 6mm. I love the 6mm wetsuits for their superior heat retention on days when I need to keep my arms and legs warm during winter.

Size-wise, you get a whopping 25 sizes to choose from, so you can really never miss a Billabong wetsuit that fits you.

One of the signature features of Billabong’s wetsuits is their graphene construction.

The high-end wetsuits with this construction are durable and will stand to whatever thing you throw at them.

While remaining durable, these wetsuits are also quite flexible, especially the Superflex tape around the knees.

It makes doing turns much easier, and it’s much more comfortable to perform mobility-driven sports such as swimming and paddling.

And if it’s comfort you’re after, then the seamless back comfort and blind stitched technology on Billabong’s mid-range to high-end wetsuits are what you should be looking for.

Most wetsuits in their high-end category have glued seams for maximum stretch and prevent flushing in cold waters and freezing temperatures.

Like all our best wetsuit brands, Billabong has a good roaster of athletes under its label. Their lineup consists of legends Shane Dorian, Andy Irons, and rising star Eithan Osborne.

4)      Roxy


 Roxy isn’t your run-of-the-mill surfing brand.

They are a one-of-a-kind brand that focuses on female surfers.

Roxy takes the talented women surfers and helps them in showcasing their talents.

On top of that, they helped women make a footprint in the surfing arena. They help the athletes establish themselves as some of the best surfers in the world.

The brand was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California.

While they’re still a relatively new brand in the surfing space, they command a huge following and are growing in popularity by the day.

The brand is always close to the action. It keeps an eye on what’s happening with upcoming surfing talents.

And not only that; the brand has a huge selection of wetsuit products ranging from fullsuits, bikini cuts to spring suits.

Plus, you can always find the right wetsuit for any weather conditions because they’ve a selection of thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 3/2mm.

Quality-wise, Roxy’s wetsuits measure up, and pretty well within the range of the top performers on this list.

For example, their mid-range to top-end selection wetsuits are made of neoprene material, which is ultra-light and durable.

Plus, they offer unmatched flexibility, so you won’t even feel like you’ve a budget wetsuit on.

The neoprene wetsuit also doesn’t allow easy entry or exit of water, thanks to the incredible Hydrolock blind stitched seams. It helps to keep your body temperature constant regardless of the outdoor conditions.

Finally, what is a wetsuit brand without a list of athletes under their name?

Roxy doesn’t fail in this department either, and when you look at the lineup of cold water surfers under their name, you’ll get an idea of the brand’s ambitions and goals.

Under Roxy’s banner, some notable names include Sage Goldsbury, Stephanie Gilmore, Kelia Moniz, and Zoe Grospiron.

5)      Bare


Bare is not as widely known as other companies, but a great wetsuit brand, especially for the tri-athletes.

Their line of high-performance wetsuits is known for their superior fit and quality.

Like most brands, their wetsuits are made out of Japanese limestone neoprene material.

They’re lightweight, easy to use and flexible enough for different water sports.

Once you get the right fitting bare wetsuit, you won’t even realize you’ve a wetsuit on. They’re so comfortable, both in and out of the water. You can also use them for paddling or fishing when you don’t want to take a dip in the water.

Of course, the ultimate test of a wetsuit is taking out for a spin, and the good thing is Bare winter wetsuits withstand all forms of elements that Mother Nature throws at them, including cold temperatures.

This is not to mention a Bare full suit keeps you protected from the cold-water temperature. It allows you to retain constant body temperature, without being too uncomfortable.

Bare enthusiasts also benefit from a wide range of sizes and colors to fit the different needs.

And all of their gloves are designed to fit seamlessly. The company prides itself in creating the best wetsuits that fit like a glove, feel fabulous and perform well.

6)      SEAC


SEAC is an established brand, and like Bare, they’re well known in the triathlon wetsuit space.

One thing that makes the SEAC’s wetsuits a standout is they’re certified.

This means you get a quality product that meets all the required guidelines.

SEAC’s wetsuits won’t fail you as they’re made of high-quality neoprene.

If handled with care, a SEAC wetsuit lasts for a pretty long time, and you won’t feel the need of replacing it anytime soon.

Secondly, SEAC’s wetsuits provide the ultimate diving experience.

They’re not only reliable but they’re flexible, fitting like a second skin. They perform well in different conditions and will offer the ultimate comfort.

The SEAC suit will keep you warm, even in the cold water temperatures, while allowing for greater flexibility and movement.

On top of that, the wetsuits are available in different sizes and thicknesses, so you can never miss finding a winter or summer wetsuit for you.

SEAC thicker suits will keep your arms and legs warm in winter, while their spring suit is perfect for the warm summer conditions.

7)      Beauchat


Beauchat is well-known for creating amazing wetsuits in the scuba diving and snorkeling space.

Their wetsuits are specially made to support deep water diving.

While they remain light to keep you comfortable, they’re not so buoyant to hinder your diving experience.

More importantly, Beauchat wetsuits create the perfect environment, even when you’re several feet deep in the cold water.

The brand keeps the diver when designing and creating their wetsuits, and this can be seen from the choice of material, wetsuit thickness to the sizing & designs.

Beauchat users benefit from high-quality wetsuits with varying thickness levels to keep them comfortable in cold water.

On top of that, you’ve the option to choose a suit with different stitching designs from flat stitching overlock stitching to narrower stitching.

Plus, there’re numerous sizes to choose from, ranging from size XS to XL.

8)      Cressi


Cressi is one of the few respectable Italian brands.

It was founded in 1946, Genoa, Italy by two brothers, Egidio and Nanni Cressi.

It remains true to its foundation value and is still family-owned even today under Antonio Cressi.

Though a family-owned business, Ccressi is one of the largest manufacturers of water sports equipment globally.

It serves the dive, snorkel, swim, and spearfishing industries.

One thing that stands out with Cressi wetsuits is how they do their seaming.

The individual seams are glue then stitched together.

Simply put, you’re assured of optimal body warmth, even when surfing the coldest winter conditions.

In addition, the seams guarantee a no-chafing experience, so you won’t feel any discomfort when using the wetsuits.

Their neoprene suits also come with wrist and ankle bands, and these are designed for keeping you as comfortable as possible.

In addition, the brand is known for creating wetsuits that cater to different users. Whether you’re new or an experienced surfer, there’s an option that suits your needs.

Furthermore, Cressi enthusiasts benefit from different wetsuit thicknesses and cuts so you can always find a Cressi wetsuit that suits your needs.

9)      Rip Curl

Rip Curl

Rip Curl was founded in 1969 in Torquay, Australia, and has grown into a manufacturing giant.

It’s also among the most popular brands, globally, including in Africa.

Their strongest suit is their quality construction.

The brand has strict guidelines in their manufacturing process, and only delivers the best products in the market.

Quality aside, the brand is also quite versatile and caters to the needs of different users.

Both male and female riders can find winter wetsuits specifically cut for their shape and size.

Plus, their wetsuits are available in different thicknesses, so you can find an option for use during the warm summer or cold winter.

The brand also tends to focus on warmth, comfort, and flexibility.

New users don’t struggle much with donning and doffing the Rip Curl suit. Using the wetsuits is also super- convenient and offers better warmth.

And like many high-end suit brands, Rip Curl has several athletes under their name including the legendary Tom Current, Mick Fanning, and Bethany Hamilton.

10)  Abysse Wetsuits

Abysse Wetsuits

Abysse Wetsuits is the brand to go for if you’re looking to add a hint of style and elegance to your surfing wardrobe.

The brand is a collection of women’s wetsuits inspired by the idea of amalgamating fashion and function.

Abysse’s goal is to accommodate the demand of a sports garment that remains durable whatever lifestyle condition while remaining fashionable.

And make no mistake, the brand doesn’t compromise on the functionality of its products.

Their wetsuits are made from some of the highest quality materials, which offer a premium experience throughout your surfing journey.

This is not to mention their suits are cut for use on different conditions and different users.

The Abysse wetsuit keeps the users warm in winter conditions and is lined with seams that don’t chafe or allow water flush.

11)  BlueSeventy Wetsuits

BlueSeventy Wetsuits

Blueseventy is one of the world’s best wetsuit brands.

We love it because it’s a one-stop brand, where we can get quality surfing gear, from wetsuits, drysuits, swim caps, rash guard, and much more.

The New-Zealand based brand is popular with triathletes across the globe, and its mission is to enhance the swimming experience for anyone who wears its products.

Founded in 1993, BlueSeventy didn’t start as suit manufacture.

Instead, they got into the manufacturing world through the manufacturing of bike seat covers.

But that didn’t stop them from gaining more prominence and shining on the suit platform.

The brand is credited for having launched the first triathlon wetsuit and even went on becoming the official suit of the Ironman Triathlon.

Today, BlueSeventy products are sought globally, and they’re popular with professional athletes.

12)  De Soto Wetsuits

De Soto is a fine suit brand for both triathlon wetsuits and other accessories.

The San-Diego-based brand also caters to a whole range of users, ranging from mento women.

On top of that, their gear can be used for different purposes, ranging from swimming, biking, and running, thus eliminating the need to keep changing in a triathlon competition.

The brand is also known for creating an amazing design, with a focus on comfort and styles.

For example, their innovative tri-shorts with thin cycling pads, tri-jerseys with zippers, and running mesh caps are some of their ambitions and most popular designs.

The brand, founded in 1990, has also accumulated decades of experience in designing and manufacturing wetsuits, so you can never go wrong with them.

Their wetsuits are long-lasting, reliable, and flexible.

Are O’Neill wetsuits good?

Are O’Neill wetsuits good

As we mentioned earlier, O’Neill is known for producing some of the best wetsuits in the market.

They’ve been in the game for more than a century, so they’ve amassed the experience and creativity needed for coming up with quality products.

It’s not a surprise the brand is a favorite among professionals.

And the other good thing with the brand is they pioneered the development of O’Neill suits for kids, w

Are Rip Curl wetsuits good?

Are Rip Curl wetsuits good

Yes, Rip Curl wetsuits are amazing on many different levels.

Their focus on providing quality products has allowed the brand to compete against the best wetsuit brands consistently.

Rip Curl is particularly known for its winter-focused wetsuits, designed for warmth and fast-drying properties.

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