Ultimate Review of the Best Windsurfing Foils in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Windsurfing Foils

Most surfers generally agree that “life begins at 20 knots” when there’s enough wind to push their boards.

But not when you’ve a windsurf foil.

Of course, you can always sail with large 10m formula boards on 10 knots winds, but really, how fun is that?

Windsurf foiling, however, redefines the concept of light windsurfing, and if there’s one thing I love about surfing on a foil is the ability to enjoy the waters in any condition.

Days without enough wind to windsurf can be perfect days to foil, and more days on the water are never bad.

A true revolution for windsurfing, this sport makes it easy to fly back and forth in 10 knots of light wind; and with the sun beating down and nobody else on the water, it makes up for a pretty picture postcard perfect.

It’s a true game-changer since you only need light winds to get going; no need to drive miles to get decent windsurfing conditions. Instead, your local lake, which wasn’t probably a good sport for windsurfing, can easily become the perfect playground for windsurf foiling.

Now, if you plan to join this new craze (it’s now official that it’ll debut in the 2024 Olympics Competition), you’ll definitely need the right surfing equipment.

Of course, you can always improvise your traditional surfing board to wind foil, but trust me, you’ll be looking for an upgrade sooner or later.

For the best results, I would recommend you choose a dedicated windsurfing foil.

It’s not hard as it sounds because we’ve already done the hard work for you. We’ve compiled a review of the best windsurfing foils we think you’ll like.

We’ve also included a handy buying guide to help with the selection.

Quick Comparison Table!

Z-Ray Windsurfing Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Set


BIC Sport Ace-Tec Techno Surfer Board


Kona Step One Board


Aqua Marina Bt-S300


BIC Sport Techno 293 One Design DTT



The Best Windsurfing Foils For The Money

The Best Windsurfing Foils For The Money

#1 Z-Ray Windsurfing Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Set - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Z-Ray may not be a well-known brand in the surfing industry, but its concise collection has managed to pull in some of the dedicated fan bases in the surfing industry.

One thing that Z-Ray does best is diversity.

See, traditionally, Z-Ray is best known as a paddleboard maker. But the brand has diversified its collection to cater to the needs of other water sports enthusiasts, including wind foil surfers.

One great example of Z-Ray’s branching nature is the new Z-Ray Windsurfing Inflatable PaddleBoard set.

It’s one of the unique paddleboards in the market in the sense that it can transform from a regular paddleboard into a windsurf foil.

How crazy is that?

When you’re not using it for casual rides on the calm waters, you can also use it to take on the swells and reach top speeds as a windsurf foil.

Quality-wise, this windsurf foil doesn’t disappoint either.

Z-Ray has decided to go on the full beast mode by adopting a full-on military-grade PVC hull. Indeed, this is the same material the military uses on their zodiac boats and some bulletproof vests.

And that’s not all!

The bottom of the foil is reinforced with an industrial drop stitch construction that seals the hull, making it virtually indestructible.

Overall, Z-Ray’s build is rigid and won’t crumble to the pressure of the swells or the big waves.

When it comes to performance, we definitely have to analyze the dimensions.

The good news is Z-Ray is a monster foil, coming in at 10 feet and 30 inches.

What’s the benefit?

It’s big enough to stabilize when the waves catch it yet small enough to give incredible flight maneuverability.

The 10 feet length is guaranteed to be compatible with different surfers, including adults, young adults, and teenagers. On the other hand, the 32-inch deck width is simply comfortable and stable for first-time windsurfers.

And as far as the foil thickness goes, Z-Ray stands at an impressive 6 inches, which is a lot more than what most windsurf foiling surfboards offer.

While there’re numerous reasons for the significant thickness, it mainly boils down to stability durability.

Unlike the thinner inflatable boards that tend to bend at the center under pressure, Z-Ray will remain solid and rigid under any conditions, so you can surf mind-free.

As icing on the cake, this windfoil surfboard kit comes with a paddle that you can use as you stand and a hand pump to inflate your windsurfer board right there and then. And when you’re done for the day, a handy backpack, also provided, will help to store everything you require it to.



#2 BIC Sport Ace-Tec Techno Surfer Board - Budget Freestyle Foil


If you’re on a budget and prefer an inexpensive yet practical windfoiling surfing board, consider the BIC Sports Ace.

We’re impressed with the quality of this board, and the design is simply incredible. The blue finish is bright and looks much better in person.

According to BIC, this board offers incredible versatility and has a high performance.

It utilizes an epoxy composite built, so it’s built with stiffness and lightness in mind.

While it works best for lightweight riders in moderate winds, it also rides well with big riders.

Standing at 9.7 feet long, this foil might be just the ideal option for windsurfers of all skill levels. Intermediates and skilled riders won’t have any problem busting some sweet air flights and have fun in the water, while beginners won’t struggle to learn how to plane and jibe.

Additionally, the BIC’s construction provides enough volume, so you’ll still feel stable even when working your way through the choppy waters, large swells, and catching a wave.

Yet, the foil is lighter than most of the windsurf foils on our list, and even a small gust of wind will let you start going.

Another great draw about this foil board is the excellent feet straps and padded foot area. They provide safety, better control, and comfort while keeping you locked in as you begin to take off. Plus, they allow riders to stay firm on their boards even when wet.

The BIC 240D model also includes a retractable daggerboard, a perfect addition for the riders who want to gather some insane speeds when gliding across the blue.

Overall, the BIC Sport Ace-Tec is a wonderful surfing foil for both leisure riding and professional racing. From the high-quality BIC materials to the solid footstraps to the performance and stability, the BIC Sport gives you everything you need to improve your surfing technique.



#3 Kona Step One Board - Best Foil for Beginners


Third on our list of the best windsurf foil boards is the Kona One Step, a perfect option for first-time windsurfers.

It’s the ideal pick for beginners who want to get up to the racing circuit flight eventually. Kona is also ideal for use as a SUP when your day is feeling lazy.

From the word go, Kona poses like a super surfing board, perfect for different conditions. This foil board features a lengthy rocket rope and impressive tail construction.

Kona’s water flight performance is also incredible, and the handling and control are super smooth. Beginners will have an easy time getting the hang of their balance and riding.

When the wind is high, you definitely need control of your windsurfing foil board, and this option doesn’t disappoint.

Kona’s narrow and long design ensures it can deliver stability, yet, it doesn’t fail to pick speed and lift with the wind. It planes up nicely while allowing the nose to glide over the water effortlessly.

Another wonderful feature is Kona’s step-tail design that works to reduce the planing threshold. As a result, it lets windsurfers plane much faster and with relative ease than other boards.

Overall, the Kona One is a unique and incredible foil board. It has awesome versatility, is easy to handle for beginners, and expert riders find it easy to get along.



#4 Aqua Marina Bt-S300 - Best for Light Wind


The Marina is a versatile wing foil board and includes everything windsurfers need to capture the light winds.

Aqua offers a comfortable foiling experience for all levels of surfing lovers with its soft and smooth EVA deck.

It’s so dependable and versatile that you can easily enjoy using it with your entire family.

Setting up the Marin is super easy, and when you do, you’ll be impressed by the overall quality of the board.

A soft EVA deck keeps your feet comfortable, while the double-wall drop stitch PVC will stand up to the surfing abuses. It takes on the hits from the swells like a champ, while the stitching helps create incredible rigidity and stability on the board.

Aqua doesn’t bend at the center and will stay rigid in any windsurf conditions, unlike the thin surfing boards.

Aqua is also feature-packed, and this is essential for better windsurfing performance.

For instance, it includes a dagger fin, and this is necessary for creating more flight speed and lift when reaching peak speed.

It also utilizes a double-fin system-one on the back and the second in the central part of the board. This setup helps in delivering better upwind ability.

It also features foot straps to keep you comfortable and safe, even when working your way through the swells.

Even better, this surf foil board has excellent buoyancy, and if you feel like you want to notch it down and go at a more leisurely pace, you can easily convert the Aqua into a paddleboard.

One last draw about this freeride board is that it’s a set and comes with everything you would need for windfoil surfing, sailing, or even paddle boarding.

It comes with a sail, fins, long mast, fin box, pump, boom, and a backpack that will help in facilitating easy transport.

Overall, it wouldn’t be hard to call the Aqua a value purchase. It’s an inexpensive, feature-packed freeride oil that doesn’t fail on the performance.



#5 BIC Sport Techno 293 One Design DTT - Best for Speed and Racing


Standing tall near 3 meters, the BIC Sport Techno glides through the water with relative ease and makes a great purchase for professional windsurfers after speed and performance.

This racing foil is also good-looking and nice to look at. It sports a professional look and an artistic vibe that draws attention and compliments.

Construction quality is also evident on this foil board from the inside out. Techno utilizes one of the strongest core materials the market offers and is as sturdy as windsurfing foils can get.

It takes on a beating like a champ, and collision with the waves or against the swells will not do any damage.

While maintaining a sturdy design, this foil board is also light in weight and super-fast. It’s, in fact, one of the top-rated freeride surfing boards for speed freaks.

BIC Techno is specifically tailored for speed and racing, but it’s so versatile that it can go from a full-speed racing machine to a leisure cruiser in no time.

This wing foil offers a safe and stable foiling experience even on downwind, and this is one of the reasons it’s a great offering for windsurfers of all experience levels.

Techno race foil is secure for beginners, too, thanks to the foot straps and deep Tuttle fin. These will hold your feet securely while zipping through the waters, while 60 cm daggerboards help you go even faster when skimming across the top of the water.

Plus, the pads at the feet area are sufficiently padded, offering a cushion underneath the heels for better comfort.



Best Windsurfing Foils Buying Guide

Best Windsurfing Foils Buying Guide

Most normal windsurfing foils have plenty of similarities in design and performance that it becomes hard to differentiate when making a purchase.

But in the section below, we look at the qualities that separate the individual windsurf foils and see how to make the right purchase.

But first, it would be good to look at some of the reliable windsurf foil brands in the market.

Best Windsurf Foil Brands

You still need to use a windsurf foil from a reliable brand even if you’ve the perfect windsurfing skills and conditions.

Using gear from reputable brands will ensure that you enjoy safe, smooth, and fun surfing in all wind conditions.

Now, here’s a breakdown of the three best windsurf foil brands in the market.


Slingshot is a reliable manufacturer and is best known for utilizing modern innovations to create reliable and performing windsurf foil boards.

It’s a great brand for the technology buffs.

While some of the Slingshot surf boards look heavier on the outside, they’re light. But, more importantly, they’re performers and provide surfers with incredible agility and maneuverability.


Fanatic is a force to be reckoned with, and currently, it’s among the dominant brands in the windfoiling industry.

The brand is known for creating high-performance surfboards that seamlessly combine attractive designs and functionalities.

Their gear is as practical as it can get, and many surfers love how it effortlessly shreds through the water.


RRD is an all-around windsurf foil brand specializing in a wide range of foil surfboards.

The manufacturer claims their products are all about originality and performance.

Many surfers preferring to do their favorite tricks on all wind and wave conditions will find the RRD foil surfboards a great pick.

Components of a Windsurf Foil

Getting a windfoil kit isn’t as straightforward as you think, especially if you’re new to the sport.

There’re plenty of decisions to make regarding the make for each main component.

Speaking of components, a windsurf foil has four main components, and they’re:

  •         Wing
  •         Mast
  •         Fuselage
  •         Foil mast

Each component plays a critical role in the performance of a windsurfing foil board.

Types of Riding Styles

While at it, you also need to learn the basics of windsurfing.

Here, I mean you should also learn the different windsurfing disciplines within windfoiling.

The four common disciplines are:

1)      Freeride foil/ free race foiling

2)      Wave wind foiling

3)      Race foiling

4)      Freestyle windfoiling or foil styling

If you’re wondering what windfoiling riding style is best for you, here’s a quick breakdown of each discipline and its characteristics;

Windfoiling Style

Foil Type


Sail Position


  • Carbon or aluminum
  • Wide but not too long
  • Upright stance


  • Carbon
  • Wide Carbon boards
  • Upwind/downwind speed


  • Aluminum
  • Shortboard/Tail
  • Upright stance and more pumping


  • Aluminum or carbon
  • Robust carbon boards for impact
  • Freeride, tricks, and jumps

If you’re a beginner, I would suggest that you start with freeriding as it’s the easiest Windfoiling style to pick and have fun.

It offers a great base of skills, and with time, you can decide what other skills to pursue.

Features to Consider When Buying Windsurf Foil Boards

Now that we’ve got an idea of some of the best windsurf foil board brands in the market let’s look at the critical features to consider in your next purchase.


Windsurf foils are available in different materials, and the most common materials are epoxy, poly, and PVC.

However, understand a rigid foil is challenging to store and is less portable.

If you need a travel-friendly windsurf foil, consider the inflatable foil.


Generally, a foil size is often associated with the rider’s skill.

For example, beginners should choose the large foil since this foil offers more stability and space for better learning.

On the other hand, advanced windsurfers can do well with smaller foil surfboards as these are faster and have lesser weight. However, keep in mind the advanced foil boards require more skills and techniques to remain stable.


Foil boards have different constructions, which ultimately affect your performance.

So, before you choose a foil board, ensure that it can support your riding style, weight, and skills.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Windsurfing Foils Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the best windsurfing foil boards is the Z-Ray Foil Board.

We choose this option as our top pick because of its reliable performance and versatility.

Z-Ray can easily transform into a paddleboard, and at the same time, let you shred the swells and waves at speed.

Its performance is incredible, and beginners and pro windsurfers shouldn’t have a problem using this foil.

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