How Much Does a Bass Boat Weigh? (Check It Out!)

How Much Does a Bass Boat Weigh

Understanding the Weight of a Bass Boat

Ever wonder, “how much does a bass boat weigh?” It’s not exactly the kind of question that keeps most people up at night, unless you’re an angler or a trivia enthusiast. But, believe it or not, it’s an essential bit of knowledge when venturing out on the water.

You might be thinking, “Why should I care about how much a boat weighs?” Well, whether you’re a seasoned angler preparing for a tournament or a weekend hobbyist planning a fishing trip, the weight of your bass boat can impact your experience significantly. It affects not only transportation and fuel efficiency but also maneuverability and safety on the water.

A typical bass boat, complete with an outboard motor, gear, and a tank full of fuel, weighs between 1,500 to 2,500 pounds. That’s roughly equivalent to a full-grown polar bear or five refrigerators. But remember, this is just a ballpark figure; the actual weight can vary greatly based on the boat’s size, materials, and additional features.

A bit of a background!

Are you a newbie when it comes to bass fishing? Have you ever wondered what the greatest bass boats on the market are? Bass boats are an excellent choice for both novice and experienced fishermen looking to catch largemouth bass.

Bass fishing boats are useful for bass angling because their design features are tailored to this particular pastime. They’re great for a freshwater fishing cruise because they have a small seating capacity, a low profile, and plenty of casting decks.

Because of their features, these boats are not intended to be used for a variety of purposes. However, due to the bass boats’ cruising capabilities, many people still use them to catch other species of fish found in lakes and rivers where bass prowls, as well as for a restricted sort of watersport.

Are bass boats all-purpose?

Are bass boats all-purpose

When joining a competitive fishing tournament, professional anglers prefer to have a large container where they can keep their catch alive for the weigh-in. A bass boat features a large live well compartment designed to keep both baits and catch alive during the duration of the tournament.

Its high-speed performance is effective in beating other competitors to the best hotspot, and with the help of its high-end fishfinders. Fishfinders are one of the many features of a bass boat where an electronic device uses sonar to locate and display fish on a monitor. 

Whichever way you want to use it, you can be sure that a watercraft for your fishing needs will always be available. Should you choose to buy one, read along to get more information about bass boats and their weight.

Average Bass boat weight

Average Bass boat weight

If you are wondering how much does a bass boat weigh, let’s start by checking on average weight before getting into details. A bass boat is actually a fishing vessel with specific use of catching bass fish. A bass fishing boat is best to use for freshwater and is not recommended to be used in oceans and seas.

Features include recirculating water wells, storage space, and swivel chairs. These boats are lighter compared to other types used for fishing. That is why they are easier to bring around with a towing vehicle.

Talking about how much on average these boats weigh, the dry weight is somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 pounds. If you calculate how much the watercraft and the trailer weigh together, then it would be somewhere around 2,400 pounds.

This will depend on the materials used for the boat’s construction, the boat’s length, fuel weight, the trolling motor, the width as well as the gear you bring along during the trip including fishing rods. The fuel tank is worth adding because the capacity can range between 18 to 60 gallons. So always factor in the fuel weight to a bass boat’s dry weight.

Factors That Influence the Weight of a Bass Boat

Size Matters

The size of the boat is a primary determinant of its weight. Bass boats can range from 16 to 25 feet long. A smaller boat (16 to 18 feet) typically weighs around 1,000 to 1,500 pounds, while larger models (19 to 21 feet) can tip the scales at 1,800 to 2,500 pounds. For those who like to go big or go home, boats over 21 feet can weigh well over 3,000 pounds!

Material World

Just as you wouldn’t make a suit out of lead, the materials used in boat construction play a crucial role in determining the vessel’s weight. Most bass boats are made from aluminum or fiberglass, two materials known for their blend of durability and lightness. Aluminum boats are lighter, usually weighing between 400 to 750 pounds, while their fiberglass counterparts weigh considerably more, typically falling in the 1,000 to 1,500 pounds range.

Motor Power

“Need for speed” isn’t just a video game franchise, it’s a motto for many anglers who prioritize speedy arrival at their favorite fishing spots. The more powerful the motor, the heavier it is. A lightweight trolling motor might add only 20 pounds to your boat, while a powerful 250 horsepower outboard motor can add as much as 600 pounds. Vroom, vroom!

Gear Up

You wouldn’t set off on a road trip without packing some essentials, and the same applies to a fishing expedition. From life jackets to fishing rods, the weight of your gear can add up surprisingly quickly. This added weight can range from 100 to 500 pounds, depending on your gear preferences. Who knew that fishing was such a heavy-duty sport?

How fast is a bass boat?

How fast is a bass boat

When choosing the best, the most expensive, and fastest bass boat or even just the economy bass boat model with a smaller engine that is available in the market, most bass boats have a high horsepower-to-weight ratio. This means, for their weight, they possess more horsepower compared to other boat types.

Driving a car on the highway hitting the common top speed is what other boat types are like on the water, with a bass boat designed especially for bass fishing and tournament; these dedicated speed boats will be left following their wake. High horsepower numbers will help you to reach your favorite fishing grounds in no time. 

The spacious deck layout is one of the best and unusual features of a bass boat.  Since competitive fishing is done in pairs, the bass boats’ entire foredeck and aft deck are laid out for a single angler. This means there is plenty of room to run and cast your fishing line to lure those bass fish. Although this deck design is for one angler, most bass boat models can still squeeze in even a third person to fit in the vessel. 

With its unique features and increased horsepower, the bass boat can be more expensive compared to other types of boats of the same size. These boats can be the top-tier models running on the lake. When you decide to own a bass boat, the initial purchase price will be your main cost and the other related cost will be on the minimal side. 

Since bass boats are some of the high-tech boats for fishing on the water, they are constantly upgrading to the latest technology to improve on the performance of its purpose. The construction material used to build this type of boat is incorporated from space-age materials and components.

This is to minimize weight while maximizing the strength of the vessel. It can have advanced CAD/CAM software and can be rigged with the latest and greatest electronics available. 

Weight of Different Bass Boats

Weight of Different Bass Boats

The weight of a bass boat will depend on its length and size. These can vary because of the different models and manufacturers of the boat. The average bass boat weight is about 1,500 pounds (680 kg.) If it comes with a trailer, the average bass boat plus the trailer weight will reach approximately 2,300 pounds (1,043 kg.)

If you add in the 40-gallon tank capacity of a typical bass boat, it will weigh an additional 252 pounds (114 kg.) for the 6.3 pounds per gallon of gasoline it will carry. Pulling the bass boat to the water will require a vehicle with a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds or higher depending on the size of your boat. 

When towing your watercraft, four main parts should be taken into consideration: boat, vehicle trailer, and hitch. Let’s talk about these in the sections below.


When checking for boat weights always keep in mind these two factors: 

  1. Check if the manufacturers indicated boat weight includes the engine/trolling motor. There are cases where the engines’ weight is not included and this is where the bulk of weight usually comes from. An average 250 horsepower outboard motor is 500 plus pounds. 
  2. Check if the boat’s indicated weight is the dry weight. Dry weight refers to the weight of the boat without any fluid or accessories added. Transporting a boat filled with 50 gallons of gas, additional water, and ice and other accessories can add more than 500 pounds of weight. 


Vehicles that can be used to tow boats are smaller in number compared to the variety of boats available for towing. A car or a sedan would be okay for 1,000 pounds jet ski. A maximum of 7,000-pound boat can be towed by a small sport utility vehicle (SUV) or cross utility vehicle (CUV). For a 9,200 pound weight, a large SUV will suffice.

A light-duty truck with a maximum towing weight of 10, 000 pounds can also be used for excess weight. When the boat weighs up to 17,000 pounds, the driver can drive with a Class V hitch but more than this weight will require a heavy-duty truck with a specialized hitch. 

Factors to consider in the trucks towing capacity:

  1. The truck’s cabin size- If the truck’s cabin size is large, the towing capacity of the truck decreases. 
  2. Axle Ratio- Trucks with a bigger axle ratio are capable of towing more than the same truck with a smaller axle ratio. 

Boat and Trailer

The right type of boat and trailer is easier to determine even if there are lots of trailers to choose from. The biggest factor to consider when choosing is the trailer weight and the length and weight of the boat. The trailer weight can range from 500 pounds to a few thousand pounds. To get the accurate total weight of your tow vehicle and bass boat + trailer, go to your nearest truck scale.


Hitching your boat to your truck can be a tricky process since you need to determine the type of hitch that you need. The process can be pretty straightforward to boats weighing less than 17,000 pounds.

Excess of the 17,000 weight may require a heavy-duty tow truck and a gooseneck or 5th wheel hitch. These specialized hitches should be considered important together with the engine since you are towing that much weight. 

Fishing Boat Weight

Bass fishing boats for catching bass are the type of boat that can be used in a variety of ways. It can be made into an all-purpose boat that can be used to catch different fish species and be utilized as a watercraft to enjoy other aquatic activities.

There is plenty of range to choose from when boats are a concern. Some are made from aluminum and fiberglass models of varying shapes and sizes, and they can be way less costly than other types of boats. 

Activities for All-Purpose Fishing Boat

When owning a fishing boat, families sometimes find it hard to choose the varied options that they enjoy when the weekend arrives. Since these boats are inherently adaptable to any boating adventure, this type of boat will be great for both freshwater and saltwater fishing or just about any water activities you can think of.

These boats can be used for skiing and tubing. Modern models of these boats feature stern eyes where you can clip a tow-line on. It has sufficient power to give thrilling water skiing or pulling tubes.

Most of these boats have re-boarding ladders for climbing on and off the boat, swimming platforms, and removable towing attachments. Other accessories can also be attached or removed as the need arises. 

When utilized for fishing, this all-purpose fishing boat can be used in different types of water ranging from lakes to bays. It will keep your fishing gear organized since the boat is integrated with tackle boxes, fishing rod holders, that will allow you to rest your rod between the cast, aerated baitwells that can keep your bait alive and frisky. These are some of the built-in features that you can find in a fishing boat.  

Fishing Boat Weight

Small aluminum fishing boat weigh around 400 to 500 pounds while fiberglass fishing boats tip the scales from 1,500 to 2,500 pounds. The average aluminum boat is about 16 feet in length. It consists of a hull, sets of benches or chairs, and a center console for steering the vessel.

These boats are designed for fishing and are lightweight. With this weight consideration, this vessel can be safely towed by a wide variety of vehicles. Without its engine, most of these boats will weigh less than 500 pounds, giving them a tow weight of fewer than 1,000 pounds.  

If you are planning to buy your very own boat, is important to check the type of boat you want and the availability of the vehicle that will tow it later.

What is Dry Weight and Packaged Weight in a bass fishing boat?

What is Dry Weight and Packaged Weight in a bass fishing boat

You have to understand the differences between dry and packaged weight prior to getting the boat. Boat manufacturers refer to dry weight as the actual weight of most bass boats. Meanwhile, average dry weight refers to total weight not including the fuel tank, the trailer and other gear including rod organizers.

This means that the packaged weight is a rough estimate of how much a bass boat weigh that is included during your purchase. It only becomes heavy when add-ons are also made along the way.

What other Factors Affect the Weight of the Boat?

What other Factors Affect the Weight of the Boat

The exact weight of a fish boat can vary given that there those made lightweight while some are heavier. One factor that contributes to it becoming heavy are gear weight. A rod organizer can store more rods which can add up to the total weight of the boat. Always bring just what you need to enjoy the maximum capacity of the boat instead of having to go slower because of unnecessary gear.

Will my SUV be able to Tow my Boat?

Will my SUV be able to Tow my Boat?

Towing arrangements can be made if you are using a midsize SUV. A pickup truck can can tow the bass boat and trailer. If you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee then you’re in luck as these types of vehicles can tow your boat. Pickup trucks like the Toyota Tacoma can also safely tow your boat as it is popular as a towing vehicle.

Examples of Bass Boat Weights Average

Examples of Bass Boat Weights Average

How Much Does a Bass Boat Weigh: Lowe Skorpion 17

This lightweight boat model is known to be big and spacious. It weighs 670 pounds and is 17 feet long. It comes with an infrared night vision camera and a great console and an in-dash fish finder.

It also has a power pole holding the side rod locker that can store rods and bows. On the other hand, these lockable storage compartments add up to the boat and trailer weight. It also features a lowered bike seat and two pedestal casting seats. All of these features will cost you about $13,000.

How Much Does a Bass Boat Weigh: Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

The Tracker Pro Team 190 TX has been a favorite during sports tournaments. It has a racing quality engine with bow storage, a giant tackle compartment and a cooler. It is also holds among the best warranty in aluminum boats making a lot of enthusiasts choose this boat.

How Much Does a Bass Boat Weigh: SeaArk Stealth 190

The SeaArk Stealth 190 is another heavy fishing bass boat that measures 19 feet long and the boat weighs in at 1,100 pounds.

Four people can either stand or sit using this new bass boat. It has a casting devk, pedal casting seats and a cockpit housing the driver sear. These types bass boats are referred to as having deluxe seating because of having plenty of storage and extra fishing seat.

Another thing to look out for when you’re out on a fishing trip using this new bass boat is its 28-gallon livewell and rear deck livewell features. It also have a 7 inches lockable storage comparments that can light up. It is also durable and can cost you a hefty $33,000.

How Much Does a Bass Boat Weigh: Alumacraft Pro 185

If you’re up for some aluminum boats, check out the Alumacraft Pro 185. You can head off to a fishing trip with this fairly heavy bass boat and trailer. It measures 18 feet loot and weighs just more that 11,000 pounds. Its total weight capacity is at 1,4000 pounds and can seat up to three people.

It has a center seat for the driver, a passenger seat and a casting seat that is bow-raised neatly placed behind the trolling motor. Aside from that, its engines are made by famous engine boat makers Honda and Suzuki. Furthermore, its lockable storage boxes when you’re out to catch bass and other freshwater fish. This lightweight boat can cost you around $42,000.

How Much Does a Bass Boat Weigh: Bass Cat Puma FTD

The Basa Cat Puma FTD is among the bigger sizes you can check out. In comes in 20 feet and 4 inches long and weighs a total of 1,825 pounds. It also has an impressive dual fuel capacity tanks that can accommodate 26 gallons of fuel weight. It also has storage compartments both front and some in its rear. This means you have enough room in your boat to store your fishing rods and other fishing gear.

The Bass Cat Puma has been among popular bass boats choices. Its high speed can produce up to 300 HP for full speed action that might not be present in other fishing boats. Depending on the model that you choose, a new boat will cost you around $74,000.

Meanwhile, the Bass Cat Jaguar is another model with awesome features that you can check out as it is a mix of maximum fishability and high performance handling.

That’s a Wrap

If you know the key features of the vessel you want especially how much a bass boat weigh, its size, seating capacity, extra features like adjustable pro pole or having marine speakers for music, then your fishing trip will most likely be a pleasant one.

Most importantly, if you know how a bass boat and trailer work, you will be able find the right one that would best suit your needs. The features of your bass boat will help you become confident and even wiser on your investment.

Its weight is a factor in transferring and storing it away, and having this information will prevent you from physical accidents in the future. Moreover, most accessories will also add weight to your bass boat.

Hopefully by this time, you have found the answer to your question, ‘how much does a bass boat weigh?’ Tag your friends along and enjoy catching bass during your fishing trip as you experience speed as well as durability through the bass boat and trailer you are using.

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