How Much Does A Center Console Boat Weigh?

How Much Does A Center Console Boat Weigh

Do you wonder how much does a center console weigh? Let’s check out some facts by starting with the earliest boats made of logs tied together to be able to make rafts. Since then, boat designs have come a long way. Even how a vessel was powered back then has also come a long way, although there are still similarities to how it is propelled now.

For instance, history tells us that boats were first powered by humans by paddling or using oars. The similarity is, they used sails and depended on the wind back then, which is still applicable now. Nevertheless, the purpose of exploration and transportation for these boats remain the same, regardless if it’s a bass boat, a pontoon boat, or a fishing boat.

People own a lot of boats these days including self-bailing deck boats, Jon boats, fishing boats, and pontoons, to name a few.  Most boat owners look at the recreational side and having fun with their family and friends while cruising the water. This is when the weight of the boat is carefully considered to match the use of the vessel. The boat’s weight will play an important factor as the bigger it gets, the more people it can accommodate as well as the number of fishing gear that can be stored.

Aside from that, inshore and offshore boats are also carefully considered when it comes to their engines. This means that the more horsepower the engine has, the faster it can go. These boats can also serve as commercial transportation and not just your average fishing boats, where they can cover short distances to carry passengers and their belongings.

A boat’s weight differs depending on the material used to build and design it. Presently, most boats use four materials that can affect their weight including aluminum, for an average aluminum fishing boat, steel, fiberglass, and wood. Ships or big boats use both steel and aluminum and small boats such as a bass boat, are made from fiberglass and wood or other material combinations.

Different Boats and their Average Weight

Have you ever wondered what boats weights are most preferred by prospective owners? Here’s to give you some idea about popular vessel choices. A boat owner is greatly influenced by the average weight of the vessel because this will also determine the trailer weight and the vehicle that will safely tow it.

Keep in mind that these boats indicated average weight refers to their dry weight only. For instance, it means the weight of your fishing boat minus the fuel, water, trailer, and other accessories. Then there are the cuddy cabins. These types of boats are known to have cruiser versatility and the agility of a bowrider vessel. Cuddy cabins can be used with the same function as deck boats and bowriders. However, a cuddy cabin can also be used for an overnight adventure.

Bass boats vs. speedboats size and weight

What are bass boats? These are small vessels that are designed to catch fish, specifically bass on rivers, streams, lakes, and other freshwater bodies. The sizes also vary ranging from 16 to 17 feet up to 18 to 19 feet for the bigger ones. The average weight for a bass boat is at 17,000 lbs. Meanwhile, in comparison, the speedboat has a heavier average weight due to its compact bodies and powerful engines that can go on high speeds. It is referred to as a cigarette vesel due to its sleek appearance and can have an average weight of 8,000 lbs.

Comparing Bowrider Boats, Cabin Cruiser Boats, and Convertible Fishing Boats

Do you know what Bowrider boats are? These are versatile vessels that can function both as a fishing boat and a vessel used for family gatherings and watersports use, and any water sports and as a family vessel. Eight people can get in at maximum and can weigh around 4500 lbs. Meanwhile, cabin cruisers are equipped with facilities comparable to a small modern home for vacation. Cabin cruisers can be used on salty waters and can take in both passengers and crew. The average weight of this vessel is about 8700 lbs. Are you interested in convertible fishing boats? If so you are in for a treat as this type can be used both for family and as a sports fishing vessel with dedicated anglers. It has an average weight of about 47000 lbs. and is equipped with a large fishing deck just like in deck boats, galleys, and cabins.

The difference between a Jon Boat, Pontoon Boats, and Center Console Boats

The difference between a Jon Boat, Pontoon Boats, and Center Console Boats

Why can Jon Boats provide an easy ride for beginner sailors? It is because its fuel tank efficient for sailing and is economical to use especially for fishing or simply just cruising around. It is also a bit lighter and can be a good choice for your first boat. These types of boats weigh 450 lbs. which can be considered a small boat good for water sports.

Pontoon boats can be used for cruising and fishing in freshwater areas. They have tubes to make them float on inland waters and are easy to identify because of their flat shape. Their average weight is around 3100 lbs. Meanwhile, the console boat control station dominates the center of the boat. Its bow and stern act as an open deck to accommodate seats for its passengers. This is an ideal family and fishing boat rolled into one. The weighted average of this boat is between 5000 to 6300 lbs.

Choosing the perfect fishing boat

Choosing the perfect fishing boat

Have you ever wondered what is a perfect vessel for fishing? Can you find the right vessel among different types of boats? Well, if you’ve heard about the Buddy Davis fleet 28 CC, then you are in the right article to get you all hyped up. This can be considered the smallest boat but the construction and built of these types of boats are the same as larger boats, with their fuel tank capable of storing up to 200 gallons. It can also be among the lightest boat although the weight of boats vary depending on their usage. The Buddy Davis has a dry weight of 7,400 lbs and its trailer weight is at 1,800 lbs.

Another pontoon boat to consider is the Hells Bay Professional that can go insanely fast on shallow waters. It is among the popular contender fleet available in the market with its dry weight at 880 lbs. and its trailer weight at 500 lbs.

Then we have the Key West 188 BR. The lineup includes various models that also have different weights. These types of boats can be pulled by most mid-sized SUVs considering their dry weight is at 2087 lbs. It is also good for offshore fishing thanks to the aggressive deep V hull design and all the features that come with it.

Then we have the Contender 24 Sport among the contender fleet. It is an excellent boat for your family with both inshore fishability features. You can enjoy a smooth ride after storing a 130-gallon fuel tank. Its dry weight is at 5,250 lbs. and has a trailer weight of 1,025 lbs. This boat’s trailer weight can be light enough to be towed by mid-sized trucks.

How much does a bass boat and trailer weigh?

How much does a bass boat and trailer weigh

Did you know the average weight of a fishing boat at dry weight including its motor, equipment such as fishing poles, fish boxes, rod storage, and other gear weight as well as its trailer is 3,500 lbs.? Take note that fishing boats and trailer weights can differ depending on which category the vessel falls into.

For instance, an aluminum boat and its trailer weight can be around 2,950 lbs while an average bass boat and its trailer weight can be at 3,040 lbs. Deck boats and jet boats can also differ depending on size. But of course, it is safe to say that bigger boats weigh heavier in terms of average weight. On the other hand, an average inshore saltwater fishing vessel and its gross trailer weight can yield 4,400 lbs. while an average pontoon fishing vessel with gross trailer weight can be around 3,500 lbs.

What are Aluminum Fishing Boats and Trailer Weights?

What are Aluminum Fishing Boats and Trailer Weights

Do you know anybody who owns an aluminum fishing boat? These vessels are some of the most popular choices among different types of boats considering their cheap prices and versatility. They can be likely used on rough seas with great interior space and can have an average weight of between 2000 to 3000 lbs. Also, these types of boats do not exceed the average weight of 4000 lbs.

Aside from that, small to mid-sized SUVs can be great choices to pull these aluminum boats. In fact, you don’t need to own larger vehicles to get these boats towed. These are also great choices for those avoiding trouble due to referring traffic. Due to its size, it is easier to maneuver and control making docking rather easy.  

Frequently Asked Question on How much does a center console boat weigh

Frequently Asked Question on How much does a center console boat weigh

How much does the center console boat weigh?

Did you know that Center consoles are popular due to their versatility in design? This is where the steering station is located with an open deck space that can accommodate seating for passengers both in its bow (front) and stern (back). This design makes the console boat an ideal fishing boat but can do double as a family vessel that can cater to a variety of fun activities.

Center console boats can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It can handle different sea conditions thrown at its face including sailing on rough water. Seasoned anglers are known to leave the safety of the dock regardless of the water condition. Even a small console boat can split the sea open and provide a comfortable and safe ride over long distances for these experienced fishermen. Mid-size or large console boats feature large fuel storage and even a swim platform for added recreation.

So, how does this boat become a family boat at the same time as a fishing vessel? A smooth ride and open layout are ideal for a family cruise to new ports and even cove swimming. Some boats can feature swim platforms, with a stereo system having USB ports, cup holders and coolers, and other stuff that can make the most of your fun day on the water. Depending on the size and features of your console boat , some can have a “head compartment” that contains a bathroom. More sophisticated models have a berth to sleep on and a galley to cook.

A rough estimate on dry weights for a console boat can be anywhere between 240 lbs to 8500 lbs depending on its size and features. The added weight will come when the boat is loaded with passengers, gears, and fuel weight plus its wet weight when it is filled with the needed fluids.  

How much does a 20-foot center console boat weigh?

 A 20-foot console type of boat can have features like an expansive cockpit and large walk-in console and portable head. There is available space for road racks, rod holders, and an option for a live well that can keep your catch fresh, making every inch of this boat usable.  

A 20 foot or 6.25m console is around 2500 lbs. dry boat weight. It can seat up to 9 persons. Depending on the outboard engine that will be used, a 250hp /190kw  max power is sufficient. It can have a fuel capacity of 87 gallons or equivalent to 329L.  

How much does a 25-foot center console boat weigh?

Worried about the weather? When the weather doesn’t agree to fish on a Saturday morning, having a 25-foot console boat can handle it. You can get on with your fishing game as always because of your boats’ reliability and its ability to fish. Most boats of this size have precise attention to detail design that can address most of the weather issues that can come your way.

A 25-foot center console boat weighs around 4500lbs. It can carry 145 gallons of fuel weight as well as a boat loaded of people and gears up to 6250 lbs.

This boat can run better on a 400hp engine. Some of these boats can even be customized to fit the needs of the owner. They can fish for sharks or go for sailfish in different places. These different fishing games can dictate the customized riggers that can be installed in your boat. It can be rigged with rod holders, electric reel outlets, downriggers, outriggers, and other fishing needs. Having a 400hp engine can get these fishermen to their choice of fishing grounds. Most of the 20-foot center console may feature a 24-degree deadrise hull that can keep anglers stay dry.

Most of these customized boat features are practiced by boat companies so they can come up with a fishing machine that can answer the needs of water sport enthusiasts. The hull size and Livewell rigging can be added. Customization can even include your choice of stitching on the type of upholstery that you like.

How much does a 26-foot center console boat weigh?

Going for a ride on a 26-foot center console boat can be a smooth and stable experience. Its capable performance can be credited to having a powerful V-shaped hull and the power of its 500hp engine. 

This boat size is capable of catering to your fishing and cruising needs. These off-shore boats can feature a walk-in console complete with a head, sink,  shower, and extra storage. You can shower using freshwater coming from its freshwater tank. Seating and storage can have heavy-duty marine-grade UV resistance vinyl upholstery that can withstand the water elements.

Most of these boats’ electrical systems feature LED navigation lights and even underwater LED lights.  It has an LED cockpit and Livewell lighting as well. It uses waterproof electrical connectors and tin-plated copper wiring to provide the electrical system of your boat. 

For safety purposes, some 26-foot center console boats feature a house/engine battery system that has an on-off switch, battery isolator, and console parallel switch. To ensure an enjoyable cruising experience, these boats have stereo packages that have speakers distributed to the different parts of your boat and capable of playing music from its USB Aux port and Bluetooth.

A 26-foot center console boat can weigh 5500lbs. without its engine and fuel weight. It can carry around 12 passengers or up to 1980lbs weight. It is capable of carrying 163 gallons or 617L of fuel. This boat will run smoothly on a 500hp/ 375KW engine. Its cockpit can consume 94sq.ft or 8.7m area. Boats of this type can feature satellite weather modules, essential for monitoring the weather and dome radar.


Do you now know why it’s important to understand boat weight and all those facts? Buying a boat is an important decision as it involves substantial amounts of money. That is why it is important to know the type of boat you need including average weight, trailer weight, tow vehicles, and all other features that come with it. Prices can vary and some can be very expensive that they can leave a hole in your pocket.

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