How to Mount Flag on Pontoon Boat (Easy Than You Think!)

How to Mount Flag on Pontoon Boat

If you are looking to make your boat unique, mounting a flag is a perfect way to get started. 

Having a flag on your boat is an excellent way to express your love for your country, state, or even school. 

You could also add a custom flag like one with a logo of your favorite sports team to show your allegiance. 

I have an American flag that flies on my pontoon boat as I cruise on the water, and it’s 100% satisfying for my family and me to show our patriotism to other water users. 

We installed the flag a few years ago on the Bennington, but trust me, it wasn’t as easy as it seems to mount it. We actually had to try out several methods to see what works best. 

The reason is that our boat didn’t come with any pre-drilled holes where we could simply attach the flag post and have the flag waving high winds. 

Luckily, we found several creative ways to mount a flag on a pontoon boat that many recreational boaters use. 

Whether you are confused about what size flag you need for your boat or how to hang a flag on your vessel, you have come to the right page. 

Here, we’ll show you the best way to mount a flag on your pontoon boat and share a few more options to let you decide what works best for your boat. 

Read on to discover everything you need to know about mounting a flag on a pontoon boat…

How to Mount a Pontoon Flag

#1. Attach Some Cheap Fender Adjusters to the Bimini Frame

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to fly a flag on your pontoon boat, this method is for you. All you have to do is clip some fender adjusters to the Bimini frame. 

The only problem with clipping some fender adjusters to the Bimini frame to install a flag is that they may interfere with your fishing rods. 

So, if you enjoy fishing like us and want to mount a flag on your pontoon boat, I’d recommend buying a flag pole that mounts on the boat’s railings. 

#2. Get an Aftermarket Taylor Made Pontoon FlagPole Socket

If the cheap fender adjusters don’t seem to work for you, you can buy the Taylor Made Pontoon Boat Flag Pole Socket

It’s a reliable 30-inch flag pole that uses injection molded black nylon mount and seemingly integrates with different pontoon boat designs. 

What I like most about this flagpole socket is that it easily attaches to my pontoon boat railing. 

The aftermarket kit comes with a ¾ – inch width anodized aluminum flag rod that easily cracks into the base. 

It also comes with flag clips that match the kit’s color, so you don’t need to buy them separately. 

While this solution may not be as cheap as some DIY fender clips, it’s definitely worth the money. It’s a perfect option for boaters looking for a flag pole kit that will look professional on their pontoon boat. 

The package also features a 12’’ by 18” USA flag to let you showcase your patriotism as you sail on the water. 

#3. Mount the Flag on Top of the Bimini

You could also fly the flag on top of your Bimini cover, especially if you don’t need to navigate under low bridges. 

All you have to do is attach the flag post on the anchor light on your Bimini and use some zip ties for easy installation.

I’ve seen many boaters using this method in our local boating area, and they say that it’s very easy disassemble  the pole when needed or when you approach a low bridge. 

#4. Attach the Flag to the Bimini Poles

Another simple and effective method to mount a flag on your pontoon boat is attaching it to the Bimini poles. 

You can buy some cheap small bungee cords from an auto spare part store and use them to attach the flag directly to the Bimini top poles.

The good thing about this solution is that you can easily attach two or more boat flags, depending on what you like. The cords will last for a long time since they are not affected by the weather.  

You’ll also find it easy to detach the small bungee cords and take your boat flags off when you need to. 

How to Buy the Best Boat Flag Pole

How to Buy the Best Boat Flag Pole

or poles, you should consider your specific needs and budget. 

It’s also important to note that some kits come with everything you need to mount your flag, while others will only include a few accessories. 

Here are several examples of the best pontoon flag poles and mount kits to buy:

Taylor Made Flagpole – Best Flagpole of for Pontoon Boats 

If all you want is a flagpole, the Taylor Made Aluminum ¾-inch flag pole is a great option. 

I recommend the Taylor Made Flag Pole because it’s a high-quality product, and many customers who use it give positive feedback. 

I’ve also been using Taylor-made pontoon boat accessories for several years now, and all I can say is that every purchase is always worth it. 

 Another fascinating thing about the Taylor Made Flag Pole is that it works with any flag size. 

However, the package doesn’t include all the mounts, so you need to buy them separately if you don’t have them already. 

Taylor Made Flagpole Socket – Best Pontoon Boat Flag Holder 

Another great product to use when mounting a flag on your boat is the Taylor Made Flag Pole Socket

Like most Taylor Made accessories, this pontoon flagpole socket is a high-quality product as it uses premium materials. It’s made from polished steel that can withstand harsh boating conditions. 

The Taylor Made flag holder screws tightly into your pontoon boat’s deck, where you can then insert a 1 ¼ inch flag pole into the hole to fly your flag. 

BBI Flags Mount Socket – Best Affordable Boat Flag Pole Mount Socket 

If you are looking for a solution that will actually attach to your pontoon railing rather than sit on the deck, you might be interested in the BBI Flags Pontoon Boat Flag Pole Mount Socket

This boat flag pole is also a cheaper alternative compared to other solutions on the list. It uses robust aluminum and is heavy-duty to ensure that it can hold your flag for many years.

If you want to fly several boat flags, you can buy two or three BBI Flags sockets and mount them on the boat railing.  

Taylor Made Boat Flag Kit – Best Kit with Flag Pole, Mount, and Socket

If you want a complete package, Taylor Made still got you covered. They offer a full Taylor Made boat flag kit that includes the pole, mount, and socket. 

You can easily mount the flag pole by screwing it on a flat surface like the deck. If you want to install the flag pole on your boat’s railing, you’ll need to buy some rail mounting brackets. 

The kit doesn’t include the flag shown in the product images, so you need to purchase your favorite flag and attach it to the pole. 



Q: How Do You Hang a Flag on a Boat?

A: There are many ways to hang a flag on a boat, from flag poles to mounting it on the Bimini frame. 

The best way to hang a flag on your boat will depend on the accessories you have and personal preferences. 

If you want some simple DIY solutions, you can use PVC piping or even a fishing rod to fly a flag on your boat. All you have to do is ensure that the mount is well attached to the boat deck or railing. 

For some professional-looking solutions, you can invest in the Taylor Made flag pole kit that comes with everything you need to hang a flag on your boat. 

Taylor Made provides a great selection of flag poles, sockets, and other high-quality pontoon boats accessories. 

Whether you want anodized aluminum or stainless steel poles, you can be sure to get exactly what you are looking for. 

If you already have some mounts and the flag you intend to hang, you can buy aftermarket accessories like the Taylor Made pole or the BBI Flags Pole Mount Socket. 

Another important thing you need to keep in mind when hanging a flag on your boat is the mounting position. 

The best place to add a pontoon flag on your boat is the right stern, as it shows respect and honor to the stars and stripes. 

Hanging boat flags on the stern is a unique custom that has existed among boating enthusiasts for thousands of years, and boaters still observe it even today. 

Q: What Size Flag Do I Need for a Pontoon Boat?

A: If you are in search of a flag for your pontoon boat and are wondering what size is the best, you need to consider the length of your boat. 

Then go one inch on the flag for every foot in length of your ship. For example, if you own a 28-ft long pontoon boat, the best size flag should be about 28 inches or more on the fly. 

Q: Is It Illegal to Fly Pirate Flags from Pontoon Boats?

A: No, it’s not illegal to fly pirate flags from pontoon boats in the U.S. There is no definite legislation that restricts the flying of pirate boat flags in U.S. territorial waters. 

So, if you are a boat enthusiast and want to fly a flag from your vessel, it’s perfectly legal to choose exactly what you like, even if it’s a pirate flag. 

Q: Should I Add an American Flag to My Boat?

A: Yes, you can add an American flag on your boat since it’s a great way to display patriotism. However, there are several important things to keep in mind. 

When flying a National flag, you should mount it to the boat’s stern as it’s considered the place of honor. This custom isn’t a new law but a tradition that has existed for thousands of years. 

So, unless the position of the national flag interferes with your boat operation, the stern is the best place to add an American flag. 

You are also supposed to ensure that you buy boat flags made from marine-grade materials. Cheaply made boat flags may not withstand the harsh boating conditions. 

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Mounting a flag on a pontoon boat is an easy task as long as you have the required tools and accessories. 

If you want to mount your favorite flag on your pontoon boat, feel free to use the tips provided in this article. 

No matter the pontoon flag pole kit you choose, the manufacturer provides instructions on how to go about the installation. 

Some manufacturers also accompany the instructions with several images for quick and effortless assembly. 

If you want to make your own flag mounting kit, there are many creative and cheap solutions, as explained in the above guide. 

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