How to Remove Water Spots from Pontoon – Without A Fuss!

How to Remove Water Spots from Pontoon

When you buy a new pontoon boat from the showroom, it comes with an incredible shine everywhere. However, the shine can easily go away after a few trips to the lake. 

Water spots can be irritating as they get on every part of the boat, from outboard motors to pontoon tubes. 

They not only make your boat look ugly but can also damage the boat’s hull, especially if you usually sail on salty water.

And while some boaters try to clean the vessels regularly, even a well-maintained boat may still have some stubborn stains that make it look old. 

If you are looking for an effective way to get rid of water spots and stains from your pontoon boat, we have a few tips that can do the magic.

How to Remove Water Spots from Pontoon Boats

Best DIY Method- Water and Vinegar 

You may have seen several cleaning hacks that involve using vinegar to clean and shine up different things, and it’s actually more than a trick.  

When mixed with distilled water, vinegar is known to clean things effectively. It contains a strong substance known as acetic acid that dissolves mineral deposits. 

Remember, the reason why your boat has water spots in the first place is because of water minerals. 

Once the water dries on your boat, the minerals harden and stick to the surface of your vessel, leaving stubborn spots and stains. 

What’s even worse about these minerals in the water is that you cannot remove them from your boat’s surface with just water and soap. 

You’ll still notice the mineral build-up even after cleaning your boat thoroughly with soap and water. 

Fortunately, you can easily solve the problem with vinegar. Here is how to use vinegar to clean your pontoon boat and achieve a perfectly shiny surface:

Step 1: Mix Vinegar and Distilled Water: 50/50

The best way to use vinegar when cleaning your pontoon boat is by mixing it in equal parts with water. I recommend using distilled water since it doesn’t have any minerals. 

Once you have mixed equal parts of vinegar and distilled water, put the solution into a water spray bottle for easy application. 

Step 2: Use a Spray Bottle to Apply the Vinegar Solution to the Affected Areas

If your boat is dirty, you need to clean it up with soap and water before spraying the vinegar and water solution to prevent the dirt from spreading everywhere. 

Then spray the solution on the target areas and let it sit for about a minute. This will let the acetic acid dissolve the water minerals completely to get rid of the spots. 

Step 3: Wipe with a Clean Towel or a Piece of Cloth

When the vinegar and water solution has sat on the boat surface for about 60 seconds, wipe the affected areas down with a clean towel. 

If there are any water spots or stains left on the surface, repeat the process to get rid of the tougher water spots. 

While white vinegar is an effective spot cleaner, you shouldn’t use it on hardwood or marble if your boat has any. You also need to be extra careful when cleaning areas near electrical wiring. 

If your pontoon boat still has some really tough water spots and stains, it may be time to go for a professional solution. 

Best Professional Water Spot Solution: Boat Bling Hot Sauce

While the water and vinegar solution works well in cleaning water spots on pontoons, there are times when you need something professional. 

If your pontoon boat still has some tougher stains that won’t come off after cleaning with the vinegar and water solution, it’s time to bring more ammunition to the scuffle.

In this case, I recommend the Boat Bling Hot Sauce Hard Water Remover. This spot remover is designed to clean hard water stains and remove the most extreme mineral build-up from watercraft and autos. 

I’ve used it for the last few months to remove hard water spots in my pontoon boat, and it really works great. 

The reason why this water spot remover works magic on pontoons is that it was developed specifically for cleaning mineralized spots. 

It uses biodegradable ingredients, so there is no need to worry about causing any harm to the environment. 

The main ingredient is white vinegar, but it has other finishing products like Carnauba wax. 

To use this formulation when cleaning your boat, all you have to do is spray directly on the target areas and wipe them off with a towel. 

You can use it to remove the scum or residue that builds on the exhaust to give it a shiny new look. It also works magic on side panels and the motor. 

The hot sauce is an all-around cleaning agent as it can be sprayed to remove stains on different materials, including plastic, fiberglass, glass, chrome, or even painted surfaces. 

What’s more intriguing about this water spot remover is that it leaves an extra layer of turtle wax sealant on your pontoon hull. Thanks to the Carnauba elements featured in the formulation. 

This coat will also prevent water spots from your pontoon boat in the future, so you don’t have to worry about mixing vinegar and water after every boating trip. 

How Do You Prevent Water Spots on Your Pontoon Boat?

How Do You Prevent Water Spots on Your Pontoon Boat

If you usually boat on hard water lakes, you might be wondering whether there is a practical solution to prevent water spots altogether. 

Luckily, there are several solutions to try. But my best advice is that you invest in a wax-based cleaner. 

Wax-based cleaners leave a wax coating that makes it difficult for minerals to build up on the boat’s surface. 

Along with preventing water spots, waxing your pontoon boat also comes with many more benefits, including increased performance and longevity. 

You’ll get a boost of speed after giving your pontoon a good polish and prevent it from fading or looking messy after a few months of boating. 

Marine waxes are also formulated to stop corrosion, so even a thin layer might protect your boat’s exterior from too much damage caused by rust. 

If you want to wax your boat to look new and perform well all the time, I recommend regular cleaning and waxing. 

Regular maintenance will not only keep your boat shining but will also give you a chance to inspect the watercraft for any damages. 

Another effective way to prevent water spots from your pontoon boat is drying your boat off after every boating trip. 

However, you’ll still need to rinse the boat with fresh or distilled water before patting it dry with a clean piece of cloth or towel. 



Q: How Do You Get Water Spots Off Aluminum Boat?

A: To get water spots off aluminum boats, mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a bucket. Then add the solution into a spray bottle and spray the affected parts. 

Leave the solution to sit for about one minute before wiping with a clean towel.

If you want a professional and quick solution, you can invest in a water-based spot remover that uses vinegar and wax for effective cleaning. 

Such formulations will have the same smell as the vinegar and water solution, but they leave a shiny coat on the boat when used to remove water spots. 

Q: How Do You Remove Mineral Deposits from Aluminum Pontoons?

A: There are several solutions that can be applied to remove mineral deposits from aluminum pontoon boats. 

The cheapest and easiest way is to spray vinegar and water solution on the affected areas. If you don’t have vinegar, you can use baking soda and water. 

For heavy mineral deposits that require scrubbing, you can use sandpaper and sand over the surface horizontally before using the vinegar solution. 

Q: How Do I Get Water Spots Off My Mercury Outboard?

A: You can use vinegar and water to clean water spots from your Mercury outboard. But before you spray the vinegar solution, you need to clean the motor to remove excess dirt.  

Other effective methods to clean a Mercury Outboard motor include using a mercury all-in-one spotless shine and applying a ceramic coating. 

Q: What is the Best Way to Remove Water Spots?

A: The best way to remove water spots is to use vinegar and water solution. All you have to do is prepare a 50/50 vinegar and water solution and apply it to the affected parts. 

Then leave the mixture to sit on the surface for about 60 seconds before wiping it off with a clean towel. 

The best thing about vinegar is that it’s cheap and readily available at home. But you need to use fresh or distilled water for best results. 

For even a cheaper method, you can use baking soda instead of vinegar. Baking soda still does the job well but may not be appropriate for tougher stains. 

If you are in search of a professional way to remove water spots from your pontoon boat, you can try the Boat Bling Hard Water Spot Remover. 

As mentioned above, this Hard Water Spot Remover is a great product for boats as it removes the spots and leaves your boat with a new shine. 

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Vinegar and water solution is a cheap and effective way to remove water spots and give your pontoon boat and new gleam. 

This boat cleaning method has been around for years, and many boaters use it with great success when it comes to removing water spots. 

You can also use vinegar to clean boat seats, motors, panels, and other stained parts of your boat. 

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t hesitate to try the recommended hot sauce, especially if you are looking for a quick solution for tougher water spots. 

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