Ultimate Review of The Best Paintball Grenades and Grenade Launchers in 2023

Best Paintball Grenades and Grenade Launchers

Paintball is an exciting and thrilling game. If you are a part of a tournament, the atmosphere and the energy levels are just too high to not feel the competitive spirit around you. Strategizing, surprising the opponent, having an upper hand over them, and doing the unexpected (without flouting the rules) are a part of the game. 

If paintball pistols, guns, snipers, and hoppers are one aspect, the goggles, vests, and pants are the other. And the item we are talking about today belongs to the former category. What do you think it is? 

(Yes, we know you read the headline already). 

Paintball grenades are pretty much the replicas of grenades and bombs used in war. The only difference is that these release color (surprise!) and do not cause bodily injuries. Of course, they can still hurt a person if one is not careful. (We talk about that later). 

But paintball grenades work well to surprise and confuse your opponents. Since you will be wearing the protective gear, you should be safe enough when using them. Just make sure not to let the color grenade burst close to your face or anybody else’s. 

So we know you are going to take the safety precautions. Can we know more about these cute and useful items, please? 

Definitely. Paintball grenades are quite popular and much in demand. In fact, there are different types of grenades that serve different purposes. And naturally, the famous paintball-based companies are releasing new variants and models of grenades into the market. Tippmann, Empire, Valken, etc., have been in the business long enough to come up with more than one variant of paintball grenades. 

But, how to know which ones are the best? How do we choose the best paintball grenades and grenade launchers (we’ll talk about those as well) from so many models? Well, you’ve got us right here to help you. 

Check out our list of top 5 paintball grenades in the market and continue reading to see what a grenade launcher is and how they work. Also, check out the tips to follow when throwing a grenade and finally, go through the factors to consider when buying a paintball grenade. 

That’s quite a lot of data, isn’t it? Let’s start immediately and learn a few new things about paintball grenades. 

Best Paintball Grenades and Grenade Launchers wrap up

We would recommend the Tippman Big Boy Pull Pin Grenade in Poly Bag as a perfect choice for players of all skill levels. 

It is easy to use, contains a good amount of paint, and has a spraying range of 30 feet. We have already known the features and benefits of this paintball grenade in detail, right? The Tippman Big Boy Pull Pin Grenade in Poly Bag is worth the price you pay for it. 

Table of Contents

Quick Comparison Table!

Tippman Big Boy Pull Pin Grenade in Poly Bag


Empire Paintball Empire BT- M8 Paint Grenade


EG25 Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade


Valken Tango (V-Tac) Paint Grenade



Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Impact Banger



The Best Paintball Grenades and Grenade Launchers For The Money

Best Paintball Grenades and Grenade Launchers for the money

#1 Tippman Big Boy Pull Pin Grenade in Poly Bag - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The first paintball grenade on our list is by Tippman, one of the famous companies that sell various paintball gears. The name of this grenade itself suggests what it is- a big and solid paintball grenade that comes in a poly bag. The grenade was redesigned to resemble and replicate the real-life model. No wonder paintball players love using it on the field. Let’s see a few more details about this grenade. 

Features & Benefits 


What does it mean when we say poly bag? Well, it means that the bag/ pouch that holds the paint is made of that material. It’s softer compared to the tube grenade (by the same company). A softer bag would result in the grenade bursting easily when you throw it at the opponents. 

But that possesses another problem- the grenade may end up bursting even during storage or traveling. Sometimes we forget to be careful and may put some extra pressure on the kit carrying the grenades. In such instances, it will end up blowing up right there. Ouch! Not something we want to happen to us, right? 

Key Features
  • The grenade is larger in size and feels comfortable when holding it in the hand.
  • It has a 30-feet spray pattern. Anyone within that range is going to get some color on them. 
  • The bright pink color is sure to be visible in all fields. You’ll know that a player has been marked by the paint from a grenade blast. 
  • It contains 10 oz of paint, which is something we totally love. Paintball games are supposed to be messy. 
  • There is nothing really hard or complex about this grenade. You mark your target, pull the pin, aim, and throw. That’s it. 



#2 Empire Paintball Empire BT- M8 Paint Grenade - Best for Hard Surfaces


Empire is another famous brand when it comes to paintball gear. It’s no surprise that the company has released some good-looking grenades as well. Of course, we don’t even have to worry about the functionality when Empire is concerned. The company seems to offer the best most of the time. The BT paintball grenades come in two variants, M8 and M12. We are going to deal with M8 now. Take a look at the features listed below. 

Features & Benefits 


In case you are wondering, there is just one difference between M8 and M12- the size of the paintball. And naturally, M12 is larger and holds 12 oz of paint while M8 has 8 oz of paint. Though both variants are equally popular, M8 has more fans as it is easy to hold and throw. And did we mention the cost? 

Empire’s paintball grenades are a bit more costly than the ones by other companies. It makes sense to buy M8 in multiples, isn’t it? The grenade comes with a hook at the bottom that lets you clip it to your belt and carry it along, hands-free. 

Key Features
  • The grenade resembles a real one to an extent where you can fool your friends. Yup, try it out. It’ll be fun. 
  • The material is reliable and doesn’t break during travel or when you are running and crawling through the paintball field. 
  • This is the only paintball grenade to have RPS paint fill. Make the most of it, we say.
  • The paint is bright yellow in color and quite dazzling. Some players said it caused a bit of a distraction even for them. But hey, yellow is easier to spot, isn’t it? 
  • The grenade has the same pull pin design as the previous model. It also has the same spray range of 30 feet. 
  • The biggest advantage of this grenade is that it splatters even more against hard surfaces. 



#3 EG25 Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade - Best for Colored Smoke


Enola Gaye has released quite a few different types of paintball grenades. These are more like smoke bombs that release color into the air rather than spray paint on the players in the vicinity. These are used not only by paintball players but also by photographers to take some wonderful pictures. The smoke is rich and intense, causing a thick cloud of color when it bursts. Here’s a little more about these grenades. 

Features & Benefits 


EG25 is one of the smallest paintball grenades in the market. But it packs a punch and can give you enough time to escape from your opponent or attack them on the field. The grenade is cylindrical in shape and comes with a wire pin and a cap for additional safety. 

You have to remove the cap, pull the wire and throw the grenade. It will release a thick and heavy cloud of color for 25 seconds. Yep. We wouldn’t think the tiny grenade would hold out for that long, right? But it does very well on the field. No complaints. 

Key Features
  • The company first started manufacturing smoke grenades in the UK during the mid-90s. It is still one of the leading companies in the market with pyrotechnic development. 
  • The company has got the grenades approved by the governments of the USA and Canada and by the CE of Europe. 
  • The colored smoke released by these grenades is non-toxic. It might cause a bit of trouble on the field (just as it should), but it will not harm anyone’s health. 
  • Not just that, the company had designed the grenade body using biodegradable material. You don’t have to worry about harming the environment either way. 
  • That said, this grenade is meant for use by players older than 18 years of age. Don’t give this one to kids. And try not to use it in confined spaces without proper ventilation. 
  • The smoke will stay put for up to 2 minutes, after which it’ll start to disperse. You’ll get more than enough time to plan your next move after throwing this grenade at your opponent. 



#4 Valken Tango (V-Tac) Paint Grenade - Best for Tactical Players


Valken is yet another company that has released a few paintball grenade models. These are again the regular ones and resemble the original grenades. This grenade comes in black and makes it easy to hide it from opponents. The paint isn’t black, just the body of the grenade is. It contains bright yellow paint and can be spotted from quite a distance. The grenade sprays the paint all around as it bursts open. Check out its features below. 

Features & Benefits 


The paintball grenade looks pretty much like a surgical tube with paint. It is, of course, sealed well on both ends. One end has a ring with a pin that you’ll have to pull before throwing it at your opponents. The other end is crimped. You don’t need to worry about it. 

When you pull off the ring, the plug underneath it gets exposed. And when you throw the grenade, the plug will hit a surface and dislodge the paint inside the grenade. The paint then comes out in a forceful spray, coloring everyone around it. 

Key Features
  • The paintball grenade holds 10 oz of bright yellow paint. 
  • You will need to be careful when carrying the grenade as it can burst due to excess pressure on it. The soft body of the grenade makes it susceptible to accidental burstings. 
  • That’s a bit worrying if you are used to roughly handling the paintball gear. 
  • Make sure to give the grenade a little shake before pulling the cap and throwing it at the opponent. If the paint sits for too long in the grenade, it’ll start to settle at the bottom. 
  • Shaking the grenade once will bring the paint back to its natural consistency. 
  • Do not use the grenade anywhere except on the field. It’ll turn messy. Also, make sure you wear safety gear such as goggles and vests so that the paint won’t splatter over you. 
  • Handle the grenade with caution. Do not squeeze it while shaking, removing the cap, or throwing. (We’ve seen such things happen on the field, and let’s say it’s not a pretty sight).  



#5 Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Impact Banger - Best for Sound


The last paintball grenade on our list is slightly different from the other models we’ve seen. It’s neither the regular paint spray variant nor the color smoke one. This one doesn’t release anything except sound. Yes! It is called Burst Impact Banger for the same reason. What use is such a grenade, you ask? Simple. It’ll help create a distraction and make it easier to shoot a confused opponent. Though this grenade is not as popular as the others, it is still preferred by some professional players. Let’s take a look at the features in detail, shall we? 

Features & Benefits 


The burst banger is cylindrical and tiny in shape. It fits easily in your hand and works absolutely great. The grenade resembles EG’s smoke bombs a bit but serves an entirely different purpose. It comes as a kit with an instruction manual, a badge, grenade oil to clean and reuse the grenade, etc. 

Yes, you read it right. This grenade is not meant for one-time use. You can hold it up and reuse it again and again. The company claims that the grenade costs $1 for detonation. That sure is a lot less than the average paintball grenade price, isn’t it? 

Key Features
  • The burst banger grenade has been built to last. It has a durable design that offers you a lifetime of sound explosions. 
  • You can customize the grenade using the items in the kit. Just read the instruction manual thoroughly before using this one. 
  • Since it doesn’t spray any paint, it is relatively safer to use. You don’t need to panic about the paint on the face or on the eyes. 
  • But it does generate a lot of sound. In fact, players say that it is too loud, especially indoors, and can be annoying. After all, it releases 125 decibels of sound upon explosion. 
  • You will need to pull the pin on the cap and throw the grenade. It will explode upon hitting hard surfaces. 
  • The grenade has CNC mechanized aluminum construction and is powered by green gas to cause the explosion. 
  • It is easy to use, easy to load, and easy to maintain and reuse. It does have a few disadvantages, but we think this grenade would work well to surprise and distract the opponent during the game. 



Buying Guide for the Best Paintball Grenades and Grenade Launchers

Best Paintball Grenades and Grenade Launchers buying guide

Types of Paintball Grenade Launchers 

Haven’t we covered different types of paintball grenades up there? That’s a cool list, right? But do you know that you don’t have to use up all your energy to throw a grenade? Paintball is an exhausting game, and we need to conserve our energy to stay alert and move fast on the field. 

A grenade launcher is a great way to spring surprise attacks on the opponents while conserving your energy. There are a quite a few types of these launchers and these look very much like the real ones. The difference, however, is that a grenade launcher shoots a burst of paintballs to fill the surrounding area with color rather than bullets. Also, a grenade launcher accepts paintball shells rather than the grenades we mentioned above. 

You can attach this launcher to your sniper rifles and markers after making sure they are compatible with each other. 

  1. ICS GLM Multiple Grenade Launcher is one such famous model used by professional paintball players. You need to attach this to the Picatinny rail of your rifle, load the grenades, and press the button. This model can accept M203 0.43 cal, 0.68 cal, and M203 120 rd Airsoft BB grenades. 
  2. The SCAR grenade launcher is another type that can accept any paintball shell. It has a breach loading system and can be used on its own. 
  3. HK79 is one more breach loading model that is simple and easy to use. This one was designed to be paired with the G3 sniper rifle. 
  4. XM320 belongs to the German company Heckler and Koch. It can be used on its own or mounted on a sniper rifle. The paintballs are loaded from the side. 
  5. M203 is one more grenade launcher that can be mounted through the barrel of the rail. It is also available with different barrel lengths. 

The best part about paintball grenade launchers is that everyone can use them. You could be a novice, an intermediary player, an occasional player, or a professional paintball champion. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing paintball indoors or outdoors. You can use paintball grenades and grenades launchers anywhere (if permitted as per the rules). 

But do make sure you wear the protective gear at all times. Keep them away from your face, and wear your paintball mask at all times. 

Tips to Throw Paintball Grenades 

We promised to share a few tips to throw paintball grenades during the game, and here they are. Some tips might seem meh and even silly, but we’ve seen so many players make these mistakes on the field. We simply had to make a list. 

  • Make sure to throw the grenade in a clear route. The last thing you want is for it to hit something and boomerang back to you. Ugh! And if it gets stuck in a hole, trench, or a branch above, there really isn’t any point in using the grenade (not to mention, you lose one precious grenade).
  • Don’t hold the grenade in your hand for too long after pulling the pin. This is also known as cooking or milking the grenade. You might want to make sure that it explodes at the right instant near the opponent, but don’t risk keeping it in your hands for longer than necessary. Painting yourself is not how you are supposed to play paintball. *wink* 
  • Make sure that the grenades are dry. Moisture is not good for their health and performance. If you are playing during the monsoons, put the grenades in a waterproof bag or a pouch. It might take a few seconds extra to get them out of the bag, but you’ll know for sure that the grenade is going to do its job. 
  • It’s advisable to announce and then throw the grenade. Huh? Are we joking? Nope. When you announce that you are throwing a grenade, your teammates will be alerted. So will the opponents. But that’s what we want. They’ll move to a safer hideout or out into the open (if they think you’ve spotted them), and this movement will give a better chance of aiming right at the person. (No, you will not hit them with a grenade.)
  • Don’t pull out the pin with your teeth, as shown in the movies and TV shows. The last thing you want is visiting a dentist in the middle of a game. Use your hands and your fingers. 
  • Don’t throw the grenade with all your strength. It could fly beyond the required distance and blast in a place where there is no one to color. Assess the distance and then decide how much force you need to exert. 
  • You’ll get the best aim and results when you throw the paintball from a standing position. But we know that it’s not always possible. So, you will be required to adjust your position to get enough movement to fling the arm and throw the grenade, whether you are kneeling or lying down. Just don’t stand up to throw the grenade when you shouldn’t. 
  • And finally, don’t end up throwing the pin or the cap instead of the grenade. Who does that, you ask? But when you are throwing one grenade after another and are in a tight situation, you are bound to make mistakes such as this. Take a breather, look at what you are holding, and then throw it (it being the grenade). 

Benefits of Using Paintball Grenades 

Now you must be wondering if using paintball grenades is really worth it. Who wants to remember a bunch of tips along with the tips and tricks of the game? So we’ve listed a few benefits of including paintball grenades in your ammunition kit and using them on the field. 

  • Paintball grenades can be thrown around the corners or over the hurdles. Just extend your arm for a microsecond and throw it. Bam! 
  • The spray or the smoke from the grenade has enough range to color people in the vicinity. Yeah, that’s why we keep repeating that you shouldn’t let it burst near you. 
  • The noise of a grenade bursting will mess up the concentration of the player. You’ll disarm them for an instant, which is enough to shoot them with a paintball. 
  • Just make sure that pyro counts as elimination in the paintball tournaments you are participating in. This way, you will be able to hit two birds with one stone (rather a grenade). 
  • What if they don’t allow for such eliminations? Well, you can sound the smoke or the sound bombs as grenades and still confuse and startle the opponents. 
  • The grenades don’t replace the paintball marker, but they sure can increase your chances of winning the game. 
  • A paintball grenade can be used as an attacking tactic or a defending tactic. We’ve mostly talked about using it as an offensive weapon on the field. But this does not have to be the case. If you are stuck between two opponents or see that the other team is closing upon you, a paintball grenade will create a required diversion to let you slip away.
  • A paintball grenade is not limited to the game alone. The color grenades are very much popular among photographers who like a burst of colorful smoke in the pictures they take. 
  • Paintball grenades can be used for photoshoots, at events and celebrations, and for some simple fun in the backyards. Of course, you’ll need to choose the smoke bombs for these activities and not the spray grenades. 

Buying Guide for the Best Paintball Grenades and Grenade Launchers 

At last, we come to the factors to consider when buying paintball grenades. This list is going to be a little different from what we usually see. How? Take a look. 

Type of Paintball Grenade 

There are two types of paintball grenades- 

  • Non-Explosive: Oh, well, these are your homemade paintballs that don’t have any ammunition. Of course, you can buy non-explosive grenades, but they are closer to water balloons in nature rather than real-life grenades. A rubber tube is filled with paint. One end is secured tightly while the other end is left a little loose, and a pin is attached to it. When you pull the pin and throw this grenade at something hard, it’ll explode- boom! 
  • Explosive: This is self-explanatory, isn’t it? Explosive paintball grenades are found galore in the market. These have a short fuse and some black powder (for explosion). You either pull the pin or light up a wire and throw the grenade. The movement causes the black powder to explode and results in the paintball grenade bursting from the inside. This releases the paint inside it in the form of a spray or smoke. 

Type of Game 

Paintball grenades are currently used in the following types of games. 

  • Woodsball: Woodsball is played in the woods and is quite a popular version of paintball. You have countless places to hide and launch an attack. But you also face the risk of throwing the grenade into a tree. Still, woodsball games definitely demand the use of paintball grenades. 
  • SpeedballAs the name suggests, this version is played indoors in artificially stimulated conditions. The playing field is relatively smaller, and you have to stay on your feet and be super alert during speedball. 
  • MilSimMilSim is a version of paintball that has a military setting as a field. Military Simulation, as it is called, involves the players role-playing as army personnel. They plan their strategies of attack and defense and have missions that need to be carried out to win the game. 

Your Budget 

How can we ignore this one? When you are already investing so many dollars in the paintball gear, you will need to consider how much more you can afford to spend on the grenades. Though some models are cheap, you will have to shell out bucks if you want to buy a powerful paintball grenade. Do you have the budget to buy a bunch of expensive grenades, or will you have to make do with the basic ones? Both have their advantages, so you don’t have to worry too much, we say. 

Your Aiming Skills 

*Ahem* Not all of us can throw things on the exact spot we have in the mind. Some of us are horrible at it, and that’s okay. But if you want to buy paintball grenades, you will need to have some decent aiming skills. Just as the pistols and rifles need good marksmanship, the grenades need a good arm and a better aim. Moreover, you should be able to assess and calculate the distance, the trajectory, and the force to get the desired results. 

Frequency of Your Game 

How regularly do you play paintball? Not that a non-regular player cannot use paintball grenades, but you don’t need to stock them up in advance. Buy the grenades closer to the game so that you can use the fresh and latest ones. These are less likely to malfunction. 

Color Preference 

Do you have any color preferences? While it doesn’t make any difference as to which color you use, you will still have to buy a model that makes paintball grenades in a color of your choice. Take the grenades on our list, for example. Tippman supplies grenades with pink filling. Empire and Valken offer yellow ones. Enola Gaye offers quite a range to choose from, but these are smoke bombs and not spray grenades. If you are specific about colors, you might have to reconsider the brands. 

Mounted vs. Free Standing Grenade Launcher 

As talked above, we can find two, rather, three types of grenade launchers in the market. One is the mounted model that needs to be attached to a paintball sniper rifle or a marker. Another grenade launcher is the free-standing model that needs other attachments. You simply load and fire it. The third model is the one that works both ways. Of course, a dual version would be the best choice for a grenade launcher, but you can just as easily pick the mounted variant, attach it when required, and remove it when you don’t need it. 

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