Ultimate Review of the Best Value Roller Paintball Bags in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Value Roller Paintball Bag

Paintball players know just how much gear they have to carry around for the game. You don’t only need to have to carry the equipment from your home to the game arena. If you are playing woodsball, MilSim, or outdoor paintball games, you will need the gear with you even during the game. 

The bag has to be with you almost all the time. It’s similar to carrying a backpack when trekking or camping. Does that mean a backpack or a duffel will be enough? Many beginners think so. But the truth is, of course, different. 

Professional paintball players don’t comprise with their gear or the bags. Nothing but the best will do. Duffel bags sure are cheaper. But they aren’t meant to carry paintball gear. Those of you using the duffel bags might feel they work well enough. They do. But duffel bags are not the same as value roller paintball bags. 

The paintball gear bags come with pouches, pockets, zippers, and padding so that you can sort your gear properly and keep them safe even when you dump the bag on the ground during the game. The last thing you’d want is for something to break because you weren’t careful with the bag. 

You can also store your mobile phone, water bottle, snacks, etc., in the paintball bags. Using the right paintball bag can increase the durability of your gear, given you take proper care of the equipment during and after the game. 

Now that we’ve convinced you about the need for the gear bags, let’s take a look at them in detail. Below is a list of top 5 best value roller paintball bags along with a buying guide to help make you an informed decision. Shall we go ahead and read the post?

Quick Comparison Table!

HK Army Expand Gearbag-Stealth


Exalt Paintball Marker Bag


Planet Eclipse GX Paintball Gravel Backpack Bag


Tippmann Paintball Marker Case


Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear Bags



The Best Value Roller Paintball Bag For The Money

The Best Value Roller Paintball Bag For The Money

#1 HK Army Expand Gearbag-Stealth - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The first paintball gear bag on our list is by the famous brand HK Army. This is a favorite of many because of its solid construction, durability, affordability, and the various compartments to store the gear neatly. Certainly, when you first look at it, the bag might seem small and not enough to fit all your gear. But this bag comes with an expandable feature that lets you expand the bag up to 30% extra with a zip at the base. While the bag is not without a few disadvantages, it is one of the best models you can find in the market for the price. Shall we read more about it? 

Features & Benefits


The Expand Gearbag is a versatile model that can be used for various purposes. The design of the bag provides many compartments. You can store each item of the paintball gear in a different slot. 

The bag is of compact size and can be expanded further. Still, some users found that they couldn’t fit all their gear into the bag even after expanding it. This model is more suitable for beginner and intermediary players who like to own a good bag without spending too much money. 

Key Features 
  • The bag is built of good quality material and is waterproof. The zippers are strong and don’t allow water to seep through. 
  • The shoulder straps have good padding to balance out the weight on your shoulders. 
  • The side pockets are located in the right places so that it’s convenient to store and remove items whenever you want. 
  • There is a mesh lining that works as a holder of maps, documents, files, notebooks, etc. 
  • The company has tried to make the bag look trendy by adding a few designs to it. If you like a bit of color on your paintball gear bags, this one will suit your taste. 
  • There’s a special microfiber-lined compartment to store your paintball mask. The soft microfiber cloth prevents the lens from getting scratched by the rough surface of the bag.



#2 Exalt Paintball Marker Bag - Best Low Profile Bag


The second paintball bag on our list is by another famous company, Exalt. For players who like low-profile bags with compact designs, this model would be a good choice. The bag is shaped like a case and kind of resembles a laptop bag. It comes in a single color- black, with fluorescent lining on the borders. The bag looks small and is small. It is more suited for newbies with limited paintball gear and smaller guns to carry for the game. Let’s read more about this bag.

Features & Benefits


The paintball gear bag has a fold-flat design that allows you to neatly arrange the gear inside the bag and use the surface of the bag as a small table/ work area. The unique design makes the bag look trendy and sleek. 

It is made of neoprene and has been designed to be water and shock-resistant. The contents inside the bag will always be safe. The bag is padded enough to cushion the items on the inside. 

Key Features 
  • The bag can hold quite a few items and even more than one paintball marker. But you have to be careful about the size of the gun. 
  • Fitting a longer gun forcefully into the bag can damage its quality and decrease its durability. 
  • The bag comes with a single handle that is sturdy enough to provide a good grip. Since the bag is designed like a case, you will have to hold it in your hand. 
  • The bag has a dual zipper system to ensure the safety of the items you put inside it. 
  • You can store the barrels in a different compartment along with other equipment.
  • There is a slot on the front for you to store papers, maps, etc., take them out easily whenever you want. 
  • The interior of the bag has a microfiber lining to prevent the paintball mask lens from getting damaged during travel. 



#3 Planet Eclipse GX Paintball Gravel Backpack Bag - Best Backpack Model


Most of us are aware of yet another famous paintball brand, Plant Eclipse. This paintball gear bag is designed to resemble a backpack. It is versatile and can indeed be used for hiking and trekking as well. The bag has an Expander feature that lets you expand the room area by about 50% more. You just need to unzip the bottom part of the bag and pull out the internal storage. Voila. You have a lot more space to fit in extra gear with ease. 

Features & Benefits


The GX Gravel paintball bag offers enough space for you to pack your entire paintball gear and more. The bag comes in two colors- earth and ice (blue & black) and looks stylish and trendy. It is made using multiple materials such as Nylon (19%), Polyester (70%), EVA (2%), EPE (7%), and Metal (2%). 

It has enough compartments and pockets to fit different items in individual slots, including the snap secure bottle holders and the side zip pockets to store mobile phones, etc. The shoulder straps are padded, and the chest strap is adjustable to make it a comfortable experience carrying the bag for long hours. 

Key Features 
  • The bag has a row of nylon stitches where you can attach your accessories. The Molle webbing system allows you to add more items to the bag with ease. 
  • You can easily store your laptop in the main compartment of the bag along with your paintball jersey, guns, tanks, masks, and other items. 
  • You can hang your binoculars on the outside and use them when necessary. There is no need to take it out of the bag each time or continue to hold it separately in your hands. 
  • While there is a pocket at the bottom, it opens inside the main compartment. That makes this pocket rather useless as it occupies the same space you need. However, with the other useful features it has, this shouldn’t be an issue. 



#4 Tippmann Paintball Marker Case - Best Lightweight Model


Do you want a paintball gear bag that looks different from other models? This is one not fully the duffel type though it sort of resembles one. Tippmann came up with a unique design to create an interest in paintball players because of its looks, design, and functionality. Though the bag is available in a single color, people still prefer to buy this model for the durability and lightweight. 

Features & Benefits


The main compartment of the paintball gear bag is 12” * 26”, big enough to fit your paintball gear without any trouble. Most guns can easily fit in a bag. And if they are a bit too long, you can remove the barrel and place the paintball gun inside the bag. 

The paintball tank, barrels, masks, gloves, etc., everything can be easily stored in the main compartment. We just long there were a few more useful side compartments and pockets. Of course, there are a few pockets with Velcro locks, but some users feel these are not enough. 

Key Features 
  • The straps and zipper of the gun are made of good quality material. The construction of the bag is worth mentioning, though some users complained about the zippers getting stuck. 
  • There is an outer pouch that’s seven inches wide and has a Velcro lock so that the maps, files, notes, etc., you store in that don’t fall off. 
  • The bag comes with padding and an internal lining for extra protection. This will keep your paintball gear safe inside the bag.
  • However, this model needs to be carried in the hands as it is not of the backpack style. 



#5 Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear Bags - Best Versatile Model


We have another gear bag manufactured by Planet Eclipse. This one is a versatile model that can be used as a gym pack, travel bag, etc., apart from serving its purpose as a paintball bag. It can be a gear bag for other games with equal ease. If you have a lot of small gear that needs to be fitted securely, this one should be your go-to option. Let’s read more about this model. 

Features & Benefits


The bag weighs not more than 3 pounds and can hold a wide range of paintball gear in it. Though this model is made of high-quality materials, some users complained about the zippers getting stuck at times. 

There is a special pocket on the bag where you can place your ID card. This ID-display slot makes it easy to verify your identification without taking out the card every time. There is an internal pocket to help store your valuables away from prying eyes. 

Key Features 
  • The outer pockets are meant for fast access. You can store your paintball guns, grenades, etc., in these pockets during the game. It’ll be easy to pull them out in an instant. 
  • The bag comes with an internal moisture-resistant lining that absorbs the moisture and sweat off the gear and prevents them from smelling.
  • While the various compartments and the size of the bag are very good, this one is tough to wash. You’ll have to be more careful in taking care of the bag so that it can last longer. 



Best Value Roller Paintball Bag Buying Guide

Best Value Roller Paintball Bag Buying Guide

Aren’t those some really cool paintball gear bags? They come in a great range of sizes, shapes, and types so that players can choose a model that suits their gaming style. Before we see the factors to consider when buying the paintball bags, we will read more about why and how the paintball gear bags are useful. 

Why Buy the Best Value Roller Paintball Bag? 

If you aren’t still convinced about why you need to invest in paintball gear, take a look at the following reasons.

  • Durability: Compared to your duffel bags and backpacks, the paintball gear bag is durable and reliable. It has been designed to sustain the wear and tear of harsh outside conditions. The extra padding and stitches prevent the paintball bag from tearing easily. 
  • Convenience: Many paintball gear bags come with waterproof zippers so that the contents inside the bag will remain safe even if the bags get wet. Also, these bags have pockets and slots designed exclusively to hold various pieces of paintball equipment. 
  • Storage Compartments: You can store your clothes, masks, gloves, pants, and much more, along with the paintball equipment like the guns and grenades. Packing the gear in a paintball bag is super easy. Your paintball gear bag can also be used as a backpack or a duffel bag when you go camping. 
  • Ease of Transport: Since paintball players need to travel to other locations to participate in the events, the gear bags are made according to the standard airline specifications. You can sling the bag over your shoulder and carry it almost anywhere. 
  • Style Statement: A good number of paintball bags are stylish and designed keeping in mind the visual appeal. You can make a style statement on the field and flaunt your gear bag with pride. 

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Value Roller Paintball Bag

Now, it’s time to see the factors you have to consider when investing in a value roller paintball bag. 

Weight of the Bag 

The weight of the bag should naturally be the first point you should consider, isn’t it? The paintball gear is already heavy. If the bag’s weight adds to it, you will have to struggle when carrying the bag around. 

However, a heavier bag also means it is larger and got good padding to cushion the gear from being damaged. You have to decide how much weight you can handle and how much padding you prefer in the bag. 

And if the other factors are suitable, you can choose a bag that’s not exactly lightweight. We have listed paintball gear bags with different weights so that you can pick the most convenient one. And all the bags on our list are less than 5 pounds. 

The Materials Used

We cannot ignore the importance of the fabric used in manufacturing the paintball bag. The materials determine the durability, strength, and reliability of the paintball bag. You also need to see if the bags can be washed and whether the maintenance is easy or not. 

If a paintball bag can be thrown in the washing machine for a quick wash and dried in the shade before using it again, it’ll be easier to maintain it. Natural materials make the bags more breathable than synthetic ones. Also, having a mesh lining will allow good airflow and prevent the bag from stinking due to excess moisture or the sweat from your paintball clothes. 

Size of the Bag 

There is no standard answer for this. Paintball gear bags come in different sizes to suit different players. Professional players tend to carry additional gear and require a larger bag. As a beginner or a non-regular paintball player, a small and compact bag should be enough. There’s no point in buying an over-sized paintball bag if you are an occasional player. 

That said, even if you are a beginner, if you play often and want to add more items to your gear overtime, go ahead and invest in the bigger one. So ultimately, the size of the bag will depend on how often you play and whether you are serious about the game or not. 

Zipper System

The main compartment of the bag comes with two zippers. You can secure them with a small padlock so that no one can open the bag in your absence. Apart from that, the paintball gear bag needs to have small compartments with zippers to safely stash your mobile phone, money, etc., and prevent them from falling off. If the zippers are water-resistant, it would be even better.  


As mentioned above, the main compartment is the biggest and intended to hold larger items like the paintball guns, elbow pads, masks, etc. Apart from the main compartment, there should at least be a couple of pouches to store the smaller items like paintballs, grenades, a small notebook, pens, and more. The important pockets should either have zippers or Velcro straps to prevent the items from slipping out. 

Handle Type 

The handles of the paintball gear bags come in different types. Some bags have to pull handles with retractable steps. There might also be two-strap extra handles so that you can carry the bag in your hand or over the shoulder. The straps come with padding to cushion them on your shoulder. That will prevent the weight of the bag from hurting you. Pull handles and strap handles are both convenient. You can use either, depending on the location. 

Types of Paintball Gear Bags

The value roller paintball gear bags usually come in the following three types- 

  • Duffel: This bag is designed to resemble the regular hockey bags you see in the market. These usually come in large sizes and can fit just about every item of your gear. You don’t have to stuff them in either. Duffel bags are spacious and great. They are also expensive compared to other types of paintball bags. (A few budget-friendly models can be found as well.)
  • Backpack: A backpack needs no introduction. This type of paintball gear bag resembles a backpack and is great for hiking, trekking, and traveling as well. The bags of this style tend to come with Molle loops to all for customization and attach carabiners. You can hang the additional accessories there. A simple backpack would fit your budget. But as the number of pockets and attachments grows, the price also increases. 
  • Case: These paintball gear bags are different from the above two models. The case-type bags can be made of fabric or carbon fiber. In fact, most cases are made of carbon fiber and appear very sturdy. However, this type of paintball bag is made to house only specific items. You might not fit all your gear in the cases. Professionals use the casing bags to pack store items like the barrels, gas tanks, markers, etc., and then put these cases in duffel bags or backpacks.

Budget and Skill Level 

If you are a beginner, having a limited budget, you can invest in a cheaper model. It might not have the features you long for, but it will work for the time being.


As we mentioned in the previous factors (material and zippers), investing in a water-resistant paintball gear bag is always a safe choice. Make sure to read the customer reviews to ensure that the bags are indeed water-resistant as the companies claim them to be. While you are at it, read what the users like and don’t like about the paintball gear bags you shortlisted. This will help you with a better idea of how the bags work in real life.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Value Roller Paintball Bag Wrap Up Our Choice

Are you still not sure about which value roller paintball bag to invest in? We recommend HK Army Expand Gearbag for its affordability, versatility, waterproofing, and expandability. 

Since we have already read the features and benefits of HK Army Expand Gearbag in detail, we can safely conclude that the paintball value roller bag is worth the price. 

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