Ultimate Review of the Best Paintball Markers over $1000 in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Paintball Marker over $1000

Paintball markers are such cool things, aren’t they? A paintball gun is one of the first things you’d buy when you want to play the game. There is such variety too! 

You can get a paintball marker for less than $100 or for more than $5000. Yeah, imagine that. The how, what, and which gun to choose depends on numerous factors like your experience, your gaming style, your budget, and so on. 

We have already dealt with various types of paintball guns. Be it the sniper rifles, automatic models, non-electronic models, mag-fed guns, SP Shocker guns, and much more. The collections have guns from varying price levels so that every paintball player can find a gun that’s best for them. 

Similar to the previous posts, we have come up with another exclusive piece that deals entirely with paintball guns priced at over $1000. These are high-end models and come with many sophisticated and advanced features. OLED screens, Wi-Fi connections, lightweight, high-quality materials for the body, etc., are a few attractions of these paintball guns. 

Of course, choosing an expensive gun needs extra caution. We wouldn’t want to spend $1200 or $1500 on something that is not suitable for our game, right? That’s the reason beginners are advised against investing in high-end models. 

You must also consider the repair and maintenance costs of the paintball markers before investing in any model. Discontinued models are hard to repair as you cannot easily find the spare parts for them. 

Paintball markers designed and assembled in other countries are also tough choices. You will need to wait until the spare parts are shipped and pay for the shipping cost as well. You might spend more money on repair compared to what you paid to purchase it.

If you are searching for more information about some of the best expensive paintball guns, you are at the right place. Continue reading to see the features and benefits of the top 5 best paintball markers over $1000. We also have a buying guide and a handful of tips to help you improve your paintball game. 

Let’s start right away, shall we?

Best Paintball Marker over $1000 Wrap Up Our Choice

If you are short on time, for the best paintball marker over $1000. we suggest the Dye Assault Matrix (DAM) – DyeCam marker. Trust us, you cannot go wrong with it! 

It is lightweight, durable, made of high-quality aluminum, efficient, and sturdy. It lets you feel like a pro and give your best on the paintball field. 

Table of Contents

Quick Comparison Table!

Dye Assault Matrix (DAM) – DyeCam


Empire Paintball Vanquish GT


Planet Eclipse Geo IV Paintball Marker


DLX Luxe X Paintball Gun Marker


Dye M2 MOSair Paintball Marker



The Best Paintball Marker over $1000

The Best Paintball Marker over $1000

#1 Dye Assault Matrix (DAM) – DyeCam - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The first paintball marker over $1000 is by the well-known brand Dye. This gun has been designed for tactical games, scenario games, MilSim, and woodsball. It is accurate, comfortable, and has absolutely no recoil when you fire a shot. The design is sophisticated and resembles a real military gun. Moreover, this model is highly customizable to suit your style. Let’s see a little more about DAM, shall we? 

Features & Benefits


The gun weighs a little less than 5 pounds. While some users feel that it is not a lightweight model, we assure you that it is extremely comfortable on the field. You won’t ever feel the weight of the gun when using it. 

Durability, performance, efficiency, and reliability- the gun ticks all boxes to become one of the best tactical high-end paintball guns in the market. Shifting between the two feed systems (mag-fed and hopper) is as easy as it can get. 

Key Features 
  • This is an electronic paintball gun that needs high-pressure air to function. 
  • It has an optimized operating pressure that ranges between 145psi and 80psi. 
  • The gun comes with a barrel of 14 inches. It has Autococker barrel threads and works with most Autococker barrels. 
  • The total length of the gun is 31 inches. No wonder it is that accurate. However, we do wish it was a bit more silent. 
  • Switching between the shooting modes is effortless. You can display your best game on the field if you have this paintball gun in your hands (yeah, it is that good).
  • You should make it a point to clean the gun after every game. DAM is super easy to disassemble and clean. That’s another bonus. 
  • The OTF (On the Fly) feature of this model lets you customize the gun to exactly match your requirements, that too, in an instant.



#2 Empire Paintball Vanquish GT - Best Ultra Lightweight Marker


The second expensive paintball marker is by Empire. Vanquish GT is the third release by the company and the second in Vanquish 2.0 range. This is the most lightweight paintball gun and weighs 35 ounces. It is made of Aerospace 6061 aluminum for durability and reliable performance. This model has gained popularity for featuring the new V16 DRIVETRAIN. It is a direct-injection technology that delivers greater efficiency and is easy to maintain. Shall we read more about this model? 

Features & Benefits


Vanquish GT comes in four bright and trendy colors like blue, black and gold, etc. The design of the paintball gun is sleek and stylish. It comes with a double-barrel and four barrel backs with different bore sizes (0.682, 0.685, 0.688, 0.691). 

The gun has a hose-less design to connect to the propellant tank. Also, there is a wireless battery connection between the grip frame and the body of the paintball gun. It has a push button that leaves the bolt and the framework in a second. 

Key Features 
  • There is a digital screen where you can read the exact air pressure supplied to the gun. You don’t need to depend on external gauges. 
  • The spool valve is pressure-balanced to facilitate powerful shots with a soft kick. You won’t feel any impact of the shot (no recoil). 
  • There is a hex wrench you need to use to disassemble the gun. That’s the only tool you will need. 
  • The gun has a 4-way dual-bearing trigger and a 5-way joystick navigation control. You can adjust your shots to the minute degree. 
  • The OLED screen comes with brightness adjustment to make it easy to see even in daylight.
  • You can connect the gun to your computer via the micro USB port and update the software. 



#3 Planet Eclipse Geo IV Paintball Marker - Best for Ergonomics


Planet Eclipse is another famous paintball brand that has been in the market for a long time. The Geo range of guns has been helping professional paintball players win games for a while now. However, there were still issues with the previous models. Geo IV seems to have solved them all. These guns have a wonderful design, are made using bespoke custom body, come with a 14.5 barrel and have a hose-less design. The grip is perfect, and so is the performance of the gun. 

Features & Benefits


Geo IV weighs less than 2 pounds and comes in an array of colors to choose from. From grey to amethyst, you can pick any color to match the rest of your gear. There are tiny stripes on the gun that add to its stylish looks. 

The ASA system of this gun is easy to use. It has the POPS (Push On Purge System) ASA, which is considered the best in the market. With just one touch, you can turn on and turn off the air pressure to the gun. 

Key Features 
  • It has a quick-release bolt system for easy disassembly and maintenance. 
  • The frame comes with a reduced grip angle that provides a better and more comfortable grip on the gun. 
  • It has an operating pressure of 135psi with an ultra low power solenoid pilot valve and ISCIS3 valve. 
  • It also has a micro USB port to connect the gun to the computer and upgrade the software. 
  • The battery can be removed and replaced with ease. You don’t need any tools for it. 
  • The 14.5-inch aluminum barrel comes with a 0.689 insert and a rubber grip.



#4 DLX Luxe X Paintball Gun Marker - Best for Maintenance


If you have been looking for the latest version of Luxe paintball markers, here it is. The X core bolt system and the tool-less trigger frame removal are two highlights of this model. Also, this gun has self-lubricating properties, thanks to the ice-coated friction system. That makes the gun highly durable and reliable. It requires bare minimum maintenance (just a little clean-up after the game) and is good to go for the next game. Let’s read more about this model. 

Features & Benefits


The marker weighs a little over 1 pound and comes with the famous Freak XL barrel and an 8-inch insert. The package contains a rebuild kit, O-rings, Allen keys, and the grease lubrication to use when you put back the gun after cleaning. 

The design of the gun is modern and trendy. One look at it, and you’ll know that it is going to grab some attention. The paintball gun has a locking lever and works with any hopper. There is also a thumbwheel to tighten or loosen the fittings accordingly. 

Key Features 
  • The X core bolt system delivers the smoothest of shots. Compared to the standard Luxe bolt system the company has been using for a long time, this new update is a cool move. 
  • The pro-lock frame has been designed based on the feedback provided by paintball players. It prevents accidental removal of the grip frame. 
  • The Freak XL barrel has been custom-milled to specifically suit DLX Luxe X to deliver the best and accurate shots. 
  • Other features like the Intelli-connect wireless system, maximum flow inline regulator, roto-mount electronics for the control board, and Opti-breach chamber system have made Luxe X a popular paintball marker.



#5 Dye M2 MOSair Paintball Marker - Best for Advanced Players


The last expensive paintball gun on our list is another model by Dye. The M2 MOSair gun is one of the most advanced markers you can find. Unless you have a lot of experience as a professional paintball player, it can be hard to use this gun to its full capacity. But if you can do it, you will have the most stress-free paintball game. 

Features & Benefits


Weighing 2 pounds and made of aluminum, Dye M2 has been designed for advanced speedball. It has 16 designs and colors to choose from. You can personalize and color-code your paintball kit with ease. 

The eVOKE system of the gun can be used straight out of the box. The package contains a wireless charger as well. The operating system inside the gun has a Prism interface that lets you adjust the settings to exactly match your game requirements. 

Key Features 
  • The gun comes with two Ultralite barrel backs and a barrel sock. The package also contains the MOS air kit, grease lube, and DYE multi-tool.
  • There is an internal pressure sensor. The hourglass-shaped regulator setup allows for the quick release of the bolt.
  • Switching between multiple firing modes and BPM is equally easy. The shift is smooth and efficient. There is hardly any recoil when you fire the shot. There is no sound as well.
  • It is one of the most reliable and durable guns that can last for a long time with proper use. 
  • Since the gun has advanced features, it needs extra care and maintenance to ensure its efficiency. 



Best Paintball Marker over $1000 Buying Guide

Best Paintball Marker over $1000 Buying Guide

That was some list, wasn’t it? These paintball guns are beautiful, stylish, and have the latest features to give you an edge over your opponents in the field. Before we read more about the factors to consider when buying the best paintball marker over $1000, let’s check out these useful tips to become a better paintball player. You might already know these, but a brief recap won’t hurt, right? 

How to Be a Better Paintball Player?

  • Always stay alert and know your settings. Whether it is woodsball or speedball, the last thing you want is to be caught unaware and shot by the opponent. 
  • Have a plan but also be spontaneous to surprise the opponents and keep them guessing.
  • Communicate with your teammates and stay in a group. It is not always good to wander off alone unless it is a part of your strategy.
  • Don’t hide in the same place repeatedly or come out from the same location. Keep moving, even when you are stuck in a limited space. 
  • Know where your teammates are. Shooting at one of your own can be really awkward during the paintball game. 
  • Practice your game regularly, even if there are no paintball tournaments anytime soon. It’s not good to feel rusty and uncomfortable on the field. You can check out the best paintball drills to practice during the non-game days. 
  • Keep your paintball equipment clean and tidy. Always clean after a game is over. This will improve the durability of the equipment and also give you enough to practice on the day before the event. 
  • Stay hydrated on the field. Carry water bottles in the paintball bag
  • Don’t forget to have loads of fun. That’s the most essential part of any paintball game. 

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Paintball Marker over $1000

The Material of the Gun 

Paintball guns are made of different materials, though aluminum is the most used metal in the market. It is cost-effective and lightweight. However, not all types of aluminum are durable and sturdy enough to last for a long time. The mid-range and high-end paintball guns are made using aircraft-grade aluminum to make them sturdy and durable. They are still lightweight in many instances, though the total weight of the gun depends on the mechanism inside, the other parts, and the barrel. 

Some paintball guns are made of different materials in varying combinations to get the weight, durability, and sustainability right. It makes sense, doesn’t it? When you spend more than a thousand dollars on a paintball gun, you want it to work for at least a few years. 

Weight of the Gun 

When it comes to expensive paintball guns, the brands ensure that their products are lightweight and ultra-lightweight. Players don’t like to carry heavy guns and trudge across the paintball field, huffing and panting for air. 

If you look at our list, you will notice that the heaviest model is less than 5 pounds and the lightest model is just 35 ounces. You might be worried that a lightweight gun cannot handle the impact of the shots. When you buy expensive paintball guns from known brands, this will never be an issue. The guns are tested for stability and reliability before being released into the market. 


Professional paintball players give a lot of importance to customization. They like to upgrade their guns with the latest features and attachments. The paintball gun should allow for such customization so that the attachments can be added and removed without much effort. Make sure to check what kind of barrels can be used with the gun. Some guns work with only certain types of barrel threads. 

And if the guns come with multiple firing modes, have the latest technological features like connecting to USB or OLED screen, you wouldn’t mind spending more than a thousand dollars on a paintball gun, right? 

Frequency of Use

Now, this shouldn’t really be a factor if you are a professional paintball player. You are bound to play frequently anyway. But what if you are an intermediary player or even a newbie dazzled by the adventurous and high-energy game and decided to buy the best possible equipment? 

Unless you plan to play paintball regularly, it’s not really wise to invest heavily into just one gun. There’s no point in dusting the gun and replacing it in the cupboard every day, right? Of course, expensive paintball guns are only suitable if you have a budget big enough to maintain them as well. Paintball guns that use expensive spare parts will be costlier to repair than the regular models. 

Location of the Paintball Games 

Why is the location considered a factor to choose a paintball marker? Well, the answer is simple. You might have noticed the paintball guns on our list come in an array of vibrant and trendy colors. While you can flaunt your gun on the field, it can also be a huge disadvantage if you pick the wrong color for the wrong location. 

For example, woodsball is played in the forest. Anything flashy or bright will stand out and attract immediate attention. This will help your opponents to track your position easily. They’ll only have to look for a scarlet gun or a fluorescent one. 

However, if you play speedball in a limited space and inflated bunkers, you can use the shiny and eye-catchy guns without a second thought. The rules and strategy for speedball are much different from woodsball. 

What if you play both? Check the next point. 

Type of the Paintball Game 

Speedball guns are essentially smaller in size, more colorful, and pack a punch. These are also automatic models that fire rapidly when you click the tiny button. 

Woodsball guns are longer and come in dark colors. These are usually sniper rifles that have a longer shooting range with more accuracy. These can be mechanical models as well. You can use mag-fed guns for a woodsball game, but you will definitely need a hopper-fed gun for speedball or airsoft. 

Ease of Disassembly and Reassembly 

Paintball guns should be easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble, that too, in less time. Professional players are rather particular about their paintball guns since they know how important it is to clean them right after the game. The paint sticking to the surface and the interiors can cause a lot of damage and reduce the durability of the gun. 

Several expensive paintball guns can either be disassembled without using any special tools or using a single key provided by the manufacturer. If it is the latter, we advise you to keep the key safe when you are on and off the field.

Overall Design and Style 

No one wants to buy a drab and boring paintball marker by spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on it, right? At the same time, the overall design should be comfortable and suitable to your style of the game. Some players like guns with a longer barrel and front tips, while others like smaller and compact versions. This is a personal preference and changes from one player to another. 

Customer Reviews 

It’s hardly recommended to buy an expensive paintball gun without knowing what the existing customers say about it. Read the customer reviews on multiple platforms before making your decision.

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