Ultimate Review of The Best Paintball Tactical Gloves in 2023

Best Paintball Tactical Gloves

Paintball is one sport that needs a whole lot of equipment, doesn’t it? You have to carry an entire kit to take part in the tournaments. While some are for personal safety, other pieces of equipment are to help with the game. 

We’ve already talked about paintball masks and boots that protect your face and feet respectively, during the game. Similarly, you will need something more to protect your hands. 

Hands? But why? 

This is a question a lot of beginners ask. Many newbies ignore the importance of protecting their hands from paintball attacks. Of course, your hands are not the usual target area, but that doesn’t mean you will not get hit. 

Imagine the sting when a paintball smashes onto your hand. It would hurt, right? Also, you need to hold the sniper rifle/ marker continuously for long hours. And it doesn’t end here either. If you are playing paintball in the jungle, your hands will be even more susceptible to cuts, bruises, and nicks.

The best way to protect your hands during a paintball game is by wearing gloves. Any pair of gloves won’t do. You need paintball gloves that have been designed to provide a better grip on the gun and protect your hands. 

Naturally, these gloves come in different types, shapes, materials, and features. As always, we are ready with the list of the top 5 best paintball tactical gloves, the features and benefits, and a detailed buying guide. 

We haven’t even given you a chance to worry about searching on the internet, right? *wink*  

With paintball being a popular game, it’s no surprise that countless companies are manufacturing different paintball equipment and supplying it in the market. We understand how baffling it can turn if you are to compare similar-looking products and determine the best one. 

Continue reading to learn all that you need to know about paintball gloves. 

Quick Comparison Table!

Exalt Death Grip Paintball Glove


Bunkerkings Supreme Full Finger Multi-Sport Paintball Gloves


HK Army Paintball 2014 Pro Gloves


Planet Eclipse Gen 4 Full Finger Paintball Gloves


Tippmann Armored Gloves – Hard Back/Fingerless



The Best Paintball Tactical Gloves For The Money

Best Paintball Tactical Gloves FOR THE MONEY

#1 Exalt Death Grip Paintball Gloves - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The first pair of paintball gloves on our list is by Exalt. These gloves are famous for the comfort and protection they provide on the field. Despite being full-finger gloves, you will notice that the gloves allow for a free movement of the index and middle fingers. The gloves come in four sizes, ranging from small to extra large. What else makes these gloves so good? Let’s look at the features in a little detail. 

Features & Benefits 


The gloves have a 3D design of a skeleton on the backside. The design is made of flexible rubber and attracts a lot of users who like to flaunt some devil-may-care attitude on the paintball field. It also acts as padding to reduce the impact of paintball hits on the hand. 

The gloves have the design in three colors- white on black, black on black, and grey on black. All three of them are effective enough to intimidate your opponents. Despite the design and the padding, the gloves are lightweight and weigh less than three ounces. 

Key Features
  • The gloves are made of silicone on the palms to provide a better grip. The backside is made of Neoprene material. 
  • Both these materials are known for flexibility and durability. The gloves will last for a long time and not affect your natural game as well. 
  • The rest of the gloves are of synthetic material that helps absorb and evaporate sweat. However, some users still felt their palms sweat during hot summers. 
  • Kids and beginners will find it easy to use these gloves. Though newbies do not prefer full-finger gloves, Exalt Death Grip Gloves are sure to attract their attention. 



#2 Bunkerkings Supreme Full Finger Multi-Sport Paintball Gloves - Best for Protection


If protecting your hands is your primary concern, you can’t go wrong with Bunker Kings Supreme Multi-sport Paintball Gloves. These gloves have been designed using military-grade fabrics for comfort, safety, and durability. They fit your hands like a second skin and keep them safe. You can play paintball, woodsball, and speedball wearing these gloves. Here’s a little more about these full-finger paintball gloves. 

Features & Benefits 


The gloves come with a stitch line so that you can either wear them to cover your fingers or leave them halfway exposed to operate the trigger. This dual option makes it easy for both beginners and professionals. 

The gloves come in multiple colors (as in black gloves with designs on them in different colors such as white and green). And as the brand says, the gloves can be used in other games as well. They are versatile and multi-purpose. 

Key Features
  • The fingertips of the gloves have a smart touch that lets you use your smartphone without removing the gloves. 
  • The gloves have meshed air padding that allows free flow of air to keep your hands from sweating inside. 
  • The gloves offer a good grip on the paintball gun under most conditions. Though some users said that it was too warm to wear these gloves on hot summer days. 
  • While wearing the gloves is easy and comfortable, removing them can be a pain if you don’t have the BA pull tab. The snug fit of the gloves makes it hard to remove them. 



#3 HK Army Paintball 2014 Pro Gloves - Best for Design


If you want paintball gloves that provide 90% protection but leave your index and middle fingers open to operate the trigger, HK Army’s 2014 Pro gloves are for you. These paintball gloves are famous for their style and design, as well as the comfort they provide. With four sizes (small to extra-large) and multiple colors to choose from, you can easily find a pair that caters to your requirements and matches your taste. Let’s see a little more about these gloves.

Features & Benefits 


The gloves are made of neoprene and offer flexibility, comfort, and protection. They are a lightweight model without compromising on quality or durability. The silicone palm lets you have a good grip on the paintball marker. 

The gloves have been molded in 3D to fit your hands to perfection. This allows a free movement of your hand and the fingers. Also, the mesh padding keeps your hands dry and free from itches. The Velcro wrist strap is another advantage of these gloves. They secure the gloves at the wrist and prevent unnecessary adjustments. 

Key Features
  • These paintball gloves are suitable for newbies and intermediary payers. 
  • Even with the two fingers exposed, they are protected until the knuckles to avoid being hit by the paintball. 
  • The design, make, and colors of the gloves make them appealing to many people. And considering the company, HK Army, we can safely say that the gloves guarantee quality and durability. 
  • The thumb and other fingers are covered by breathable meshed material. 
  • Some users said that the gloves smelled when they put them on. You might want to air the gloves and keep them clean to avoid the same from happening with you. 



#4 Planet Eclipse Gen 4 Full Finger Paintball Gloves - Best for Airflow


The fourth pair of paintball gloves on the list is from Planet Eclipse. These are full-finger gloves made using Kevlar and neoprene for extra protection. The gloves have a great venting system that allows airflow at all times. Your hands will be free of sweat even when you wear the gloves for long hours. The padding in sensitive areas ensures that your hands are completely safe inside the gloves. Shall we read a little more about these gloves? 

Features & Benefits 


These gloves are termed as a traditional model. It’s because of the design and the shape of the gloves. They are available in different sizes, though users complained that the XXL size wasn’t enough for people with larger hands. 

The index fingers of the gloves are coated with resin to provide a better grip on the trigger. These are weather-resistant gloves that will be comfortable and useful in most conditions. However, you might feel them a bit heavy on your hands. 

Key Features
  • The gloves come in two designs to choose from. Both are simple without any additional decorations or patterns. 
  • The backside of the hand is protected using the Kevlar material, while the rest of the gloves are made of neoprene and breathable mesh. 
  • There are Velcro wrist straps that provide additional safety and let you tighten the gloves on your hands. 
  • The company uses high-quality materials to manufacture gloves. These are going to last for a long, long time. 
  • A snag of these gloves is that they are meant for only right-handed people. Lefties might find it hard to use these paintball gloves. 



#5 Tippmann Armored Gloves - Hard Back/Fingerless - Best for The Budget


The last pair of gloves on our list is by none other than Tippmann. These are fingerless gloves that protect your palm and the back of your hand until the knuckles. Beyond that, your fingers will be exposed in the open to paintball attacks. These are affordable gloves and come within the budget. They might appear bulky and heavy but do the job well. Let’s see more about the features of these gloves. 

Features & Benefits 


The gloves come in plain black color with an armored back for extra protection. If you want gloves that suit your budget and keep your hands safe, these are for you. Of course, your fingers are not fully protected, but that’s an advantage too. 

You get more flexibility and extra movement. You can pull in the trigger without worrying about the glove coming in between and delaying the shot. The gloves are made of lightweight synthetic material so that they wouldn’t heavy down your hands. The gloves appear bulky but are not heavy. 

Key Features
  • The gloves come with Velcro wrist straps for easy and convenient fitting. 
  • As the company says, the gloves are strong enough to sustain considerable wear and tear. 
  • Another advantage of these gloves is that they are easy to clean. You can wash and dry them before using them again. 
  • With proper maintenance, the gloves will last for a longer time. 
  • However, these are beginner-friendly gloves. Newbies and occasional players who don’t want to spend too much money on paintball gloves can buy these. 
  • The material is flexible and breathable. Your hands won’t feel cramped or sweaty in the gloves. 
  • Do remember that these gloves are a tad bit smaller than the standard size. You might want to pick the next size for a betting fitting. 



Buying Guide for the Best Paintball Tactical Gloves

Best Paintball Tactical Gloves buying guide

You’ve just gone through the details of the top 5 best paintball tactical gloves in the market, right? You must be having a few questions about the materials, types, and other aspects. In this buying guide, we will first see the different types of paintball gloves and then read about the factor to consider when buying paintball gloves. 

Types of the Best Paintball Tactical Gloves 

Gloves make a lot of us uncomfortable. We still wear them for protection at work or against harsh weather conditions. But can we afford to be uncomfortable on a paintball field? We need our hands to handle the gun, to crawl away from the enemy’s vision, or to throw a paintball grenade. We cannot be at our best if the gloves are not to our liking. 

Depending on the varying tastes and likes of paintball players, the companies have come up with different models and types of paintball gloves to cater to everyone. 

Fingerless Gloves

As the name suggests, fingerless gloves are gloves that protect the palm and back of your hand, leaving your fingers free to move and pull the trigger. If you are a beginner and don’t like to enclose your full hand inside a glove, these models will be suitable for you. 

The fingerless gloves are cheaper as well. However, the gloves do absorb the impact of a hit and protect your hands. There is enough padding to ensure safety without compromising on hand movements. 

Sleeve Gloves 

These look a little like the fingerless gloves but are used by professional paintball and speedball players. The aim of sleeve gloves is to protect the back of your hand and wrist from being hit by a paintball. The gloves leave the fingers free to move, and there is a thumb hole on the side for the thumb’s movement. The wrist strap helps you tighten the sleeve around your hand and keep it in place. 

Two Finger Gloves 

The two-finger gloves are gaining popularity in recent times. It all started when paintball players began to cut off the gloves for two fingers for better movement. These gloves protect your hands and the remaining fingers while leaving the index and middle finger free to operate the paintball marker. These gloves let you fire without fumbling or wasting even a precious second. If you want greater protection for your hands but still want free movement for your fingers, pick these gloves. 

Full Finger Gloves 

The full-finger gloves provide complete protection to your hands and fingers during the paintball game. Some models come with plastic coverage at the back for increased protection. It might restrict the finger movement if you are not used to wearing these kinds of gloves often. Some players tend to cut off the tips of the gloves for move finger movement. That is, of course, your choice. 

Factors to Know When Buying the Best Paintball Tactical Gloves 

Apart from the types of paintball gloves, what other factors play a role in helping you choose the right pair for you? Let’s take a look. 

Material Used for the Gloves 

The material used to manufacture the gloves decides the level of protection and hand movement the gloves offer. Depending on the frequency of the usage, some materials may last longer than others. Also, it is necessary to invest in gloves that have been exclusively designed for paintball. The following are the materials used to make paintball gloves. 

  • Kevlar: It is a synthetic fiber material that has been designed specially to be heat-resistant and cut-resistant. Kevlar is used to make protective vests that can stop bullets from injuring the person. The same material is used to make paintball gloves for increased protection against the impact of a paintball hitting the hand. 
  • Neoprene: It is a synthetic material used to provide protection at the back of the hand. It is thick and yet flexible enough to allow free movement of the hand. This material is capable of handling some extreme paintball strategies to keep your hands safe. 
  • Silicone: It is yet another synthetic material that is used in day-to-day life. Silicone is famous for being versatile. It is also waterproof and provides a good grip on the paintball gun/ marker. This material is used on the palm of the gloves so that you don’t have to worry about the marker slipping from your gloved hands. 

Comfort and Size 

Comfort levels depend on two major factors- the type and size of the paintball gloves you choose. Since we have already talked about the type, let’s focus on the size. 

It can get difficult to pick gloves online that of the exact size of your hand. The sizes mentioned by the brands may be slightly different from the ones in mind. The measurements also vary based on US and UK sizes. 

Read the customer reviews and the Q&A section to learn more about the sizes and measurements of the gloves. A larger pair of gloves can disturb your focus as you need to keep tugging them in place. A smaller pair of gloves will be too tight around your hand and cause a lot of discomfort and restrict the hands’ movements. 


The paintball gloves face a lot of wear and tear, especially if you are a regular player. When you crawl, move things aside, push aside the bushes, branches, and stuff, and grip the paintball gun for long hours, it’s hard for the gloves to sustain prolonged use. 

Depending on the frequency of your game and your skill levels, you can decide if you need to invest in paintball gloves made of high-quality materials. Also, check out the reviews by other users. 


This is a crucial factor in a paintball game. Pulling the trigger late, even by a fraction of a second can put you at risk. Your enemy has enough time to shoot your before you shoot them. The material, type, and size of the paintball gloves plan a role in determining the flexibility and finger movements. 

If you have never played with paintball wearing gloves, practice before the game. You don’t want to end up tugging and pulling at the gloves during the game. Get a feel of the gloves on your hands before the game starts. Better yet, have a mock game at home or with friends. 

Padding and Extra Protection 

Do you know that many gloves manufactured for paintball do not have enough padding? Yep. Padding tends to make gloves thicker and bulkier. This can restrict flexibility and thus hinder the players. But you should buy paintball gloves with padding and protection. Your hands are very vulnerable on the field. You don’t want to end up hurt despite wearing gloves. 

Waterproof and Weatherproof 

When you play paintball in different weather conditions and locations, you will need gloves that can keep your hands safe in all situations. Make sure to buy paintball gloves that are weatherproof and waterproof. This will prevent the gloves from getting wet and hindering your game. Also, it becomes easier to clean and take care of the gloves. 

Buying Tips for First-timers 

Professional paintball players have enough experience to know which gloves suit their style and game. It’s the beginners and newbies that end up getting confused and buy the wrong kind of gloves. This can ruin their paintball experience and make them disregard their safety on the field. The below tips should help first-timers choose a pair of paintball gloves that suit their requirements.

  • The paintball gloves should not cause your palms to sweat on the inside. If they do, you need a different pair of gloves. 
  • Buy gloves that come with straps at the wrists for manual adjustments. This will help you to adjust the fitting so that the gloves won’t be too tight or too loose.
  • Double-check the size before you order the paintball gloves online. 
  • Find a model that balances between protection and comfort. Aiming for only one will either result in bulky gloves or padding-less models. 

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Paintball Tactical Gloves wrap up

You, by now, might have got a good idea about paintball gloves by now, isn’t it? But, are you still not sure about which model to choose? Do you want another opinion? In that case, we would recommend the Exalt Death Grip Paintball Gloves as a preferred choice. 

Since we already saw the features and benefits in detail, we know that these gloves are lightweight, durable, comfortable, and user-friendly. The Exalt Death Grip Paintball Gloves are full fingers gloves but provide great flexibility and are worth the price. 

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