Ultimate Review of the Best Paintball Tank Harnesses in 2022

Ultimate Review of the Best Paintball Tank Harness

Once you enter the paintball field and the game starts, you will have to make do with whatever gear and ammunition you have on you. This is the reason players look for vests and paintball pants with multiple pockets in them. 

But are pockets enough to store everything you want? Barrels, yes. Grenades, yes. And what about tanks and paintball pods? Where will hold the paintball propellant tank? Where will you store the pods for the extra paintballs? Your hopper can have only so many paintballs, and after you’ve used them up, what will you do? 

Well, professional paintball players carry paintball pods with them. Yeah! If you are already thinking that there’s too much gear to wear, here’s more. Depending on the type of paintball., players might need around 2-5 pods for each game. This might sound like too much, but it isn’t. 

Alright. How do the players carry these pods? They can’t be leaving them dangling from the shoulders, right? Of course not. They use a paintball tank harness to hold the pods and secure them at the waist along with the tank to supply air pressure to the gun. 

Erm… not sure what we mean? Think of a builder’s tool belt. From hammers to drill bits to nails, the builders carry all the essential items in the belt specially designed for the purpose. Similarly, the tank harness is a belt that paintball players wear to secure the pods and other ammunition around the waist. This makes it hasslefree for them to take out the pods when the hopper becomes empty. 

And naturally, any harness wouldn’t do. How can you wear something that doesn’t suit your game or makes you uncomfortable? That leads us to this post. We have sieved the market to carefully pick and list the top 5 best paintball harnesses suitable for different kinds of players. From a beginner to a professional, there’s a model for everyone. 

We also have a detailed buying guide that talks about the kinds of harnesses and which factors you should consider when buying a paintball tank harness. Shall we go on and read more?

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Quick Comparison Table!

Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Harness Pod Holder Belts


Valken Paintball Fate Harness 4+3


Maddog Pro Paintball Pod Pack Harness


Bunkerkings V5 Supreme Strapless Paintball Harness


Tippmann Sport Series 4+1 Harness



The Best Paintball Tank Harness For The Money

The Best Paintball Tank Harness For The Money

#1 Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Harness Pod Holder Belts - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The first paintball tank harness on our list comes from Maddog, a popular paintball brand in the market. The 4+1 vertical harness is an easy to use and affordable model that is good for beginners and intermediary players. The harness can hold 4 pods of 140-round capacity. It weighs just 10.4 ounces is the lightweight model on our list. Be it the fitting or the comfort, this model is a favorite of many. Let’s read more about the features of this harness, shall we? 

Features & Benefits


The 4+1 design means that the harness can hold 4 pods and one 88ci tank. The pods are kept in place through rubber pull tabs. You just need to tug these tabs to take out a pod. The tank is secured using rip-tape straps that are just as easy to remove. 

The harness is made using polypropylene and comes with high-quality stitching to make sure it is strong, durable, and reliable. Users say that you can use this harness for years if you take proper care of it. 

Key Features 
  • The harness has inner and outer elastic belts that make it an easy fit for most people. It is a user-friendly harness that can sustain in rough conditions. 
  • The harness is capable of taking the heat. You can wear this one during summer days and still be comfortable during the game. 
  • There are various add-ons available with this model. Any standard paintball tank will fit into this one. 
  • The design is rather simple, with the Maddog logos across the harness. It comes in black color with Velcro straps that allow you to adjust the waist size as per your needs. 
  • Some users complained that the adjustments were not enough, and a few of them received faulty and even defective harnesses when they ordered online. You might want to check this point and buy the harness from a reliable seller. 



#2 Valken Paintball Fate Harness 4+3 - Best for Extra Pods


The second paintball harness on our list is by Valken, another well-known paintball brand in the market. This one comes with 4 slots for the pods and three extra spaces to fit 3 more pods. That means one harness can hold up to 7 pods for you. Isn’t that cool? The design is simple and effective, with the brand’s logo subtly marked on the slots. The company describes the harness to be made of heavy-duty webbing pod flaps. The pods are easy to remove from the slots anytime you want to during the game. 

Features & Benefits


The harness has back padding to cushion your body and prevent the pods from rubbing against your skin. The elastic nylon material used makes the harness suitable for almost every player. The company has taken extra care with the waist design to minimize the bounce. 

You won’t feel the pods bouncing behind you as you run and move on the paintball field. The harness weighs just one pound and can easily hold 7 pods in total. If you are a player who uses more paintballs, this model is suitable for your gaming style. 

Key Features 
  • The harness has been made to handle regular usage though it is not a waterproof model. The harness will not last long if it gets drenched in the rain. This model is more suited for dry-weather games. 
  • The carrying capacity is what we like the best about this model and the hassle-free access it provides to the pods. 
  • The auto ejector straps are included as a regular feature in this harness. 
  • All the standard 140-round pods will fit perfectly into the slots. Though we see that the harness appears to be of good quality, several users complained about it coming off the seams. 
  • Apparently, the harness cannot handle even a bit of water and starts to fall apart if you’ve been unfortunate enough to get drenched in rain or dive in a lake with the harness at your waist.



#3 Maddog Pro Paintball Pod Pack Harness - Best Affordable Model


If you are searching for an affordable paintball harness that can be used by newbies and professionals alike, we suggest you try the Maddog Pro paintball pod pack harness with three slots and two extra spaced for additional pods. You can also pick the variant that comes with an option to house a total of 7 pods. And since the harness belongs to Maddog, we can be assured of its quality and durability (even if it has a few minus points). Shall we take a look at the details? 

Features & Benefits


The harness is made using high quality 600D nylon material. This alone promises durability. The harness can sustain tough game conditions and last for a decent time if you put some effort to take care of it. 

The reinforced stitching is strong and ensures that the harness won’t come apart from the seams after using it few times. The elastic pod ejection system makes it an easy job of removing the pods and reloading your hopper in less time. 

Key Features 
  • The harness comes in a single design that promises to fit everyone just as comfortably. This is achieved using inner and outer elastic belts that can be adjusted to suit your waist size. 
  • The maximum waist fitting is up to 43 inches. 
  • The harness is compatible with all pods that come in the standard size and hold 140 rounds each. 
  • The harness has been given a finish using dual ventilated elastic. You will not feel hot, sweaty, or uncomfortable wearing this harness for long durations on hot days. 
  • However, the harness doesn’t have back padding. And if you are wearing this directly on your regular shirt, you might end up with back pain at the end of the day. That’s something to be careful about.



#4 Bunkerkings V5 Supreme Strapless Paintball Harness - Best for Comfort


How can we not have a model by Bunkerkings when talking about paintball accessories? TheV5 strapless harness can hold a capacity of 4+7 pods. And guess what? You can get the pods with the harness when you buy it from Amazon (you will still have to double-check this one, depending on the seller). The harness can hold all standard pods, including the 165-round model. Virtue Pods have the best fit among all variants found in the market. Let’s read a little more about this harness, shall we? 

Features & Benefits


Though the harness weighs around 1.6 pounds, it is still considered a lightweight model. And this harness is one of the best lightweight models on the market that allows great mobility and comfort. 

The fitting is perfect, and so are the slots to hold the pods. The pods sit securely, until you take them out for refilling. This is an improved version from Bunkerkings that delivers what it promises in terms of quality and durability. 

Key Features 
  • The padding at the back is one of the biggest advantages of this model. You don’t have to worry about the pods weighing you down or resulting in back pain after wearing the harness all day. 
  • The functional design of the harness has been specifically made for professional paintball players. 
  • The V5 elastic technology makes the harness versatile and allows you to carry all types of pods, though the PF 135 and PF165 are the best choice. 
  • The company says that the harness is suitable for people of all builds. It is indeed a great fit for XXXL size (without using any extra straps). 
  • However, if you have a smaller build, the harness might not be as effective for your size. 



#5 Tippmann Sport Series 4+1 Harness - Best Value for Price


The last paintball harness on our list is by none other than Tippmann. This is a tank plus pods model where you can carry 4 pods and one tank in the harness. The adjustable body wrap belt is suitable for people with waist sizes of 22” to 24”. This harness is a preferred choice for many intermediary paintball players. The tank space can house the CO2 tanks as well as the HPA tanks. However, you cannot put larger tanks in this harness. Only the standard size fits in well. 

Features & Benefits


Polyurethane is a durable and lightweight material. The harness has been manufactured using this material to make it worthy of paintball players. It provides a comfortable fit though we suggest not to wear this harness for extended hours. 

The harness has a built-in pod ejection system and larger pull tabs that make it easy to remove the pods and refill the hopper in a quick time. 

Key Features 
  • The tank holder can be adjusted to hold a tank of up to 68 cubic inches. 
  • The body wraps have Velcro straps and are secure enough to provide a good fit. The harness won’t slip or bounce as you move around the field. 
  • The design of the harness is simple and effective. You can either buy the regular black-colored harness or the camouflage one. 
  • The harness can hold 4 pods of 140-round capacity along with the propellant tank. 



Best Paintball Tank Harness Buying Guide

Best Paintball Tank Harness Buying Guide

The list would have made you understand how the tank harnesses work, right? But is that enough? No. You would be having a few doubts, which we will try and clear in this buying guide. Let’s start with reading more about the different kinds of paintball tank harnesses we can find in the market. 

Kinds of Best Paintball Tank Harness 

Paintball tank harnesses are basically categorized as follows-

Belt Pouch

This is the simplest type of paintball tank harness in the market. Each harness has around 2-3 slots to place the pods. A Velcro strap holds the pods in place and prevents them from slipping out. Sometimes there would an elastic ejector to quickly release the pods from the slots. These are lightweight models and are quite budget-friendly. However, the capacity is limited. 

Horizontal Harness

The horizontal harness is similar to the belt pouch. But this one is strapped around the lower back with the pods lie horizontally across your back. These harnesses tend to have another large pouch where you can place the tank with a remote coiled hose. Such models are denoted by a number such as 3+1 or 4+1 (where the +1 signifies the extra pouch). The horizontal harness can either be fixed using Velcro or a buckle. If the harness has too many slots, it may come with suspenders to help you handle the weight around your lower back. 

Vertical Harness 

Vertical harnesses are the ones where the pods lie vertically up or down your back. These days, you will find vertical harnesses with elastic waists for convenience and ease of use by people of different sizes. Velcro straps keep the pods in place. Once you take out a pod, the slot will collapse into itself and reduces the target profile. This escapes you from becoming an easy target for your opponents. An advantage of using this type of harness is that it is ambidextrous. Both right-handed players and left-handed players can use this harness. 

Tactical Vest 

We have already dealt with tactical vests in a separate post. The vests not only offer protection during the game but also help you store ammunition, pods, water, maps, binoculars, and more. 

Factors you must know When Buying the Best Paintball Tank Harness

The paintball tank harness has to be durable, reliable, and of good quality to assist you during the game. It should also suit your needs and your gaming style. And did we mention your budget? Yep, that too is a factor you should consider when buying a paintball tank harness. 

Weight of the Harness  

Honestly, this should be obvious, right? You are already carrying enough weight by now. Then you will be adding the pods/ tank to the harness. Now, if the harness itself was heavy, you would end up with back pain or a muscle pull. That would lead to more trouble than losing the game. 

Always pick a lightweight model. The ones we listed are all less than 2 pounds. In fact, the harnesses are less than 1.7 pounds and are easy to wear for long hours during the game. 

Design and Style 

We have already seen the different kinds of paintball harnesses available. The one you choose should suit your game and also be comfortable to use for extended durations. Some players prefer larger sizes that can hold more paintball pods while others opt for sleek and trendy designs. 

You should remember that even though it is tempting to buy a harness with more slots, you may not need them all during the game. Especially if you are a beginner, start with the basic and affordable model. And if you tend to use too many paintballs, you’ll the one with more slots. 

Fitting and Adjustments 

This is a priority. Even the simplest of models can be uncomfortable if you choose the wrong size or don’t make the necessary adjustments. The harness should neither be too tight that you can’t even breathe and move around nor should it be loose enough to slip down your back every now and then.

Go for models that come with adjustable fittings like a Velcro strap or buckle or some sort of hook. You will be able to adjust the fittings during the game as well. 

Length of the Harness

The length of the harness will determine how comfortable it will be around your waist. If you opt for the elastic and expandable models, make sure your actual size falls within the specified range. For example, a harness that starts from S can be a little bigger for XS. A harness that can stretch only up to XL will be highly comfortable for people who use XXL. 

You also need to check if the measurements are mentioned in inches or centimeters (and if the company follows the standard US size or prefers the UK sizes). These might seem silly to many people, but several customers have bought the wrong size because they didn’t pay enough attention. 

Number of Slots and their Measurements 

We will cover two factors in one. The first is the number of pods you want to carry during the paintball game. This will depend on your skill level, the type of paintball game, and other similar aspects. 

Another factor here is the size of each slot. We know that all paintball pods are not in the same dimensions. Some are long and thin, while some are rounded and short and have varying capacities. Also, the paintball tanks come in different sizes and shapes. You will need to choose your pods and tank before you buy the harness. Or if you already ordered the harness, just go ahead and buy pods that will fit the slots. 

Also, a few tank harnesses come with additional slots for other accessories. Do you need such a harness, or will a regular one be enough? 

The Materials Used 

If you want the paintball tank harness to last at least for a while, you will need to buy a model that has been made to sustain the weight of the pods and the wear and tear during the game. The materials used to manufacture the harness play a vital role here. 

Heavy-duty polyester is used by most companies to ensure that the harnesses are durable and can handle rough use. You also need to check the stitches and buy the ones that come with double stitches for extra strength and reliability.

Of course, all this will be of use only when you take proper care of the harness and maintain it well. Read the washing instructions and stick to them. The durability of the paintball harness depends on how well you care for it on the field and off the field. 

Customer Reviews 

Though this is the last point, it is quite an important one to consider. Read through the reviews written by users of the product before you place an order for it. You don’t have to read the reviews on sites like Amazon. There are various other websites where users talk about what they like and don’t like in the paintball harness they’ve bought. Go through the pros and cons listed and compare them with your requirements. 

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Paintball Tank Harness Wrap Up Our Choice

Are you wondering which paintball harness would be the right choice for you? Are you a little confused about which model to buy? We recommend Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Harness Pod Holder Belt that can hold both the paintball pods and a propellant tank. 

The harness is affordable, comfortable, made of high-quality material, and is a lightweight model. We have already learned about the features and benefits of this model in detail, right? Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Harness Pod Holder Belt is truly worth the price. 

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