Ultimate Review of the Best Red Dot Sights for Paintball in 2023

Ultimate review for the Best Red Dot Sight for Paintball

How do you spot your target on the paintball field? You thoroughly scan the place searching for movement, the gun ready to shoot, isn’t it? Speedball doesn’t need as much aiming and shooting as woodsball, MilSim, and scenario-based games do. 

That’s the reason paintball snipers are used in the later versions. These are long-range guns that offer accurate shots over a distance and allow you to shoot from your hiding place. However, to hit the target that’s far across the field, you need to make sure your aim is perfect. So how do you do that? 

Sights and scopes are used for this purpose. We have already listed the best paintball scopes and a buying guide to choose the right scope for your gun. Now, it’s time to learn about the sights of the paintball gun. 

What’s the difference, you ask? 

The basic difference between a red dot sight and scope is that the sight doesn’t have any optic magnification. It is by default 1x magnified. The scope has optical magnification and lets you zoom in to get a better view of the target. This should help you know which one is a sight and which is scope. 

While the scopes are used for long-range accuracy, sights are used for short and mid-range firing. That’s obvious, right? Since red dot sights don’t offer magnification, you cannot get a clear view of a target that’s far away from you. 

Though there are other types of sights, the red dot sight is one of the most used and trusted optical fittings on guns. The tiny red dot provides greater accuracy for moving targets. You don’t need to close only one to look at the target through the red dot sight. It allows for greater visibility and lets you stay focused on the shot and your surroundings. 

The red dot sights come in two sizes; one for the rifles and another for pistols called the miniature red dot sights. Another classification is- reflex sights, prism sights, and holographic sights. 

Now that you know why a paintball sight is necessary, shall we read about the top 5 best red dot sights in the market? 

And don’t fret. We have a detailed buying guide in the second half of this post. We have also dedicated a section to explain how to adjust the red dot sight and zero it. Zeroing means to set the sight perfectly and hit the target. The red dot has to be centered on the target, and this does need some practice. 

Here we go then. 

Quick Comparison Table!

Ohuhu Red Green Dot Sight Gun Sight Scope Reflex Sight 


Feyachi Reflex Sight- Adjustable Reticle 




Steiner MRS Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight


Sightmark SM26005 Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight



The Best Red Dot Sight for Paintball For The Money

The Best Red Dot Sight for Paintball For The Money

#1 Ohuhu Red Green Dot Sight Gun Sight Scope Reflex Sight with 4 Adjustable Reticles - EDITOR'S CHOICE


This tubeless reflex sight with 4 adjustable reticles is the first model on our list. It comes with a built-in mount and is ready to be installed on any of the standard bases. This sight is suitable for both rifles and handguns. It works on a 3V lithium battery that comes with the package. It is available for an affordable price and can be used by newbie paintball players. Let’s see more about this model, shall we?  

Features & Benefits


This red and green dot reflex sight has been designed to withstand rapid shooting and moving targets across the field. The wide field of view makes it easy to pick your target and shoot. The FoV is 15.8@ 100m. 

There is an Allen head screw type that makes it easy to fix and remove the sight from the paintball guns. There is also an elevation click adjustment and unlimited eye relief. All the tools you need to fix and adjust the sight come with the package. 

Key Features 
  • The reflex sight is made of composite material and is available in two colors- black and sand.
  • It has a 33mm wide lens, corrected parallax, and 4 reticle styles- starburst, cross, bull’s eye, and dot.
  • You can choose between the red and green colors of the reticle. 
  • The unit comes with a rubber cap for the lens, a cleaning cloth, two wrenches, and one CR 2032 battery. 
  • Some users complained about the lens not being clear enough. It could also be a manufacturing defect of the unit.
  • It fits on Weaver and the Picatinny rails with equal ease. This red dot reflex sight has pretty much everything you’d want from it. 



#2 Feyachi Reflex Sight- Adjustable Reticle (4 Styles) Both Red and Green in one Sight - Best for the Budget


If you are looking for a budget-friendly red dot sight that can be used with rifles and shotguns, Feyachi reflex sight is the one for you. It costs less than $50 and has four reticle styles. You can also choose between red and green dots, depending on where you are playing paintball. While the model is not without faults, it has its advantages too. This is pretty much a beginner model. 

Features & Benefits


The reflex sight has a 33mm clear lens through which you aim at your target. It provides a wide view of the field, making it easy to spot the opponent. The FoV is 15.8 @ 100m. 

The sight weighs around 4 ounces and is considered a lightweight model. It runs on a 3V lithium battery that is included with the unit. The eye relief is unlimited, and the parallax has been corrected. 

Key Features 
  • There are 5 brightness settings to choose from. Users say that the lowest brightness is also good. However, some users complained that the brightness began to dim after a few months, and changing the battery did not make any difference. 
  • You can choose between the four types of reticles- dot, crosshair, starburst, and bull’s eye.
  • The company provides a rubber cap for the lens, a cleaning cloth, one CR 2032 battery, and two wrenches to fit the sight to your gun’s rail mount. 
  • The mount is very sturdy, and the unit doesn’t fall off the gun after you fix it in place. 
  • It is waterproof and shockproof. It can take the impact of the shot and other activities such as running and jumping with the gun in your hand. 



#3 DD DAGGER DEFENSE- DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight - Best for Holographic Substitute


DD Dagger Defense is a company owned by veterans. They sell affordable red dot sights for hunting and paintball. With a 33mm wide lens, 15.8@ 100m field of vision, and a special locking screw to fix the sight in place (this prevents the zero from slipping), the DDHB red dot reflex sight is the third model on our list. The company provides an instruction manual that helps you fix the sight on the gun and learn the adjustments. 

Features & Benefits


Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the red dot sight weighs around 10 ounces. Some users complained that the lens and the body are not strong enough to be used on a shotgun. However, this model can be used as a substitute for red dot holographic sights. 

This model also offers four reticle style adjustments and two colors (red and green) for the reticles. It runs on a lithium CR 2032 battery that is included in the package, along with a lens cleaning cloth, 2 Allen wrenches, and one instruction manual. 

Key Features 
  • You can adjust the brightness of the dot to suit the surroundings. 
  • While the zero can be hard to maintain, you also need to make sure to fix the lock screw. 
  • Just remember that you should not tighten it to the full. Excess tightening will break the mechanism inside. Turn it in a clockwise direction only once or twice.
  • The adjustments on the unit (up, right, left, etc.) are meant to move the target and not the reticle in the said direction. Don’t get confused about this, as it will lead to inaccurate shots. 



#4 Steiner MRS Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight - Best Ultra Lightweight Model


The fourth red dot sight on our list is an ultra-lightweight model and weighs only 2.5 ounces. It is a micro reflex red dot sight with good precision and accuracy. It can aim and help you shoot at moving targets with the same ease. The company offers a lifetime limited warranty on the product. It will repair and replace the defective parts for free of cost (T&C apply). That’s cool, isn’t it? 

Features & Benefits


It’s a tiny little thing that can be used as another sight or scope on your gun. It’s a perfect fit for the handgun. Since the sight has unlimited eye relief, it’s a great choice for not only paintball players but also for hunters. 

It has a 3 MOA red dot. There is no green dot, nor are there any other reticle styles to choose from. Yet, these don’t affect the performance of the red dot sight in any way. 

Key Features 
  • The model uses CR 1632 battery. Each battery can last for 550 operational hours. You don’t have to worry about the battery dying during the game.
  • It has an auto-off after 8 hours to save the battery life. 
  • It has three levels of automatic and manual brightness controls. The red dot sight can be used during the day and at night. However, some users complained that it doesn’t deliver well in bright daylight.
  • The model is weatherproof, waterproof, and shockproof. It can sustain wear and tear and last for a decent time. 
  • Still, it would have been even better if the company provided a lens cover with the sight. We do miss it. 
  • Zeroing this red dot sight is relatively easy. The overall quality of the model is also very good.



#5 Sightmark SM26005 Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight - Best Intermediary Model


The last red dot sight on our list is a versatile model that can be used for hunting, paintball, airsoft, climbing, and military purposes. It has night vision and works great all around the day. The unit comes with a neoprene cover, a user manual, one CR 123 battery, and wrenches for adjustment. The red dot sight is durable and lightweight. It has been designed for intermediary-level paintball players. 

Features & Benefits


The red dot sight is made using cast magnesium alloy housing with a protective shield. It is a waterproof model. It is also said to consume less power. The model is shockproof and delivers good accuracy of the shot. 

The adjustments are quite easy to learn, even for beginners. You can change the brightness levels (6) to suit the surroundings using the digital switch controls. The battery life of the unit is said to be around 1000 hours. 

Key Features 
  • It comes with dual-pane glass and corrected parallax. 
  • The illuminated reticle is a 65 MOA circle dot with crosshairs. 
  • The model can sustain up to 0.50 caliber recoil and can be submerged in 40 feet of water. 
  • It is a premium model and costs closer to the $200 range. Considering the features it offers and the ability to sustain wear and tear, the red dot sight is worth the price. 
  • The reticle is crisp and clear. There will be no blurry lines or smudginess. 
  • Some users complained about the sight not holding zero after firing a shot. Reading the user manual is likely to help find a solution to this. 



Best Red Dot Sight for Paintball Buying Guide

Best Red Dot Sight for Paintball Buying Guide

Aren’t those some wonderful red dot sights? With features like that, you can be sure of hitting the target more often. The sights follow a standard called Moa that determines the size of the red dot. If the target is moving, you will need a larger dot so that you can easily spot where to hit. For shorter ranges, you will need a smaller dot as the target is not too far off from you. 

Before we read about adjusting zero on the sights, let us see the benefits of using a red dot sight on your paintball gun. 

Benefits of Red Dot Sight for Paintball 

  • Red dot sights are easy to use. The operations are straightforward. 
  • Red dot sights improve the accuracy of the shot. 
  • They are great for beginners who will need to have some sort of advantage on their side to compete with professional paintball players. 
  • Helps become better shooters over time. You can get an aim faster and shoot before the target moves away. 
  • Works better even when you are in a hurry to shoot. There is no need to zoom in and adjust the settings continuously. 
  • Red dot sights are also used for training purposes. Instead of shooting, you learn to get the aim right. 
  • Paintball players with eyesight issues find it easier to use the red dot sight as there is no need to close one eye when aiming at the target. This is indeed good news for players who wear prescription glasses. 

Fixing Zero in the Red Dot Sight 

  • The zeroing of the sight depends on the type of firearm you are using. Since paintball guns have different ranges, the ideal distance for sighting will also vary. 
  • The next step is to boresight the gun. Boresighting is the process of pre-aligning the barrel’s bore axis with that of the target. This makes it easy to fix the zero. 
  • You can boresight the gun by looking at the target with your eyes, or you can rely on a tiny piece of equipment called the boresighter that uses laser beams for the purpose. This is usually done for sniper rifles. 
  • The next step is to fire a few rounds at the target. Using the standard target will work here. That way, you can check whether you missed the bull’s eye. 
  • You will need to adjust the red dot to match the shots that hit the target. This will let you aim better the next time. 
  • Follow the previous two steps until your shots are right on the bull’s eye. It might take a couple of more tries to get it right. That’s natural. 
  • Using a shooting bench will make it easier and provide faster results as the gun will not move from its position. You will need to perform this a day before the game or before you enter the paintball field. 

Factors To Consider For Red Dot SightFactors to Consider When Buying the Best Red Dot Sight for Paintball

We have finally come to the factors to consider when buying the best red dot sight for paintball. 

Size of the Red Dot Sight

We’ve mentioned in the introduction that red dot sights come in different sizes. Though the major distinction is between the regular and miniature one, you should also compare the dimensions when choosing a red dot sight for your paintball gun. A smaller marker will need a smaller red dot sight and vice versa. This is to ensure the accuracy of the shot by not letting the excess or lack of the size and weight of the red dot sight affect your performance. 

Battery Life 

The battery is a vital part of the red dot sight. The LED light lies on the battery, and if the battery were to die during the game, the unit will not be of use to you. While you can carry the batteries and replace them, you also need to consider the following-

How easy or difficult is it to remove the existing battery and replace it with a new one? 

Are the batteries easily available in the market, or should you order them? 

If the batteries are exclusively designed for the red dot sight, you should order them in advance. Waiting for the mail to arrive before you leave for the paintball field can be stressful. 

The battery life determines how frequently you will need to change the batteries. The manufacturers mention these details as a part of the product description. Paying attention to it will help make an informed decision. 

Reticle Size 

The red dot is called the reticle. We have seen earlier how you will need to adjust the size of the red dot to shoot at the target more accurately. A smaller dot is used for shorter ranges. However, smaller dots are not easy to see during day time. The bright light will make it really hard to see the tiny dot. 

If you are a beginner, you will find it easier to use a bigger red dot until you improve your game. If you want some sort of basis to decide the reticle size, you can go with a 1-inch per 100 yards measurement. 

Open vs. Tube Sight

Red dot sights come in two types- open window style and tube style. The open window style, as the name suggests, has a small square window and offers a wider scope of vision. It is lighter as well but more susceptible to damages. 

The tube style is where the mechanism is located inside the tube. While the scope of vision is limited, the tube protects the optics inside and makes the red dot sightless prone to damages. 


The red dot sights usually don’t weigh much. You might have understood that by looking at the table at the top. The least weight is around 2 ounces, and the highest is less than 12 ounces for the top 5 best red dot sights in our post. Anything less than 15 ounces should be comfortable enough on a paintball sniper rifle

Other Features and Accessories 

Not all red dot sights have the same features. Some are entry-level models that have only the basic features. If you play even during the night and in the dark, you will need night vision red dot sights. 

Some red dot sights come with multiple reticles. The dots can be crosses, circles, etc. The dots also come in different colors like red, green, or blue. You don’t have to use only the red dot. Depending on the surroundings, weather conditions, and time of the day, you can change the color of the reticle. 

The red dot sight magnifier is an accessory that turns the right into a scope. Of course, the magnification is that high. But it will definitely help when you need to shoot at a smaller target or a distance between the mid-range and long-range. The magnifiers usually have a magnification of 1x, 2x, and 3x.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Red Dot Sight for Paintball Wrap Up Our Choice

We reach the end of our post and hope you’ve decided which red dot sight to buy for your paintball gun. Are you a little unsure? Would you like a suggestion from us? 

We would recommend Ohuhu Red Green Dot Sight Gun Sight Scope Reflex Sight with 4 Adjustable Reticles for its affordability, lightweight, waterproof and shockproof features.

Since we have already read about this model in detail, we can conclude that the Ohuhu Red Green Dot Sight Gun Sight Scope Reflex Sight is worth the price. 

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