Ultimate Review of The Best Shocker Paintball Gun in 2023

Best Shocker Paintball Gun

What’s the most exciting thing about paintball? For us, it’s shooting the opponents with paint. Wearing the gear, holding a smart rifle in the hands, taking an aim, and hitting the target- it’s priceless. 

It feels as though we’ve won a war at the borders, right? It’s hardly surprising that many outdoor paintball games (woodsball) scenarios are military-based. 

Back to the topic; if you’ve got to aim and shoot, we need a good, no, super good paintball gun to do the job for you. A professional paintball player is very particular about his/ her markers. You will never see the pro champions settling for any gun. They want the best. 

While we already have done a full article on the best paintball sniper rifles and guns, we haven’t dealt with this brand. Today, it’s all about that one brand of paintball guns that is still ruling the market. 

We are talking about Shocker paintball guns. Shocker guns were manufactured by Smart Parts, a paintball company in Pennsylvania. The company and its IP (intellectual property) are now owned by Kee Action Sports after Smart Parts filed for liquidation in 2010. 

But it is an undeniable truth that Shocker guns are some of the best paintball guns you’ll ever find. Yes, they are a bit expensive, and you’ve got to shell out more than $600 even to buy a fairly basic model.

The first Shocker paintball gun was made by PneuVentures and marketed by Smart Parts. Nevertheless, it has now been discontinued, there are other models available. Subsequently, newer models of Shocker guns were released in 2003 and 2006. 

SP Shocker paintball guns can be bought from various online stores that exclusively sell paintball gear. Here’s a small tip from our side. Check out more than a couple of websites before you buy. The price range is rather vast, and you might be able to save a few bucks. At the same time, don’t wait too long to make your decision. These guns get sold like hotcakes. You’ll see the ‘sold out’ board even before you blink. 

Of course, you can buy only when you know which model to choose. We get that. And the details are ready for you to read and understand. We’ve also listed the types of guns (if you are a beginner or an intermediary player) and a detailed buying guide. Let’s start so that you can check them out immediately. 

Quick Comparison Table!

SP Shocker RSX


SP Shocker AMP


SP Ultra Shocker XLS


SP Shocker XLS


SP Shocker CVO



The Best Shocker Paintball Guns For The Money

Best Shocker Paintball Gun for the money

#1 SP Shocker RSX Paintball Gun - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The first Shocker paintball gun on our list is the RSX model known for its lightweight and superfast action. It is also a very quiet gun and hardly makes any noise. The operations are smooth and jerk-free. Among the various highlights of this model, the electronic pneumatic solenoid is the best thing. The shot you fire packs a punch in this one compared to the previous models. The solenoid is adjustable. You can change the cycle rate to suit your convenience. Let’s take a look at other features of RSX in detail. Shall we? 

Features & Benefits


The Shocker RSX weights 1.77 lbs and can be carried for long durations without feeling the weight of it in your hands. The gun comes with an OLED screen to provide you a clear view of your target. This helps even the newbies aim and shoot with ease. There is also lever feedback that ensures that the firing is smooth. 

The freak barrel with a single insert comes with the gun. RSX has an in-built pressure relief valve that controls the pressure inside the gun and keeps the internal circuit safe from damage. The gun is durable and has a long life. You can choose between different colors as well. 

Key Features 
  • Being an electronic model, the triggers can be auto-programmed to suit your firing speed. You can set it at different speeds on the basis of the complexity and requirement of the game. 
  • There is a micro switch that is super easy to operate. The air tanks to power the gun are fitted with the help of screws. This allows for a perfect compatibility between the Shocker and the tank. 
  • The gun comes with a single hex key to disassemble its parts. Don’t be afraid, though. The hex key is easy to use. 
  • One thing we love about RSX is that each part of the electronic board comes with a waterproof coating. You can use this gun in different weather conditions, and it’ll continue to deliver the expected results. 
  • RSX runs on a 9-volt power battery, which is easily available in the market. It also comes with a protective case and some accessories such as a dirt-resistant pouch to store your paintballs, barrel parts, and more. 



#2 SP Shocker AMP Paintball Gun - Best Lightweight Model


The second Shocker gun on our list is AMP. This model is considered an ultra-lightweight, ultra-efficient, and Avant-grade paintball gun. The gun has a simple yet highly effective design that lets you easily switch between electronic mode and mechanical mode. The latest version of AMP is said to be 20% more efficient than the previous one. This comes when many professionals declared that the previous version was impactful and powerful. Shall we see more details about this gun? 

Features & Benefits


The AMP guns have been designed for easy use and maintenance. You can remove the frame whenever you want to clean it. The guns also offer a better grip so that your hands and fingers won’t hurt even when you operate the gun all day long. The gun is also more weather-resistant than it was earlier. That’s another advantage of investing in Shocker AMP guns. 

Key Features 
  • The AMP gun comes with a twist-lock bolt to release the excess pressure that builds inside. The twist-lock unlocks the bolt and the fire chamber so that it can slide out. 
  • You don’t need any tool to either remove the bolt or to clean the solenoid valve by removing it from inside the gun. 
  • The AMP gun has an operating pressure range of 160psi to 110psi. The operations and firing are smooth and fast. 
  • The gun can be used in mechanical mode, electronic mode, and combined with the VisionTM anti-chop system for better efficiency. 
  • A QEV (Quick Exhaust Valve) module is fully integrated into the bolt. This ensures a faster release/ response and an improved gun cycle. The consistency of the gun’s performance is also enhanced. 



#3 SP Ultra Shocker XLS Paintball Gun - Best for Professionals


At third place on our list is this very special Shocker paintball gun. It is called Ultra Shocker XLS, a slightly revamped and high-end version of XLS. This is an expensive model and is preferred by professional paintball players. The package includes the following items- 

  • 14-inch all American Freak barrel tip
  • 14-inch ACP Freak XL barrel tip 
  • 3 high-quality stainless steel Freak XL inserts 
  • One Shocker XLS frame (electronic)
  • One Shocker CVO frame (mechanical)
  • One HK Army Exo paintball marker case 

Features & Benefits


The design of this model has been improved to increase the overall length of the gun so that it feels sturdy and comfortable in our hands. Be it the grip frame or the regulator, everything about this gun is perfect. 

The gun is smooth and super quiet when firing paintballs at the chosen target. It is capable of controlling and reducing overall operating pressure to keep it to 145 psi to increase efficiency. 

Key Features 
  • The Freak XL barrel trips are color-matched with the gun. This heightens the overall appearance and beauty of the gun. (We just love how it looks)
  • This model has been built on the RSX platform combining the best features of the XLS model to create a new and revamped Shocker gun that has the best of everything. No wonder the price tends to scare us.
  • The trigger guard has also been reshaped to offer more space for finger movement and comfort. You can use this model as a mechanical one or an electronic one. 
  • The air source adapter has been redesigned, too, considering the feedback provided by professional players. Isn’t that cool? It is always good to know that the manufacturers listen to what their customers want.
  • The overall frame is durable to increase the life span of the gun. The OLED screen of the gun has a cover that prevents the screen from being damaged during the game. 



#4 SP Shocker XLS Paintball Gun - Best Ergonomic Model


Let’s now talk about the XLS model. The gun comes with a Freak XL all-American barrel tip, 0.687 inserts, and an Autococker. This model is quite similar to the Ultra XLS gun, though it doesn’t come with many accessories. It is lightweight, efficient, and great for professional paintball players. Let’s see more about this gun in detail. 

Features & Benefits


The design of XLS is similar to Ultra Shocker XLS in many ways. It is an electronic model that can fire at any rate you want. There is a factory reset option that lets you erase the settings you’ve given in case you want to change them. 

You can connect the gun to a mini-USB and update the software. This will keep your gun the latest and new even when you have it for a while. This is a great advantage for professional players. 

Key Features 
  • The ball detents in the gun have angled levers so that the paintballs don’t end up bursting inside the gun. 
  • It lets you use the gun without cleaning it after every game. But don’t delay the cleaning regime for too long, though. 
  • XLS guns come with an integrated regulator piston and a retention ring. This makes it easy to disassemble the regulator service. 
  • The trigger system and the air source adapter have been redesigned for better performance. The only complaint we saw from a couple of users was about the battery. 



#5 SP Shocker CVO Paintball Gun - Best Mechanical Paintball Gun


The last Shocker gun on our list is a mechanical model, and probably the only one in Shocker. This is, of course, no way less than other Shocker guns in the market. This is an ultra-lightweight model and is built the same way XLS was. The only change is that the electronic circuit got replaced by a mechanical system. It has a cum-actuated pilot valve. The precision trigger is another advantage of using this gun. 

Features & Benefits


The CVO guns have been designed with a lot of care to be no less than their electronic counterparts. You can disassemble the gun to clean it without affecting any of the insides. When not in use, you can keep the gun safe in its specially designed case. 

The trigger pull is short and very fast. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Beginners can be overwhelmed by the sensitivity of the trigger. You will need to be a bit cautious if you are using the CVO for the first time. 

Key Features 
  • The gun has an operating pressure of 145 psi and is very gentle with the paintballs inside. There is no recoil or jerk when you fire using this gun. 
  • The internal mechanism of the CVO guns has been designed to regulate the supply from the tanks and balance the pressure inside. 
  • The gun comes with a Freak XL barrel with modified Autococker threads. It is a 14-inch all-American barrel of the best quality. 



Buying Guide for the Best Shocker Paintball Guns

Best Shocker Paintball Gun buying guide

Those are some amazing guns, aren’t they? All the models are worthy of investments and can deliver their best when the time comes. However, newbies can get overwhelmed with so much information.  

Before you decide, let’s first read about the types of paintball guns we see in the market. 

Types of Paintball Guns 


A mechanical paintball gun is more of a basic model like SP Shocker CVO. They are semi-automatic, which means for each pull of the trigger, you’ll fire one shot. That said, all mechanical guns are not semi-automatic. They work with CO2 or compressed air (HPA) tanks. Most of the paintball fields offer tank refilling for free, so that shouldn’t be a concern. 

The main difference between a mechanical paintball gun and an electronic one is the mechanical ones don’t have electric circuits. They don’t need batteries to run. Yeah, you can’t leave them on auto-mode, so you will have to fire the shots yourself. Mechanical guns are not meant for speedball games and are most suited for beginners. 


As the name says, electronic paintball guns have an electronic circuit board and run-off batteries. They can be operated in multiple modes such as semi-automatic, fully automatic, or ramping, etc. The trigger in an electronic paintball gun is a micro-switch or a trip. This is connected to the circuit board and sends the necessary command for the gun to shoot. 

The electronic models tend to rely on compressed gas instead of CO2. In fact, using CO2 tanks can damage the circuit boards, especially in Pneumatic Poppet Valve paintball guns. Always read the specifications. 

Though electronic paintball guns are easy to maintain (similar to the mechanical counterparts), you will need to be careful when playing in monsoon. You will also need to keep a spare battery with you during the game. Remember that electronic paintball guns are more expensive. We have seen four electronic Shocker guns in this article, right? 


A mag-fed paintball gun uses a magazine to feed paintball into the marker as opposed to a hopper that sits on the top of the gun. Some models have dual feeds and can work with magazines and hoppers. Each magazine tends to have 20 paintballs. Once you use them all, you will need to remove them and attach a new one to the gun. 


A pump-style paintball gun is an old-school model and has a separate fanbase. The guns have a pump handle in the front, which you should pump for every shot. They are single-shot guns. The pump and mag-fed paintball guns will help improve your shooting skills since they have limited paintballs in them. You will be more careful about where, when, and how you shoot. 

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Shocker Paintball Guns 

The following are some factors you need to consider when buying Shocker paintball guns. We’ve also included general factors that will help you understand paintball guns. 

Paintball Barrel

The paintball barrel is the most vital part of the gun. It is through this thin tube that the paintball gets fired to reach the target. The barrels can be made of various materials and are used as add-ons. Shocker guns come with barrels that are usually the best fit. The ports (holes) on the barrels also play a major role in deciding the distance and impact of a shot. 

The Material of the Gun 

Paintball guns are made of different materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon fiber. The same materials also are used for the barrels. Either way, the properties of the materials do not change.

Aluminum is lightweight and cost-effective. Aluminum guns and barrels can be easily found and are designed for beginners. Since it is not a highly sturdy material, you need to buy aluminum guns from well-known brands if you want good performance. 

Stainless steel guns are durable and strong. They are expensive and deliver great results. However, these guns are can be a bit expensive and heavy.  

Carbon fiber is the best material to manufacture paintball guns and barrels. It is strong, durable, lightweight, and easy to maintain. 

Weight and Size of the Gun 

Now, this is an important factor to consider. Some of us don’t like to carry heavy paintball guns, no matter how efficient they are. This led to many brands releasing lightweight models and compact sizes in paintball guns without compromising quality. The Shocker guns we’ve listed are lightweight and even ultra-lightweight. They are neither too big nor small and fit perfectly in your hands. No matter which Shocker gun you choose from the list, you will find it very comfortable and efficient. 

Maintenance of the Gun 

Some guns require a whole lot of maintenance. You need to follow a strict regime to clean the paint from the gun and ensure it is in top working condition. Luckily, some guns are easy to disassemble and clean. You don’t need any special tools for this purpose. Shocker AMP is an example of tool-free valve removal. 

Weather Resistance 

Electronic paintball guns are not good at being weather-resistant due to the circuits inside them. But brands have been working on making the guns more weather-friendly so that you can use them in all conditions. Shocker guns like AMP have improved weather resistance and don’t let the moisture in the atmosphere affect the gun or its performance. 

Design and Appearance 

Many of us like to flaunt our paintball guns, right? Shocker scores all points in this section. Be it RSX, AMP, XLS, or CVO, the guns look trendy, sleek, and glossy. They also come in different colors, ranging from black to teal to pewter, red, blue, green, and more. If you love to color-code your paintball gear, you can be assured of finding a Shocker gun in a color that matches the rest of your gear. 

Frequency of Your Play 

Unless you are a professional paintball player, spending thousands of dollars on a paintball gun doesn’t make much sense. With new models being frequently released into the market, you will end up using an outdated one very soon. If you are serious about your paintball game, make it a point to play regularly and invest in a high-quality, reliable paintball gun. 

Your Paintball Style 

If you play speedball, you will need electronic models. For woodsball, you can choose either type of paintball gun. The focus is more on accuracy and long-range firing in woodsball. And since it happens outdoors (unlike speedball, which is an indoor game), you will need weather-resistant paintball guns for the game. If you are a novice and looking forward to investing in a Shocker gun, it is advisable to decide which type of paintball you want to play before you buy. 

Your Budget 

We already know that Shocker paintball guns are expensive. We’ve also given you a tip in the intro section about how to save a few dollars on these guns. Still, the difference between the models is around $50-$200. The Shocker models we listed are all trustworthy and reliable, and you can pick the one that suits your budget. Also, check for kits with guns and other related accessories or a lesser price. 

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Shocker Paintball Gun wrap up

It is quite hard to decide the best Shocker paintball gun from the above models. However, we would recommend the SP Shocker RSX paintball gun for its wonderful features and ease of use. This model is worth the price you pay for it. 

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