First Strike Paintball Rounds: Ultimate Guide to High Performance Shots


If you’re a paintball enthusiast looking to take your game to the next level, you’ve probably heard of First Strike Rounds (FSR). These innovative projectiles are designed to give you an edge in your paintball battles, offering superior distance and accuracy compared to traditional paintballs. So, what exactly are these game-changing rounds, and how do they work?

First Strike Rounds are a type of shaped paintball projectile made by First Strike, and they differ significantly from the traditional round paintballs you might be used to. Crafted from a photodegradable polystyrene material, FSR sport a rounded front and a hollow cylindrical tail with fins.

These aerodynamic features allow FSR to travel further and more accurately, making them a real game-changer for paintball snipers and players looking to extend their reach on the field.

Of course, with their unique design comes a bit of a learning curve. To get the most out of First Strike Rounds, you’ll need to adapt to how they fly through the air and adjust your aiming technique.

But don’t worry, whether you’re a seasoned paintballer or new to the game, mastering FSR can offer you a competitive advantage and a thrilling new element to your paintball strategy. So go ahead, give First Strike Rounds a try, and experience how they can transform your paintball game into a whole new level of excitement!

First Strike Paintball Rounds

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What Are First Strike Paintball Rounds?

First Strike Paintball Rounds, often referred to as FSR, are a unique type of paintball projectile designed for ultimate accuracy and precision. Unlike traditional paintballs, which are spherical, First Strike Rounds are made of photodegradable polystyrene and have a cylindrical shape with an aerodynamic front and a hollow tail featuring fins.

This fin stabilization technology ensures the rounds maintain a stable flight path, providing significantly greater range and accuracy compared to regular paintballs.

Properties Of First Strike Paintball Rounds

  • Aerodynamic Shape: The unique shape of FSR enhances their flight stability and allows them to travel farther compared to regular paintballs.
  • Fin Stabilization: The fins at the rear of the projectile provide stabilization, improving accuracy and extending the effective range.
  • Caliber: FSR are available in .68 caliber, similar to regular paintballs, ensuring compatibility with the majority of paintball markers.
  • Biodegradability: The rounds are made from photodegradable polystyrene, meaning they naturally break down upon exposure to sunlight, reducing the environmental impact.
  • Markers & Compatibility: First Strike Rounds are ideally used with specific mag-fed paintball guns, such as the popular First Strike T15; however, they can also work with some hopper-fed paintball markers with appropriate breach diameters and smooth bore barrels.

One crucial aspect to consider is the brittleness of First Strike Paintball Rounds. Since they are more brittle than rubber rounds, it’s essential to store and handle them carefully to maintain their quality and prevent breakage. Additionally, due to the increased accuracy and range provided by these rounds, some paintball fields may have specific rules or limitations on their use, so it’s vital to check with your local field before using them.

In conclusion, First Strike Paintball Rounds offer a unique and exciting alternative to traditional paintballs, providing enhanced accuracy and range for avid paintball enthusiasts. Their innovative design, along with their commitment to environmental sustainability, makes them an excellent choice for those looking to up their paintball game. Give them a try and experience the difference for yourself!

Handling And Storage

Handling And Storage

How To Store Or Keep The First Strike Paintball Rounds

Proper storage of First Strike paintball rounds can significantly impact their performance and lifespan. To store them effectively, it’s advised to keep them pointed downwards towards the ground in 10 round paintball tubes1. This prevents the fill from settling on one side, causing a wobble when shot, and ensures a more even weight distribution.

Given that First Strike paintball rounds use a more robust polystyrene shell2, they can withstand more wear and tear than traditional paintballs. However, it’s still crucial to keep them away from direct sunlight, excess moisture, and extreme temperatures to maintain their structure and projectile capabilities.

Can You Freeze First Strike Paintball Rounds And Do They Freeze

Unlike traditional paintballs, First Strike rounds are not made of gelatin but rather a photodegradable polystyrene material2. This makes them more resilient in different temperature conditions, but it doesn’t mean they’re entirely free from the effects of freezing temperatures.

While First Strike rounds don’t readily freeze like typical paintballs, exposing them to extremely low temperatures for extended periods can possibly cause brittleness and affect their performance.

It’s essential to strike the right balance when storing your First Strike paintball rounds. Ensure they are kept away from extreme temperatures, particularly freezing conditions, to prevent potential damage.

Remember, when using First Strike paintball rounds in your paintball marker, proper selection of barrel and compatibility matters. Utilising a smooth bore barrel and compatible magazine can go a long way in enhancing the shooting experience3.

Being a paintball enthusiast, whether new or experienced, understanding the importance of proper handling and storage of first strike paintball rounds is essential in ensuring an optimum paintballing experience. So, next time you head out on the field with your high-quality First Strike paintball rounds and equipment, rest assured that you’ve taken all the necessary precautions for impressive performance and lasting value.

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact of first strike

When it comes to paintball, one of the concerns for many players is the environmental impact of the paintballs themselves. With First Strike Paintball Rounds gaining popularity, players might be wondering about their biodegradability and staining properties. In this section, we will discuss these aspects to help paintballers make informed choices.

Do First Strike Paintball Rounds Biodegrade?

It’s essential to know if First Strike Rounds can biodegrade, especially if you are an environmentally conscious paintball player. Since First Strike Rounds feature a brittle polystyrene shell, they are not as biodegradable as traditional paintballs. However, polystyrene is a photodegradable material, meaning it will break down over time when exposed to sunlight. Although not as eco-friendly as standard paintballs, First Strike Rounds’ photodegradable nature does provide some level of environmental consideration.

First Strike Paintball Rounds And Staining

Another common concern for paintballers is whether First Strike Rounds will stain their clothes or playing surface. While the outer shell isn’t the main cause of staining, the paint fill inside the rounds can potentially leave marks. The good news is that the fill is generally washable and can be removed with some effort.

Here are a few helpful tips for dealing with potential stains from First Strike Rounds:

  • Rinse your clothes immediately after playing to minimise the chances of stains setting
  • Use a stain removing spray or soak the stained area in warm water and detergent before washing
  • For stubborn stains, you can try a mix of vinegar and baking soda for a gentle abrasive cleaning solution

In summary, while First Strike Paintball Rounds may not be the most environmentally friendly option compared to traditional paintballs, they do offer some level of photodegradability. On the plus side, any staining caused by these rounds can usually be removed with some diligent cleaning. As you enjoy your first strike paintballing adventures, consider these points to make informed choices and minimise potential environmental impacts.


Performance of first strike paintball

How Far Do First Strike Paintball Rounds Travel

You might be wondering how far First Strike paintball rounds can travel, and you’re in for a treat! With their fin stabilization technology and aerodynamic shape, these projectiles maintain their velocity for a longer distance compared to standard paintballs. As a result, you can expect an effective range of about 150 yards or 450 feet, before First Strike Rounds start to decelerate and potentially bounce off the target. That’s quite the distance!

The FPS (feet per second) of First Strike Rounds (FSRs) can vary depending on the specific marker used and the air pressure set. However, generally, FSRs are designed to be shot at higher velocities than traditional round paintballs, with FPS ranging from 280 to 350 feet per second. It is important to note that different fields and events may have different FPS limits for FSRs, and it is important for players to follow all safety rules and regulations when using FSRs.

Now, let’s delve into what makes First Strike Rounds so special:

  • Accuracy: Experience up to 25 times better accuracy compared to regular paintballs. This is a game-changer for both novice and experienced players alike. No more spraying and praying; you can now shoot with precision!
  • Speed: These rounds can reach impressive speeds when propelled out of a paintball gun. Just imagine hitting your opponents with more force, adding a whole new dimension to your game!
  • Design: The attention to detail is noticeable, from the fin stabilization technology to the aerodynamic shape, which both contribute to the performance of these projectiles.

When using a smooth bore barrel, you may notice improved accuracy and range as it allows First Strike Rounds to maintain their velocity without disturbance. Forget the frustrations of having to constantly recalibrate your paintball marker; with First Strike, you’ll feel like a true marksman.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned paintballer, give First Strike Rounds a try and elevate your paintballing experience!

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