Gtek 170r Review: Is It the Most Cost-Effective Marker Out There?

Gtek 170r review

Thoroughly enjoyed our beginner friendly paintball guide and now looking for a beginner or mid-range marker that doesn’t cost much? If you are, then you’ll love the Gtek 170R. This paintball gun is widely known to be one of, if not the most efficient beginner paintball gun that is lightweight and easy to use. If you are still getting the hang of paintball, then you’ll love how this fits right into a beginner marker description while still being able to give the consistency of an expensive marker. 

Want to know how the Gtek 170R fares as a marker? Read on for a full review of this paintball gun.

The Gtek 170R Overview

The Gtek line by Planet Eclipse is famous for producing mid-range paintball guns. For a mid-range marker brand, it’s also pretty affordable; no wonder people love to get a Gtek as their first marker. If you’re not sure about the investment for a high-end paintball gun, then you have to choose Gtek since even intermediate players recommend this. 

What’s so great about the Gtek 170R? It was made to be efficient and cost-effective. Those are the two traits you will barely see in a paintball gun because most models can be just one or the other. However, the Gtek 170R has managed to create a marker that can cater to those who are looking for an affordable marker while still giving them superb performance.

The beauty of the Gtek 170R is that it’s also reliable. Even when you’re shooting paintballs continuously, the air won’t run out as you do it. Plus, the whole design is simple and very comfortable. The little design improvements it has made from its older version, the Gtek 160R, have all helped make a more efficient marker all throughout. 

Key Features of the Gtek 170R

Gtek 170r features

Want to know more about each feature of the Gtek 170R? Here is a comprehensive review of each feature and what you can expect from them. 

1. Design

What’s your first impression of the design? A lot of people see the Gtek 170R as a thin and minimalist marker. It might be too minimalistic because it looks like it’s going to break anytime soon. But what’s great about it is that it doesn’t. You can even use it for a whole year without encountering any damages on the marker. 

The Gtek 170R looks just like any other paintball marker, but when you zoom into it, you’ll find that there are small design improvements. For example, the front grip is a subtle design improvement because the actual grip frame is detachable. What’s underneath the grip is the battery and the eye covers. These eye covers are going to be very helpful when you don’t want paint on the eyes. And do you know how you can access those things? Just by pulling the grip frame out. No tools needed!

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Speaking of not needing any tools, the overall design doesn’t need you to use any tool to put the whole marker together. Yes, that’s right. You can just twist and turn the other parts and you’re already done with setting up the whole thing. If you ever need any screws, it’s for adjusting the feel of the trigger. 

2. Material 

Ever wondered what made the Gtek 170R so light? It’s mostly because of the material used. Except for the battery mount which uses glass-reinforced nylon, the Gtek 170R is purely made of aluminum from the body to the feed neck. No wonder it’s just 1.9 lbs! 

Most markers are either made of plastic or aluminum, so there’s nothing new here. What makes the Gtek 170R unique is more on the lightness of the marker itself. You’ll be surprised to have markers weighing up to 8 lbs. So if you’re not keen on wearing a heavy marker for your game, the Gtek 170R is an ideal choice. 

3. Air Efficiency

What makes the Gtek 170R efficient? Two words – Gamma Core. Every Gtek model has a Gamma Core and this is by far one of the most prized features of the Gtek series. What’s a Gamma Core and why is it one of the best features?

The Gamma Core is the technology behind the efficiency of the Gtek 170R’s air control. It uses a Breech Sensing Technology that controls the air that is released for every shot. This makes this marker last even after 20 paintballs shot. 

Even when you’re shooting low-quality paintballs, the Gamma Core is able to shoot with accuracy. Of course, this is not excuse to use low-quality paintballs since they still don’t have the same performance. However, if you ever find yourself using low-quality paintballs, the Gamma Core will use its 3-stage bolt acceleration profile that will still push the paintball out with ease. 

Did you know that the Gamma Core is also responsible for letting the Gtek 170R operate even at a temperature of -20°F to 100°F? This simply means that it works regardless of the weather. Now, you don’t have to worry about it breaking when it’s cold outside or when it’s very hot in the summer. 

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4. Trigger

Ever had a trigger that didn’t feel like it would fit you? You’re not the only one which is why it’s important to have a marker that has adjustable triggers to make it feel better. Fortunately, the Gtek 170R has adjustable triggers. 

How does that work? When you zoom in on the Gtek 170R’s trigger, you’ll see three screws that matter – the pre-travel, post-travel, and actual set. There are other screws there, but these three are the most important as far as comfortability is concerned. 

The whole trigger is very customizable. You can adjust the screws to loosen or tighten depending on your preference. However, be gentle in doing this because you might drive the screws too deeply and you risk damaging the trigger. By default, the screws are just tight enough to have a good spring when you press the trigger, but if that doesn’t sit well with you, you can always adjust the screws. 

5. Accessories

Does the Gtek 170R come with any accessories? It does! This is one of the reasons why buyers ended up loving this paintball gun even more. 

For one thing, the Gtek 170R has its own case you might have to break the barrel in two for it to fit in the carrying case, but it’s better than having to buy. The Gtek 170R also has a rubber grip that encloses the front-grip. This rubber grip functions as a cover for the battery and a useful accessory in making sure that you have full control over your marker. 

It also has its own clamping feed neck that will help connect any hopper on top of the marker. This clamping feed neck has a nice thumb adjustment that makes it easy for you to fit any hopper. This might just be a very small addition to the overall design but it helps a lot in making sure your hopper is steady. You can connect all kinds of hoppers on this feed neck too.

6. Packaging

If your sensitive about the packaging, then you’ll appreciate the thought that Planet Eclipse has placed into the whole of Gtek 170R’s packaging. Expecting a plain box with parts fit by a styrofoam? That’s not what you’ll get when the Gtek 170R arrives. Instead, the marker is placed in a beautifully-designed box which is small enough to fit inside a backpack. 

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Once you unbox it, you’ll find that the Gtek 170R comes with a case! Sure, the case isn’t going to fit the assembled marker but it is able to house all the parts including the accessories and the additional spare parts. This makes the Gtek 170R very impressive in terms of customer service and product development. You would think that markers can just be shipped in boxes, but Planet Eclipse goes beyond that. 

Pros and Cons of the Gtek 170R

Pros and Cons of the Gtek 170R

What are the pros and cons of buying the Gtek 170R? Here is a list of all the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s really worth buying. 


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Rubber grip is easy to remove
  • Front grip provides enough space for the hands
  • Reliable under different weathers
  • Does not have a strong recoil
  • Uses compressed air efficiently
  • Affordable and high-quality
  • Comes with its own case and additional screws
  • Easy to maintain and adjust
  • 12-month warranty


  • Does not have a very long range
  • Possible factory defects
  • More expensive than the Gtek 160R

Depending on what your priority is, you’ll either find the Gtek 170R good or not. If you prioritize the quality over the price, then it will not matter much that the Gtek 170R is a hundred dollars more expensive than its predecessor, the Gtek 160R. But is price the most important consideration for you? If it is, then you might have to think twice about the Gtek 170R given that it’s not the cheapest in the market. 

Moreover, if you will notice, the Gtek 170R’s pros definitely outweigh its cons. Unfortunately, it still has its own disadvantages and it’s still not comparable to high-grade paintball guns. But when you look at its price, you’ll forgive these disadvantages. After all, the Gtek 170R’s retail prices is just below $1000 and it comes with a complete set already. There’s no need to shell out money for other parts.

When deciding if it it’s worth buying, always start with what you’re looking for in a paintball gun. Is it the price, the size, or sound, or the quality? Knowing what matters to you first will help you look for paintball guns that fit your preferences and needs. It will also be easier to know if the Gtek 170R is worth buying based on your standards and preferences.

What Do Other People Think About the Gtek 170R?

How would other people rate the Gtek 170R? If you’ve been looking at other reviews or YouTube videos about the Gtek 170R, then you know that a lot of people have given this a five-star rating. Even enthusiasts and paintball players alike applaud the efficiency and the quality of the Gtek 170R.

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One of the most favorite features of Gtek 170R buyers is the smooth technology at play when you use the Gtek 170R on the field. The moment you shoot paintballs out of the Gtek 170R, you’ll see that it’s even more impressive. It has a smooth and consistent sound accompanied by a consistent velocity. 

Is the technology as good as Planet Eclipse says it is? The Gamma Core technology of the Gtek 170R is one of the responsible features for superb performance. Without it, the Gtek 170R won’t be as good as it is. Thanks to the Gamma Core, all Gtek models are able to use the compressed air efficiency providing you with enough air to continuously shoot at least 20 paintballs. This feature of the Gtek 170R is one of the favorites of paintball enthusiasts. 

What about customer service? Are they any good? Just looking at the box of the Gtek 170R, you will know that Planet Eclipse doesn’t take its customers for granted. The new box design, the replacement screws, and the comprehensive manual shows that the brand also cares about how customers will feel receiving the item. It’s not just like a marker shipped in a generic box not containing an understandable manual. 

Overall, Gtek 170R buyers are impressed by how the Gtek 170R has delivered on its promise. It’s made of high-quality materials and is built with such efficiency that you can rely on the Gtek 170R for consistency and accuracy all throughout your paintball game. 


Gtek170r conclusion

If you’re looking for a mid-range beginner-friendly paintball gun, then the Gtek 170R is for you. Aside from a number of happy owners of this marker, Planet Eclipse has done a great job improving this latest Gtek model. Complete with a Gamma Core efficiency and a lightweight design, there’s nothing more to ask for in the Gtek 170R. If you need a push to buy it, this is it. You won’t regret making an affordable investment with this marker. 

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