How to Wear Glasses Under A Paintball Mask The Easy Way

How to Wear Glasses Under A Paintball Mask

Don’t you ever get annoyed with your glasses whenever you have to put a paintball mask on? Glasses are good and all, but they can be really uncomfortable especially when they fog or when they get pushed up so close to your eyes that it’s even harder to see with them on. Is there a way to wear glasses comfortably underneath a paintball mask? 

Why Fogging Occurs

Why Fogging Occurs

Does your paintball mask always fog up? Whether you are wearing glasses or not, fogging happens the moment you put a paintball mask on. Unfortunately, this is only natural. Fogging occurs because there’s not enough ventilation inside your paintball mask to release the air from your nose. 

If you’ve ever heard of condensation, that’s what happens. The air that comes from your nose is warm while the glasses of the mask are cool. When the warm air goes to the glasses, it turns into mist. That’s why your glasses suddenly cloud up and you can barely see. 

Should You Wear Glasses Under a Paintball Mask?

Should You Wear Glasses Under a Paintball Mask

Other than the fogging, your glasses will often become a source of discomfort. Why? First, if your paintball mask is too tight, your glasses will be pushed up to your nose bridge that the lenses are too close to your eyes. If your eyes sweat, then there’s another layer of fog accumulating on your glasses. At this point you’re probably pondering the point of wearing glasses if you can’t see. 

The second inconvenience is the arms of your eyeglasses. Have you experienced having your eyeglasses displaced mid-game because the arms fell off your ears? Not only is it so annoying, but it is very uncomfortable and dangerous. You won’t be able to see properly and you have to remove your mask to fix everything. And you know that you can’t remove your paintball mask in-game. 

Then again, you can’t go on without your glasses. Sure, there are contact lenses, but they’re not always your choice. Some people are still more comfortable with having glasses on. So how can you wear your glasses properly and comfortably under a paintball mask? 

How to Wear Glasses Under a Paintball Mask

How to Wear Glasses Under a Paintball Mask (2)

You might have already read our beginner’s paint balling guide but do you know – Is it even possible to wear glasses comfortably under a paintball mask? Yes, it is! However, a lot of your comfort will come from early preparation. This means that you have to have the right mask and materials before you even start playing paintball. Follow these tips so you can wear your glasses comfortably. 

Use the right mask. 

Did you know that the right mask is responsible for your overall paintball comfort? Other than resorting to anti-fogging solutions, take a step backward and think about the mask you’re going to use. Does it fit well? Does it allow proper ventilation? If your answers to these questions are a no, then you’ll have to find a new mask. 

When it comes to finding the right mask, size matters a lot. Go to a sporting goods store and ask for paintball masks that are designed specifically for those who wear glasses. Some masks have furrows where you can rest the glasses’ arms so they don’t fall off. 

Should you get a mask that fits perfectly? While you’ll be inclined to do so, it’s recommended that you get a mask that is a size bigger. That way, it takes into account your glasses and you won’t have trouble having it pushed so near to your eyes. Look for a mask that has a good ventilation, too. Ideally, choose one that has a built-in fan. 

Apply anti-fogging solutions. 

To reduce the chances of your paintball mask fogging up, you have to try some anti-fogging solutions before you play paintball. One of the most common ways to prevent fog from accumulating is to spray an anti-fog solution on your mask’s lenses. There are anti-fog solutions sold in local sporting goods stores, but you can also make your own at home. 

One of the easiest DIY anti-fog solutions to do is to use soap. Apply a thin layer of soap on the glasses and leave it there. Make sure that the layer is thin or else you’ll end up having blurry lenses. If you have a thick layer on your lenses, you can wipe the excess off using a microfiber. A good alternative to soap is Vaseline or shaving cream. 

Do these anti-fogging solutions work? Unfortunately, no. They do help lessen the fog but they’re not the solution for fully preventing the fog. If you pair this anti-fog solution and attach a fan inside the mask, then you further reduce fog from accumulating. 

Put your glasses’ arms in place. 

Before you start the game, make sure that you place your glasses properly with your mask. Remember the masks that are for people who wear glasses? Hopefully, you got a mask like that. This way, there’s a specific place where you can rest the glasses’ arms so they don’t come loose. 

If your mask doesn’t have any furrows that can support your glasses, then you can just use a string to keep your glasses in place. You can place makeshift straps on the mask so that it can hold the glasses in place when you start playing paintball

Wear a headband. 

Lastly, wearing a headband will help your sweat stay out of the way of your glasses. Sweat adds to the fog that builds up both on the paintball mask’s lenses and your glasses’ lenses. Plus, sweat that drips to your eyes will make it harder for you to see overall. Even if it sounds and looks weird to wear a headband, this greatly helps your comfort when you play. 


It’s possible to wear your glasses comfortably even if it feels like a nuisance. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to play paintball without worrying about fogging or your glasses falling. However, always remember that a lot of your comfort will come from the right mask, so make sure to spend a lot of time finding the one that best fits you!

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